The New Tomorrow Part 2 Section 2 : Basically more spin on the Corrupt occult :Stealing Gold from the Philippines Tiawan and 9/11 and virtual world of putting the truth into legislation

November 11th, 1963 – The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement

On November 11th, 1963, a highly secretive agreement was signed by both President John F. Kennedy as well as Indonesian President Eddie Soekarno, (among others), in the Green Hilton Memorial Building in Geneva, Switzerland.  Under the terms of this treaty, many thousands of metric tonnes of precious metals were to be transferred into the United States treasury through accounts held at the UBS, thus entirely circumventing the Federal Reserve system.
Five months earlier, on June 4th of 1963, President Kennedy had issued executive order 11110, which revised executive order 10289, (passed in 1951), and effectively gave the U.S. treasury secretary, through President Kennedy, the power,

“to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption.”

This Executive Order (viewable HERE) effectively returned the power to issue money back into the hands of the U.S. treasury, and away from the Federal Reserve Bank.  With the impending deposit of many thousands of tonnes of precious metals from the Global Collateral Accounts as part of the aforementioned Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, it appears as though President Kennedy may have been preparing, in utmost secrecy, to create a new U.S. dollar backed by these precious metals, which would have thus put the Federal Reserve Bank out of business.  The Agreement also stipulates that it in itself shall act as proof of this transfer of funds had the UBS conveniently ‘lost track’ of this transfer of precious metals.  However, eleven days after signing the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.
It is important to note that many people over the years have referred to Executive Order 11110 as being a possible reason for President Kennedy’s assassination.  Kennedy also made the following statement concerning the CIA in the aftermath of the failure at the Bay of Pigs:

“I want to shred the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the four winds.”    

By these words and these actions, President Kennedy was undoubtedly making himself a target of some very powerful enemies (the Federal Reserve Bank and the CIA).  It also bears noting that the CIA had, up to this point, been intimately involved in the funneling of funds through the BIS and the Federal Reserve into the Black Eagle Trust.  The existence of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement sheds a new light on the subject of Kennedy’s assassination, as it provides a previously missing piece to a very complex puzzle.


The ultra-secret Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, in its full and original format, is included as part of a ground-breaking Cease & Desist order placed against the UBS as well as the Bank for International Settlements that is a part of a ground-breaking lawsuit and a series of liens, filed in 2012, that have been placed against the Federal Reserve, the UBS, the BIS, and the central banks of the G7 countries (you will read much more about this lawsuit and these liens further along in this report).  The Cease & Desist order, filed under admiralty law, is available for download HERE.  An accurate summary of this agreement is made by Benjamin Fulford, (whom you will also read much more about later in this report), who is a principle in the lawsuit against these banking entities (full report HERE):

“In 1963, President John F. Kennedy entered into an Agreement with President Soekarno to provide the funds to allow the United States Treasury to print its own currency, thus subverting the “right” to print the currency held by the Federal Reserve. The Agreement would have transferred some 59,000 tons of gold to underpin this currency.”


