Free Energy : Natural Health Cures : Beach Meeting : Rainbow Beach Bar : Grand Case : This Weekend Long : Bring what you have to show and sell :

Following the success of the Portal 2012 Conference with our Visiting Presenter Cobra Here in SXM last weekend and with revitalized energy following it, Light-Worker-SXM  have now an informal meeting of minds all week end long At the Rainbow Beach Bar in Grand Case. Come along take a free beach chair with the family and join in the fun.

Getting ready for the season and a view from My apartment balcony

Getting ready for the season of Light Worker Beach shows at weekends  and a view from My apartment balcony.


Come along to the tented display stage and show what you are doing to improve life on Earth.

So far confirmed items to be at the tented display at the weekend we have confirmed:

1) Colloidal Silver and Gold demonstrations. The Best Natural Anti-Bio-tics and Anti-Inflammatory water drinks.

2) DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide for Fibro-myalgia, Arthritis, Water on the knee, Tooth Abscesses.

3) MMS Magical Mineral Supplement For curing All Cancers.

4) Moringa Trees  Purify water and every part of the tree is edible and healthy.

5) Ferrite Torroids and where to find them : Free Energy : How to make free energy Yourself.

Now that what i cal free energy ,,Nothing running this except a barely visible tiny transformer

Now that what I call free energy ,,Nothing running this except a barely visible tiny transformer

6) Neodimium magnets and Copper Pipe : Anti Gravity in your face.

7) Solar Concentrated Steam and water pump model construction in action. Free water energy from the sun.

8) Graviola Fruit,  Sour Sop, Cancer curer and preventative.

9) Milkweed Straight of the road at Grand Case. Cures many skin ailments and warts.

10) “Good to go ” products display cabinet, natural earth friendly cups and plates and cutlery, Natural decomposing process. Confirmed.

Bring what you want for the display to the tented area with print outs of your work and  a description of how it works.

But most of all Bring yourselves at any time in the Weekend,

Starting after 9 am till late this coming Saturday and Sunday,

Also Wanted Light Workers To help recruit guests to come to see our wares on the beach for the day, Please contact me 559 2775 , cannot think of a nicer job.

My apartment will have open door for allday visitors.

See you there.

The Rainbow Beach Bar and Captain Frenchy’s bar on the beach at Grand Case. Saint Martin. this coming Weekend.



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