2013 : Our quest for a better world : Human Design System

As we move into 2013 and this site now looks forward to it’s 250,000 hits We Concentrate this site in the following areas for 12 month solid.

1) Pedophilia and Naming all the heads of Royalty, Church and Government and Social Services throughout the Globe and bring this monster to a close, Surely this is going to be a dramatic subject this year 2013.

2) Closing out and watching the cabal die off from power with Mass Arrests and Jailings continue of The Prominent Elite cabal again another monster topic related to the work of David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford, as we see the Cabal crumble before our eyes.

3) The safe release of Free energy More personal Health Cures and cancer cures and anti gravity motion vehicles latest, 2013 looks like a good year for release of more Keshe technology and PESN look set to release further new ideas to the market place as the Cabal dwindle.

4) Personal Finance and release of Prosperity Packages and Clean up operations of the dark Black ops mess left around the globe and the introduction of new technologies to assist in the giant clean up, The implementation of new technology on this Island in the Caribbean.

5) Trust fund releases Again 2013 Looks like the year where speaking to people in the street maybe come easier and easier as more people   become more spiritualy minded and aware, this should be reflected in the release of Trust funds to the people and we will keep close eye.

6) Human Design System and the uses it can have by knowing your own Mind and body as a science of consciousness, and how we can collectively get rid of the Cabal and open this world to a world that we want, not the world we have still at the beginning of 2013.

A seperate heading at the top of this page is available for all those of you wanting to use Human Design charts to help you Find out who your really are and why where you put on this Earth and how you are supposed to respond in the world,

Go ahead go and get your own personal chart and learn out how to read it and how to operate your vehicle with it, the vehicle being you.


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