Update : Connecting the dots : The whole world is now more easy to understand : Financially : Morally : and spiritually : A call to all Light Workers : Put on your hard hats and gloves : It is time : You will be needed now:

Written and compiled by Dave Stewart 17th Dec 2012.

Following our Meeting With Cobra and the Portal 2012 Conference here in Sint Maartin /Saint Martin All of our group has a raised awareness and will be using this to be clear in our minds and souls for the future. It is testimony to comments in this article how high we seek from ourselves.

For and our group ( generally everyone here agrees) the emergence of David Wilcock’s post, blended into the Neil Keenan’s Video and capped off with Benjamin Fulford’s Last couple of months, weekly posts, a true picture is emerging which describes an emerging secondary picture.

Joining all the dots now One can see that future more clear than at any time of the Rising of our Light circles.

It is down to 3 things only

1) Financial system is changing right before our very eyes and Too big to fail Banksters are been taken out of the big picture and a new financial system is moments away and building up like a gas in a balloon, all we have to do now is be observant and push all other conspiracies of shooting’s and other distractions out of our way and focus on the next news by these guys, as they have the pen and papers on the most important issues.

2) Morals, means our morals , Common law, where people and their possessions are crown and again if we focus on our new world and see that the downsizing of our Cabal in now firmly in place and our mission is to focus directly on people who should be removed or interviewed regarding their lack of morals , and so it is emerging that in Britain. Clearly a Pedophilia run Bankster onslaught of the People and children has no place in this society and the peoples pistols are now targeted, right to the heads of the government, shadow government, Television and Royal Cabal and social services. This is not a conspiracy anymore it is pure fact thanks to people like David Icke 20 years ago. People are using their morals to pick out individuals now and bring them in for questioning and a further big picture will unfold, and the system in now at breaking point.

3) Spiritually : Again we await for the financial collapse to take place next week on long into February which it will do, then we can focus on our spirituality and not be distracted with other things crumbling around us wondering where the next bottle of clean water comes from. Most people are distracted from their own spirituality and should be guided into their spirituality as soon we are going to find out we are and have not been alone,it fact we are made of star stuff and are very spiritual people quite naturally.

As short as this article is demonstrates to us all Phase one of Light work has just about done and Phase 2 kicks in on the 21st of December, I hope you are all ready for the 2nd Phase of Light working and wayshowing.

There will be a hell of a lot of people out there needing your Guidance and calmness, I for one am ready, are you ?

We have got much more internal downloading to do from the waves passing over Earth.

Lets end this article with this short but concise beautiful video form Australia about our changing times:

Purely Inspirational and full of love from our hearts.


FYI this site opened unwittingly 12 months to the day 21st December 2011 I year old. I had no idea about all this then ,, but we do now.

Birthday wishes accepted.





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