More Music control by Henry Mackow : Rap is an illuminati invention :

 Where does our control end? We need to know what exactly they control first before we can successfully end all of this.

Our next article will be on sport and how the whole industry is totally controlled by the Cabal but first here is more music control:

Rap Music’s Blatant Satanism

August 6, 2012

363.jpeg(left.  Hip hoppers Three 6 Mafia)

Other themes in many popular rap songs are: Kidnapping people’s children and holding them ransom, murdering people, bragging about their sexual conquests, breaking into people’s homes and robbing them.

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by Ryan

Very few people actually listen to the lyrics in the music they enjoy.

Music companies don’t even bother to hide the messages subliminally. People just aren’t paying attention to the words, so it has the same effect. It has a nice beat and they listen to it.

Rap music is probably the worst influence of all judging by the lyrics.

If you look at the lyrics for popular rap groups like “Three 6 Mafia” or “Tech N9ne”, the lyrics are openly Satanic.

Look at the names, “Three 6 (666) Mafia”… I mean, how much more obvious can it be with a name like that? Here are some examples from Three 6 Mafia’s song, “Fuckin Wit Dis Click” :

“I’m on a cross Lucifer please cut me free (cut me free)
I’ll draw your portrait if you pull these nails out my feet (nails out my feet)
My cross turns upside down”

“No Lord could stop us now
Cause the demons reborn again”

“Follow me into the trees
Watch me rob Adam
And watch me rape Eve”

These are just a few lyrics from one of their songs. Three 6 Mafia is only one example, and they are not some obscure underground rap group.

They are a mainstream Oscar winning group. In interviews when they are asked about the meaning of the group’s name, they say it is because the group started with three members, and then they added three more later, so “three six”.

But this is not true, their original name was “Triple 6 Mafia”, triple six = 666, and judging from their lyrics, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to believe that they purposely named their group after Satan.

Their lyrics started out being overtly Satanic, but lately as they have become more mainstream. They have shifted the theme of their lyrics to sex, drug use, murder, and bragging about their wealth.

T9.jpegTECH N9NE

Another rapper, Tech N9ne, named after the Tech 9 machine pistol, is a very famous rapper.

He is known for his ability to rap backwards. He speaks gibberish sometimes but audio software reveals the secret messages.

Here is the chorus of Demons, “There’s a demon inside of me, can I kill it? Hell no! Can I kill it? Hell no! Can I kill it? Hell no!”

Reverse the song and you can hear another message, “Hell is coming, onward! Hell is coming, onward! Hell is going to keep us enemies my friend.”

People say this is just a coincidence, but reversing his gibberish or lyrics always comes out sounding very dark and bizarre. He has one song called, “In the Trunk” where he raps about how he locked a girl into his car trunk and leaves her in there for two days with music blasting so nobody would here her yelling for help.

Other themes in many popular rap songs are: Kidnapping people’s children and holding them ransom, murdering people, bragging about their sexual conquests, breaking into people’s homes and robbing them.

And of course they are talk about their drug use in almost every song.

Songs like Lil Wyte’s “Oxycotton” (rapping about taking OxyContin hydrocodone tablets), Juicy J’s “Can’t (say no to drugs)”, there are far too many to mention here.

jc.jpegIn Juicy J’s music video for “Geeked Up Off Them Bars” he plays video games with some hot girls, smokes weed, drinks codeine syrup, waves bottles of prescription Xanax and Hydrocodone in front of the camera and raps about crushing the pills and snorting them.

He also often brags about having 80 million dollars in his bank account and how he is never going to get married, because like he says in his song “I’m 100”, “I’m a never get married, there’s too much p*ssy, why not share it?”

The rappers make it very clear that they make enough money to live a non-stop party with as many drugs and beautiful women as they want, and they will shoot you if you make them mad. And they are the role models for this generation of young men. They would be our example of “Alpha Males” if you want to use that term.

The rapper “Too Short” raps about his sexual success with women in all of his songs. He mocks monogamous men in his song “I’m a Player”, he says, “You’ve got one girlfriend and see her every night…look at your watch it says 6:22, run back to the house to say baby I love you”.

He loves to make fun of guys who only have one girlfriend. In his song “Couldn’t Be a Better Player” he says, “The fact still stands you’ve got one girlfriend, and I feel like the whole world’s pimp.” So the message is that a real man gets lots of women, and only a punk or loser gets stuck with one woman.

Is it a coincidence that if you boil it all down, modern rappers have the same basic message in all their songs?

When rap music was born in the 1980’s it was about protesting inequality and giving the people in the ghetto a way to express themselves. It was an expression of street culture.

But somewhere along the line it got hijacked by the record companies  who promote the groups they want to be successful, and now rap is all about getting rich at all costs, killing your enemies, living like a playboy, getting high, and devil worship.

The Illuminati watchword, “We corrupt in order to control,” could not be more apparent.

For more on this and other subjects go to Henry Mackow PHd:




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