Mass Arrests : Pedophilia : LIBOR : Mass resignations again :It is all connected and heads a rolling: Jimmy Savile and the Vatican and Pedophilia is related to the banksters and Rothschilds and Masonic Lodges & super secret society’s

Canada, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Germany,  Scotland, Wales Now , Plus The entire UK are all suffering Mass exposure to Organized Pedophilia at the heart of Government.

This is monumental

To some, Pedophilia has been so well organized that it is a way of life.

And the Government turns a blind eye ,Sorry lets get that right, The governments Openly sponsors and supports it, as you will see shortly.

If a plane crashed today killing all of it’s passengers ALL PLANES SIMILAR WOULD BE GROUNDED, fact.

Why does Cameron not close all churches, masonic lodges, and Crown schools plus the evil in the Social Services and Do it now?

Zionist and Rothschild Asset, David Cameron is in on the  cover up, be sure about that, but the story of child abuse is so great you need to look at the satanic ritual and cross that with the system of Financial control and governance that is set up, and most of all, for whom it is set up to benefit the most.

So now we have a crime scene and we know what to expect , we should follow all child murder and molestation cases which are currently in law suites today.

Plus we should look at the financial control situation that supports the illegal acts of child abuse and any law suites against the financial bankster elite and then we have our answer.

Firstly we need to know our financial structure who support all these illegal child sponsored abuses and follow the money.

1) Vatican City the smallest Country in the world with 1000 occupants and it’s own laws.

It is the biggest Bank in the world. using religion as it’s method of getting your last penny’s.

2) Corporation of London and the Crown is the biggest controlled finance and media center in the world and has it’s own rules, and the Knights  Templar Headquarters of the Masonic lodge and  is another country independent to any other people on the planet, the Crown owns a 6th of the land on this planet ( so they tell us).

3) Washington District of Columbia is 10 square mile Country in the heart of Washington and has it’s own laws and none of the above pay any takes whatsoever .

The 3 of them form a pyramid of power and control over the entire  planet which is run by the Black Nobility and Club of Rome bloodlines families and all are linked to Masonic Lodges of the highest order and secret societies that practice satanic ritualistic Slaughtering of children and child abuse is widespread behind closed doors .

Orsini and Breakspear’s being the most silent but most powerful and the Rothschild’s, Schiff’s, Oppenheimer  and Warburg’s being more active in the 3 house orders are all controlled from the Corporation of London.

The Crown Property of London, is where the Royal Families come into it all, they are banned by their own law , to  be  close to the Rothschilds at any one time. I have actually heard that 100 feet is the closest that the Royalty can be near to the Rothschilds at any one moment.

The current Queen is head of the Crown for The British Commonwealth and she has 2 billion people under her wing in the Commonwealth, Plus she runs  the British Government and all the other commonwealth  country governments like Australia, New Zealand and Canada, to mention a few.

The other royals in Europe are set up the same but not as big with the exception of Spain, as you will see momentarily.

The USA does not escape the grip of the Royal Crown properties and is secretly owned by the British Crown in the Corporation of London, and all of  it’s finance has to go through the Corporation of London via IRS and the Federal Reserve.

The Vatican also has 2 billion people on it’s books, So between them they own half the planets people, whether they like it or not.

The total control of the people  leaves only China and the Middle East, however South America being owned mainly  by the Spanish Crown in conjunction with the Vatican. So china and the Middle East ( Syria ) are the only places on earth that have not got a Corporation of London CENTRAL BANK and have not yet had their money stolen by the Rothschild’s.

To help get your head around who actually owns us , just look at other places like Strasbourg and Monaco, Andorra and Lichtenstein  These are home to all other masonic families and secret rule makers  and have their own rule books , Also JERSEY is owned by The Crown, Now isn’t that funny and Mason’s are guided to meet up on the Arrival in the airport,

Take a look at Pie’n’Mash film SUN SEA & SATAN.

What has all of this got to do with Pedophilia one asks ?

