Our Natural Health Cures : Cancer 100% curable By your self :AIDS/ HIV too :Thanks to our natural remedies : Ignored by Mainstream Profiteering:

Composed and Compiled by Dave Stewart 12/12/12 Yes it is here 12th December.

The main reason to compile so much information of miracle cures that we have been passing on to fellow lightworkers and the general public here in the Caribbean, is to make sure people are aware of certain things that they are not informed about in the Mainstream media, in fact blatant attempts are in place to suppress such natural cures and have been for hundreds of years.

It is not what you know that is important more like what you may not know and what we have forgotten.

Growing at the side of the road in your town will be natural health cures, That you just walk past and never even think about.

This living planet puts a stinging nettle on the ground and then puts a dock leaf right next to it, which offers a cure, right beside it!

Here in the Caribbean for instance we have an abundance of Fruits (which are ignored by most) That are permanent Cancer cures.

Even in your local store on the shelf for $2 is one of the best cancer cures unknown to you.

Cannabis / Marijuana/ Hemp Oil

Just recently Spain and Canada found Cannabis cured cancer cells with immediate effect and when asked of their governments they were Systematically told That this would be too damaging for the profits of the Pharmaceutical Corporations to introduce a natural cannabis/marijuana cure right now.

So this means, that on paper and in Government Buildings all over the globe, They are incorporating and Unlawfully casting aside our health in the name of financial gain.

So your ill  health means someone else’s wealth and with no real desire to cure you, so an unhealthy maintenance of your health is profoundly more profitable and has become the spine of this corrupt system of ‘Cut them up, it pays big Bonuses’.

Light workers attitude to your health.

Well not in our world of Light workers SXM, we know of your agenda and we are not conforming to it We are classic non conformists, enough said, we are going to cure ourselves and we will not be falling for your tricks either and getting into mindless Political squabbles.

We are taking our work to the streets to wake us all up in a positive manner and we are riding rough shod over your Codex Alimentarius Depopulation program. Any one reading this and not knowing what that is, click here please and see this brief explanation.

Just last weekend, I held an open house for people to come off the beach and look around and discuss and compare their cures and my cures that we have accrued over the past 12 months in an ever expanding group of Lightworkers.

8 groups of 3 turned up over the weekend and shared intimate knowledge during each and every small group meeting.

A French Natural Healing Osteopath came in and shared his works and saw our potions and natural remedies and Then Dr Janine Vogt Turned up with a few surprises.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)

Doctor Vogt has been working practices in Germany curing Cancer patients of all known cancers for 4 years and it was then found to be exactly the same potions of natural medicine as Lightworkers SXM and she claimed 100% record with cancer patients in that time.

So if we ever needed proof that we are on the right track then we got it that day.

We use MMS Magical Mineral Supplement go here for ‘ the big picture’ and how to get it,


I had to relearn or reverse teach myself what cancer really is, as Dr Vogt went on to say:

” cancer is a trauma based, body triggered cure, for that very trauma, it is a fantastic curing mechanism and we should all applaud our cancer for curing that trauma” she went on to say ” Cancer can then be diagnosed and located and once the source of the trauma is found, we can then cure that particular cancer using MMS and a fruit diet amongst many other things”

“EFT tapping is also effective, as it is a way to find deep inside our consciousness that we are self healing spiritual beings with chakras that send out pulses of Consciousness as an aurora all around us, Effective EFT tapping cures almost everything and certainly is as effective as acupuncture should the patient be in tune with their own bodily functions and spirituality,  produce electric results, literally.

“However none responsive people have negative effects with EFT tapping is rather like screwing for your virginity”

The idea of thanking cancer for invading our body sounds preposterous in the interim but when put in this light , it may not be so difficult to achieve that thought process.

We are massively spiritual beings and I for one will be giving this some more thought.

Consciousness was never discussed in Scientific circles 20 years ago and has been ignored for years, However scientists are now looking in peoples brains for it ,, That is like me looking inside a radio to see if I can find the Broadcaster, Quote from the Brilliant Physicist   Nassim Haramein In The movie  THRIVE.

Those of us who have not seen THRIVE here it is:

MMS apparently works by suffocating the cancer with chlorine and our body natural produces chlorine too , I never knew that.

I am sure Dr Vogt would add more to this than I am doing, as I am not a doctor.

