Orbs : Sylphs : Cloudships: Punch Clouds : Seen in our skies every day what does it all mean? Caribbean Energies #3 investigates ‘Sylphs’ in our skies this week

I have been asked by fellow light workers to tread the unknown road again and report on something as of yesterday, I knew relatively little or nothing much about.

However you do not need to be a scientist or a meteorologist to look in the sky and detect that something fishy is going on in our skies here in Sint Maarten for the past month or more.

So this report is to give you the impression of the energy of the sky here just now and  it is our #3 Caribbean Spiritual Energy report.

Here is a short video for you to have an idea on what we mean here in our skies , this is typical of the last 2-4 weeks skies here in the Caribbean, it looked like a war was to unfold in the sky.

To get the best results from these early videos, try to take mental pictures and compare them with what really is going on in our skies right now. I strongly urge you to watch these prior to continuing with this article for clarity as it will be meaningless with out some of the descriptions from Dieter.

When I asked a good spiritual friend of mine in Sylvain Dutil, Quebec, Canada, for his impressions of what we are seeing here in the Caribbean, he gave this an answer to my surprise,

Dave mon ami so nice to hear from you as always 🙂
I was just talking to Jan about you and your Sylph post just some 40 minutes before your email lol
Told her that looks like the Sylph are helping out in your part of the world. Told here they work fast to which she replied
‘they will be faster very soon as a brand new gateway has been open for more of them to come and that they come from our twin earth. Also told her after reading your email that looks like you are starting to be more then a meer human lol …nice to see your call is being heard 🙂 ….Last week as I was walking, I again also saw the sky full of those elemental angles and as my being became full of bliss in the knowing of there presence as I look back down the first thing I saw was a license plate with 333 lol…got a even bigger smile after that lol
Dieter (indian in the machine) is an amazing being and I have had much connection with his story as it identical to mine in so many ways 🙂 …he as a lot of good info on Sylph’s indeed and is a big part in this transformation of conciousness as you and yours are my dear friend 🙂
Going to do my best to attend with Cobra on Portal 2012 Conference in Sint Maarten..will keep you in touch 😉
Jan and Sylvain are referring to GAIAPortal reports here :
 in which energies of this planet in conjunction with portal star-gates opening, have been taking place now . You should be feeling this taking place these days in our inner chakras as indeed I and others around me indeed do.
However what could you possibly see when they are visible under infrared so here is a video from Norway with great clarity and investigation in this 24 minutes video;
So what do people from Ashtar command crew feel and make of all this then?
Krishna Kalki

Sylphs are parts of consciousness that live in the air. They are our brothers and sisters who form a part of the conscious infrastructure of our Earth. Robert Neil Boyd describes “Sylphs as immortal non-physical beings which have and are souls. These beings are the artists who form the clouds, in their wispy and thin forms, e.g., horsetails, feathers, etc. The typical cirrus, and cirronimbus formations are expressions of the Sylphs. Sylphs are not typically visible to the untrained eye. Sylphs do inhabit the same volume of space as the air, but their actual Being resides in the physical vacuum, as a coherent holographic form of energy.”However, with the energies rising towards 2012 and with the increase of chemtrail activity (the chemical trails laid by aircraft) at an all time high, some of us are perceiving the presence of sylphs. You now have new eyes to see what is happening above your head. Sylphs love to know that you see them. So say hi! And thank them for doing their part in the incredible journey towards 2012.

more here : http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/sylphs-can-anyone-confirm-that-sylphs-are-chemtrail-cleansing?commentId=2859786%3AComment%3A1881691&xg_source=activity

And Aly says this : Sylph (also called sylphid) is a mythological creature in the Western tradition. The term originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, his elementals of air. There is no known substantial mythos associated with them. (wikipedia)

Indianinthemachine has the most conclusive evidence yet that these are living elements and very much here for our good

Here is his facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Indianinthemachine

The site you can spend all next week on here to learn more on this, well Phenomena to us but not to these guys


Diana Cooper
Why not make a childrens story out of it ,,surely Angles in the sky works for kids ,,Well it is working here in the eyes of Diana Cooper
miles and the sylphs
Here is a small quote from that children’s Sylph story as it appears in the sky today , bear in mind the child had just been scooped up by a large caring sylph moments before :
He was carried all the way into a room that seemed to be made of light. Then as his eyes adjusted he saw many small figures of light all around him, they seemed to be drying him off with some sort of warm air they activated from their hands. His clothes which had been soaked onto his skin were magically almost dry. Then a larger figure was approaching him.
‘Hello Miles, I am Dalvik, and I work with the sylphs,’ it said. It was so beautiful, he could barely make out a face which did not look quite human, the light was so bright that shone from this being and he couldn’t tell if it was male or female.
‘Is this heaven?’ asked Miles, suddenly worried that he had died.
The great being smiled a radiant smile that warmed Miles even more, ‘no my dear child, you are in the clouds in the home of the sylphs who rescued you along with Angel Malaway. It is not your time to die; you have many important jobs to do. I can see from your divine blueprint that you are going to be of great assistance to us in helping prevent the pollution of our planet.’
So ok then That proves all of this is science fiction and I am not sold so where does this take me ?
Outside and live in our skies,
Sint Maarten skies for the past 3 weeks with sylphs and cloud ships and mother ships all over the place munching on Chemtrails as Deiter would say.
Pic 1 taken 2 weeks ago Sint Maarten

Sylphs appear to be munching chemtrails here in SXM Right above our heads Sept 2012

and this from last week

Chemtrails and the beginning of sylphs ready for action on fresh laid chemicals in Pelican skies SXM Sept 2012

and then we saw the forming of what we thought could have been the mother ship form a neighboring Island Eustatia ,,but it was heading this way but it started having horns on it and was massive ,,Here is not from here but it looked like the beginning of something special.

