Cobra latest post : 20th Sept : Rather important post for Light Workers this one : Participation in this, is really recommended

Fixing the World

A call has been issued by Hope Girl, the writter of this excellent blog:
The idea is for people to submit their ideas about solutions how we transition from the current financial system into the new era of abundance for everyone:
Deadline for submissions is September 24th.
This is what she emailed me about this project:
“There is a tremendous amount of wealth that is about to be released to all of humanity. The equivalent would be as if everyone won the lottery at the same time. The problem is, everyone who knows about this money is just thinking about how to get it. No one (at least not publicly) is thinking about what we are going to do with it once we get it. This is part of the reason why the funds have not been released yet. We need a plan on how to release this money into our world without destroying society.  We are working now on creating this plan. I do realize that there are many plans in place that cover all different areas and many individuals and groups working toward the Golden Age of humanity.
 My part in this (which is of my own divine direction) is to give the rest of humanity a chance to have their say at what the solutions should be based on their own knowledge and understanding.  This as you can see, will also get people to start thinking about solutions, rather than negativity, which will help raise their consciousness in a tangible way that people can sink their teeth into to get them actively involved. 
 I’ve put together a pointed set of questions that make people think about solutions and am asking for them to submit their ideas.  I’ve been gathering this data and will continue to do so until the deadline date of Sept 24, at which point I will be presenting this “Book of Answers” by the people for the people to the individuals that I am in contact with that are in positions to implement the change. I will also be publishing it on the internet. The strategy here: people will not accept this engineered financial collapse if they know they have a choice and that there is a better way. This “Book of Answers” is the better way. It could be powerful enough to assist the rest of the resistance movement in making the attempts of the dark agenda obsolete.”
And this was written on her blog:
“Please know the information you submit will be taken very seriously. The most I can say now is that, through Divine intervention and your input, your response to these questions will be presented to entities in charge of implementing these changes. Your help is needed and your response to these questions has been asked for. In addition your input will be posted here on this blog for people to see.”

And my response to her call with a few ideas:
First, the financial reset will not make everybody a sudden millionaire. Total real value of all collateral accounts is between 500 and 1000 trillion $. This means about $100,000 per person. Enough for everyone to have proper housing, food and a fairly comfortable lifestyle, but not enough to spend the rest of your days sipping cocktails by the pool.

Second, release of new technologies must happen along with the financial reset. They can be introduced really quickly with proper funding, so that a few months after the reset free energy machines can be everywhere. This can easily reduce need for human work down to about 4 hours per day or even less. I think most humans will be happy to work a few hours daily because they will discover that eternal vacations can be boring. Also, work of most people will be much more inspiring and creative as they will no longer be slaves to the Cabal.

You can read a very good article about the occult economy here:
And a very good overview of the Cabal and their activities here:
And finally, to cheer you up, an important victory of the Goddess:

One comment on “Cobra latest post : 20th Sept : Rather important post for Light Workers this one : Participation in this, is really recommended

  1. Brilliant idea to seek people’s ideas about “…solutions how we transition from the current financial system into the new era of abundance for everyone”: TRULY WONDERFUL project to initiate & carry out, imo!!!

