The Hope Girl 2102 : Fix the World Project : Phase 1 Section 2 : Release of New technologies being kept form us ; or being lied to us outright :

In this Section as a continuation of the previous post which showed the full highlights of what is needed in a 500 page dossier to keep us all informed of what great changes are headed our way and how we get that message over to people less informed than us.

Here is all the new technology details and any links you may need to follow”

Hope Girl Project Fix The World 2012

  • Technology Companies with known working and proven devices on a global scale:

KESHE Foundation, WITTS technologies. Put out the call on Worldwide Media, Internet and Tell a vision, Newspapers, Public Service Announcements to those who want to join. Let them know it is safe. The two above listed companies are publicly known, this is where we start.

  • Mass production and training will begin as the people trust themselves to step forward to join and help. The funds will be issued to those who will be involved in this global project beginning with the two publicly known companies. As the people of our planet know it is safe to come out with their knowledge they will be brought in and paid for their efforts to cover any costs necessary to save our world and her people.
  • All gateways created by each country to hide information from their people over the internet, switch off. Locate the major Internet companies in charge as Gate Keepers,

(Google, AOL, Microsoft, Amazon, Bertlesmann, et al) and release those hired as Gate Keepers from their contracts without prejudice and pay them for their services. Same individuals if they so choose and those stepping forward to help with this knowledge will then receive compensation to manage the flow of information, for all humankind to know.