1971 – Rogelio Roxas and the Golden Buddha


If there was ever any doubt as to the existence of vast sums of plundered treasure having been hidden away in tunnels and mines throughout the Philippines, much of that was erased when, in 1971, a man named Rogelio Roxas unearthed a tunnel filled with gold bullion as well as a one tonne solid gold Buddha.
Roxas was a simple family man and an amateur treasure hunter.  According to Roxas, he had been given a map ten years earlier (1961) by the son of a Japanese soldier, a map which purportedly led straight to one of the treasure sites created by the Japanese military during World War II.  Roxas took the map and, together with a small team of men, was able to locate the treasure site.  The men dug through the hidden entrance and ventured into the tunnel, where they found a small chamber filled with boxes of gold bullion.  Also located in the tunnel as well as in the chamber were the skeletal remains of Japanese soldiers who had been buried alive with the treasure when the entrance to the tunnel was sealed in the 1940’s.
In the center of the chamber was a covered hole dug into the ground.  When the men opened the hole, they discovered a solid gold Buddha lying within.  The men removed the Buddha, which was taken to Roxas’ home, (along with one box of gold bullion), for safekeeping.  The entrance to the tunnel was then sealed back up to be excavated at a later time (remember that the chamber was filled with many boxes of gold).
Shortly thereafter, Roxas quietly began reaching out to find a potential buyer for the golden Buddha.  A man soon appeared, and a meeting was set up at Roxas’ home.  During the meeting, Roxas noticed that the man took a special interest in the area around the Buddha’s neck.  Later that night, after the man had left, Roxas and his brother took a much closer look at the Buddha, and found that the head was a separate piece entirely.  They removed the head and found to their amazement that the body of the Buddha was filled with diamonds, some rough cut, some polished.
Not long after the buyer had visited with Roxas, a mercenary team of President Ferdinand Marcos’ elite guard broke into the Roxas household.  They forcibly removed the Buddha, the diamonds, and the gold bullion, (along with most other valuables in the house), and took Roxas away for questioning.  Roxas was then tortured in an attempt to reveal the location of the tunnel containing the remaining boxes of gold.  Roxas did not reveal the location, and despite being jailed, managed to escape his captors.  He and his family then went into hiding in a remote location in the Philippines.
In 1988, two years after the removal of Marcos from power, Roxas filed a lawsuit in U.S. court in Hawaii claiming that Ferdinand Marcos had stolen his possessions and had him tortured to reveal the secret location of the tunnel filled with treasure.  On the eve of the trial, Roxas died under suspicious circumstances.  According to personal testimony recorded in the book Gold Warriors, Roxas’ legal representative in the case, Daniel Cathcart, (a well-known Los Angeles attorney), received a phone call in his office from a CIA informant in Manila, who stated the following:

“Your client is dead.  He was poisoned.  Imelda (Marcos, wife of Ferdinand Marcos) ordered it, and we did it.”

     After eight long years of deliberation, a court in Honolulu sided with the Roxas family, and awarded them an astounding $43 billion dollars.  However, the court would later rescind this verdict.  The amount was reduced to $22 billion, as the court declared that it was impossible to calculate the actual value of the boxes of gold discovered by Roxas in the tunnel, which were later removed by Marcos after the initial seizure of the golden Buddha.  This money was awarded as the property of the Golden Buddha Corporation, which had been wisely set up by Roxas with the assistance of a childhood friend who had years before moved to the United States.  The Roxas family was also awarded a separate settlement of $6 million dollars.
All this led the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal to summarize the allegations leading to Roxas’ final judgment as follows: “The Yamashita Treasure was found by Roxas and stolen from Roxas by Marcos’ men.”  This is an official statement released by a U.S. court, clearly acknowledging the existence of General Yamashita’s treasure.
For the briefest moment, the acknowledgement of this claim flickered into the conscience of the Western world when, on the popular U.S. television program Unsolved Mysteries, a segment was done in which Roxas was interviewed and his case made public:

Part 1
Part 2  

September 11th, 2001

September 11th, 2001 is a day that represents an enormous paradigm shift in American society.  As a direct result of the events which took place on this day, 3,000 people lost their lives, and the atrocities committed on this day sowed the seeds of war in the Middle East, wars which continue to rage to this very day.  However, a damning amount of evidence has come out over the course of the past 10 years that raises serious doubts about the credibility of the story as it has been fed to us by the federal government.  Below you will find links to footage by on-site eyewitnesses who tell a very different story about what they saw and experienced on that day.  There are also a number of other links that seem to present information that raises more questions than answers.  Many 9/11 truth seekers continue to claim that the attacks were a false flag operation that was used as an excuse to push a pro-military agenda in the Middle East, to build up the U.S. and NATO war machine, and to take control of vast oil fields in the region.  Also linked to this is the idea that defense contractors such as Halliburton have gone on to make hundreds of billions of dollars in profits by building up this war effort (bear in mind that former Vice President Dick Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton before becoming Vice President under George Bush).
Let us start with a section that focuses upon what some are claiming was an ulterior motive for the attacks, a story which is only now, ten years later, beginning to come to light:  The clearing of $240 billion dollars in securities bonds used to fund a covert war against the Russian economy in 1991 (codename Project Hammer).