I can just see the headline now “Failed Carpenter /Project Manager /Builder cures 20 people of cancer with Cedar”.

Colloidal Silver Pure water 

But it is true I have cured people with “Water on the knee’ , Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, I am living proof too.

I cured my own mouth abscesses with Colloidal Silver which again is suppressed by main stream media and rubbished by fake video’s to scare you from even considering using it.

In the past 12 months LightworkerSXM have made and sold 147 units across the Caribbean to people who ‘think out of the box’.

The list of cures is endless and it has cured 3 people that I know of for Staphylococcolus disease, that is where our contaminated Lagoon here, makes you break out in boils and can be very painful indeed.


Just read the headlines on this site and it changes every day, You and your health are under attack.

Colloidal Silver is banned in most places, How on earth can you ban us making our own health cures?

They were good 2000 years ago and now they get banned, by who and for what ?

Monsanto and the FDA links to US Government , linked to weather modification and soil contamination.

Who wants these people in power ? Just ask your self that,

I am in charge of my own health and do not need anyone telling us otherwise.

The system is total corruption from the bottom to the top and we are going it alone, we do not need the FDA.

Monsanto for instance, has a third of its Governors  also  as Heads of the FDA  and another third are in Congress.

So they create a product, with poison and then they legalize it, then they enforce the law that you have to take it, all in the name of Agenda 21.

If you have not got that yet, go here : http://www.organicconsumers.org/monsanto/news.cfm

Bill and Linda Gates Criminal activities.

Just the headlines alone are mind boggling and Bill & Linda Gates would be better off taken down and should be arrested for their devious global population crack down Agenda 21.

The planned parenthood program is nothing more than a giant depopulation vaccination genocide weapon, disguised in a form of charity.

The Royal Society too, In fact, anything with ROYAL added to it , is part of the depopulation agenda, It is not the Charity or cause.

The very people at  ground level of the organization, actually think they are doing a great job and doing “exactly as it says on the tin”, but if you traced the money back, that is where the funding goes into Black government sponsored Ops.

The Red Cross and the World Wild Life funds are great examples of this, the CEO of the Red Cross in USA gets $485,000 a year.

One has to ask the question “do I really want to contribute to that sort of salary”?

They are instrumental in introducing many modern day vaccine related Illness like AIDS SARS and many many more.


Stay well away from Gardasil,  a Bill Gates forced vaccine on children in US schools.

It has been linked to putting genital warts on over 80, 9 year old girls just this week, I thought 9 year old girls did not have sex.

Like the weather Modern new diseases are all related and Man made, TOTAL.

So here Weather modification INC. http://www.weathermodification.com/ how in your face is that?

What a truly sick society we live in

The relationship between the weather and Monsanto is a grossly important link and the other important link with mainstream TV companies owning all the pharmaceutical companies is a MUST SEE too here:


Poison the soil with Chemtrails and control the weather, You can control the planet.

So we are all responsible in taking control back of our own health. health is not political, it is my/your personal choice.

In fact  the golden rule of Thumb now is, If the FDA say it is bad or cover it up or mainstream media like the ‘BBC Royal owned Propaganda Corporate War Machine’ say it is bad, It will invariably turn out to be totally healthy and beneficial to your well being.

Please all of you “Think out of the Box’ when it comes to your personal hygiene and health.

I have a nice surprise for you all now.

DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide and MSM Dymethylsulfone or DMSO 2 

Now here is my ace up my sleeve.

I have had this liquid for just 4 weeks now and have cured people with ‘water on the Knee’, Arthritis, Bearsitis, Fibromyalgia, Boils  And Massive facial pain from Tooth abscesses.

It is the only known thing to cure a tooth abscess on the planet, as Colloidal Silver prevented further troubles of my tooth abscess, it did not cure it like DMSO has done .

DMSO found accidentally in the cedar wood pulp trade in 1953 is applied topically, as opposed to it’s sister MSM (not to be confused with MMS).

MSM is tablet or powder form, when looking into getting this try to buy a bulk order of all 3 Items DMSO MMS and MSM

Buy also DMSO in bulk too here is 2 gallons of it for $39 .


DMSO has an unusual manner or attribute of being able to take other liquids through the skin with it, and recommended to me is to us MMS droplets added to droplets of DMSO and rubbed in can create wonders.


