The Corbett Report : Coupled with Benjamin Fulford: Weather Modification : How Military want to ‘Own The Weather’ : How it is used covertly and Politically : A weapon of the most MASS destruction

Also Rosalind Peterson talks on Chemtrails and shows what is a Chemtrail differences between Contrails and what they are putting into it.

Use this for morning 50 minute recorded show with a wealth of knowledge in it

It has much information for those doubters who just do not get it yet, For me this is an everyday sky and must be stopped:

Links also to the Film ” Why in the world are they spraying ” The sequel to ” what in the world are they spraying”.

With Micheal Murphy and G Edward Griffin.

Chemtrails are a direct response to the invention of Morgellon’s disease and many many more new diseases from what they are spewing on your heads.

This is very much part of the Global Depopulation Program. The company that owns HAARP is

ARCO The giant power company Owned by The British Royal Family.

To those doubters I say Look up and look out side your little micro box, This is 20 years old 1993 HAARP was stolen from it’s inventor Dr Bernard Eastlund who genuinely invented it to cure droughts,

If you think that drones are bad then how about The weapon of the Most MASS destruction used everyday in every continent in every country from stations located  across the globe. See below for Global Map of HAARP stations:

In addition to this and on the basis of Drone technology,

They also have 6 sea based massive HAARP Giant Rig Units and I am currently tracking their location : See below

Below is how Haarp is used politically with Benjamin Fulford and was tantamount to my waking up:

So where in the world are these mass array antennas:

They are Gakona Alaska then California , New York, Then right by us in Arecibo in Puerto Rico, Peru, Brazil , UK, Norway, Ukraine, China, India, Japan and Australia has 2 if not 3 now.

Angel Please Don’t Play THESE HAARP’S

And the six sea based HAARP stations are now located :

Now look how serious they are about controlling the weather:

The six HAARP sea based Rigs are located around the globe.

2 of which are in the Atlantic one in the gulf of Mexico and the other floats the Atlantic and is currently been seen emitting rays by the Bahamas/ Bermuda area.

On is in the pacific West coast US and the other further north towards the Alutian Mountains,

The others are in the East Pacific outside Japan Taiwan Philippines of course and  The last one is Indian ocean Indonesia way,

Weather modification for you for your future paid by you in your queens taxes in the US or Europe.

Thanks for the black ops guys,

Really thoughtful of you,

Now will you wake up and recognize what we have been saying for years.

Weather Modification is a weapon of Ultimate destruction and is not here for anyone’s good.

WeatherModification.INC go on look it up , They now are so in your face about it.




One comment on “The Corbett Report : Coupled with Benjamin Fulford: Weather Modification : How Military want to ‘Own The Weather’ : How it is used covertly and Politically : A weapon of the most MASS destruction

  1. What is the difference between using antennas for electricity and the ones used for Haarp? I saw a group of antennas on Beltline rd in Irving Texas. They have them fenced in but no guards.

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