    There’s a huge problem here, though. You’re set a deadline only a few days after calling for these submissions. Even if people interested in taking part saw this immediately (and many will only see long after the deadline), that’s not nearly enough time to think through effective and feasible solutions of the type you call for. I know I don’t have to tell you how numerous and complex the realities involved are, although no matter how many components of the problem any one of us is aware of, no matter how broadly and deeply we’re aware of EACH one, and no matter how many of the HUGE number of ways that each one affects ALL of the others in different ways in each case (with effects/influences going in both directions, yet not in the same way, in each couplet, and yet there being not just two-item sets of influences to understand but rather a vast NETWORK OF MUTUAL INFLUENCE BETWEEN EACH & EVERY ASPECT/COMPONENT OF THIS VAST SYSTEM related to the problems at hand): no matter how much any one of us may understand all that (and most who are extremely unusually aware still are limited in their understanding given the vastness of this system that exists across different levels of reality as well as being very broad at each level), it’s just not something anyone could throw something TRULY useful together to solve in a day or two. Anything thrown together to meet the deadline isn’t likely to really likely to be able to be useful in accomplishing YOUR intentions here in calling for solutions within a few days from others (intentions, I might add, which are OUR shared intentions among so many of us, of course, but I’m referring here to this particular call for a specific collection of solutions with an extremely tight deadline). The goals are so very worthwhile that I’d love to see something actually likely to produce ideas that might be feasible to implement and create the change we seek. Thus, I’ll suggest something else in addition to this project you’ve put out there (which will still will surely produce some submissions that willl be interesting to see! — just not nearly as good as we are capable of doing with more time to give these things more thought and vital interactive creative force that we can only accomplish when we have time to engage with each other on these issues, and not nearly as feasible to carry out when we collaborate to figure out what’s likely to work or not work so well, etc.).

    I did get very excited when I saw this call for ideas about solutions, for example, but when I noted that I saw it almost right away after it was posted (it’s only the night of 9/20/12), and I realize that even though I happen to have very much of the relevant and necessary knowledge, understanding, skills, abilities, and experience to suggest such solutions, I still don’t have nearly enough time to offer anything close to the kind of useful, well-thought-out solutions that would contribute in any kind of significant way to actually accomplishing any part of this collective project of ours. Given that focusing my time on my work already occupying my time (and not unrelated), I’m not even going to try to submit something, and it’s largely that deadline, along with what I don’t see here: a means to make this a living, ongoing, interactive conversation/collaboration to work out these solutions (and I won’t even get into the absolutely necessary component of carrying them out once we come up with what seem to us to be some good plans). I don’t want to submit something that I myself, only a few days later when given more time to think, would surely be able to very significantly improve upon, or even am very highly likely to disagree with outright myself! I MUST repeat, though, that yours is a beautiful motivation, intention, and demonstration of action!!! I appreciate it so very much, and appreciate you so very much!

    Again, I’m sure we all share in knowing this is an absolutely wonderful idea to get us all thinking about vital issues and HOW to resolve them specifically, and to get more people directly involved in taking part in developing these necessary solutions, as you call for submissions directs energy moving towards. But practically-speaking, it’s just not set up to succeed given the deadline and some other key features that I think could take this brilliant idea of yours, and when enhanced, make it into something that is capable of sparking and co-creating in a very important and force-summoning way a Reality (set of Realities) that is what we all crave, what the Universe NEEDS from us in focused and effective action as well as in the shared desire we already have and are ready to move past to the next level of Creation (co-Creation).

    Plus, anyway, such complex problems need solutions that will require ONGOING conversations about the solutions about which you’re calling for proposals, not just statements and static solutions that aren’t flexible and actually altered as time goes on. Even a “perfect” solution to one part of the problem at a given point in time in a given location and sociocultural environment will soon be obsolete, so we need a system that will allow us to co-create in an ongoing manner. It’s going to have to be a “living process” of interaction to develop solutions that address a collection of problems that are interrelated in complicated ways, and that will thus require MULTIPLE solutions working in tandem and coordination if possible. And it’ll be absolutely necessary that any and all solutions that seek to address some piece of this vast puzzle are FLEXIBLE and ADAPTIVE. We need the infrastrucutre, such as a website (and wow: here we are at one right now!) that enables, facilities, and even encourages ongoing input and adaptation from the people who will hopefully consider submitting solutions in response to your call for proposals. We all need to stick around, and make those “first drafts” into living realities of flexible, adaptive ACTION. And these collectively- and creatively-devised solutions and our collective actions must have a practical way/place (virtual) to allow it. I personally don’t have a website. But if anyone has the resources (incl. the vital technological ability) to make this collaborative project a living reality that we continually are creating (with no deadlines, but rather just livinglines of action that never end!!!), PLEASE do consider setting that up (and please let me know if someone already has). It’s necessary for us to be coordinated, collaborating, and continually, if we are to change the realities we seek to change (believe me: OTHERS have that kind of ability set up & running right now, but they do NOT share our intentions at all!).

