Brilliant news : The Public Peoples Trust : Now have open FaceBook : FREE AT LAST : Plus there own Blog site ; no more rummaging around finding the right INTEL :

Breaking News

Heather Celeb and Eagle and 2 more are admin to their new facebook and blogsites:

Mind blowing news :

All of our favourite People in one Giant Gold fish Bowl of Transparency.

All of you on lightworkersxm it is soooooo recomended to Ask to join here :

also Please visist here :

Just say Dave Stewart at Lightworkersxm sent you.

See you all in there Brilliant :

Alfred Webre joined tehre too just an hour ago ,

Go now while it is new only 96 members when I joined check out what number you are :

Just press the ‘join group’ top right and wait for your immediate response




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