Colloidal Silver : The natural antibiotic : with Over 120 devices sold and now in Grand Case : Aquaponics and using Colloidal Silver in the water : Also from Barbados a friend asked “Does it help with Fibro-myalgia? guess what the answer is from Natural News?

Again ceaseless in it’s limits in killing off bacteria and body bugs.

Colloidal Silver yet again heads the charts in cures of bacteria and germs.

Here is the latest article on Colloidal Silver and top anti-biotic with no side affects.

And another great article here :

With over 120 machines now sold in SXM alone and now as I stroll the streets of Grand Case in Saint Martin people are now becoming aware of it’s value our simple devices are used in cats and dogs and plants as well as inside our bodies.

This is how I make my own colloidal silver units.

So much so that we are experimenting it with our Aquaponics  farms as you will see below in a special infected pool water article.

Please call 1-721-599-2775 for your Colloidal silver water maker here is the link to my video:

When asked by Dianna from Barbados

“Please can you tell me if this works on Fibromyalgia?”

Here is what Natural news has to say about that:

(NaturalNews) Fibromyalgia is a misunderstood and frequently misdiagnosed condition. It is characterized by widespread chronic pain involving multiple “tender points” in the upper neck, back, shoulders, and hips. Treatments, such as painkillers, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and the injections of anesthetics are rarely effective. However, many may find relief from nature and alternatives as opposed to mainstream drugs and treatments.

A natural alternative which may heal fibromyalgia is to take plenty of colloidal silver (start off with 2-4 ounces per day and maintain at least an ounce a day until you achieve satisfactory results) and plenty of proteolytic/digestive enzymes to dissolve the fibrin (take up to 5 or more capsules two to three times daily on an empty stomach).

Here are some additional options:

Curcumin, magnesium, blackseed oil (Nigella sativa) and herbal oleander extract are all powerful immune modulators which may help. Magnesium deficiency has been associated with Fibromyalgia and it is estimated that as many as 80 to 95% of us are deficient in magnesium.

Tony Isaacs on Natural News!

Learn more:

We wish you luck with these clues Jacqueline, your money in now not going into big Pharma, save your money for other things, We know you have one of our Lightworkersxm Colloidal Silver makers.

Please use it every day meticulously until you feel electrically charged.

And just for you here is the very latest from Colloidal Silver from officials that know natural medicine.

Here is the latest articles from Natural news and Dr R Becker

The author of body Electric Dr. R. Becker, noted in his studies a correlation between low silver levels and illness: Those who had low silver levels frequently were sick more often with colds, flu, fever and other illnesses. He said he believes a silver deficiency is the reason for the improper functioning of the immune system and that silver is critical for the destruction of bacteria and viruses. Becker’s experiments conclude that silver works on a wide range of bacteria without any side effects and without any damage to the cells of the body. Colloidal Silver and healing: Becker also states that the silver ion was doing something more than killing disease causing organisms. It was, he observed, facilitating major growth stimulation of injured tissues. When human fibroblast cells, which are common throughout the body, were exposed to silver, they differentiated. That is, they changed into an embryonic general cell, able to multiply at a great rate and then change into the specialized cells of the organ or tissue that had been injured. Even in patients over the age of 50 years, tissues healed as easily as a child’s tissues.

Colloidal State and Cancer

Again Becker concluded that in the presence of silver ion, cancer cells change back to normal cells regardless of their location in the body. He concluded that the presence of silver ion regenerates tissues and eliminates cancerous cells as well as eliminating other abnormal cells.

Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has used silver in his cancer cure methods for many years. He records that he has successfully cured patients who had been diagnosed by other doctors as terminally ill.

eColi Powerless

Swimming pool water purification: Silver is widely used to purify swimming pool water, and it does not sting as does chlorine. A dramatic demonstration in Nebraska recently placed 250 liters of raw sewage into a pool containing no disinfectant. A standard measure of fecal contamination is the count of Escheri coli (E. coli) and organism found in the human intestinal tract. The count soared to 7000 colony forming E coli cells per milliliter of water. Subsequently the water was flushed through a silver electrode array, which totally eliminated the E.coli within three hours. Follow-up tests also shown the water to be completely free of other one-celled organisms. Hydroponics testing: Tests in a hydroponics greenhouse showed that Colloidal Silver is absorbed and used by the living plant as are any other minerals. Hydroponics is an ideal gardening method having only one problem: Viruses, funguses and bacteria tend to thrive in the plant nutrient fluid. Colloidal Silver is proven to kill every one of the pathogens, and without any consequence to the nutrient medium or to the delicate plants. In addition, the plants ingested the silver through their roots, thus becoming a source of the silver minerals for human consumption.

