Kevin Annett : One Week Warning to the Vatican and All Catholics churches in 13 countries : To Close you down : Vatican : You have been officially warned :

Here is Kevin D Annett and the ITCCS message to the Vatican and all of it’s Peadophile Employees from the bottom, right to the top.

We are at the heart of a great wind of justice and reformation.

So in summary here is our Plan of Action:

1. Saturday, September 15: Public Court Case against the Vatican commences

2. Sunday, September 16: Banishment Order is read inside and outside Roman Catholic churches in seven countries

3. Monday, September 17: Permanent Occupation of Catholic churches and institutions commence worldwide

4. Sunday, September 23: Third and Final Public Exorcism is held aimed at the spirit and power behind the Vatican (to be televised and posted)

Please help this all happen by agreeing to read the Banishment Proclamation inside and outside your local Catholic church, on Sunday September 16 during their mass. Contact this email and a copy of the Proclamation will be sent to you.

(Such actions will be staged in thirteen cities in seven countries as of this date).

Please stay tuned on Saturday, September 15 for these actions to commence: at 9 am pacific time, 12 noon eastern time, and 5 pm GMT in Europe. Live broadcasts will begin and will be posted on the internet.

Please wish Kevin Annett all the best and all the people around the world who are going ahead with the closures


This next week is going to be a very interesting week , I cannot help feel that this will be too big for even the media to miss out on.

The Vatican Contribute to TV companies to make them look good just like the Royal Families of Europe do .

I for one and all of us here in LightWorkerSXM really feel this has been in operation for several years and have followed and  experienced a real royal rollercoaster ride, But the cards have all change and now it is TIME:

The Catholic Church is one week away from mass public outcry and action to be closed down, one by one, in 13 different countries , the repercussions of this will extend to many Royal families in Europe too, as the governments and Royals have generally been big players in the greatest cover up of all.

Finally this is action that cannot be brushed under the carpet ,

This heavy weight will be too much for some ( people like you and me) to sink in , however lets be openly truthful here.

There appears to be a joint effort with Royalty and the Vatican, to provide a deadly child service to satisfy satanic rituals on both sides.

Imagine greeting your parents and family friends with a gift of a child like the Vatican does to Queen Lizzie and say “I know you like them”

How utterly and wholly disgraceful and it has been going on for thousands of years  and we still ignoraneously wave flags to these Satanic murderers.

I know quite a lot of people who revere our queen, but when the truth actually hits them they will be in for such a shock.

They appear innocent on Mainstream media , mainly because they pay the BBC and others, big tax payers money to make them look hierachy under orders, people need to know what Kevin has literally unearthed in many countries. The death count is comparable in children to full grown people in WW1&2 throughout as few as 24 and many more countries. You only have to spend an hour on To understand the problems that lies ahead.

Kevin Annett found out about this reality accidentally,  some 30 years ago and his film is a great place to start with the indigenous people of Canada who would not speak to him at first.

Watch Kevin’s award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on his website

All the best to you and the world in putting the wrong in the correct context and putting it in to action.

Go for it all of you





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