Heather Tucci-jarraf : Highlights of her Broadcast : What does this all Mean ? : The People’s Trust : What can you now do?

Here Is the Highlights of Heather’s Conversation with Brian From American Kabuki and Dee From Removing the shackles, all links below.

I can hardly believe some of the things I am going to be saying here, but I have read all the reams of Legal paperwork, Heather and her team of experts have presented and looked at the time frames too and it all Correlates to all the Bankster mass resignations, arrests and  deflections from society last year.

Basically it means the People of the world ( YOU ) are free,  So now is the time to  act free, behave free and free your self from slavery of the old paradigm: No More Central Rothschild bank pillaging the people.

This is not an American thing, This is truly GLOBAL.

As part of the People’s Trust, Heather Tucci-jarraf explains how she has Brought the entire banking system back to Prime Based on a slave system of elite corporate greed and corruption.

Prime means a completely non debunkable peoples system of taking back a financial system From the Rothschild’s Which has enslaved the entire world including all fake Control Banking systm IE; IMF, The UN The Central Banks BIS et al: The World Bank and all other Rothschild owned financial corruption centers, These property’s are now being handed back for the people by the poeple.

The Controllers which means all of them Royalty Rothschild’s Rockefellers Bush Clintons Factions You name it The P2 lodge The Vatican.

All of these illegal groups of secret society’s have been informed that the people have taken all their property back and are about to hand it back to the people.

The closure of these Groups has not been broadcast yet on mainstream news because The Peoples Trust have decided not to use Mainstream media for obvious bias purposes as they too are owned by the Cabal or Illuminati.

The allowcation of $500,000,000 has been registered by the people for a new Government for the USA for a new peoples Governance which is to be formed by the people Organically. That figure can change but Heather thought it was necessary to at least put up some value on it, it is up to YOU to change this if YOU think it needs more or less.

$15 Trillion has been levied for the people for the entire planets people , This is a sum of money that has been set aside and backed up in gold and earth object Silver etc: throughout the world.

Heather has counted and seen all the worlds gold and not the fake gold made by the cabal which has gold wrapped tungsten bars.

This Triggered The Queen of UK to go inspect here stash just last week  which IS ALL Gold wrapped Tungsten bars.

This going back to PRIME means that this system of foreclosure by the people and release of funds means that You cannot owe any money to the old system.

One day the cabal woke up and found that they had no gold in their possession, the gold is now the property of the peoples people.

You now do not need to apply the state taxes or bills as all corportations have been foreclosed upon for being a part of the Cabal system this means no Federal Reserve, It simply does not exist. Any thing that was connected to the Bloodline families has been forclosed upon and is now in the process of being returned to the people.

Should you receive any forclosure notice now is dunbunked, as that corporation issuing you with any notice is not valid, Heather used her own house as a foreclosure example so that she could trace the illegal network back to Prime. It was found that they never actually did an act of lending money used in the loan , this means the loan had no maney attached to it , which means you owe nothing to anyone .

From now on NO Corporation has any power over the people as they all have been forclosed upon, This even means the Television Corporations, and all those Pharmaceutical companies they own and Insurance companies, The Corporation of London, The Vatican, The Royal families and all their Corporations and Power companies The JOb Lot.

They have been foreclosed legally by the people and they have been handing back these corporations to the people and this will take time.

But even though this is not on Mainstream TV It does not mean that all of this is not true. Heather has helped with the framework and calls their organisation a trustee as If you elected her as being in temporary responsibility, She knows everyone wants to see action.

That action is done by the people, when she met the banksters who created the Occupy Walls street Rally’s yes it was sped up by the Wallstreet banksters, she spoke to them and they admitted that Occupy Wall street was manifested decades ago and they were shocked with the result of people power Today, this got them really scared, and this helped bring them to conform to their foreclosure Notices which can be found and read in full at the Peoples Trust.


I strongly urge every citizen to spend valuable time on this site looking into your new paradigm and new way of life.

What does all mean for the future, You are free I am free, So behave like your Free, Act like you are free, Do not conform to any requests from Corporations Just inform them that and quote the People trust has given back to the people any thing a corporation owns IE Hospitals Insurances Schools Universities et al. All those officials Police Immigration and any other law even the Bar Association have been foreclosed on and are currently in a stuation of being or are  to be put back into the peoples hands from the people to the people on the basis of Common Law ” Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.

There is no need to protest any more it is all done You are free, the people in power will get to know this all and just be nice if confronted Ask there name and number and ask them to write it down who they are and move on.

Free energy is foremost in release to the people and all the technology that has been militarized and all the patents that have been stolen will be self sustaining and brought into the people, many groups are working behind the scenes frantically trying to bring these things out publically , this is where you will SEE change.

Food and medication will change and the system of Hospitals doctors and Nursing has been foreclosed on as it was found to be completly manipulated by the Cabal, the system may not change much but the framework of how it was set up will change.

Disclosure will now happen by the people, There are no dates but 25th December is the official date of total Corporation foreclosure date.

The only people who know about the total collapse of the Cabal is the Cabal itself.

So That is the end of the beginning, now is the beginning of Your beginning.

Be free Act Free and Be free ALL OF YOU

The Positive Military where told that they were foreclosed on July The 4th last year and the response has been positive  and they too know they are being freed too .

Change needs to be by You the People You need to recognize all of this.

This is happening now.

This is the most brilliant news and needs to be followed up on by You and me.

This report has been done with out Prejudice and unconditional Love

Please keep in touch with the latest news at American Kabuki and Kauilapele and Removing the shackles sites below:




If you have read all the documentation and have any questions then please put your questions to the peoples trust by mail here.

Please do not write to them if you have not read everything and do not waste their time, They are working for you.


We have been in Converse ( by email) with Heather and her group as all this unfolds, and I can tell you she sounds delightful beyond normal. One can only imagine how hard they have worked in the dark and with the dark, for over 2 years on this, in every country on the planet, How trully exhausting it must have been, Our Thanks extend to all of your team and any one wanting to post this blog as it is all transparent now.

So initially can we suggest you  post questions on comments section at the head of this blog, before going to the Peoples trust, we are in the process of getting all Lightworkers for a group meeting once we are all informed of these changes. keep you posted.



Enjoy learning more about your freedom:


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