Sint Maarten/SintMartin Spiritual Energy #2 : UFO’s Pic : Dolphin protest Anguilla : HAARP skies : Chemtrails all over the place: Free Energy and Colloidal Silver devices : Aquaponics systems: in action here in the Caribbean

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Pic of the week goes to River for here Question mark in the sky ,

What is the Question ???The sky asks The pelican SXM

But did it get pipped at the post by the UFO sighting in Broad daylight here over Cole Bay

4 daylight UFO’s over Cole Bay and a lovely View of Simpson Bay Lagoon

Eddie said to me hey! that is someone throwing peanuts in the air and taking chance photos of them HAHA great effort and good point

But peanuts do not fly in formation I think.

But then again what about these two from Elaine and Will on the French side with Sightings of Chemtrails dumped over our heads and later seen falling down on top of us, superb gallery here :

Nettle Bay Chemtrails Dumped all over us and falling falling falling On you.

Then more , much more of the same , What will Kauilapele make of these signals in the sky? Thanks again Will and Elaine Great forethought and vision here :

Here is your fresh supply of barium and aluminium as NOT requested From HAARP in Puerto Rico

So surely not on the Dutch Side too ?

Well Brett thinks so,  this is HAARP and Chemtrails and Sylphs hre over head

Tell us what you think ?

Whose painting in the sky these days in SXM?

Brett apologies for the blip on his camera ( black dot) but with this weird sky then cam this:

Ahhhh More yummy aluminium and barium in Simpson Bay

And then more:

HAARP and Scalar Waves in the skies over Simpson Bay SXM Sept 2012

You can see the planes just dumping stuff all over us Switching on as it approaches and switching off as it leaves to make sure they get the populous on the Islands ,and many more island here in close proximity ,we clearly see them spaying close by SABA Island

What are they up to spraying 1500 peeople on a tiny Caribbean Island The Cabal have lost it for sure look here there is more all  last week:


And we are letting the world know what your up to Cabal.

Our message is not Fear : We know our Enemy ! Puerto Rico Stop this Nonsense

So what would a sunset look like with HAARP skies ?

Mooning through HAARP skies in SXM Sept 2012

Look a little effeminate if you ask me

Now for a real HAARP sunset in Simpson Bay Sunset Bay Sint Maarten from Brett

Wowzer at least the Cabal in Puerto Rico HAARP Depot have artistic talents

Now for your sleepy sunset pic of the month : Goes to Brett Sutherland

Mellow yellow and fire red skies here in SXM Sept 2012 Sunset Bay

We show the world that we know what they are spraying on us and we know it is part of the global Depopulation Agenda of our Elite Crap Rulers and We are letting the world know that

We know what you are doing to us and we will stop you very soon collectively with global mass consciousness ,

Our message to the Cabal is simple “put down your weather weapons, You are now being systematically destroyed and removed from power because we do not need you  , give up now and behave like responsible citizens and help us all clean up this mess.”

Just like our Protest at the University last week as this picture shows Light workers in action :

Anguilla We know the Dolphin Hold is owned by The Mexican Drug Cartel He cares no t for dolphins or Humans he just launders Money

Yes we mean that.

All weather is manipulated if you do not get that then go here first

On a lighter and hilarious side of life here on Sint Maarten

Enjoy this 40 second clip of the plane clipping the hair off Holiday makers heads holding on to the fence as it attempts and aborts landing,


That’s normal for us here in Sint Maarten

Free Energy and Colloidal Silver here in SXM

Yes we have made Free energy here on a practical level and Apparently I was on TV French side showing my Colloidal Silver Water makers off here is that video if you did not see it last week.

We have 107 people on Island now who use our Colloidal Silver Water makers,  Some every day like me for 10 months now and some who elect to drink the water every couple of days Others like Bianca likes to feed her cats and flowers and sees the benefits, An old Caribbean fable says ‘If the trees are not springing coconuts “Knock a nail in them to make them sprout”, and it is true, Colloidal Silver has that impact on your body plus Plants and animals too, and it is a natural Antibiotic with no side effects like the Big Pharma’ s AntiBeez

Remember it is a world renown antibiotic and it helps dispel the effects on us from Poisoning from Chemtrails, Staphs desease from the dirty water in the Massive  Lagoon here plus it cleanses the Pineal Gland and clears your internal system out with electrically charged Colloided elements in the water:

Now for Free energy 

Ian thankfully got a huge Toroid Ferrite coil out of a large transformer and Micah has found a trashed Flat screen which had 5 pre-wrapped Toroid Ferrite wheels in it and they can be seen in action here as Bastion has connected others  together and produced some surprising results you can get more on this subject by looking for Joule Thief on You tube

We have seen a 110 volt light bulb with no more than a dead battery for power now and we have even made a lighting unit that has no battery not even a dead one.

Here is some clips and pics of our works in action :

Remember the principle is simple too:

If we can do it! why then can the big corporations not do this?

Because it is there $200 Billion Dollar pay check,

Money means more to them than we do.

Let us show them that we mean business and we do not need big killer Corporations any more.

Spread the word please.

Thanks To Bastiaan for his integrity and determination in making all these items work

Genius at play is a dangerous thing huh!

Schematic of Joule Thief with a Ferrite Toroid Wheel wrap

From this he made this :

Bastiaan at work on this small light So bright it can light up a full room from nothing more than a dead battery

And this monster:

ok This looks serious and Nothing more than a dead battery running this

and then this :

Now that what I call free energy ,,Nothing running this except a barely visible tiny transformer


And now finally to Aquaponics system growing our own fish and vegetables and fruit and spices from Lightworkers SXM

Thanks to Kevin Dekkers enjoying the spoils of my creation at his home, Built by yours truly and all leaks fixed by Kevin himself haha

Plants soon to become Digested plants Yummy

And from Elaine ‘s garden

Yummy and busy Aquaponics The Fish are in makeshift Fridge Freezer below

Thats 2 meters cubed and could feed five thousand, Well maybe not but you get the point.

That is the round up of the last 2 weeks activities here on This Tiny island and I hope you enjoyed it.

There is So much energy here and spirituality and it shows in our togetherness and the opening of conscious circles

Just as I write Blanko came in from the French side of the Island an purchased number 108: Colloidal Silver Water Maker, so thanks to him and enjoy your new vitality and pure water. He will be playing guitar on the Beach  at La Bamba’s Beach bar this Sunday week with Kelly singing.

Great picturesque venue there on Kim Sha beach Simpson Bay and a pint of foamy guiness.

The portal 2012 Conference here in SXM

This is the real Reason Cobra Is coming here : Energy & Lots of it. 

It is amazing to think that Cobra is coming so please also be apart of the Conference Here

The latest news on the meeting is that LightWorkerSXM have a potentially decision making meeting this coming Wednesday evening

The venue selected will then be announced and it will be put up on Cobra’s Web sites and ours,

Watch this space if you want to spend the weekend of 30 the Nov – 2nd Dec With Cobra at The Portal 2012 Conference Here in SXM.

here is the Link to the program,

and here on this website,

our message to the world is

We are all love and we are all one, Welcome to the New Golden Age where evil hath no place.

Namaste To all and from All Light Workers in Sint Maarten/SaintMartin



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