    I wonder if, in ADDITION to the wonderful idea of asking for solutions within a couple days in an attempt to move forward in fulfilling what’s a beautiful and necessary set of intentions to be fulfilled (yet simply can’t be be fulfilled in any rapid, static, or otherwise not feasible or realistic way given the situation at hand), you might be able to set up a way for this kind of ongoing INTERACTIVE & FLEXIBLE SET of MULTIPLE, FOCUSED SOLUTIONS, that each seek to address at least one piece of the puzzle while being in coordination with the simultaneous efforts of others to move forward with other pieces of it, with each person working on just one aspect of this vast set of social realities in such complex arrangements and interrelationships that are always changing, and that all require DIFFERENT kinds of change than what certain sets of people are co-creating right now and thus far, types of changes that people like US need to be involved in co-creating instead!!!

    Now, THAT would be truly revolutionary, truly useful, truly practical, truly EFFECTIVE IN CHANGING THINGS; vastly more likely to have positive effects and successes in achieving the goals this present well-meaning call for solutions is intended to further. Even if not able to accomplish these solutions, of course, it’s such a wonderful idea that it’s worth transforming into something that is CAPABLE of actually accomplishing these solutions, don’t you think? I know it’s a huge amount of work to create Heaven on Earth, given the hellish realities that we have to work with at present to clean up this place. But what I’m suggesting is something more likely to actually accomplish these goals and I know we share an understanding that it is just who/what we ARE to do and be that living solution in ACTION co-creating what these solutions–mere symbols on a screen when submitted at first (and not otherwise affecting realities those symbols interpretted are proposing to affect), yet I assume that will be proposing solutions intended to manifest a Living system of interaction that would adapt as our information and understandings change/grow/evolve, and as the realities all around/within us themselves change as they always will be doing (thus, requiring revisions to these snapshots of solutions you’re asking for that once written, won’t change from that moment on).

    What do you think? Can you create something that might be capable of that? (And is “that” clear enough: what I’m proposing, that is, such as a technology/website that would allow things such as these “solutions” or ideas you’ve called for here to be shared in an ONGOING manner as time goes on (as is absolutely necessary if they are to be actually useful for real, actually desirable and possible to implement), and in a COLLABORATIVE/COOPERATIVE interactional manner that will enjoin our collective intelligences of various types, manifesting each of our surely somewhat and sometimes very distinct sets of knowledge/skills/abilities/experience such that each person’s is optimized and no person’s is lost to us; and COORDINATING OUR ACTION through time as well. Without those things at the very least (I know I’m running long in this reply, so I’ll leave it at that) none of our best-laid plans will come to bear fruit).

    Or is that too much of a project, perhaps beyond the website software’s capabilities (with no software engineer onboard YET to help make it capable), or otherwise just not possible right now to expand your project to encompass? It sure would be nice to know there’s something so much more likely to have the kind of living, adaptable, flexible, diverse intelligence capable of creating not just written ideas about solutions, but ALSO actually achieving those goals these solutions called for here are intended to achieve!!! Personally, I don’t have the resources right now to get such a system set up and set in motion, or I’d do so and not be asking you this: Just in case you/your team and this (or another you could set up) website could set such a thing up, given the significance of the goals, I thought it worth at least asking. Then, your call for solutions would actually just be an ongoing process within which we are ALWAYS engaged, along with ENACTING them, and why not take this great idea you have and run with it as far, fly with it as high, embrace all Life with it with as much Love, warmth, nurturance, creative force, and life-building power we possibly can?!?!?! Yes, indeed, it’s THAT great of an idea you have here: worth that kind of attention, focus, expansion, and commitment (not to mention the opportunities for playfulness, the building of each & every person involved as well as each larger whole of which we are a part, the fun, the moving beauty, excitment and joy, and sheer heavenly bliss it’d be to be making these solutions REALITIES)!!!