Overdose testing

In laboratory tests since 1985 researchers knew that overdose testing needed to be performed. One lab technician involved in the project from the beginning, volunteered himself as a guinea pig for the first project. He consumed 1 liter of water dosed with a high concentration of Colloidal Silver for a period of several weeks. The chemistry of his body fluids was monitored, as was his general well being (colds flu headaches etc. ). He was especially observed for any change in skin color to see if the technicians skin would develop a gray pallor of Argyria. He had no change of color in his skin, felt more vigorous and alert and experienced no aches or colds etc. Others in the laboratory repeated the test themselves finding the same results.

Further FDA-certified lab tests

NutraSilver has been tested in independant labs around the world.  The Pastrue Institute in France and many other USA labs as well.

If you would like to see their lab testing, you may see them here. For specific illnesses, you can find more information here.

It is very intresting here I have conducted experiments on my self as listed above and here is my results

Colloidal Silver in my eyes and ears

Karl Muller puts Colloidal Silver in his ears and cured a long time ear infection in a couple of days

I put it in my eyes ,,and yes it stings but not like Clourine as suggested above, but yes it does sting somewhat

Also I have over dosed by falling asleep and leaving my charger to make too much Silver water and silly really ,,i drank it

Wow great ab pains for one hour ,,Serious belly ache for at least an hour, then a visit to the toilet, and all singing and dancing again but be prepared it hurts like hell.

Namaste Dave

13 comments on “Colloidal Silver : The natural antibiotic : with Over 120 devices sold and now in Grand Case : Aquaponics and using Colloidal Silver in the water : Also from Barbados a friend asked “Does it help with Fibro-myalgia? guess what the answer is from Natural News?

  1. Please check out my blog at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’: ‘SBO’s And Silver Sols, And How To Manufacture Your Own Silver Sol’.

    It will help you refine your techniques of making your colloidal silver (silver sol).

    • There is really no way round that one, you need a water distiller, and they are obtainable for around £150. In any case, a distiller is one of the best ways to get consistently pure drinking water with less than 1ppm residue of minerals and chemicals; still a very good investment. I cannot drink tap water now as it tastes like soup to me, filled with all kinds of nasty stuff, as where I live, all tapwater water is 8 times recycled sewage, with 550 to 750 ppm gunk in it, and that remains a very serious health hazard until it is removed. If you just want to make a little, put an ad in a local paper on on the web to ask someone if they would give you some occasionally to make CS with.

      • Moth man i have to take an opinionatd view on that statement ,,although I apprciate you knowledge IE water is 8 times recycled sewerage. It was only 7 times when i was back in London ,,so interest served on that ,,,howver dear friend ,,colloidal silver cleans and purifies all water if whn complete after made by one of my devices ,,is left to stand for 6 minutes <IT HAS THAT QUALITY ,,So maybe if you are justified in your nervouseness and non conformaty in drinking establishment water ( which incidentaly ROYALS in UK will not drink) I will be happy for you to have one of my colloidal silver makers ,,wehich is btter than distilled water as it has 655 known bacteria ,,killed in its consumation Dave

  2. @ lightworkersxm

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks very much for offering to send me one of your devices, it is very kind of you, but I am happy enough with the distiller I use at present thanks, as it removes loads of chemicals that would not be removable otherwise.

    I would like to ask you a question or two if may though please, as the distilled water I make is entirely sterile anyway after boiling, so does not require any additional sterilization, but does have the benefit of being much purer than water produced by Reverse Osmosis or any other purification system, besides fractional distillation.

    I am wondering if you are using your colloidal silver making machine with tap water to purify it? I am also wondering if you are hoping to make chemical pollutants in tap water inert by using the colloidal silver making machine that you use, as I don’t think I would be confident in my expectations if I attempted that method of purifying tap water myself, and I think that silver ions will combine with chemical elements in tap water to make some pretty weird compounds.

