Elaine Christopher : from Lightworkersxm : MUST READ :Posted this article : Why are we letting them (The Cabal) do this to us? Systematic rape by our lunatic rulers

Contributory article by Elaine Lightworkersxm Caribbean.

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The amount of money lent today is believed to be between 1 and 1.5 Quadrillion – An outright fraud by bankers who are legally permitted to create all the money they want out of thin air; and then charge it as taxation (austerity measures) to the working classes.

According to the principles of bailment, deposits are supposed to be assessable to depositors at all times. How are bankers allowed then to have 100’s of trillions in outstanding debt? The answer lies in this question: Where do those politicians get those millions (and sometimes billions) of dollars to run for election?

Oh! Look! Quantitative Easing!

What is that?

It’s a huge torrential down pour of free subsidized money to national bankers on Wall Street! Yet loans have stopped to small biz in America! It’s time for neo-fuedalism!

So why do they need more free money? Because they had fraudulently created a racketeering scheme & fixing the rates on all credit cards and mortgages!

Congress loves it because people like Nancy Pelosi use all that same bankers insider information to make millions!

We live in a snow-globe of fraud! It’s showering down all around us from the top! And it’s fraud to new levels now because they have created synthetic fraud: the buying & selling of phony instruments they either don’t own or invented out of thin air. It’s not even real fraud – It’s imaginary bucket selling of the Brooklyn Bridge and other con game gimmicks!

And all of this fraud squeezes out legitimate activity, small business, farming, and anything that produces real products & services for the community!

Here we have derivative cotton candy spun fraud from the bowels of the Central & National banking systems which have created a massive Ponzi scheme over 1 Quadrillion in size! The USA & Great Britain no longer produce any tangible goods and services – The only money they make is war profiteering and bogus cotton candy spun synthetic fraud!

And now that the cotton candy spun fraud is collapsing upon itself like a dying star, bankers are suggesting forced austerity on the working classes to pay for it!

I want to know why the working classes don’t simply take these criminal bankers to the guillotine? Iceland had the balls to do it! South Korea had the balls to do it! Scandinavia & New Zealand sheepherders had the balls to do it! What’s your excuse you bunch of obese American pussy’s?!

Ireland had one of the lowest in the entire OECD & now they are collapsing as a direct result of synthetic (fake) cotton candy spun fraud created by a few bankers out of thin air! Does this seem normal to you? And now the OECD is suggesting the AUTOMATIC repo of 10% from every working mans wealth AND the State is already seizing all pensions.

WE ARE AT WAR: savers vs speculators; workers vs bankers & politicians! WW3 IS ON! THEY ARE ASSET STRIPPING AND CONFISCATING PENSIONS!

This why they are shutting down all avenues of free speech; shutting down civil rights; shutting down the right to assemble; locking people up indefinitely for pre-crime; and rolling out ADS Advanced Denial Systems: a giant microwave dish atop Humvees to cook protesters where they stand!


Contributory article by Elaine Lightworkersxm Caribbean.

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6 comments on “Elaine Christopher : from Lightworkersxm : MUST READ :Posted this article : Why are we letting them (The Cabal) do this to us? Systematic rape by our lunatic rulers

  1. The main reason we American “pussy’s” (really?) don’t do something about it is because we are the most brainwashed population of them all, with the possible exception of North Korea — and there’s a reason for that. At least in North Korea, I imagine that there are many people who yearn for the truth. In America, it takes a lot of shoving truth down people’s throats to get them to wake up. It’s not fun, believe me. But eventually my fellow American “pussy’s” will emerge from their slumber.

    • Jolly good Christian thanks for your imput, as I discussed with Sharon, UK is far more asleep than even the US is ,,I mean they are addicted to all forms of sport and if that is not enough, they are then forced to undergo torture on the TV with yet more soap operas which is mind control at it’s fiercest force. Then they have news which is doctored , then when they sleep they are subjected to heavy chemtrails and when they awake they are subjected to a barrage of more TV insults and it is cold there So they pay extra as the Royal family owns all the Power companies there. So every one is forced to pay a special BBC TV liscence which you get jail for if you do not pay. They are really the biggest pussies of all , and then they all think they won the WW2 but they did not , The NAZI’s put the German Royal family in place who are blood relatives of the Dutch royal family after the WW2 and every thing with a Royal in front of it is NAZI generated poison. Royal Society, Royal Charter (owns the BBC see article on this web site) Royal Navy, Royal World Wild life fund, It is all part of the depopulation program, and any money collected will go to their Agenda’s, So if you think that Americans have it bad , then think for my country folk , Pussies, Pfaff they are not even at pussy level yet, Namaste Dave PS Royal Bank Of Scotland, say no more

