Alfred Webre : Jim Stone : David Icke : Frankinstorm Sandy : False Flag for Martial law : British Royals , BBC , Vatican and Gov in the doc :Round up of worlds weekly activities

What is going on last week WOW lots  ? 

So much I will let you decide for your self ,

Watch out in the USA;  The British Crown and the Rothschild’s, they are coming for you.

Alfred Lambremont Webre has the news for you,

Here is the headlines ( the ones that are covered up by mainstream media by design):

Bullet points of video:

HAARP is headed out by the British Crown and is a Frankenstorm Sandy is a False flag operation for Martial law for the  USA to keep Barry Soetoro ( Obama) in Power.

HAARP is a weather weapon  and (Frankenstorm) Sandy is by design a false flag operation and is set on The people of United States to create panic and then the implementation of Martial Law IE: Problem Reaction Solution aka David Icke:

Washington state quake this week was a pincer like Pschy-Op to Hurricane Sandy.

The genocide death reports are under Friendly fascist control and are much lower in reports than people are finding.

Haiti was done for Rockefellers wanting to take Haiti Gold and Oil and was a precursor for this weeks  false flag home run.

The British Crown is a Satanic cult and WW2 Hiroshima was christian city chosen by City of London Banksters.

Norway’s HAARP at Trompso was used in the Norway Spiral event and Japan’s Fukushima event.

London ‘s Westminster Hall, The Queen, The Pope , and Barry Soetoro (Obama), met in 2005 in special meeting.

Rothschilds achieved ‘change of crown’ and will hand down to William.( that is dark version of events- Light version is Harry will get it)

Obama engineered Mega storm to secure his re-election.

HAARP readings where the strongest readings ever since 1992  in the build up to Sandy.

It shows clearly that the storm was steered and much more  powerful that reported.

HAARP was a major tool to bring down the towers in 9/11.

Hurricane Katrina was a false flag so too was the BP gulf oil spill and Hurricane Irene last year.

Corexit was aided in ruining the gulf waters by The British Crown and Barack Obama.

So what else is going on just now in the world ?

In Britain

The government is on the way down for links to Peado chain,

More information on this site ‘than you can shake a stick at’:

BBC and the British Government and Royalty and Vatican all linked in massive Pedophile chain with holding and allowing to run Jimmy Savile and a child porn pimp. Freddie Star arrested and released. more Stars and big names to follow this week.

David Icke said all this about the Jersey school in 1991 about Savile abusing boys there with Edward Heath and they just laughed at him.

LIBOR still strangling UK and global banksters but none have gone to jail yet but many strange things happening.

HSBC caught with pants down over Drug money laundering and gangster bankster activity.

There will be a major posting this week on this site  linking the Rothschild Peado ring to the Royal family and the government and entertainment industry peado rings

In Europe

Will BASEL III save the dollar in Switzerland? Maybe Benjamin Fulford was right 2 years ago ? here is great article on Basel III Gold backed money and the loss or reserve currency status with the US dollar.

Cancer treatment company’s pull out of Greece for non payments ( maybe this is good news for Greece no more Chemo)

Gold Germany Hungary Holland Bulgaria Romania and a few  others want to see their gold.

Polish PM Flight had bombs on it and is covered up, This was to force Poland into Euro of course.

USA (is a big hell hole right now).

As Frankenstorm Sandy Hit Obama runs to white house to sign #923 Executive order , more than all other presidents put together,

The formation of The White house Homeland Security Partnership Council ( as if anyone really needs that) at a time he is campaigning for re-election and while the country is under emergency.

$43 Trillion lawsuite against the Fed and All Banksters announced on CNBC mainstream The CEO has his kids killed that night and pulls the broadcast for his own safety ,Cabal?

California on Quake red alert til Wednesday ( another false flag)? HAARP again is in full on mode like in Sandy but shows signature of things to come in California, next 48 hours here :

But there is more what about Chemical attacks and drills all in one week in San Diego and lots of Fallse flag prep wrok going on staggering .

Louisiana sink hole grows bigger and bigger and gets more inflammable and toxic by the hour ( another false flag perhaps).

over 20 ageing nuke plants in US in danger from weather and equipment failures

Less we mention Military Rule in several states on East coast and all the suffering and holding back of services and gas form victims of Sandy , but All aid went to hold the NY city Marathon instead.

But the list of terrorism false flags  is endless look at all these FBI  government false flags this year alone;

Jim Stone has his view on what happened and it is lots, showing generators just blowing up with no real storm around:

USA is a wholesale mess right now. watch  out for more this week it is all a bluff to fake the DIOBOLD MACHINE elections, stock up on tinned food ,The ships just may not come to the Caribbean next week.

Wow all in on week I can hardly cope ,,So watch out and keep us posted here if we miss things please:

Take great care over this next and coming weeks ,

Remember Benjamin Fulford post out tomorrow PM EST cannot wait :




2 comments on “Alfred Webre : Jim Stone : David Icke : Frankinstorm Sandy : False Flag for Martial law : British Royals , BBC , Vatican and Gov in the doc :Round up of worlds weekly activities

  1. ==========================================================================================================
    All so true. Wonderful article. Please allow me to add that the key element in the Satanic Cult’s Military Junk
    Ponzi Rotschild Nato Republics is enforcement. Since the 15th Century, when Satanic cults crashed Europe into
    the dark ages, these starving cults, took to the sea and ravaged Asia , Americas and the British ended up
    controlling the 7-seas as well as two thirds of the planet. The natural consequence was the imposition of
    the acceptance of their currency. Hence, the Pound Sterling became the global currency and the Germans in 1938
    broke this 300-year old stranglehold. Although the British Satanic Cult succumbed, their heirs, the US journeyed
    on and to this date, any “regime”opposing the acceptance of the US junk currency suffers the same fate as Hitler’s
    Germany. Currently Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi and others can testify this.To sum up, the current currencies are
    “Military Junk Currencies”, in fact.

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