    If we only had a way to practically take all our power, creativity, and so on, and harness it into a real-world creative force in such ways as I’ve mentioned (and however we’d decide it would optimally be in any given historical moment in time), when the huge machines of society that have made so many problems in the world today, and those machines (both physical & ideological machines, of course) that recreate it each and every moment we allow it, reproducing and multiplying/expanding/magnifying as well, would have an integrated “machine” (also physical/ideological, even if not materially as well-resourced at first, ideologically (in the realm of knowledge, belief, and truth) certainly having far more power, and equipped with “upgrades” galore, such as in our machine’s beauty and our creativity; such as in our wondrous and awesome diversity, a beautiful and amazing Diversity that thrives just as Divinity/Oneness thrives; such as in this Oneness that is beyond compare in all known human Earthly history, and literally beyond understanding from the perspective of what’s driving that other machine of yesteryear that just can’t see how diversity and Oneness are interdependent and mutually-enhancing (the machine-of-centuries-gone-by still believes that its exclusivity & exclusion of diversity is the strength of what they experience as their version of a “oneness” or cohesion that did once work well for them, but that like the “Flat Earth Society” has pretty much become as obsolete and useless as can be as Humanity and Life evolves ever forward and upward); and with our “machine” composed also of the validity and depth of emotional and spiritual OVERDRIVE those well-financed, well-OILED, and well-entrenched, yet falling apart machines of the yestercentury (with no place in the future much less the present, which is why they’re so frightened and desperate to fight for self-preservation, to hold on to what they have and do what they can keep that great “evil” of sharing, justice, equality, peace, and dare I say, Love, from overcoming it); our “machine” being non-physical in such ways and more and yet quite very physical in US–our thriving bodies and all Live of Gaia–this “machine” (us and all we embody) must have that vital infrastructure to go beyond the visions we’ve created, embraced, nurtured, and grown to be able to ACT in this physical plane in order to take the reigns and turn things around, putting us on course such that we are and are moving evermore towards increasing the paradise we need to collectively, flexibly, and ever-variably envision and actively co-create… It is only our will, our motivation, our collective and collaborative of mind, feeling, abilities, and ACTION that is required to make real what we know is inevitably the only sustainable future that could be made real.

    So, why isn’t it real yet? Why is the machine of old still driving this spaceship Earth and at an ever-increasing rate? We need that practical structure to enable us to do the things I’ve suggested we need (repeated above enuf already!), and the Internet is the tool we can use to build this infrastructure. What a wonderful “coincidence’!!! But again, given the large set of issues and their complexity that we must address and provide and enact solutions for, we really need a level of information sharing, creativity-enhancement, unity-building, and coordination of efforts and action that I personally haven’t seen created yet. Certaintly, there are beginnings, such as and other organizations that are magnets for people who, lacking the technologies of today, could never be coordinating action as we are capable now. We’re on our way, we don’t have it all but have enough knowledge/understanding/feeling/Oneness, we have available to us all the necessary tools of communication, sharing, collaboration, and action, but who/what will provide that actual, effectual, machine that will actually succeed in harnessing all our resources in a togetherness that the current owner/holders of the most effective power/wealth, prestige/status, definitional power over symbolic reality (e.g., ideologies, belief systems, etc.) and togetherness that still as of this day defines what “knowledge” is, what “values” are, what societal goals and direction are, how their constructions of the immaterial universe of humanity are deployed and how societal priorities and actions affect and deploy the large majority of the non-corporeal bit of material universe humanity is able to control?