The most pleasing personal result I have had with 2 people here with ‘ Water on the knee’ which both had had for years and the doctors quickly recommended them to go to have surgery.

Plus a load of drugs, They had to suffer pain for all this time, not even counting the expenditure.

Just one hour after application of DMSO, my man was back to work and in 3 days their head size swelling of his knee has, all but gone.

One lady I am working on now has already removed her leg guard and is showing signs of improvement in just a couple of days.

Aloe Vera

This grows wild here and is a fantastic cure naturally for burns, Now added to DMSO can enter the body naturally from the DMSO process, the other way is to have a cream made at home from 30% aloe and 70% DMSO, this is wonderful.

I cannot stress the importance of what I am saying here, The miracle cure needs a new word to be  invented,  that supersedes ‘Miracle’.

The instant warm glow one gets immediately after application is proof positive of it’s use as a cure, and in my mouth, it burns like hell but 2 cases of severe shooting writhing pain from tooth abscesses had my colleagues pain free in just minutes.

MSM (dmso2) can be found here which can be ingested, unlike DMSO. 

Most of it can be found here : http://www.ihealthtree.com/dmso.html?gclid=CN3ktqzYlbQCFQUFnQodDisARg on the side panel.

And here:


Baking Soda 100% yes that is right, one of the cheapest cures in all household stores and it cures cancer among others;


There are so many articles here More than I can shake a stick at, But Baking soda shrinks tumors.

It can seriously affect Gout arthritis and other hard pain illnesses.

Not only can it cure mouth and throat and esophagus tumors it can be an effect non Chemical Beauty treatment for whitening teeth and skin care Plus clean carpets and fridges cookers etc. I just bought some today for $2.50 enough for a Hundred cancer patients.

Now what has the Caribbean got growing at the  side of the road that we all walk past that cure cancer and many other things?

Graviola Tree Fruit is a cancer preventative and curer and one of the best.


Noni Fruit too.


Mixed with MMS it can be deemed as an unbeatable cure, when this world collapses financially and the new financial system from China and Japan Kicks in very soon, We should be exporting our own Graviola Fruit for others to be producing the juice to create the cure.

Graviola may be known to others as Sour-Sop, Noni fruit ferments into sticky messy liquid but it is a well known cure for all illnesses locally. Almost every one local here knows it but again, it is not dealt with and nobody has made a move to bring these fruits to market for the purpose they are by design, meant to be.

This has got to be changed any time soon  and again we intend to ask for funding to support this new venture.

Sour-Sop is made by locals as a sweet tasting health drink, very delicious too, So we all have no excuses in looking into this fruit tree.

Noni tree fruit on the other hand is a process which is quite demanding but all the locals know it and can be set up in a small kitchen, which can reap tremendous curing benefits, it could also and should also be a major Island export to clinics specializing in Tropical medicine.



at the side of the road and is a latex toxin natural milk which cures Eczema and warts and genital warts, It has been again been chastised by the mainstream media as dangerous even to look at , but with care the golden rule is do not get it in your eyes and do not ingest, it is topical cream.

Is less tropical places like Canada and Europe milkweed is found in many other weeds like dandelion and daisy’s and stinging nettles.

Basically what we are saying is it is not necessarily just the Caribbean that has many cures standing growing by the road, in fact the whole world is full of it, we have just been so transfixed with our cruel world we have become disconnected with nature and our Mother GAIA Earth.

If we just all spent one hour a day going out doors and having a good look around us, we would improve this planet and that is a proven fact.

Again it is the intention of the writer to begin exporting bottles of this latex liquid for Tropical health cures who are genuinely interested in making real earth cures.

We literally have tons of it here growing up the mountainside.

Funding for this must be a priority too and if any of you reading this can help make a move, please contact us.

More can be found here : http://www.naturalnews.com/031339_milkweed_sap_skin_cancer.html


I asked Doctor Vogt ” Are we missing anything of any value in our armory to protect us from ‘all they are throwing at us down here’ ,and she said yes

Omega 3 6 & 9

Omega 3 6 & 9 is in linseed oil based capsules,  the linseed oil we generically have,  is misused from the processing system to the storage system,  she went on to say. Omega 3 6 & 9 can be found here :


Dr Vogt went on to reveal she would be not taking any of our cures due to the fact that she was satisfied with her personal work on herself and did not need to take any thing externally or orally, Quite a confident statement by the natural medicine Doctor.