  • Take down all Cabal and Disinformation from the Internet; Change the Tell A Vision toTell The Truth. Those in charge of such things will be paid for their service and released without prejudice from their contracts. Make it known worldwide that all who wish to participate in this global clean-up project in each respective country will be called to step forward and begin the process, those who knew the process will be given the option to serve humanity and advise as well as serve humanity in this process should they so choose. All involved will be compensated accordingly.
  • Worldwide Global announcements to be brought in tandem to the world of the first phase of this plan. Every service worldwide that has access to the public will announce the First Phase of this Global plan, so that all may join. We are One People, One World, everyone has a voice.
  • Cease and Change all Disinformation to Information. All newspapers, radio stations, Tell A Vision programs, Internet, that promote disinformation knowingly (Murdoch et al) and unknowingly will be given the truth about our origins, what has happened and how we can change this. The services of those stepping forward to change and implement will be compensated accordingly.
  • All “beings” in need of assistance including animals to receive shelter, food and clean water. The severe locations worldwide have been noted. All groups known to provide such a service will be supplied with the necessary materials and technology to change this situation. All groups that are aware of such situations which have been supressed will be called to step forward and advise in order to facilitate. This includes animals as well as people, Worldwide. These individuals and groups will be compensated for their service to our worldwide effort as well as given all supplies & knowledge (if needed) necessary to complete this task. This includes travel, accommodation, equipment, and so on.
  • All water companies worldwide to cease and desist using any chemicals with the sole purpose of poisoning the people and their ability to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. Main known chemical of this nature, Fluorides.  Locate every water company world-wide, release them from their contract of adding such things into the system. Pay them for their service and give them the opportunity to change immediately, the treatment of the water. Every company has a true report of what is in the water, those in charge of this part of the process, know what is necessary to keep the water clean and safe, anything other than that, must be removed straight away.
  • All companies providing food that is from the seed and ground up treated in any form by Monsanto and other chemical or genetic manipulation, cease, desist, and destroy the products with immediate effect.  Monsanto et al, and all involved companies and branches, to be shut down and reorganized to serve humanity, all employees to be compensated for their efforts, and asked to use their skills in helping build a new paradigm of natural healthy food in the same work place. All chemical companies that provide these toxic weed killers and growth manipulation products will be asked and paid to cease and destroy what they have. They will be given new forms of liquids to produce that will help heal. All food chains worldwide will be given the same orders in what they are selling in the markets and restaurants. Compensation will be given to all that has been destroyed. Should the product or meal not be available due to its toxicity to humanity the following will be implemented for 30 days to the public; Wal-Mart / Safeway / McDonalds / Coca-Cola / Starbucks / KFC et al. Each customer that orders a product that is not available will be given a healthy alternative, (provided by the people for the people, natural or organic grown in their region, those stepping forward for this service will be compensated and asked to join the new paradigm of feeding our world, farmers and those wishing to farm) advised of the truth behind the reason for this action and given funds in the amount of the cost of said product they asked for to use as an incentive to acquire a healthy alternative. A call will be put out worldwide for those willing to help and they will be compensated accordingly.
  • Cease and desist the charge of all electricity, heat, water worldwide. These are basic human rights and our progress for such was halted and taken away from humanity on a global scale. Every company providing such services will be compensated for their “true” loss. Every employee will be paid as before and given the choice to continue in their jobs and the reorganisation of an Archaic system to Quantum Energy provisions for this planet. Those employees choosing another way to serve or rest, will be given 3 months compensation to then decide what projects they wish to help with and be compensated for, as phase Two is announced to the world.
  • Cease and Forgive Taxation and said debts on all income, land, wealth and belongings worldwide. Every Government to rescind and forgive all past still owed and future taxation with immediate effect. Those in charge to now instead of calculating charges will be paid to send out and forgive every single debt and notify there will be no more. Phase Two will see said employees still involved and compensated. This plan is free will, should they choose to rest they will receive 3 months compensation to decide which part of phase Two if any they wish to serve.
  • Every single country on planet Earth will be forgiven of its debts. This is a very simple process; change the numbers on the paper. Send out notification that all is forgiven. Phase two will see the implementation of no borders anywhere on this planet. Who was given the right to separate and put lines on our planet where a soul may or may not pass? This is against universal law.
  • Every single soul that has debt, mortgage and otherwise will be forgiven with immediate effect. This process is also simple, send out the forgiven letter and then should any of the companies prove that they have given funds that belonged to them on a personal and new paradigm of “justice” level will be reviewed and compensated accordingly.
  • Close down all stock exchanges and trading floors and programs. No more “interest” earned on a piece of paper or false market value, or earned on any funds being held by any entity / Company providing said service. The shutdown is simple, just do not open for trade. Advise the steps for refund to the people of this planet, on said say. Those involved on the floors and companies of trading, will be asked to see the money given by the people and they will receive the exact amount back that they invested, without interest, only the exact amount they paid into the old Archaic system. Those who managed the money will be in charge of the paperwork and sums due, to now manage the returning of it and compensated for their efforts.
  • Reset all currencies to 1-1, all are equal, all countries are equal, we are one world. This process is simple; change the numbers on the value given for each currency one to one. Those who believed in such things and countries abused by the old paradigm will also have to accept the 1-1 exchange. Every country, every money serviced company will be held by world justice to comply and provide a 1-1 exchange. The funds are already there for this. The paradigm of paper money and the change to physical metals and earth minerals and other supplies will start to be implemented in phase Two.
  • All pharmaceutical companies to cease and desist using and producing known harmful and dangerous chemicals to kill those that believe they are being helped. They are to provide to the people in pill and powder form (until such a time all are completely healed by our future NOW technologies which are available NOW) the natural and known antidotes. The companies are to cease with immediate effect the production of such chemicals. There are many who have already the natural known cures and they will be called upon to give these compounds and formulas to the companies to put into mass production for all those still in need until all are healed, by Future Now technologies available. Every employee will be advised of the change and asked to continue with what they do but in a new format of healing instead of destroying. Those who wish to leave will receive 3 months compensation to rest and review where they can serve with Phase Two. This is for every soul be they in human or animal or plant form. There will be no more charges to heal disease created by the old system, all medicine will be freely given until such a time all are healed. Those who need compensating for this service to the people will be compensated. It is the system that made them sick. All components necessary for this will be compensated accordingly.
  • All vaccinations meant to kill, sterilize and harm humanity and Gaia’s creatures shall cease and desist with immediate effect. Stop injecting, it is that simple. Those people asked and employed to create and inject will now be asked to destroy all such vials, immediately worldwide. They will be given alternatives and compensated for their efforts. There are natural cures and most disease in our world has been planted and fed to humanity and Gaia’s creatures by those who wished for us to suffer, get sick, buy Meds and eventually die. There are teams and individuals in place who are now asked to step forward, educate and provide solutions, if indeed any are proven to be necessary for such a thing as a vaccine…..
  • Cease and desist with immediate effect all exams, and tests of any form in every education system worldwide, from kindergarten through to Universities. This archaic training of the mind is damaging and the cause of more young people suicides, depression, and anxiety than any other form for this age group on planet earth. Simple do not give out, ask or demand any soul to do this. Those that do not comply will be compensated and thanked for their service accordingly and removed from the new paradigm of learning.  This is the first step before Phase Two can begin with the new paradigm.
  • All souls being held in prison for their efforts to free their people and our planet are to be released and are called in to help on this global effort. These beings are known and will be released and asked to serve this global effort. They will receive the necessary healing physical and mental, and will be given a choice to rest and or serve, for they have already done so much and paid for their efforts through, pain, propaganda, slander, torture and the deaths of their friends and family members.
  • NO MORE WAR, of any kind, all are ordered to stand down, immediately. By consensus of the people for the people worldwide. The people have spoken.
  • All Army, Navy, Air-force, Special Forces, Black Op et al, and all those companies serving them are ordered if not already home, to return home, to their countries and families. Those that are “capable to serve” and have been away will be given a brief rest and then asked to join their comrades already in their countries (should they so choose) in implementing Phase Two of rebuilding a planet of peace. Every country is ordered by the people for the people, to bring all their troops home, if funds are needed for this they will be provided for. Those that still choose to serve in the capacity of serving their country, will be employed to serve the people in helping the regeneration of our planet, and all those living on this planet. All those that wish to leave this capacity will be compensated for 3 months to rest and review how they may serve in Phase Two, should they wish too.
  • Section 3 tomorrow all power companies and how they will change Including the immediate stopping of man made weather weapons.

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