OMG that was the mother ship here as it begun in SXM ( copy from RYUU on facebook

And here it is Pic of the week goes to Brett Sutherland in Simpson Bay last night  Saturday night ( yesterday on this post):

Cloudship over Eustatius Island 40 miles to our South in SXM protecting us from Chemtrails

Summary and conclusion and intro ORBS :

Following discussions with quite a lot of people with like minded interests, the search leads me to further investigation which can be best summed up here .

There appears to be a link to the performance of our Sylphs and our consciousness but further than that, there also appears to be a link with Orbs.

The balls of light that linger for reasons unknown on our photography,

Orbs showing up when you least expect it, 5th dimensional lights Orbs connected at the hip with Sylphs

They have turned up here in the Caribbean on endless occaisions  and I have had some people coming to me asking to explain this phenomena, and all I get is a link on every occaision to Sylphs .

So they must be linked , so for a purpose of genuine investigation  I challenge any one with a top quality film camera, and zoom into the cloud ships as seen on indianinthemachine and show the Orbs feeding the sylphs from the mother and cloud ships.

STAR on the Ashtar Command Crew enlightens me to her knowledge on the subject.


here is a taster:

Just like Marylene’s Orbs in the French side SXM

Orbs & THE ANGELICS: A Gateway Path To Ascension!

By Star.

I’ve researched extensively into Orbs, and they are fascinating! 

Its even more fascinating when one we can tap into certain Orb energy in a photograph

and use it to further enhance OUR spiritual growth, (ascension process)

and to HEAL ourselves of the emotional upheaval which happens on planet Earth.

What are Orbs?

Orbs are spherical “lights” or balls of energy, not visible with the naked eye, & appear on film or in photographs. They have variable sizes, and many colours however the most common are white.

Star goes on to say that the Orbs like sylphs are 5th dimensional souls living as air that we breathe and Sylvain says that we should not to be able to see them in our 3rd dimension so what is going on ?

Star also says that they are seen as angelic beings in cloud form ?


French side by airport taken by a guy, following his leaving of his lifeless friends soul to the morgue SXM Sept2012

Conclusion : Well there isn’t one it is all ongoing and as we speak there is chemtrails being sprayed over us and that photo of our mother cloud-ship is still there and is sending massive sylphs to action all around us here :

Guess what I do not have my camera right now but I hope and have faith in our  readers here, they will post to me, these sky shots as I write and will update this article tomorrow.

Any way : They are real and they are here, and definately helping vastly in some way shape or form.

The most  positive observation I can come up with, is that they are not put here by our ruling elite evil savage mobster banksters and Illuminati & cabal.

They are here and they are staying and they are for our good everywhere in the world:

Please now take a closer look into your skies and take some photographs that are meaningful.

Namaste from the Caribbean.


A special thanks to all that helped this articles arrangement here are some links for you to feel free to join and converse if you would like to learn more about Orbs and Sylphs with really genuine people:

Gib Star Sylvain Dieter Ryuu and more:

Indian in the machine is found here: http://www.indianinthemachine.com/

Gib Hayes Photos found here : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3946998345781.2152558.1004714975&type=1

Ryuu Sylph ( by name and by nature) http://www.facebook.com/ryuu.sylph.5

Gib Hayes facebook is very interested in your research and is approachable here : http://www.facebook.com/gibhayes

Deiter Braun facebook Indianinthemachine


Star from the Ashtar Command Crew : A wonderful dose of spirituality ;


The federation of light very useful information


The pathway to ascension



9 comments on “Orbs : Sylphs : Cloudships: Punch Clouds : Seen in our skies every day what does it all mean? Caribbean Energies #3 investigates ‘Sylphs’ in our skies this week

  1. What I dob’t understand is why should “they” spray the skies over Sint Maarten? The airflow is going East, so when the particles are coming down to Earth, it is far away from us. Our air can contain Sahara dust, if the island should get sprayed it has to happen over the Atlantic far West, too far to see. So what we see is for the Eastern regions. What you think?

    • I forgot to tell you, Claudette Alexander who is on FB is also a photographer and captures orbs all the time. She has hundreds of pictures with orbs. She takes pix for the Daily Herald, Out and About.

      • I will be contacting her to do some deep resarch into the sylphs we can now see in our skies ,,this is vry fascinating reality in our skies and gives us all a bit of a buzz matey,, Dave

    • Alex they spray east to west and north to south maybe a combination of french and US governments ,,but hey ,,They are even doing that over SABA for god sake i think they are desperate ( The Cabal) and the Puerto Rico boys have got a free for all ,,the more they spray the cheque comes in ,, i am guessing of course ,,it is all part of the cabal Illuinati global depopulation control Agenda 21
      Dave Thanks for support

  2. Hello – I just want to say I live in Oakland California and I see Sylphs all the time. I’ve taken lots of photos and would be happy to send them to you if you’re interested. Thank you for this post – let’s me know I’m not crazy (or at least not alone in my crazy).

    • This subject has really livened up I must Say, Anette You are most welcome here , we try to expose all that is bad ,,but then sometimes as in our investigation we expose good, It appears that these days Good is exposed less than the dark side , maybe that is all about to change ,, please read some nice comments from another newcomer to lightowrkersxm here in the Caribbean ,,Ryuu says “This is new for all of us and it is proof of a new level of awareness we are all embarking on ” We all know about the same on this subject but I am reliably informed that we need to be at a certain stage to be able to decipher Sylphs and Orbs, Surely testimony to the fact that we are not insane , infact we are all the more aware and awake Namaste Dave

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