Project Hammer:

**Please click HERE to download a thorough research paper outlining in GREAT detail all of the information you are about to read.  This report was written by E.P. Heidner, a purported former Naval investigator.  There is a remarkable amount of evidence which outlines easily discernible patterns that lead one to suspect that Heidner’s theory is indeed true, and that a serious re-investigation into the true nature of the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks needs to be called for.  After crosschecking many of the references and footnotes included in this text, this writer has come to find that the supposed links between Western and Soviet business interests are in fact real, and are too many to be ignored.  A tremendous amount of additional information regarding Project Hammer has also been uncovered by former London banking insider David Guyatt in his research articles Project Hammerand Project Hammer Reloaded.  Both of these texts are available to read online by clicking HERE.  Note that this page also contains links to hundreds of photos of highly sensitive documents corroborating much of what Guyatt reports in both articles.  Additional information regarding E.P. Heidner’s research article can be found by clicking HERE.
As previously mentioned, a purported 280,000 tons of gold (and untold additional riches of jewels and diamonds) were plundered by the Allied forces in the aftermath of World War II.  This has been carefully hidden away as part of the Black Eagle Trust to steer world policy for the past 65+ years.  However, what became apparent to the Allied forces after the war was that vast sums of gold still remained hidden throughout the Philippines.  Due to the clever (and brutal) maneuvering of Philippine leader Ferdinard Marcos, these treasures remained hidden until, in 1986, a plot was undertaken, influenced by Western powers, to remove him from office to gain access to this additional gold.  After his removal from office, a new effort was undertaken to recover the treasure.  All told, it is said that an additional 73,000 tonnes of gold were plundered in this second effort.  Along with the report by Heidner, this information is corroborated in the aforementioned book Gold Warriors.  According to authors Sterling and Peggy Seagrave,Marcos began to fall out of favor with those in Washington for two main reasons:  First, he attempted to blackmail the Japanese through the manipulation and funneling of funds out of the Showa Trust, which was a highly secret, multi-billion dollar joint account in the names of General Douglas MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito held at the Sanwa Bank in Osaka, Japan, one of the many accounts set up as part of the Black Eagle Trust fund.  Secondly, Marcos refused to ‘play ball’ with President Reagan when Reagan, a long-time associate of Marcos, requested (unsuccessfully) that the Philippine dictator provide Washington with a hoard of black gold to back Reagan’s new ‘Rainbow Dollar’, which was an attempt by the American president to create a new gold-backed U.S. currency.  When Washington became aware that Marcos was essentially getting ‘too big for his britches,’ it was decided that he needed to be removed from power so that the U.S. could gain full access to the hoards of gold hidden away within Malacanang Palace, the official residence of the Philippine president.  Thus, the seeds of revolution were sown, and the masses were stirred up in a revolt against their currently sitting president.  According to the authors,

“As popular clamor increased in the streets, (CIA Asset William) Casey is said to have flown to Manila with Treasury Secretary (Donald) Regan, CIA economist Professor Frank Higdon, and attorney Lawrence Kreager.  The purpose of the meeting, according to a Marcos aide, was to convince Ferdinand to turn over 73,000 metric tonnes of gold.”

Within days of that meeting, the authors go on to tell us the following:

“…Marcos was given a last ultimatum by Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt, President Reagan’s go-between.  By then Marcos was effectively under siege atMalacanang Palace…Marcos gave in, forfeiting ‘his’ gold in return for being rescued by U.S. army helicopters.  That evening, barges were towed up the Pasig River to the palace, and great quantities of gold bars were loaded on them from palace vaults…This went on all night and was witnessed by many people.  At dawn the laden barges were towed out into Manila Bay, their ultimate destination Subic Bay naval base where the gold is said to have been put first into munitions bunkers, and then aboard U.S. Navy vessels.”