    Can we do so much more than collect a handful of ideas of solutions individually drawn up and not powerful enough to change this world on their own in that form? I certainly believe we are ready to propel our level of action many steps beyond, and am so eager to have that future reality be the present reality that I can’t help but call out to all who have stuck with me this long (thanks for reading this far down, by the way! and even thanks to those who just skipped to the end ;o) who among us is able to create an online machine to collect and disseminate the information we need, to create a forum that will allow us to not just share our own views but to take it to the next level or two–to create enough consensus to devise a coordinated course of action that maximizes out collective resources of ALL types (ideas for solutions, as stimulated my reply here, and working that into a “platform” of action, to bring those of us together in ways that make the best possible use of each of us eager to serve and create the world to come, and to do so in a way that rids us of so much repetition of action lacking coordination or awareness of what others are doing (thus making all our shared goals much less capable of realization, or at least greatly delaying our progress)? Are we going to require and wait for the old world order to collapse and destroy itself, taking with it so much life and so much else of what we love and would surely (most of us, I’m sure) agree we would like to preserve and build upon, before those of us remaining climb out from underneath the rubble and are ready to Be the power we are and were always meant to Be, trying to salvage what remains of this Earth, to rebuild whatever life has not been driven exinct in the Mighty Collapse that we patiently can wait for with peace and Love in our hearts, feeling the Oneness in the meantime in bliss, awaiting the day that the powers-that-be destroy themselves so we’ll have OUR day, OUR chance to Be the power.

    I find that completely unsatisfactory, to say the very least and in grand understatement. ALL such destruction of what thousands of years of people of worth and value equal to us that would/could result, ALL the shameful losses of all kinds (of lives in too large numbers to even be fathomable, of huge amounts and types of societal resources and infrastructure (such as the road, train tracks and so on that enable us to be with one another, the schools, libraries, telecommunications technologies and so one that allow us to share knowledge and understanding of so very much that so many people over the millenia labored to create enabling lives of comfort that we only disrespect their efforts to allow to be undone completely, the gifts of the beautiful hopes, dreams, and hard work of countless people who gave those gifts to us not needing to know we who would benefit from those gifts, the housing and vast and conversion-ready (to be eco-friendly and sustainable) electricity, gas, and water purifcation and delivery networks, communities: places where we can live in responsible (environmentally-sound) comfort, come together with each other and enjoy what artists, musicians, dancers, and creators of beauty and aesthetic pleasures of all types, the architects, craftspersons, inventors, technicians, engineers, builders, workers of all types who’ve made possible a human existence of comfort that’s no “sin” as we combine their gifts with those that enable us to transform our societies and comforts into eco-friendly and sustainable forms more and more over time, the visionaries of all types who gave us creative powers unparalleled anywhere in the universe to which we have access and of which we have awareness even exists, etc., etc., etc. We owe to all who’ve lived and died before us to preserve what is good in the great gifts they gave us, allowing us to stand upon the shoulders of those mostly nameless and forgotten giants as we create an even greater world, a utopia that would not be possible without those millions and billions of people who knew they would never benefit from the their labors and many sacrifices, their creativity and hard work, their entire lives given in creation that they’d never reap the rewards from nearly as much as those in the future they’d never know (that’s us!), and on and on I could go recounting the countless and usually forgotten who we take for granted: we owe to them the preservation of our species and the creation of a world that makes all they’ve given to us worthwhile, and owe to them not allow all of that that they gave and their very lives to be wasted, we must peacefully and in joy enjoy and build upon their gifts to create humanity to be even greater than the dreams they could have imagined it was all for, to preserve and improve what they’ve given us.

    And what of people of the future? We must think, in my opinion, first and foremost about sustainability of humanity, which means thinking of the best interest of people in the future, and Live in Earth more generally (upon they, as we, will depend for their very lives). Thus, our plans must include a clear presence in our consciousness of not only how to “fix the world” now, but more importantly, how to create an Earth and human set of societies and cultures that are permanently sustainable. In order to do that, we could focus our attention differently and get the same result, but one way to focus our planning and action is to focus on what the people 100, 500, and 1,000 years from now will require for the most optimal lives possible. This response is quite long as it is, so I’ll leave it as it is for now, knowing that there is much more of great significance that I could say, and would like to say, but that if just what I’ve mentioned thus far expands someone’s thinking usefully, then what I’ve written here is useful as it is. Besides, this is not the last I will speak, and the more I have to offer will be offered at a different time and in a different context. This is but the beginning of a conversation that makes clear that certain parameters are vital to include in our thinking, planning, and action, and I’ve called attention to SOME of those.