Kevin Annett is exposing the Canadian Government, The  Vatican and the British Royal family at the ITCCS for crimes in Canada, Ireland, Belgium and Holland to mention a few, for Crimes against the Children in Churches and schools throughout the world and much of his work not only exposes State run Pedophilia but actual Child Torture and killing and satanical slaughter of children organized by Church and state.

He has exposed the most horrendous cover up of crimes in many of those countries against Children and indigenous peoples.

His site can be found here and is an eye opener :

Also you can watch Kevin’s film “Unrepentant” on this site which exposes how Kevin came across these atrocities and genocide when he was just a Reverend of o local church  there in Canada.

Updates of Kevin’s Work can be seen here :  http://itccs.orough/

The cover up is so grand that the British Royal family issued instructions to arrest him on entry should Kevin  enter the UK.

I would like to see someone in Britain ask the BBC, SKY or ITV :

Why has   Kevin Annett  been banned by the UK for exposing the Vatican and the Royal Family of Genocide of children, which has lead directly to Royalty Demand orders in banning him from all UK ports, at a time when the entire Establishment, Media and Crown in the UK, is under the cosh for the said same such crimes?.


The Vatican Global Crime spree: 

Just to cover how many law suites against the Vatican, world wide, is astonishing but can be found here :

Now if you look what is going on right now, There must be thousands of cases against the Vatican  on child abuses and we all know Ratzinger was put there,  in his child molesting capacity, to help cover this up, under rules of the the order of the house in Vatican City.

There are more than 24 counties who have serious court battles for  child abuse directly charging the Vatican.

It is at the heart of Catholicism and is in fact a way of life,

The catholic churches around the world have more than 24 countries that have thousands of law suites against them, just go back to Vatican crimes link above and look in side column and the countries listed with atrocities.

Now to add to this massive Common law attempt take back of Churches and schools by the ITCCS, where these child crimes are being systematically covered up by respective governments under orders from the Crown, You can see a common ground of corruption forming a clear picture here.


The Jimmy Savile  case appears to be unraveling a Masonic Lodge connection to the schools & churches and  all manner of ritualistic and  satanic killings, slaughter, torture and child abuse, whether that  be pedophilia or anything else for that matter.

All other splinter groups and local organizations are now filing there own law suits and horrifically, there appears not one parish around the UK that does not have systematic abuse as an on going entity, Organized specifically and sponsored by the Government, Royalty or Masons.


I spoke with Richard Kissack on Facebook who was  Councillor of Douglas, Isle of Man, and even on this small Island they have not escaped the iron fist of secret society sponsored child molestation policy and there appears no difference in the way the Vatican does it, as to the way Britain ( Scotland in particular) and Jersey . Plus the North Wales government ordered  cover ups and more than governments are currently being exposed.

Richard  says sadly, that there are 20 people awake and aware in his island in high positions   but only he is prepared to put his voice out and ‘his cock on the block’ , as others do not like their lives to be exposed to such child abuse which is very very sad indeed.

People consider them selves more important than our kids? So sad.

His site covers a wealth of latest news on the subject

However, for me one of the best sites is Aangirfan :

Currently : Aangirfan is covering the North Wales issues and it is not looking good there, This was previously covered up so badly by William Hague in the 90’s,

How many of us like William Hague?

please respond?

The cover up is continuous on TV today ,

No body knows that thousands turned up on 5th November at Number 10 downing street to ask for ministers to come out and be arrested for pedophilia charges.

here :

All Mainstream Media did not cover the event which is significant in a time of when Pedophilia is top of everyone’s agenda,

Even protests in Germany last week in German cities were against state sponsored child abuse were evident and widespread.


We DO expect mass arrests of Lords and Government ministers and even links to Masonic Lodges and Royalty.

Kevin Annett hopes to have many Common law courts in churches around Ireland, Holland, Canada and Belgium from 15th Nov 2012.

