Gold & Silver : It’s all about Gold : Current Global Gold moves : The consequences we cannot see: but take for granted

It’s all about Gold series of articles that cover current affairs and is historically  linked  ancient sciences.


Sifting through the lies every day , this site always has stated “It’s All about Gold”.

Gold is seen as money still these days and In the great Movie THRIVE they got their best results when they “followed the Money”.

When you know the History of Gold and Brett covers it in broad related ancient historical form, you get to see that this is a real ancient alien practice from at least 200,000 year ago and is classed in such an ancient tradition,  it  brings a new dimension  to the word Ancient!

One cannot help but ask the question, Who gave who, what technology? and and shared what knowledge? back in those early days, 200,000 years ago?.

Brett Sutherland article:

Here is the article from Contributing writer Brett Sutherland updated as of today’s date 5th August 2012

Up to date and modern movements of Gold

Bringing us more upto date and what is going on in current affairs behind the scenes  still is “All about the Gold ‘

But you have to delve deep to find even alternative media talking and discussing this, never mind the limited mention on Mainstream media as it is largely controlled and hushed up by the big 3. The City Of London , The Vatican and the Vatican Puppet Theater, Washington DC.

The mad panic now by the Cabal is increasingly obvious to most awakened people that the top echelon of evil  The 3 R’s including Royalty and Rothschilds and Rockefellers have just woke up them selves and realized that the world is full of intelligent people who do not fall for their stupid evil satanic reptilian nazi tricks.

You can imagine the conversation between the Queen and the Pope nowadays:

” You mean the Federal Reserve has given all our gold to who ?

“You mean Iran pay there people’s pensions with gold and have educated there citizens on the value of gold ?

” so did Gaddaffi in Libya ??

” so are you telling me , from Afghanistan to India and from China and throughout Asia and Indonesia they all have gold given to them by the Federal Reserve traded for loans over that past 60 years or so?

Erm Yes maam!

“This means we have nothing , We need to porn the crown Jewels then?

So the wars are about Gold not oil oil is just the time waiver mechanism:

And so it goes, you can then imagine the mad panic and those  instructions given to the puppets we see on MSM from  the Highest ranking  Cabal which is evident all around us. You see why Cameron and Hitlery  go do their stuff and  visit the main players in this field game,  offering stupendous ideas  in order to get the gold back to their thieving oligarchs, only to come back home  empty handed and gain an extended  pistol barrel to their cloned asses.

Ending up being the laughing stock on Benjamin Fulford’s weekly Geopolitical News Blogs.

It definitely is ‘ all about gold’.

The oil robbery (most modernly disguised as Corporate humanity warfare)  as Jim Marrs says in his article on Brett Sutherland article, is a tactical time battle for them to shift fences on a new form of energy and the time delay can be used to bide over,  until the corporate entity in question have a new ( but even worse again ) policy to drain our resources on a newer form of energy, once all the correct propaganda protocol has been introduced to us Useless eaters ( as they call us) in order for them to maximize profits and uphold there crazy zany satanical depopulation agenda.

Basically, Similarly as in the tobacco industry in the 70’s and 80’s, Cigarette Companies used time delaying tactics and laws to get that  time to change plans. They got into Prison and Medicine practices under the guise of Royal Societies and all other manner of deceptive ways, as links to their new enterprise, so that they could continue to produce small percentage of killer tobacco. Their vast wealth already gained from the tobacco industry would then finance other industries like the anti cannabis scandal where by they contribute to the prison funds for the sentencing of cannabis users and contribute to police bonuses should they incarcerate the basic user.

They even then sponsored the Prison unions to keep the industry wide open and flourishing.

What is extremely hilarious here is that if you compare the time delaying tactics going on to those industries, then you can clearly see that the industry of Gold is not on there ‘best jobs done’ list, and I am not talking about the suffering of every single practical global gold miner either.

Hitlery’s orders are clear, To raid who ever you can to get to all ancient artifacts related to gold, as they did in Iraq and Libya and probably many more states have fallen for such deception over the years , that’s pistol politics.

Audit The Federal Reserve:

Now they want to audit the Federal Reserve and count their gold stocks to balance the books and Ron Paul has been instrumental in getting this in to action in congress.

He knows that The Federal  Reserve ( run by a bunch of eurocratic gangsters and criminals) have allowed our gold to go to money lending currencies to other countries as trade offs, but they did not think ‘out side the box’ and a few shocks are now coming their way which could be the the first domino to bring the house to it’s knees.

Not a single  mentioned in the Press at all, is the fact that 142 other countries joined the Monacco accord last year with an aim to go behind the US and Europe and the G5’s backs, hence removing the need to be enslaved by the Dollar and Euro.

This in simpleton format means that smaller countries , should they trade in gold backed currency of their own ,  could easily bring down the “too big to fail mobsters like Washington DC, and their bosses at the Vatican and Their bosses in The City of London.

They have underestimated some bright futuristic Asians and the global think tanks, like the White Dragon Society and the ruling elite have been in brainstorm mode. Now it should not be underestimated again by the cabal, how grand a scheme they have  created against themselves, Soon to be known as the “Too big to rescue” bankster groups.


This plan could be at least 40 years in the making, if not  maybe more, because as explained in David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny Neil Keenan and Keith Scott who as acting on behalf of Soetornu of Indonesia , They wish to claim actual Stolen money and gold worth an insurmountable value in gold form, from  the highest of the high in global gangster, bankster echelon better known as the Oligarchs.

Now If it is, as we say “All about gold ” then,


Firstly we need to know what exactly happened to Germany’s Gold after the WW2.