    With best regards, mothman777

    • Mothman Not wanting to appear pushy in any sense , but the water is purified in 6 minutes after stopping making the silver colloid, wee use it bottle watr just in case the bpa got into the water, I have more on this but by proffssionals So best line of attack is use the search box in Natural News and see what you find to increase your confidence on Colloidal silver ,,,Incidntaly as a tip when we use distilled water for making colloidal silver we add a touch of salt to it as it dos not colloid in mineral free water , that is the best water i have drunk to be honest, anyway stay close by and keep in touch with any other stuff you do ,,I shall be posting soem article on DMSO and MMS for all kinds of cures that we are getting form thse two miracle cures ,,We have now 121 devices making colloidal silver now and we have cured stapps desease and mouth abscess and celiacs desease to mention a few, Bye for now Namaste Dave

      • Hi again Dave, and thanks for your reply. I presume you are using GLASS bottled distilled water then.

        If you are using distilled water that has been turned into colloidal silver (ionic silver sol) as your main drinking water, you will be damaging your immune system, and if you read my essay thoroughly on the subject you will see why, at ‘Mothman777′s Blog’: ‘SBO’s And Silver Sols, And How To Manufacture Your Own Silver Sol’.

        You don’t need to sterilize distilled water at all anyway, as it is already completely sterile, and if you drink colloidal silver as your drinking water every day, you will end up with an immune compromised sterile gut syndrome, as your gut holds 80% of your immune system in the form of 2 pounds of gut bacteria.

        A couple of teaspoons of silver sol (colloidal silver) a day won’t make a sizeable dint in your gut bacteria, but drinking pints every day will certainly exterminate it, and I did exactly that to myself accidentally several years ago, so do please be much more careful when using colloidal silver, it really is vastly more powerful at killing single-celled organisms/microbes than people realize, and the gut bacteria comprising that part of your immune system have other highly important roles besides killing pathogens.

        Besides that, harmful pathogens turn into benevolent ones through pleomorphism, unless you are so badly run down that an antibiotic is the only way forward, such as silver sol.

        So there is no need to keep the water or body ‘sterile’ of bugs, as there are about 10,000 or so different strains of actually beneficial bugs throughout our bodies performing a whole range of fascinating symbiotic roles.

        If we kill them, however, along with the baddies, we will become very ill. Though if we change our bodily oxygen level and mineral level to enable the body to become more alkaline, the bad bugs should in the main metamorphose through pleomorphism into friendly bacteria.

        ps, if you add salt to your water you will make loads of silver chloride, which, though not toxic in any way, will limit the potency of the silver to do what you intend it to do. I would leave the salt out if I were you. Plus it will generate very big particles that will lodge in your skin tissues, and that will increase risk of argyria, or greying of the skin if you become exposed to sunlight after drinking a lot of it. You won’t risk argyria if you just use single distilled water, and just take a teaspoon or two a day occasionally, or during periods of illness. (see the link to an interesting article on argyria at the end of my essay).

        Single distilled water does have enough conductivity in it to make silver sol (I use it myself), but very slowly, and the slower the process, the smaller the particles and the better the quality for killing pathogens.

        Hoping that you find that interesting.

        Namaste, mothman777

      • Argyria is true but 13 million to one chance my colloidalSilver water over 120 use it very day and the media hype that it effects you is utter nonsense ,,silver colloidal had No side effects what so ever and i have an artcile form th 19th century proving that, the hyos about it is confirmed that they use it the MIAmi spac station and they use it in emergncy wards for very cut up people ,, also they sue it to clan water and opurify it ,,All of my water has been Colloidal silver for years i cannot accept any risks as there are none I have cured my own arthritis and tooth abscesses and will continue to use it to fight off the chemtrail posoning which it does kill ,,So my colloidal Silver is the very very best , any talk of any side effect is Cabal corporat nonesense I am livin proof and 120 people on thsii Isalnd are too Not one illenss from it ,namaste Dave

      • Hi again Dave, please do read my blog thoroughly before answering; you possibly missed the point of my comment on argyria if you have not yet read the report that I provide the link to. I don’t believe that small amounts will produce argyria, and I do know that silver nitrate is the main cause of it, or simply absorbing huge amounts of colloidal silver, especially if it has been produced using salt in the water, as that produces bigger particles than usual that get stuck in bodily tissues, and as well as that, they are much less effective at killing pathogens, as the most effective size for certain germs can be less than 25 nanometres, to allow the clusters of silver ions to penetrate the bugs and kill them. Maybe that is why your gut flora still survive. Mine didn’t, even at 5ppm when I drank 2 litre beakers every day for a few weeks.

