The Hope Girl ; Fix The World Project : Phase 1 Section 3 : All man made weather war frequency users to Cease and desist and reverse the technology to assist The Human race in Health issues

Phase two will also begin the healing on all levels of those who served in any capacity at any time for the archaic system of war. They are greatly honoured and will be helped, medically, financially, spiritually. First we must bring them home….


  • Shut down all failing nuclear reactors as well as those deemed unstable with immediate effect. All other reactors will be shut down as soon as replacement energy source (already available) has been implemented. Turn off the ones failing NOW. There are companies that have the technology used already by the military of our world to replace all energy straightaway. These companies are ordered NOW to supply those running the nuclear plants to implement what has been used in massive underground bases, bunkers, on the Moon and Mars to humanity so that all have power and heat. This all exists…and we the people are calling forth those that have served in this capacity with their minds and skills to step forward. The funds are there…They will be compensated and honoured and all threats to them and their families plus all contracts forced upon them will be removed and forgiven. All handlers stopping them will be removed.

All peoples and animals in the affected nuclear radiation areas will be moved to safe zones, healed, treated and provided for in a humane and comfortable fashion. Funds are in place for this endeavour, this is a GLOBAL EFFORT called by the people for the people.

  • All oil rigs and companies worldwide operating are to be shut down. Those working on such rigs and companies will be freed from their contracts and compensated accordingly for 3 months to rest and decide what part of phase two they wish to serve, if any. Those willing to stay will be in charge of implementing new devices and technologies to clear and heal the damage done by this process of sucking Gaia’s blood and main source of her balancing of all things. Everything our planet has is in perfect balance and has an effect on all things. Gaia was created in perfection beyond any current human imagination. Her blood is the oil. There is enough oil in barrels to serve all that need it, in the time frame, between old archaic ways to the new paradigm. Those not willing to comply with shut downs will be shut down by the people and arrested and tried for “known” crimes against humanity and our planet. This is their chance to change. There are already mass technologies in place to start healing the damage and this will be implemented. See rest of points and Phase Two will expand this plan. First we must stop and then we can begin…. All those working for said companies will be compensated and given new directives which they may choose to accept or reject of their own free will. No one will be unemployed or left wanting of funds in this change over from Archaic to Future Now. Every soul counts, we are One.
  • Shut down all HAARP machines known and unknown NOW. This is simple push the OFF button. HAARP is frequency and the same frequency used to destroy on a worldwide basis can and will be implemented with immediate effect to heal. The frequencies used to harm can also be reversed on a worldwide scale to heal. Everything you see, touch, feel, taste, is frequency. There are those who know the healing frequencies for the clearing and cleaning of air, sea, and land. These beings know which exact frequencies these are and will be asked to step up and use the technology already present to do so with immediate effect. Those working at all HAARP places will be released from their former contracts and will be asked to help run the new frequencies on these machines. They may choose to accept or reject of their own free will and will be thanked and compensated for their service either way, with a 3 month package to rest and decide how they wish to serve in Phase two, or by remaining and being part of this phase straight away. The main focus in phase One will be the zones worldwide where Gaia and her peoples are in most need. Those not already known to us with the healing frequencies are asked by Gaia and her people to step forward NOW. You will be honoured and compensated accordingly.
  • Clean up all nuclear waste; land, air and sea, plus the people and animals of this planet affected. The machines mentioned above plus other technologies and organic matters that “eat” up such waste will be employed and used with immediate effect, to begin this process.

All companies and peoples knowing such things as well as ALL the companies that supplied the Military with such organic modules as well as those that supplied such technologies are being called by the people for the people to step up NOW. A list has been compiled and growing. All that do will be released from their previous contracts (which are null and void as this writ goes global to the people), and will be issued new paradigms of service for this planet and compensated accordingly.