According to the information contained in the report by E.P. Heidner, the following explanation for the attacks on 9/11 is proposed:

It was decided at this time (the mid 1980’s) that this new war chest would became the main source of funding for a campaign to put an end to the Cold War, once and for all, by destroying the Soviet Union from the inside out by first ensuring the removal of Mikhail Gorbachev from power.  George H.W. Bush, together with a cadre of rogue KGB officials, generals, and Russian oligarchs, all in corroboration with Boris Yeltsin, set up a complex network of international banks and holding companies used to take over ownership of Soviet industry.  This hostile corporate takeover of the Soviet Union became known as Project Hammer.
This Operation was carried out in several phases:

1.    Destabilize the ruble by facilitating the theft of Russian treasury (3,000 tonnes of gold bullion).
2.   Further destabilize the ruble:  Fronting $240 billion dollars in bond securities to fund the various aspects of this.  These bonds were purportedly issued on September 11th, 1991, and had a ten year maturation date.  The key players in this phase were Bush, George Soros, Alan Greenspan, Oliver North and others.
3.    Oversee a coup, which was undertaken by high-level Generals, to remove Gorbachev from power and install Boris Yeltsin.  This coup began the dissolution of the Soviet Union, ushering in the oligarchical reign of Yeltsin and the Russian mafia.
4.    Use a network of operatives, assigned by George H.W. Bush, to begin the takeover of Russian industrial assets in oil, metals, and defense.  Financing was done through major financial institutions backed by the Marcos Gold war chest.  One of these was Blackstone Investment, which would later invest in Larry Silvernman’s purcase of WTC 7 six weeks before the attack (the idea behind this:  Control financial interests in the tower, and eliminate demands from investors for a deeper investigation).
5.    Use subsidiary banking company Riggs-Valmet to work in tandem with KGB officials and their front-men to set up an international network to move funds out of the former Soviet block countries.  Riggs-Valmet also became responsible for providing foreign financial investment advice to the new group of Russian oligarchs who would now hold positions of great influence under Yeltsin, and who would in fact provide great sums of campaign financing to Yeltsin.  The names of these men are: Alexander Konanykhine, Mikhail Khordokovsky, Roman Abramovich, and Boris Berezovsky.
6.    Bring three additional groups into the investment fold:  The Russian Mafiya, the Israeli Mossad, and the Rothschild family.
7.    Conduct the takeover of key energy industries and energy reserves in Soviet block countries.
8.   Set up a defense contracting company named Far West which, in tandem with Halliburton, would fund Muslim terror cells such as Al Qaeda that would in turn act as a major drug conduit, thereby providing profits in the billions of dollars from a new international network of drug traffickers.

To sum up:  A vast war chest, backed by the 73,000 tonnes of gold seized from the Philippines after the removal of Ferdinand Marcos, was used in an elaborate and complex scheme to end the Cold War by destroying the Soviet Union from the inside out.  The men involved on the inside in Russia, including KGB operatives, generals, and the aforementioned oligarchs, sold their country down the river for a chance at huge profits, caring little for the fact that this was, for all intents and purposes, a hostile corporate takeover of their country by the puppet masters of the Western World, who saw the Soviet Union as the single greatest threat to world domination.  In essence, why attack the country from the head when you can stab it in the back?
The link between Project Hammer and the attacks of September 11th is as follows:  To cover up the clearing of the $240 billion dollars of security bonds, created from the Marcos war chest, that were used to fund this Operation, which again had a maturation date of ten years, which would mean that the funds would have to be paid in a public platform on or around September 11th, 2001.  If this were to have happened, enormous red flags would have been raised throughout the financial and investigative communities, which would have launched a massive investigation into the source of these bonds.  This in turn would have ultimately led to the source of everything:  The Black Eagle Trust.  When you consider the ramifications of what was involved here, you can begin to see why such extreme measures were taken to ensure that this did not happen. 


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