This could indicate 4 countries closing down churches by the people for the protection of our children,

An announcement is expected on

It will be interesting to see if these people arrested will be linked to the satanic financial meltdown too?

Back to finance 

Also as LIBOR is expected to have arrests of major high elite banksters this next week seen here on Bloomberg :

Mass resignations, here is a comprehensive list, just this week of elite going down ,

Here is a list of people under the cosh currently : with the Jimmy Savile Probe:

Probably more people on here than ‘you can shake a stick at’ : thanks to Richard Kissack  and David Icke for sending this : this includes all known famous arrested and charged government stars and movie set people.

And is any thing going on in Europe too ?

Yes Holland Germany and Finland and Brazil all Blame the United Nations and select countries state run Social Services for actively rounding up children in an assisted (state sponsored) lawful manner.

Brazil has actually the first state to protect it’s own citizens against Social (child laundering) Services. who must be supplying world purchasing circles.

Finland on the other hand appeals to parents to stop killing their own kids and committing suicide when State organized social services barge into their homes and steal their children, an un-nervy statistic that is a reality in modern day. Read this :

The Royals and Rothschild links to Pedophilia: 

But at last in this last article not only have we exposed Global child genocide, in the Social Services but also in The United Nations which then spreads spreads to all governments, but This article is the link that links it all, and some great work (Videos) done here by Kevin Annett and David Icke.

More over: it exposes the Royal Family and the Rothschild’s links to pedophiles at the eye of the satanic pyramid:

So Now not only is it the Vatican and all secret Lodge society’s it is at the heart of The United Nations.

So that means every government and Mason and secret society  throughout the world.

Brazil is the only country leading in it’s exposure and cessation, which is ironically The leader of BRICS nations bringing in the new financial system NESARA.ation.

BRICS of course being Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa , plus 140 following nations.

Argentina just today has dumped trading the Dollar and will probably get a hurricane or some Royal Airforce bombs for its efforts.

So lots of work for us all to do , one thing for certain Satanic child abuse is rife around the world and it’s link to the rulers of our planet and their fetishes is widespread and in built into  society just like documentary “Sun Sea and Satan” showed us in Jersey.

It is only us that can stop this, ALL of us that is,

Please spread far and wide, all of you are responsible, Jersey is an example of how the world works, in it’s satanic festering filth and our light work must bring light to those millions suffering, simply to please the corporate robbers of our world who have another string to their bow other than complete global financial control .

and that is Unspeakable gross perversions and the ownership of child depravity.



13 comments on “Mass Arrests : Pedophilia : LIBOR : Mass resignations again :It is all connected and heads a rolling: Jimmy Savile and the Vatican and Pedophilia is related to the banksters and Rothschilds and Masonic Lodges & super secret society’s

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  2. Pingback: Mass Arrests : Pedophilia : LIBOR : Mass resignations again :It is all connected and heads a rolling: Jimmy Savile and the Vatican and Pedophilia is related to the banksters and Rothschilds and Masonic Lodges & super secret society’s » Philosop

  3. I believe the title of the Royal secret service protection group is SO14. Surely they would have investigated and therefore vetted Savile before he would be allowed within a mile of the Royals. Thus simple logic would tell you that something is wrong. By the way I have brought this subject up with my friends and colleagues. I can categorically tell you now there is just no way people would accept these stories. The Royals have god status. They are above any investigation of any kind. It is just up to each one of us who ” gets it ” to send out divine love to all perpetrators of this kind of crime. I believe that even the worst criminals can turn their life around and be a force of good. This is the only way to have a paradigm shift in my opinion. You can’t fight it by the same method that it uses. We all have capability of divine love within us, and this development is our only way forward.

  4. David Ike can talk for longtime. You can write long pages. The problem is you all think it is true but it is not. Difference is that David Ike makes much money so he is clever. The Americans landed on the moon and you people said no they did not but now you say oh o.k. yes they did. This will happen with your stories you change them when you want. You like fantasy you do not try to know facts. Facts are hard. Gillipollas Adios

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