Caribbean Spiritual Energy’s #4 : Brazil what is going on Right now ? : Where are the photo’s of our Alien ancestors home towns : A 7 year old sets and maps the world in Crystal Energies?

Caribbean energies from Sint Maarten/Saint Martin Written by Dave Stewart and Fellow Light Workers:

Added Gaia Portal Latest: ENJOY THIS RIDE Sunday 4pm EST :see below:

Firstly we begin with a 7 year old boy presenting us his Crystal Grid perfectly explained in 7 minutes, be very careful not to miss his ploy, Nassim Haramein would do well to keep up with him.

Thanks to the guys n gals at 2012 scenario for this one more here :

Back to home issues:

I often wonder this and thought that Donald Barnebey of the Ashtar Command chose very careful wording of this subject:

Quite honestly I could not have put it better myself: please go to link at the bottom:

ET Home Photos: Where are they?

Good question and our message to all our channelers is simple,

We will be asking you for this proof in the near future surely it can be answered with ease:

It is that simple to 3rd dimensional beings as we use 5th dimensional tele-portation of information on our computer screens:

This should be put to bed immediately:

Back worked Alien Technology is on going and our Hubble and Spitzer telescopes appear brilliant to us at first glimpse but they are in the hands of the Elite Cabal and we only get to see their airbrushing of selected images to suit their agenda.

Just today Vatic project reveal that NASA are caught red handed with exposes of fake Mars pics here :

Sorry to be a realist but in times of 3d on earth and the great  suppression we are all subjected to and limited abilities spiritually, it is not that easy to just ask anyone waking up, to just “go for it” spiritually , and think that divine intervention and the death of the dark cabal is all true and we can now focus on our inner self to become all one.

It simply is not that easy, I am still confronted by doubters every day where I am forced into a corner from releasing my knowledge,

This is a main stay problem I have with heavy deeply spiritual people, they appear to be able to just blast their stuff out as if every one else is into it , well for a real wake up call ,

That simply is not true, most people I cross the road with , or catch the bus with ( writer will not drive fossil fuel cars no more as mini protest) These people, some knowing a little but keep it in, or others simply, know nothing at all.

It is just as well we have an awakening going on, on Island so that is becomes a refreshing relief to become my self again, once we all meet up from time to time.

So where is the balance? I am learning from day to day ! The balance is that some days appear  to be more spiritual than others ( fact)

On my learning and having created the Coka-Cola post a month ago , I have now eventually (after peer pressure tks Bastiaan, Brett & Elaine ) stopped drinking the disgraceful corporate poison and chosen fruit now as my ingestion (Good For Me) How about you ?

What have you done recently to prove to your self that the Deep Dark Cabal are defeated in total?

Kauilapele: this last week has been suggesting that the Sylphs and Orbs may be here to help and now following my Orbs and Sylphs article I can now see clearly that sylphs are a conscious divine help and they do go straight after the chemtrails sprayed in our Caribbean skies ( fact). as proven in our article last couple of weeks ago here :

Cobra too has been busy with some  resistance move posts

1) Compression grid maximum physical saturation point reached

Go to Comments for better grip of the prinicples :

2) Black systems alert at 504

and here some excellent comments :

3)  and most importantly Compression grid to LOGN9.3 ( go to comments section  here )

For those of you not understanding this ( understandable in itself) then I suggest you go and delve in deep to the comments and take a look at the writer of them for best detailed analysis and you will soon get a grip of the intensity of operations and some good pointers to details too, with out being too revealing to the Dark Cabal:

KP also mentions the energy level rises and Gaia portal also mentions the same in Light as in this quick excerpt:

Star assignments for next steps are in place. Tactical positions for Light Beings have been outlined and those receptive are in full alignment. Awaiting further instructions.

Star Code 48693

And this just in from GAIA Portal : “Enjoy the ride”

10-1-12 corner is turned. Intentions held in alignment with 5D Gaia portals and connecting grids will not be delayed. And appear in the moment of held intention.