    There is more to say about issues I’ve raised thus far, but I shall turn to movement to my concluding remarks. Given its significance, I’ll reiterate an all-important point. And that is that all the talk, or all the good intentions and vibrations, in the world won’t change the world enough to create an Earth on which human, not to mention a great many other species we are responsible for driving to extinction, life will be able to exist for much longer, hardly a blip in cosmological and even biological Early life historical scales of time. And action is not enough either, not if it’s action based on misguided or missing information or false assumptions. ACTION is absolutely necessary, and that action must minimally fulfill the following criteria: (a) They must be based on sound, thorough, creative, and feasible planning that takes into account all the factors necessary to take into account in order to accomplish changes that, in this historical moment, are going to be quite difficult to achieve in the best of circumstances; (b) Our planning must be a cooperative, creative, flexible, and “living,” inclusive, and cooperative process, given that: (b1) EVERY person has a unique set of life experiences, set of knowledge, skills, and abilities, and hence a unique perspective that enables each and every person to potentially think of something that turns out to be the best idea (given the goal at hand at the time), and besides, every person has a basic human right to participate in the grandest projects of humanity, (b2) there is and always will be much we don’t and can’t know, and, (b3) given that the realities of humanity, the natural world on Earth in addition to humanity, and other realities everywhere in the universe, all according to which we make plans and take action and that are part of the assumptions upon which we make our plans are themselves ever-changing realities that will never be completely predictable. This means our plans and actions MUST always remain flexible, open to alternatives and changes, and open to anyone’s input. (c)
    Our goals must not be based upon culturally-specific or politically-motivated ideologies and belief systems, for they are social and more broadly moral imperatives we have no choice but to accomplish (some discussed above), because to fail to do so is an affront to every human who ever lived in the past, everyone living in the present who lacks fulfillment of their basic needs, as well (secondarily) to all those whose lives and potentials to thrive are stunted and limited in unnecessary ways (e.g., even if they have plenty of money to take care of their financial needs), which is a cost not just to those individuals who may be limited or suffering, but represents costs to humanity as a whole, as one of those people may be a person who could have made a difference in ways vital to the entire project if given fulfillment of their needs, full realization of their potentials, and given their inclusion in the larger-scale projects that humanity must now engage in. (c) Most importantly, in my view, those humans who do not (yet) exist, should we not plan and act to our greatest potentials, may never get a chance to exist at all because of OUR actions (or inactions) in the present. And even people who may have a chance to be born, assuming humanity’s sustained existence, may be born into a reality that in their time includes unavoidable lack and/or suffering ONLY because of OUR inadequate planning and devising and choice of solutions, and OUR actions or inactions, and the moral imperative to at the very least not drive our species extinct and thus deny all future human lives any change of existence cannot, in my view, be any less important than any other goal or imperative related to humanity in the present or future. in the larger scale of things, beyond making it possible for humanity to continue to exist, we have a responsibility to offer future humanity at least, or more, of what we inherited from the people of the past whose labors and products of their actions allow us to even have this conversation. What humanity could become in the future is at this point full of infinite possibility, and it is OUR responsibility to ensure that state’s continuance, as well as to maximize it to our best potential. In some ways, that will lead us to act to “heal” our species of its problems now (e.g., poverty, lack of adequate medical care, the opportunity of universal education and illiteracy, justice for all peoples and injustice for none, and so on. In some ways, it may mean that we must change in ways that do not benefit the self-interests of everyone on this planet right now. Having our priorities clearly laid out will be the first step, so we will weight to what extent the most people can have their lives best optimized, and that includes people of the present and future.

    Thanks for your work, and for your consideration of these ideas.


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