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Here is The Highlights of all emails tooing and frowing between all the people who are trying in earnst to get to the bottom of the whole new financial news and the realease of monies by the people to the people and the now inevitable collapse of the BIS and Federal Reserve System of enslaved Banking against the people, A sort of Pro Slavery movement.

UPDATED 12:33Pm Saturday just received today from Heather Tucci-jarraf from The People Trust Today :

Dave, Everyone has their own beautiful and unique way of expressing and manifesting the energy that IS.  We thank you for sharing your energy with us and all creation’s universe!  You and all the others inspire me with your BE’ing…you energize me to create and co-create more and better manifestations in harmony with others…that is the true wealth…that is the true power…BE’ing. Create without limitation or restriction!  Your knowing, willing, and intentional contribution of manifestation for the highest good of all, regardless of what the content is about, is what is key.  Create!  We give you are gratitude, appreciation, and love for BE’ing!  We return it in kind.

Unconditionally, Always without prejudice

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf\




What I can tell is you is : It is very good news and the word By a new Girl on the Block for The People Trust is “Transparancy” Heather Tucci-Jarraf  says in here email to Obi Wan Kabuki.

Here :

Poof, Before things got to busy with the Disclosure protocols being implemented, I just wanted to give you my personal quiet gratitude and appreciation for directing my conscious focus on closing the Hong Kong/Chinese “shuffling” of the Agenda.  The release of the emails by American Kabuki, and Co. were the telling confirmation point of General Wong and Co.’s sub-Agenda to misuse the foreclosure that was done for their own advantage.  Again, I thank you for your energy and contribution…even if it may have been unconsciously made and given.  If and when you would like your intel real time, I would like to return the energy in kind. Some of the people of this planet will initially need to see those standing in Truth with absolute transparency, integrity, responsibility, and liability.  It is time.Guarding, preserving, protecting and implementing the right of opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within…Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf


This means that I can post excepts of their emails as “Transparancy” is the new word on the block too.

The reason Kauilapele asked me to remove the POOF post end of Novemeber when Obi Wan Kabuki Toldme to Just ask Cobra ( as Cobra was right next to me here in Saint Martin Caribbean Holding the Portal 2012 PortalConferenceSXM), So I asked Cobra whay should I pull The POOF post as KP and OWK told me? Cobra told me about it’s sensitivity with regards to Direct comments to the White Dragon Society and the pending release of Funds to the people .

Here is the exchnage in KP/ OWK Cobra Poof emails and  some small exerpts, This really does prove beyond doubt that something is divinely going on behind all the confusion :

Subject: Fwd: poof video
Got this nasty email tonite.  Havent seen the comment he wrote yet as I only moderate them once a day. What kind of secure operation sells info for 50 bucks a call?

On Nov 30, 2012 1:41 AM, “Kauila (Bradley L.) Duell”  wrote:
It sounds like this person knows what they are talking about. Don’t take it personally.
No matter what, I would not do anything more until hearing directly from Poof.
I contacted the Enerchi person who posted the MP3. They’ve commented on my posts before, so hopefully it will be removed.

On Nov 30, 2012 1:54 AM, “Kauila (Bradley L.) Duell” wrote:

You’ve done your part, and I’ve done mine… we’ve taken everything down.

If you see anymore postings anywhere, let me know.


On Nov 30, 2012, at 2:02 AM, American Kabuki wrote:
I’ll search google in the AM. Without the galactics and angels nothing would happen on this planet. 
Do you suppose the divine orchestrated this cockup to get someone off their butts before 12/12? No coincidences right?  Having trouble sleeping.  Some day I will laugh at this. right now im pretty upset.
[Doing a lot of praying at this stage. Decided to contact Cobra and asked him to send his Pleiadian buddies to Hong Kong and calm things down.  I saw one of their ships in Laguna Beach. What can I say?  I was getting very worried.  -AK]

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 10:23 AM, American Kabuki wrote:

I got the dragon family pissed at me for posting poof video after poof gave okay. Now poof is saying he didn’t give permission.