We ask care in aligning Higher Individual Hue-man Self with New Paradigm Gaia pattern of unfoldment.

The 10-1 portends massive transformation for Gaia and Children. Both of the internal and apparent external. Such rests upon combined intentions of all.

Grids are energized sufficiently in Higher D aspects for such transformations to begin.

Enjoy this ride.

Plus only last week announced that the Fire works were about to be on display ( right toggle on link above)
go here for the latest:
So what on Earth is going on?
politically it is the same old Syria Lybia Iran Pakistan Bullshit with a few more disinfo shootings and minor false flags going on .
What is going on in Brazil :
Cameron has headed there with 30 other companies supposedly to look for Business here :
Absolute nonsense
Brazil is a number 1 BRICS Finance nation and Cameron is going to ( if not already ) be told to shove his Annunaki deals where the sun don’t shine.
Brazil summit a few months back got the Hil(lary)uminati going home empty handed and were clearly Told NO MORE MONEY FOR YOUR DEPOPULATION AGENDAS AND ROTHSCHILD WARS.
So how can we see what is really going on in Brazil , as if being a birdie on the wall?
Yes looks like a mass of scalar waves and HAARP AMISR to me ( don’t forget Peru and Brazil have their own Haarp governed by the US military)
Well this just in ( thanks to Jan and Sylvain in Quebec for prompting me) HAARP SKIES BAD WEATHER IN BRAZIL
Surely not that old game , the same game they played with Japan NZ China and Indonesia not to mention Haiti amongst many more, politically vetted deliveries of weather weapons of mass destruction, that very same excuse to go to war 10 years ago in Iraq.
But sadly yes it is true , the dark cabal are losing again and showing it in HAARP and Scalar skies in Brazil please see this short clip today.
So tomorrow we are supposed to look out for natural ( mainstream media term for slaughter of innocent people used for political gain) weather phenomena in tomorrow bullitens?
So the dark are still very much on the button and we have to go about our day to day, as if nothing really happened at all
Back to the original intention of this post :

    We’ve had elegant discussions and even descriptions, on occasion, by ETs of their home planets, in both channeled articles and books.  But why can’t I find any actual photos taken by those ETs or the Space Commands of those home planets?  Does this violate some federation protocols?  Or what?  If anyone can direct me to such photos on the internet, would be glad to view (as would others, am sure).  It’s not that I’m skeptical; quite the contrary, I just want to see some photos of planets outside this solar system.  Thanks.

Read more:

Ok here is the challenge : To Those in the know

Please answer by definitive process, The question posed by Donald above.

We would all love to know, wouldn’t we all? So lets find out!

May be Greg Giles had some on his web site as his site  has been closed by the Cabal apparently as initial rumors merge.

His  site has disinfo blasted on it and it is a load of cobblers nonsense: Please be aware:

We wish you love and good luck in getting back on line Greg from All Light WorkerSXM players.

And Finally to the Sint Maarten / Saint Martin Portal 2012 Conference in Nov 30th to 2nd Dec 2012.

All details will be posted to Cobra’s site today for his delivery on portal 2012 site.

I can say that we have tickets going out to Japan, Holland, UK already and we welcome our visitors here.

Elaine has kindly selected all the hotels that will form a line on the way to the venue for you to chose from at your leisure.

You will be able to ask questions about these details on this web site as all lightworkersxm are on the ground here:

Here is the latest update:

You may also go to our facebook site and request ticket information and speak directly to LightworkersSXM here :

Namaste Dave


2 comments on “Caribbean Spiritual Energy’s #4 : Brazil what is going on Right now ? : Where are the photo’s of our Alien ancestors home towns : A 7 year old sets and maps the world in Crystal Energies?

    • Amazing time had by all and a meting with Cobra to demonstrate all our free energy items and netural health cures He promises we will get finance to mass -produce these items , Thank yo ufor asking and our facbook will be giving a compilation of all the people who went and all of their comments,, Trully energetic meeting and great for group building and opening the Chakras and mass meditation to open all the portals and stargates Namaste Dave

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