  2. I agree, Christian Lightworker. However, I am a bit in a quandry as to why this website calls itself “lightworkers”xm. I think “fearworkers”xm, or “hateworkers”xm, might be more appropriate. Calling for war, insulting your fellows, pushing the fear, anger, and hate, is nothing to do with lightworking. There’s nothing higher-vibrational about any of that. No light involved. Just the same low vibration that keeps the dark Ones well fed.

    And may I point out, dear Elaine, that all the countries you listed as having broken free are small countries. It’s much easier to mobilize small countries than large ones – especially one like the US that is comprised of multitudes of cultures, each with their own set of motivations and beliefs. I’ve been thinking for a while that I would delete this website from my daily perusual. Now I’m sure of it. (And, trust me, I know you care not. 🙂 )

    • Hi Sharon We are workers of the Light and we are full of light , it appears the direction intended of the information provided was seen as insulting ,,when a serious light point was omitted perhaps ,,we are holding conferences here with real resisteance and we promote the reality of knowing the light IE know your enemy and know who is dark which helps promote the light ,We have more here for you however we cannot be any part of yoru decisions to join or leave us as your daily routine ,personally i request you to consider staying with us ,,I am British and wish those fools wake up , i never say that ,,i just tell you ,,but i have no interest in going bqack to my dumbed down country until they wake up ,,given time they will ,,just now however ,they are far far from that, the intended target for this post regarding the USA, in my view if you get my point, Namaste Dave

      • Dear Dave,

        Thank you for your reply. I suppose where my feelings lie in all this is with these four thoughts:

        !. What you resist, persists.

        2. You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

        3. Everything is energy/vibration.

        4. It is lightworkers who most likely read your website.

        I am well aware of who the “enemy” is, as are, I would believe, most, if not all, who come here. Perhaps Elaine’s scathing editorial on us obese, pussy, Americans (of which I am neither) would have been more appropriate in a publication for unenlightened people. I would ask her – does she spend time in loving envisioning, seeing people waking up and taking appropriate action against the PTW? Or does she simply use the same energy that they, themselves, employ to get her points across? And thus, feed them.

        I believe, personally, that it would be a difficult war to win against the cabal if we only had the same weapons as they – anger and hate. They are masters of those! Our weapons must be of love (to be the change).

        I once knew a young woman who had a visitation from angels. They beamed love at her until she had to tell them to stop – because, she said, frankly, it HURT! Inciting lightworkers to a cause by insults isn’t exactly good form. Loving the cabal, unconditionally, until it HURTS is a better weapon. Envisioning humanity around the world waking up, and taking loving action is a better weapon. Inviting the positive ET’s with their superior technologies to help us is a better weapon. Insulting fellow lightworkers, so that their vibration drops several degrees, for however long it takes to raise it again, is counterproductive.

        If Mother Earth is raising her vibration, and if only those who have raised their own sufficiently can go along with her to her new dimension, then I think it’s important for you to look at the approach you take in your articles. Inform, yes. But be wary of lowering the vibration of those who only, like yourselves, wish to serve the Light. To do so serves the dark.

        Namaste. (And the God in me, DOES see the God in you, Dave.)

      • Sharon I share your heart and vibes ,,wonderfully explained ,,,to answer some questions ,,people come to our (my) web site for various reasons and in varying forms of awakened state ,,haha my answer to your question is We are all lightworkers any way even if we have not awoken yet ,,,sorry to piss you off with Elaine message ,,but she was quoting from some one else ( she informed me later)) ,,so maybe an apology is needed to both of you ,,,duality is fuel ,,and there is no fuel from this site,, so your final comments display your light level qualities and one of the reasons for having this web site, is to read some one from the heart . like you display , love with you, love to you, love and life prevails Namaste Dave

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