        The article I give a link to at the end of my blog, if you have a good read of it, will show recent research on a potential mechanism for argyria to occur that is quite plausible, as any silver in the skin that is exposed to sunlight will darken as the silver in a photographic plate would darken; it is quite simple, and is evidently something that has been overlooked until now; that is why I mentioned the new study to you, and I am quite aware of the fraudulent claims made by big pharma to put people off making colloidal silver. I do still, nonetheless,as I hint in my blog, have genuine doubts about whether or not even this latest research is totally genuine or not, though it still does make very interesting reading, and I recommend it to everyone nonetheless.

        Would you let me read about the mechanism of your machine please, as I cannot see how it will remove all chemical pollutants as you claim it does. Adding some of your silver colloid made with distilled water to a glass of tap water will certainly kill all the pathogens in that, in vitro, if that is what you are hinting at.

        But I cannot see how it can possibly purify all chemical pollutants from tap water as well. You will need to convince me with some scientific evidence of that before I become a believer. Maybe your equipment has an extra element that you have not told me about here yet, and I cannot see here where I can get to see one of your machines on the internet to look at how your process is effecting this change in the tapwater. Please post me a link to a photo of one with a bit of technical info.



      • Mothman Th only info I go for by is the university studies presented on net and i put them on my Colloidal silver posts. Mine is none technical electrolysis of water and silverr nanoparticles created by that electrilysis and the use of 99% silver as a colloid elements, exactly as they do for the MIA space station ,so no real techniques needed i swithc the cllephon chargr on put elemenst in the water and mak as much as I might ,,i use tap water and purify it and I do not drink any chemicals form it Gold however is a totally different subject when colloiding it ,,My devices do not need any more science than is already positive out there ,,there is more debunking on this simple subject than my device deserves so I and 120 of us will stick with what we already have for now ,,Yummy Dave

  3. Reply to your latest reply of Nov 13th 2012 7.30am

    Hi Dave and thanks for your reply. I think you have got me way wrong Dave, I am not trying to debunk you, just trying to understand what your machine does. As it happens, I have just found your device working in action on a video link you provide, through this site, and have nothing against your device. It works fine the way you use it and that is what matters. I see you only use a tiny amount of silver and only for a very brief time so that will not be harmful in any way, and I am very pleased that you have cured abscesses. I have saved a couple of my own teeth with silver sol too, and saved a few other peoples teeth by giving silver sol to them when they had abscesses too.

    If you check my blog you will see that I do not attempt to debunk the type of device you are using, but I do offer advice on how to build a more sophisticated one so that it becomes possible to make a specific ppm value each time.

    With best regards, mothman777

    • Mothman ,,I appreciate all of your comments not only that, your intuition ,it appeared that yes you were on to something that is above and beyond my very successful device which is very basic and very easy to use by new comers, However I think you are on to something a little more sophisticated that will take and money to resolve in this climate any how. However first of all I may point out a few more things that we are working on as a team that i have no doubt that you will be interested in which are chemicals from natural plants that are also produced by our body, that are brilliant cures and you may know more than me or indeed not. Roger our cancer curer provides us with MMS magical mineral supplement and the primary punch to this is very heavy chlorine with all manner of fruit depending on illness location of illness and he balances the frequency basd on theory by Raymond Rife in the 1930’s. The other magic is DMSO which is the only medicine form a bark of a tree that cures Tooth abscess and gum desease ,,but it has many other uses and Roger will give me some this week , I will attempt to cure a guys “water on the knee’ with it. Mothman is my email ,,,we have over 20 in our team , some special fields too here in the Caribbean ,,So email me what you are specifically looking for and I will meet our free energy experts and our natural health team and discuss what you observe or to seek to reslove in a brief email about you, your progress so far etc ,,I will answer such serious inquiries by team work as it seem you are advanced in your work ,,and would love to be apart of that. Namaste my friend Dave.

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