 On Nov 30, 2012 5:07 AM, “Cobra Resistance” wrote:
 It is archon attack from the astral plane triggering the dragons. Help and protection is on its way. Next time when you post sensitive material please get the permission in writing.
 I expect the situation to cool down in 1-2 days, Cobra
[I don’t know why, but even Cobra thinks I published this thing without permission, not helping my general state of mind at this moment.  -AK]
And so it went on, So I had to understand that things were going on behind the scenes that Even I had to Pull the Poof Video from Lightworkersxm, and so we move on to why and what is going on right now as Requested By Cobra OWK and KP.
This why in a letter to KP OWK and remove the shackles blogsite Heather Tucci-Jarraf From the Peoples Trust Explains in this exerpt of her mail :
Perhaps the attachments will shine some context on the “past” situation regarding Hong Kong’s “order” and the “pulled” interview by the being known as “Poof”.  Your energy on that matter served to protect the highest good of all…whether you knew it doesn’t matter, however, I return the energy by way of transparency…the major piece that made them nervous was the disclosure/admission of the timing the “money” China had printed and sent over to (former) US.  They used our presence, the foreclosure, and the inspection of gold holdings at BIS on October 22-24, 2012, to pressure the western half of the families (yes, they are all “related”) to submit to unlawful and illegal deals to keep the Agenda alive by “shuffling the cards” to the purported Old Man’s side of the family. It was actually General Wong…Wong Shui Lung, and other “interested parties” that were having “a moment” 🙂  General Wong is the former head of all Chinese Intel and when I met him last, he was number 3 in China, only under the Prime Minister…sitting under the Old Man’s nephew… The attached Paradigm Report sheds a little more light on that “relationship” and maybe others. Heather Tucci-Jarraf from The People Trust.
So what does this all mean? Well Heathers Tucci-Jarraf  Next email says it all just 2 days ago:
Here is just a small portion of it and it explains the Neil Keenen bit and benjamin Fulford comments and The link to The White house and the White Dragon Society:
Heather Tucci-Jarraf of The People Trust (exerpt of her email)
So, after making and giving notice of the CVAC Governments and OFFER TO BRANCH to the former “current leaders”, and giving them the opportunity to do it and secure it in the highest good of all the people, I was notified by the Old Man’s purported agent and my other mentor with the WH, that “they” were fearful or at the very least uncomfortable.  Therefore, like I do with my children, I “got in the water and splashed around” so that they would know it was safe and “know” how to do it:  The first branch of the CVAC Government, the united states of America, was duly contracted, with absolutely bonded underwriting, and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as the people’s property, equally.  I sent over all of it to the principals, agents, and beneficiaries on December 24, 2012…WH announced on the 25th that Obama was cutting his Hawaii vacation short to work on the “fiscal cliff”.  🙂  
 I am ABSOLUTELY open to another submitting their OATH AND BOND CONTRACT as Public Servant, President, of this CVAC BRANCH without judgment.  If they duly secure themselves to service to the people, then I will immediately step out of that position with a smile in my heart…I am of more service to the highest good of all as a Trustee guarding the overall framework and securing it to the people, to creation, and creating the protocols and methods of how to operate aligned with the policy of the people and source. I have worked on the Old Man matters in the past.  One of my mentors in banking, finance, intel matters, (Swiss) is/was a Director of Sino (China), and many other equivalents and intel agencies around the world…he was directly responsible for past “re-organizations”, last one was 1997-1999, when all the banks, world-wide were organized and centralized under the central banks and brought under BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS. Another mentor is the quiet finance/trade agent for the “White House”.  For the last 9 months or so, “They”, all the factions and families of “They” “owning and operating” the former slavery systems, have been trying to adapt their liabiity and position by creating a “solution” that would give the appearance or allusion that things are getting better, enough to keep “their capital”, the people, in their seats, but maintaing control of it all…. That was why the “west”, “europe”, etc., went to the “east” so much last year…trying to form this “solution”.  Hence, the “Neil Keenan”, “Indian Settlements” (1k per?), “Mitterand-Reagan”, “St. Germaine Trust”, “Law suits against the banks by “governments” (with sham settlements thereafter which constitute “a cost of doing business”), as well as many other adaptations tried, or at least announced, and failed to move… the people already own and have it all… we accepted none of their proposals that allowed them to keep control of or over the people, without the people’s knowing, willing and intentional consent being made and given, individually… hence the DISCLOSURE requirement… let the people make an informed choice, and we noticed “them” of that directly and indirectly. “Mitterand-Reagan”, for example, was done under unlawful and illegal agreement, in secret…only a few know the Truth about all the details… therefore it was taken back to prime, and is duly secured under foreclosure as the people’s property, equally.  Shuffling the same game to the “east” was playing the same game with the appearance of a new “master/ref”.  The only thing that was and is acceptable is that the value is returned to the people, equally. The people, equally, are that mysterious level that prevents “Keenan” from “accessing” and “disbursing” as Fulford put it.  The families, the interested parties, that have “assigned”, “contracted”, or otherwise “ventured” with “Keenan”, have no value but their own 5B duly secured equally to all the people on the planet…however, their continued actions/in-actions damaging the people are assuredly dwindling that duly verified and secured value.
Now you can read all the emails at American kabuki site or on Kauilaple sites here : 
What does it all mean?
It means just this!!! as my transparent email received last night from Caleb Skinner From
The People Trust

Hello Dave,

 Thanks for your efforts.  They are truly appreciated.  Monitor the website.  Solutions will present themselves. 


Caleb Paul: Skinner

So roughly translated means ” Sit down Shut up and Wait. Things are going on and we will be the first to be notified.

Not being the type to sit down and shut up and wait Here is the latest and none transparent conversations I  have had in the last 2 days with The Genius Global Trust (GGT)and Obi Wan Kabuki and Cobra:

I suspect that The BIS dismemberment of the Central Banks is Key in all of this and The GGT are directly linked to the Niel Keenan’s ( So I found out in converse with them yesterday) company section of Funding in Jakarta, Cobra was absolutely correct That Neil Keenan portion is only small and ‘The Public Trust’ Call them selves ‘Not only American’ ( All be it They are all US citizens Heather, Caleb and Randal) .

It appears that the IMF have Have jumped off the Cabals Ship and have changed allegiance to Join The Peoples Trust and The New Financial system.

If this is proven to be correct then The IMF can distribute globally and very quickly all the new funds to the New Central Banks with out too much delay in getting it to the people.

The immediate impression from the GGT was that Timothy Geitner and Christine Lagarde have been arrested but this is clearly not so, But it is certainly worth looking out for as a tipping point.

So in summary I will leave you with the elation felt in the camp and will select the best email which explains the joy in the camp at the release of all the technical foundation of The Peoples Trust.

Sent: Friday, December 28, 2012 8:40 PM
To: Heather Tucci-Jarraf
Cc: Brian Kelly; Americani Kabuki
Subject: Re: Quick Transport Solutions
 This is certainly a fine wonderful mess you all have got us in!! The second disclosure document was an excellent addition to the first ones. I’m just kind of sitting back in awe and joy with what is happening before our eyes.
 Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much)… to all of you…
My Suggestion to all of us who have not read the contents of “The Second Document” Kauilapele is refering too Then Please go to The Peoples Trust and find out how they have set it all up.
The foundation to any building is tanatamount to any Building operating and staying up,
So are legal frameworks, Just like this one.
This is real and transparent,
You should be over joyed right now,
This is really Happening and happening in our Life times.

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