Most of this is covered in an article by

And Susan Posel covers this well here:

2) 9/11 Fort Knox and Denver :

Secondly where did all the gold go from the safe houses in the Federal Reserve and under the twin towers of 9/11 and in Fort Knox?

Article covered on Divine Cosmos

3) China Gold

Thirdly why did the US send fabricated inferior gold and titanium filled bars to China, yes they sent gold candy bar biscuits disguised as gold bars, the same weight. article on Divine Cosmos

4) Taiwan Gold from WW2 Japan

Where is all the gold hidden in Taiwan which was moved by Japan in the WW2? We are talking about 7 storey tunnels, 50 miles long here, packed with Gold bars, as reported in financial tyranny article here:

5) The Indonesia & Philippines and the UK & US efforts recently

Why did US troops start sniffing around for the hidden gold in the Philippines Mindanao province Islands just 2 months ago?and why did Cameron go to visit Indonesia to get back gold when he clearly came back empty handed and red faced 3 months ago?

Go here for Benjamin Fulford discussion with David Wilcock in Financial Tyranny :

6) City of London Gold

and most important of all and most secretive of all Where is all the royal gold in the Euro Royal and Rothschild palaces?

A little of that is covered here in a fab article on the stealth wealth of the Royals ;

So why bury the stuff that is perfect for the health of the populous?

Lightworkersxm delve deeply into the consumable value of gold and silver and find that gold is “The bread of life” as quoted in the Bible and White Powder Gold is the Finest consumable gold known 6000 years ago, we also note and report that gold mining has been a long tradition for 200,000 of years.

Also we,  as users and makers and promoters of Colloidal Silver with it’s healing magic, which is subjected to massive Media cover ups ,  have  nearly 100 devices made by us now, in operation here on a tiny Caribbean Island, curing Mouth&tooth Abscess, Staph’s disease, Celiac’s Disease and getting elderly couched people to walk again and getting kidney’s revitalized as in a case of a 92 yr old woman from drinking our silver  water.

We are also in the end stages of creating our own colloidal gold water too and feel this will be available for public use very soon.

We feel that it is time the people know that locking gold and Silver  up in vaults for the 1% wealthy stink pots who run our lives for there ill gotten gain, is not really what life should be  all about.

Why would ancient aliens come here 200,000 years ago to train monkeys to mine gold and then bury it underground?

Gifts of knowledge from the visitors:

It is a known fact that aliens have been here for years before our civilization, we also know that from say 5 to 15,000 years ago civilizations cannot resemble anything like, as the visitors  must have encountered, all those tens of thousands of years ago.

The main thing is that the Arc of the Covenant produces a Gold like power that produced tons of White Powder Gold, all those 6000 years ago and was used for health reasons and medication , why then lock it under ground, which is a relatively new phenomena dating back to the Gold backed Pound in the 17th century in UK as explained on THRIVE the Movie in an article  by David Icke.

It is easy to see that many people did not know ( or had the details kept from them) that gold was consumable and good for health, they simply thought it was good for wealth rather than health.

So they never went back to see if their stash was safe in the banks, they simply lived off the interest and lived happily until they died early, as was the norm in those earlier years, This naive act must have not gone un noticed by the banking faternity and is the basis of our banking ills today with ( non gold backed) fiat currencies, which is no more than worthless computerized fresh air paper money for banksters to pass among-st themselves, occasionally filtering the highest interest rates to the floor where you and I frequent .

The Arc of the Covenant

Now I have learnt that it takes more than a box of matches to fire the Arc of the Covenant up and if my facts are true there are 64 things that need to be in place to make the giant capacitor do it,s stuff and turn Gold into White Powder Gold, which is listed as “food  from the gods for the gods”

So If it is all about gold ? then maybe in Syria alone, may have a special box of matches or certainly a special component that is one of the 64 previously hidden items of necessity as listed in the Dead Sea Copper Scrolls ( hidden from us) which  fall in line, in being the bare necessity to charge up and utilize to maximum effect,  the Arc of the Covenant.

You only have to look back in time to find that the Arc of the Covenant was a much searched for, tool and it was chased from Iraq and Egypt into Europe from last reports and there may even be 2 of them, so where are they now ? any one know?

The truth is, this entire corrupt system is all about gold , so much so, it is worth enslaving us to gold mine it and treat us as in a torture chamber, whilst the 1% glean vast profits, Then they tell us nothing about it’s health benefits and they also keep it under lock and key.

They release just a little of it in the form of Jewellery and make sure that the price is the highest for the middle class so as  not to overwhelm their possession.

But worst of all they are prepared to covertly ask us all to be ‘go-fers’ and raid other countries under the pretext of humanitarian aid  and rape torture and pillage and destroy and steal all ancient relative artifacts from any country that appears to have the secrets to the igniting of the Arc of the Covenant and the making of the best substance brought for our use by our outer planetary ancestry in the form of White Powder Gold.

It begs the question if the Pyramids them selves were gold baking chambers as the arc of the covenant fits perfectly into Giza’s so called King’s Tomb.

Nassim Haramein shows this in his presentation of YHWH,

Please enjoy this great breakdown of what exactly is a tetragrammaton


So why not beg an even further fetched question, where the pyramids in actual fact ‘Gold generators and  transporters ‘ to other places on and off Island?

The Main Stream Media is all about what they do not tell you and not what they are trying to frame for you,

And living in a new energized spiritual environment surrounded by sheep and the awakened and the awakening,

I can safely say that it is all about what we do not see going on more than what we do see going on.

So it is all about gold and we must pay more vigilance and report what you see and hear regarding Gold movements no matter how trivia you may feel it to be.

If we are to ascend in to greater dimensions, you can count your lucky stars and bet on it that some one some where wants that gold, either on or off this planet.




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