Coke : Coka-Cola : Call it what you want : Coke kills : From 1888 and sponsers of all sides of WW2 : Adopts Mafia rules on Dissenters : Steels clean water where ever they set up shop and poison the local lands and people:

We seem to all say ” We  know Coka-Cola is bad for you ” But we still drink it all over the world. Just one open mind and 2 hours of investigative research and suddenly, all modern day problems come out and a different story emerges.

Coke has so much association with death in all forms of it’s existence, it is a complete surprise that it has remained so popular, given the rise in conscious people on their own health issues these days, Unless it happened to be linked in any way to mind control and Corporate bullying and warfare.

Here is a short clip of them attending secret society meeting on world global depopulation Agenda 21 at Buildeberg:

And look here how they sponsor the RFID chip, How bad is that ?

Surely that is not the case and I have all my facts wrong? Apparently not,  look here :

And here on teeth :

and here in Australia  :

And here in Central South Americas ;

And here all over India;

And here is the history of coke :

and globally here with Max Keiser too:

Even Mike Adams is on the case and Channel 4 are also on the case here;

And another of millions of video clips about this  here :

I am sorry to let you know that Coke is run like a military machine and even if it is not Military the basis of it’s success is simple.

Coca-cola is by design a Corporate gangster war machine releasing toxins for profit and pollution is their best waste and they spread death in every country on the planet.

Just like The Euro Royalty, The Vatican, The  City of London and Washington DC, it does not take long to link it to Nazi Germany either, the corporation of Coka-cola has Illuminati Trait,

“Profit over people, at any cost”, this amounts to the following:

Poisonous and Addictive Products and they even put it on the can.

Deprivation of basic needs for local people all over the world where Coke Depot’s spring up and the theft of local water.

Mass Pollution of local lands of water and environmental health issues, soon after opening.

Bullying of Trades unions and the employment of Hit gangs and mafia to silence the mass speaking out about corruption,

Mass use of Child slave labor globally,

The most important of all is  mass hypnotic mind control and Use of Illuminati Rock Pop and Film stars for mind controlling advertisements at a seldom seen ( allowed ) level, often even having to be censored by puppet control angencies.

Coka-Cola is a major player in the Depopulation Program and the New World Order who regularly attend Bilderberg and other secret controlling society venues who sponsor everything to do with Depopulation Agenda 21.

Coka Cola have court cases that no one person has the ability to list as they have so many on the books.

They have law suites in all but a few countries in the world, Bolivia being number 1 first in the world to out right  ban on Coca Cola from any activity what so ever, in their country as from  21st Decemebr 2012.

Clever Bolivia and why that date.

Here is the list of attendees for 2011 Bildeberg Depopulation secret meeting, deciding on who is to die on thus planet.

And here is the new director from the 2012 meeting.

Just 13 of 130 high level guests who are kindly deciding for us  whether or not you and I should die.

  • Greece
  • David, George A., Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A.
  • Hardouvelis, Gikas A., Chief Economist and Head of Research, Eurobank EFG
  • Papaconstantinou, George, Minister of Finance
  • Tsoukalis, Loukas, President, ELIAMEP GrisonsInternational Organizations
  • Almunia, Joaquín, Vice President, European Commission
  • Daele, Frans van, Chief of Staff to the President of the European Council
  • Kroes, Neelie, Vice President, European Commission; Commissioner for Digital Agenda
  • Lamy, Pascal, Director General, World Trade Organization
  • Rompuy, Herman van, President, European Council
  • Sheeran, Josette, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme
  • Solana Madariaga, Javier, President, ESADEgeo Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics
  • Trichet, Jean-Claude, President, European Central Bank
  • Zoellick, Robert B., President, The World Bank Group

This list included all Euro royalty and any one who has a giant corporation like Coka cola


The full list is seen here:

So it is great that we have a New World Order deciding our fate, however I have one problem with it.

No one asked ‘we the people’, so now it is our time to turn the screws.

Coka Cola Is wrong. Full Stop. So too is any other Corporate variation of the said same poison, like Pepsi and other coca labels,

It is all death agenda policy, by design, for your demise at the behest of vast offshore profits to be fueled back into the entire catastrophic corrupt global financial en-slavery protocol.

We have had far too much sleep on this lets wake this hell up.

Lets fall into Bolivia’s Integrity and Boycott and BAN Coka Cola’s treasonous, poisonous, heartless Corporate activity which has no place on Earth.

How dare they be number 2 sponsor of the Olympic games, AND WHO WOULD ALLOW THAT, lets get rid of them too ??

How dare they Force Feed & Drive poison on the athletes, they are as bad as M’cDonalds who got the number 1 spot, as they have to go too, and many many more will follow.

Final Full Stop.




5 comments on “Coke : Coka-Cola : Call it what you want : Coke kills : From 1888 and sponsers of all sides of WW2 : Adopts Mafia rules on Dissenters : Steels clean water where ever they set up shop and poison the local lands and people:

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  2. Nice dave.. All true and nice fear loaded to scare people.. they solution here is… Dont drink coca cola.
    Maybe more postings on solutions that people can do for themselfs to make this world a better place is a tip.
    ‘Permaculture’ is one of them.
    Here is a good docu on the subject, which also has a warning to people that the way we get our food now is not going to last…

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