Keshe foundation : Interview by PESN : Latest news and Technology Releases : More outstanding revelations that are about to be release December 14th this year :

Post-Lecture Interviews with Mehran Keshe and Konstantin Meyl (Tesla’s technology implementer) following today’s lecture (21 Sept 2012)

by Sterling D. Allan – Pure Energy Systems News (from )

Thanks, Stirling :).


Some comments made by Mr Mehran Keshe during interview:

I wish America was more OPEN to this instead of their ‘cat and mouse’ games. But (their) scientists are now, ‘breaking ranks’.

We don’t believe in UFOs! We just deal with gravitational-magnetic systems.

Keshe (and the Foundation) has nothing to do with the Iranian government.

The Belgium government has spent hundreds of thousands of euros on my system – (and have not found any issues with it.)

FINALLY: What’s some of the exciting things coming up?

Keshe’s response, in a word . . . .



Post-lecture photo: Konstantin Meyl, Stirling D. Allan, M.T. Keshe

P.S. With my previous stop in Europe taking longer than expected, and with a 1.5-hour flight delay due to technical problems and rush hour traffic, I didn’t arrive at today’s lecture by Konstantine Meyl at the Keshe Foundation, . . . . . . . . .

Until after it had concluded. 😦

But I did get a chance to interview Keshe and Myel. I didn’t do too bad for driving on European roads for the first time. Good thing the directions were easy. Not being able to read the road signs puts a big damper on navigation!

Here were the highlights from the event.


Keshe announced that those who have previously purchased the 5kW generators (there were 10,000 pre-orders available) could expect them to be available some time in December, but they would need to figure out a way to pick them up.

Keshe announced that on December 14 they will be holding a large event (6,000 seating) holding a ‘Demonstration of the Technology’. Three astronauts who landed on the Moon are likely to attend. (The American government may yet block their attendance – Keshe).

Keshe announced that on December 14, they will be holding a large event (5,000 seats) holding a demonstration:

“Full Space and Energy of the Technology.”

Astronauts, one of whom has landed on the Moon, are likely to attend. Keshe privately showed me a response from one of them, dated Sept. 20, confirming that he will be attending.

Keshe doesn’t want the name disclosed yet.

Here’s an ‘amateur’ video I shot at the conclusion of the event, including a very rough tour of the facility, and,

An Interview with Keshe and Myel – AFTER the Keshe – 21 Sep 2012 Lecture – in Brussels, Belgium.


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