Keshe Foundation : Travel with no wheel : mach 1.2 or 3 is a joke more like mach 35-40 :Cure any disease with plasma frequency : SCIENCE NEEDS TO BE RETAUGHT : We have new technology That is coming our way Soon

Can anyone get our Ministers to look at this?

Dr Keshe explaining his Science his way, Here are the highlights to his long but life changing video after his conference in Belgium.


1) Magnetism and Plasmatronics and counter gravity is here.

2)It is Real and it is suppressed technology China Iran and Russia now have this technology so too does Belgium and Holland.

3) Health benefits of using a replicator to create Vitamins as a plasmatron,

4) Any disease that has not even been generated yet , can be eradicated.

5) NASA ( controlled by NAZIS to save their skin after WW2) built old technology spacecraft This technology is not needed any more.

6) Science will need to be retaught Full stop Period.

7) His arrest ( Dr Keshe) by Canadian Authorities was a planned controlled operation and they confiscated all his belongings.

8) following his arrest Dr Keshe published everything taken from him, on the internet.

9) Mach 35- 40 with wheel-less cars is possible on Earth but no more that, it is earths limit for humans ( I WANT ONE NOW ).

10) Space suits are not needed in space with plasma gravity magnet-tronics you go to that frequency.

11) Magnets can be bi polar or single north polar at all sides These Mono-polar elements create permanent oscillation IE free energy!

12) Create or replicate  your own water from the atmosphere no matter where you are.

13) Weightlessness in space in not necessary we just replicate that atmosphere and live with in it.

14) Mars travel and well beyond is now a matter of time here from earth with this application of technology.

15) Lady wakes from coma with these frequencies to the astonishment of hospitals.

16) Reprocessing the body to eat and drink as the body demands is now possible in plasma circles.

17) no need for hunger or drought.

18) no person on earth should be without this concept principle and devices should be world wide.

19) Plasma is a cell and we use the energy inside that atom and when we have used it we replace it in the atom and have damaged nothing, this is clean energy and Fukushima can be cleaned out at the correct frequency.

20) CO2 fro m air ( the vacuum of space) could produce anything in a replicatior IE: a solid steel tube.

21) then he makes a lit torch out of it a few days out of the energy of the earth.

22) Light can make anything from more  light to food , from earth for example, it is strong and can reproduce anything , in space it needs to  find it as it is more scarce.

23) His lights do not go out unless disconnected manually.

24) In space we do not need to take anything with us NOTHING except this technology, and we can thrive where ever.

25) No need for physical body for space and just  energy only , the body will only interact with our cells.

26) Once you understand the structure of the universe we can then see ,,it is not possible to be alone in this galaxay.

27) this universe is split out of these atoms , the same process more bigger gravitational field, So we are part of universal cosmos.

28) We are one with all other ancestors and no way we can be alone , this technology proves it.

29) Crossing the universe is only a matter of a split second in human terms with this anti matter condition or transition energy.

30) Principle matter or anti matter will come forward with this technology and our body can a-tune to different dimentiality with light as a portable plasma.

31) Light is a plasma shape form and changes “its jacket” so to speak and the light is due to the friction of the tool which is energy based on friction generated inside.

32) The dark matter or  sourcefields of  energy are everywhere in the universe and are reachable with this technology.

33) The current killing by our rulers will not be allowed to have this technology and this is Pandoras Box for real.

34) The BIG BANG THEORY is NONSENSE and the reality is EXPLAINED . 

35) Dr Keshe classic Quote ” This technology will not cause damage in any way to any body or living creature” .

36) That will do for now please do not miss any part of this world record interview and the content is outstanding.

Now enjoy and give it 15 minutes to really get going once you understand the primary concepts of maglev and Plasma-tronics with magnet-tronics working in conjunction with  frequencies.


16 comments on “Keshe Foundation : Travel with no wheel : mach 1.2 or 3 is a joke more like mach 35-40 :Cure any disease with plasma frequency : SCIENCE NEEDS TO BE RETAUGHT : We have new technology That is coming our way Soon

    • Countries like US and UK wont ever Allow such a tech to be public …. such economies operate on enslaving human mind to work as a instrument of system…..

      • That is why Keshe is being very shrwed about how it is been introduced ,,Soon the people of UK and US wil see it for what it is and that will crack the energy thing wide open ,,I have already put my self down to pass this technology on when i get access to it. namaste Dave

  1. Drake can you find out for me if my fiancé has been shot in the chest by armed robbers, and in hospital is KROPO CHARITY HOSPITAL I can’t find out what her condition is and even if it is true. They scam you and use you to put out more money that area of Ghana is Kumasi and is always known for scams.

    Her name is: Diana Burke

    Jim McCosh
    Skype jamvette

    Drake it would be greatly appreciated if you could check this out for me
    I’m advocate listener to the Drake show and I appreciate the encouragement
    I truly believe we have something glorious to look forward to in the days coming.

    Thank you and God bless you, she is running out of time
    Jim McCosh

  2. Seems we are now stepping beyond the electric age into the magnetic age. Things that we thought impossible to be produced in the Universe. This is cosmic progress. This concrete move into the magnetic age is gladly received.

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  4. Incredible!!! PraiseGod for the arrival of this technology Imagine how it will transform the World we live in now, helluia!!

  5. This technology is a relief and I hope that mankind can embrace it for what it is . Emagine the possibilities . Travel in space is something I have always dreamt about , as is world peace . Being at one with everything instead of being just one . No more greed , everyone equal to everyone else , no more war … Bring it on , I can’t wait for a piece of it .

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