  • Shut down all machines affecting the planet and her people; negative mind control, sonars, frequencies that are killing and negatively affecting our planets creatures in air, land and sea as well as our mental health and earthquakes. Simple; Push the OFF button…, ask those who were in service to help reverse this process or rest. They will be thanked and compensated accordingly. Either 3 months of rest to see how they may or may not serve in Phase two or those that choose to stay will be instructed on how they may serve and reverse now the damage done with the knowledge they will be given. There is a list of those who can do this and all peoples who know and can help in this area, are being called by their planet and her people for this phase, to step forward NOW. They will be compensated accordingly.
  • Cease and desist all spraying of chemicals in the air, land, and sea, with immediate effect. All companies and personnel held under contract are freed from said contract and will be compensated in the exact amount the contract was for. Those employed will remain employed should they so choose and will be a part of the effort of reversing the process with the organic antidotes.
  • Locate and destroy immediately all biological warfare weapons, viral, chemical and otherwise. Those held under contract will be freed and asked to use their expertise for the good of our planet and humanity. They will have a choice where they will receive thanks for their service and 3 months compensation to rest and review how they may be of service in phase two, or they may choose to stay on for the same compensation as before and help destroy, neutralise and then created healing plasmas and technology for our world in said laboratories.
  • Every single weapon of mass destruction is to be neutralised with immediate effect. Those that are under contract will be freed of said contract and reimbursed. Those employed by said contract holders will be asked to either rest or begin neutralisation of said weapons with immediate effect. Technologies are already available to do this and will be utilised, the people involved are being given a choice if they wish to serve and reverse what they have done. They are free to do so, or leave with thanks and compensation either way.
  • With immediate effect shut down all factories and their respective sites where the production itself or their products are harming the environment and the people working there. Air pollutants, toxic waste, land pollution.  For example plastic bags, and non-biodegradable materials. All companies and factories are listed and known. Those running them know themselves and if not they will be notified and given a chance with immediate effect to close with no loss on income, for they will be reimbursed for their projected losses. The people working for these companies in every single case, will be given a 3 month compensation and provided for with medical care. The areas will be cleaned up and those employed by said companies wanting to help will be given new directives of how to implement systems that are benevolent to our planet and her people. Technologies and organisms will be used to clean the areas and sites as well as the people effected and those in every country willing to participate will be compensated and honoured for this grand task of phase One. Every soul counts no matter how old or young, we are One.
  • Cease and desist with immediate effect the cutting of all forests, natural and farmed trees.

Those companies in the Amazon as well as others around our world (Weyerhaeuser et al) are to halt all cutting. This is a direct order from the people for our planet. All those contracts already in place will be reimbursed; all those employees affected will be asked to either help in the process to replant or given a rest and 3 months compensation to decide how they may be able to serve in Phase two. There are enough trees already cut and being processed to provide our world, in the time frame set up, for such archaic ways of supply in construction and otherwise to be replaced. (Phase two)

Those souls being called to serve our earth worldwide with this replant and healing phase are asked to step forward NOW, you will be compensated.

  • Shut Down with immediate effect every single slaughterhouse and transport for such purposes.  All employees will be compensated for three months and asked either to rest or care for the animals in a humane and acceptable way with compensation. The cost of feed and care as well as all other aspects for this to be done will be provided until such a time that these animals are placed in sanctuaries existing for each type and are being created.(Phase Two). All those souls involved in transporting such animals will be given the choice to rest and receive 3 month compensation to see how they may serve, or not, in Phase Two. If they choose to be a part of the healing now then they will be asked to help transport in a humane environment and way (together with help from those teams stepping up for this precise part of the phase one) to bring the animals to said sanctuaries. They will be compensated for their part and greatly honoured. Those teams for guarding and protecting the animals are being called forth to step up NOW. You will be compensated.
  • Shut down with immediate effect all commercial farms breeding fish or any form of livestock for human consumption.  All these farms and their employees will be compensated for their projected and calculated losses due to the halting of culling for this harvest. These farms and companies will then be asked and compensated accordingly for the following; Cease all fish farming, and culling of all sea creatures, dolphins, sharks, octopus, whales, squid, salmon, et al. All those involved in Fish, Poultry and livestock farming will be compensated for every creature they currently hold and will then be given the choice and compensation thereof to correctly feed and care for the animals,  to provide sanctuary, until such a time that the sanctuaries near them have been created (Phase Two). Should the current conditions of holding these creatures, be deemed inhumane, these creatures will be removed to another place of keeping that is acceptable to the new paradigm of humanity and our world. Teams will be sent to each place to ascertain the correct freedom and feeding of each soul that chose to come as an animal, bird or fish, in this life cycle. Every single sanctuary worldwide will be given immediate funds to continue their great work without delay.  Every single organisation that works to freeing and guarding exotic animals worldwide will receive funds to continue this, straight away. No more elephants and their tusks AFRICA, no more shark fin ASIA, no more bears in cages CHINA. The people have spoken and those in charge of stopping this will have all the funds and manpower necessary worldwide to free these souls from the torture humanity has inflicted through false belief systems created. There is an antidote for every sickness on this planet, and it is with quantum energy and plants. All teams in place you are asked to step forward NOW, you will be compensated and so if you wish to quit your current job which helps you to “survive in the old system”, you are now free to help the new paradigm of our Future Now.


WAKE UP WORLD, it is safe to do so, OUR time is NOW………

This is the first release of a series of data results from the “Fix the World Project” More results will be coming in the next few days.


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