To conclude then, we are going in the right direction but we must take back control of our health, we certainly do not need  outside interference with our health.

We must return the custody of our health to ourselves in this dreadful world of Corporate war machine and slavery and corruption at every level by design for 300 years  since the Rothschild’s stole the market by deception.

Deception has been the name of the game ever since that battle of Waterloo.

New times are upon us and the release of the new financial system will be a shock to most,  hardships will be 3 weeks , not much more, the possibility of a small island being longer in woe is very possible, logistically.

All I can say is Lightworkers SXM is ready for the transition and our tools are ready to go, we intend to go straight to work on having a depot of supplies of natural cures, first for our Islanders , then we can move outward.

If any of you can provide us with finance for our ambitious plans, please contact us directly at dave.europeanhotels@gmail.com

It is about time we made our own decisions.

We are only scratching at the surface of natural health cures,as seen at the left side of this next post:


Right now our group has many other items they are sifting through to add to our armory, maybe by next year we will double our Miraculous cures and I have not even mentioned the Moringa Tree

We have replanted and grown over 100 plants here  and again this grows at the side of the roads here.

It purifies water and is 100% edible and can purify dirty contaminated water and makes great tea and is a tasty spice.

Please remember I have not even mentioned Turmeric and Tamarind, wonder roadside cures that again we just ride rough shod over.

Do some research of your own.

We are the people we have been waiting for So what the hell are we waiting for?



PS Please help our association of Light workers with funding for these projects, THIS IS YOUR HEALTH TOO.



6 comments on “Our Natural Health Cures : Cancer 100% curable By your self :AIDS/ HIV too :Thanks to our natural remedies : Ignored by Mainstream Profiteering:

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  2. Hi Dave, great stuff here, but one of the most easily obtainable tonics you can take is plain water as most people’s bodies are in a continuous state of dehydration. This dehydration causes stress or trauma to all the cells in the body leaving them unable to fight infections, bacteria etc leading to disease. Check out the work done by Dr Fereydoon Batmanghelidj in treating many forms of disease through rehydration and his battles with the medical mainstream to create a new medical paradigm.
    Since following his advice plus the use of colloidal silver I have not used any pharmaceuticals for over 2 years now and have only been ill once when I went in the sun too long and got dehydrated.

    • Andy Thanks your comments are always welocome on this site I will check out the link you oposted and I will speak to Dr Vogt about that ,,she seems more intelligent than I ,,Thanks also for contacting tony for me ,,This will work ,,Dr Vogt says she needs One hour ,,Tony Cancer is fixed Dave

  3. Hello great and kind heart of the world with the problem of cancer, My name is Lurther Davis, God has been so amazing in my family life since we me and started using Doctor Henderson Hemp Oil.
    My Son who is 19 years old who was diagnosed with Cancer of the lung and the cancer was in it final stage when we heard about Doctor Henderson Hemp Oil and we where lucky to contact him via email: hendersonmedicalservice@gmail.com and I bought his Medical Hemp Oil, which my son started using as his treatment for his lungs cancer. It now 3 months and my son is done with treatment. My son didn’t die, instead he is living in healthy condition with his lungs cancer totally gone, but still taking his prevention. Doctor Henderson, God will give you prosperity in all your endeavor in life. You shall be blessed abundantly. You gave my family a new meaning in life. Thank you Doctor Henderson. for those that believe that they will die, please contact Doctor Henderson on: hendersonmedicalservice@gmail.com and have all cancer of all types cure and gone forever. have your life, love, family back with Doctor Henderson Hemp Oil.
    Thank God for you Doctor Henderson. hendersonmedicalservice@gmail.com
    From the Bottom of my heart and on behalf of my family we say a Huge Thank you.

    • Lurther We are delighted to hear that you went “Out of the box” to help fix your sons illness, May we suggest you go to our site and look into Germen New Medicine and find out the real reason that your son got cancer in the first place. You will see that lung cancer is commenced by a big shock ( massive breathing in caused by shock) ,,Catherine Markolin’s video is one hour long and it explains the biology of our bodies linking with our spirituality Mind body and soul. Human Design is spirituality and the science of our consciousness, Please spare them a moment of your time on the top 3 tabs of this web blog please we have many people taking on this new way of thinking and regaining full control of their health, Namaste Dave

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