Teams of Astronomers Dying or being killed : Now Scientists Too: Suspicions fall on New age activism and Proffessional exposure to Free energy, Anti gravity, Time travel and Curing Cancer and Illnesses: More reason to act Now and BE DOing with OPPT

And thanks to Martin Kruelin in SXM in finding more back up in this


Plus added this year by Steve Quayle & Alfred Lambremont Webre Teams of scientist are being killed too here :

Can any one add anymore recently ?

Namaste Dave


20 comments on “Teams of Astronomers Dying or being killed : Now Scientists Too: Suspicions fall on New age activism and Proffessional exposure to Free energy, Anti gravity, Time travel and Curing Cancer and Illnesses: More reason to act Now and BE DOing with OPPT

  1. For the life of me I can not understand, what the Cabal or other dirty NWO sadists that is doing this, hope to accomplice by this deed. First of all, don’t they realize that they are adding terrible karma to themselves, for which they are going to have to pay dearly, no chance of escaping that. Secondly, by doing this, they are not going to stop this collision to happen, if it is supposed to happen. How low can humanity still decline? doing this despicable deeds to their fellow men. Its no surprise Mother Earth are fed-up with us all.

    • John, nice contribution thanks, Like a bubble or balloon about to burst, they are desperate ,,just look at what they did to Phil Schneider and 12 of his colleagues last year ALL dead because he spoke out ( this is on my site under heading David Adair in search at top of page, Nameste Dave

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  3. Maybe they don’t want widespread panic and rioting. Besides if a comet does hit hopefully we will be lucky enough to be in the blast radius and not have to live in the dark for a century. It’s time for me to repent.

    • Rather it needs to break into three One as you say then 2 on The Corporation of London and unlucky bucky palaceand three the vatican right on their Pineal gland Dave Your welcome Randy

  4. David Flyn’s research points to the watchers being thrown out of the 2nd heavens, and cast to earth, on the fall equinox 2012, which lines up with (the many) occult prophecies
    of the return of the feathered serpent and an ancient underworld being from the abyss.
    The stars will be aligned parall to “as it was in the days of Noah” and crossing the species barrier, wars and rumors of wars, definitely are another fulfillment of Christ’s soon coming.

    Christ warned, that many would come in his name, and will, have deceived many.

    The creator came to his creation, and redeemed it with his own blood, and condemned the evil one, who continues to invite people to the Lake, through religion, and wars, and lies,
    and blames it all one God.

    Like Daniel said “the end will come at the appointed time, and I believe Christ is about to take his foot off of the serpents head, and as the Zeus Olympics ritual indicated, the plumed serpent will return, to as it was before the flood.

    • You often wonder what is going on in the heads of the organizers with their satanic worship rituals and costumes and mass zionistic Snakes and ladders all over the place, Nice Biblical observations and link ups to modern day activities Your welcome here Namaste Dave

  5. It’s about a Polar Shift from the passage of Nibiru & they don’t plan to warn anyone so that billions perish…when this rapid flip accures. the Oceans will hit all coastal areas where most live & rip this Earth apart but, they think hiding in their bunkers will save them but, God has other plans for them, those bunkers will be the Elites Burial Tombs….Hullah la ha !

    • Every on has there own ideas on what is going to happen ,,I do not propose the doom n gloom scenario myself but interesting way to see it, The Cabal are doomed one way or an other Dave

  6. The very same thing was (or may still be) happening with top-level micro-biologists a few years ago. It was/is thought to be in connection with a global virus to be released to reduce the planet’s population attributable to the world’s “elites” who’ve talked about global “depopulation.” The top-level micro-biologists would then not be around to find a cure for the global death-virus before it has genocided the world’s population from the billions to several hundred million in population.

  7. there would be wide spread rioting people couldn’t take it so that’s why they probably keep it quiet if it does happen thought im sure the president will give a message 48 hours before like they do in the movies.. so people can connect with families.. haven’t you all noticed we want to talk to our familes and repair arguments this year?

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