Hope Girl 2012: PHASE ONE : Section 1: The Fix The World Project : General Summary of Details ; What you can do to help ; Firstly be aware That it IS happening and Ongoing right now

I am personally proud to announce that Cobra who is holding the Portal 2012 conference here in Sint Maartn lead us to this Project

3 of us here at LightworkerSXM contributed to this Project with detailed and independent analysis to the Hope Girl Project and should all be proud of our contribution which makes up for 1% of the 300 others that wrote in with there assessment of what is needed for the new world, when the golden light is shining any time soon.

This is the first report and it clearly shows the best way to think and deal with the imminent new changes we face here on earth.

I rate this as one of my most senior and most thought out posts to date here on this site.

The feeling I have is I hope so much that this goes global , I want to shout this to the world at the top of a hill with loudspeakers So that we all understand where our future is going and how well things will change because people want it to.

There is too much war and so many of our daily intake is now poisonous, it is time for all of us to have a chance to heal and heal others.

Here is the much awaited analysis of Hope Girl 2012 Fix the world Project:

There is a lot to this so this section will be only the bullet points Followed by Every day will be released individual sections on this site :

Project Fix the World Project 2012 by  The Hope Girl 


The following is a top-level immediate action plan that has been cultivated from the suggestions of 300 essay submissions from 37 countries. This is the combined cry from humanity, asking for immediate action to restore our planet and our people. This is our time for our great awakening, our voices and wishes must be heard, acknowledge and accepted as written on the hearts of humanity by our Divine Creator.  The sacred global heritage assets accrued by generations of our ancestors are being called for to accommodate the immediate funding to facilitate and implement these steps of phase one, straightaway. Here we have provided with love and our highest level of intentions the most critical points to help assist those in charge of these funds.

The reason why these points must be put into action first:-

  • Concerning the technologies; start with those that are public, why, because so many, once they see and hear this has been done, will feel safe enough and encouraged by funding to step up with all that they had to hide so far, for all the reasons that the system threw at them. Those genius minds that have been hiding in fear, waiting for this day to come, will know that the time is now and will know that they will be compensated. They will have a place to go and the support to start the new paradigm as one people. Many will drop their current jobs that they took in order to survive and will join. Those brilliant minds in schools and universities, those brilliant minds that have no jobs because they refused to conform to the system, will step forward and will not have to just survive they will be able to Thrive. This is how you open the gates to the surge of this part of our new paradigm. Straight away.
  • Mass production will follow in all the places that were used to harm, will be used now, including military , naval, and air force bases and other black op company bases to serve and heal. It is all in place the people who step forward and many more will want to join straight away.
  • Taking down of Internet gateways is a must before anything else can be corrected on the net. Why because the gateways stop all valid information. No gate, no censoring. Thismust happen first. The rest will follow organically as the people get the info and the calls to step up once they have the truth.
  • All disinformation must be taken down first in order to keep the people of this planet from getting confused and lost on the Internet when seeking truth and how they can help. This disinformation works on the psychological fears and spiritual psyche of each human; it must go before we start with the truth.
  • Global worldwide announcements with this Phase One of the plan must be given in tandem in all countries in every way available, and all languages, we are one. The people when they see and hear what is happening will indeed help and ensure that phase One will be implemented. They will be given courage and strength and most importantly Hope and a way that each of them can help. Think 100th monkey effect…
  • All those in need of assistance, need to be cared for and brought out of survival so that they all indeed in the future can help with the next phases. This is a global project, every soul counts and has a right to help, should they so choose.
  • Stop poisoning the body and mind first, so that the body and mind can heal and function in a capacity to serve in the next phases, which ever form they choose.
  • With the food it is the same reason as above, plus it will start through the steps given in how to, a spirit of community and oneness. This will give the people again health, strength, courage and HOPE. This must be done before any other changes in the food supply are done.
  • The basics rights of every human, is to be able to survive without cost. If every human is working to pay bills just to have water, electricity, and heat for them and their families to survive… then how can we ask them to serve on a greater level and the next phases?
  • Taxes in the forms mentioned are acts and crimes against humanity for a corrupt system. There is no need for these aforementioned taxes at all. Forgive these debts and you will see the change in humanity in an instant. Without such a move, you will still have no trust and belief from the people in their individual countries, as they are hurting bad. This will give them Hope and also funds to feed their families and animals properly and contemplate how they may now serve, in a greater capacity.
  • Forgiving global debt of each country is the only way to set every country and their souls free. A new system cannot be implemented when still burdened by the old, it is that simple.

When you have a cancer you cut it out to heal, the debt is cancer to our world.

  • When there is no debt, all countries are equal; ergo each piece of paper that was used by said countries as legal currency is equal. One to One, no more playing this old paradigm game. No-thing can change unless the system upon which it is built is neutralised. This must be done before any other steps are taken.
  • Stop killing the people with deadly drugs so that they may be coherent and serve in the next phases. Everyone has a right to be healthy and hence contemplate the choice of their service to our planet. This includes vaccinations.
  • The young of our planet live in fear of failure, if you are not tested, you cannot fail. Cease this old paradigm of tests and exams for the young and the rest will follow in phase two. Get these youngsters (our future) in a place of wanting to learn.  Not having to learn, just to pass a test. The beginning correction is simple and easy to do….just stop. Immediately there is no more fear, anxiety, drama, depression. The young will change and start to become receptive, without the mind, the body and subsequent actions cannot follow.
  • If all the troops are home, who is going to fight a war?
  • By shutting down all nuclear and other harmful companies and establishments to our people and world, the change will be immediate. China did this for the Olympics in 2008 and there was a marked difference straight away. The start of a new world is herewith begun. The people will see with these actions that the change will not affect their finances and in fact it will encourage them to be part of the change and to thrive in a new healthy environment. We cannot do any other steps in this area until this is done.
  • By ceasing to kill animals and livestock, we are immediately affecting an old mind-set of war, death and destruction. Plus saving those souls who chose such forms for this cycle. No human wants to kill, take them out of this paradigm give them another way and they will follow and also become less aggressive and open to change on all levels. All are served on every level. This is the only way to begin this part; anything else would be cutting corners.
  • We start with these points as they all must be accomplished in order to bring in the next phases of change for the people by the people and our beloved planet. There is no cutting of corners and this is a global process which if instigated now with these points correctly, WILL create the base of a new paradigm moving forward. Change to their health, change to their minds, equals change to their actions….


So lets begin…….


Tomorrow all the New Free Energy Technology principles and how they can be introduced to society and how we go about it.




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