August the 4th : What we are likely to see : Here is Steve Beckow and the 2012 Scenario : Sierra Neblina has a good point of view :

But First here is the Galactic weather forecast from here and outside earth from Suspicious0bservers.

So What is It Likely We’ll See on August 4th, 2012?

2012 AUGUST 4
Posted by Steve Beckow

Happy birthday, Mr. President!

What is it likeliest we’ll see on August 4, 2012?

(1) Some sort of galactic recognition of President Barack Obama’s birthday?

(2) Total ET/UFO Disclosure?

(3) An energetic event?

(1) Highly probable.  August 4 is President Obama’s birthday and it may work to recognize it in some way, especially to take the attention off the reigning head of state in Britain, Queen Elizabeth, who is a leading Illuminati figure. (1)

(2) Total Disclosure is highly unlikely. To do so would be to risk causing some form of War-of-the-Worlds crowd panic. However the galactics may still cause a singular, eye-opening appearance, as Sierra Neblina has said on The Light Agenda, Aug. 1, 2012:

“We will take things in our hands – meaning we will and can usurp your media during the Olympics and basically let people know that there are galactics present unless you do what you [speaking to terrestrial representatives at a recent galactic meeting] say you were going to do and let things unfold in the way that we planned it to do. … We could land a ship on the field in the middle of the Olympics. We could fly saucers overhead.” (2)

Sierra Neblina

(3) Highly probable, but not necessarily producing anything visible or tangible.  As Sierra Neblina said in her interview with Stephen Cook on The Light Agenda:

“There’s a lot of … planetary alignments, energetic happenings, energy that’s constantly coming toward the planet as we’re speeding towards [the] galactic center. … We want certain information and certain things to be freed up to the people of the planet so that they can start to engage their own conscious free thinkng and utilize the various energy portals that come towards the planet at certain times so they happen all during the year.  August 4th seems to be one of those and in July there was one. And on and on and on, there’s certain [portals]  …

“It’s interesting because it is not only an energetic thing, it’s a consciousness thing. It’s an activation of DNA, it’s an activation of our crystalline bodies, it’s an activation of energy in our body, of mass in our brain. It happens on so many different levels. But August 4th just happens to be another one of those times. And the reason why the galactics were starting to get  pretty frustrated is because we’re getting a little bit behind in our timeline  And we need information to come out to the people, have people start thinking in different ways, realizing that what they’ve been being told up to this point is not accurate. They need to start getting that information. But August 4th is just one of those portal dates.” (3)

Although this blogsite and others have been careful to say that we have only passed the divine deadline for Disclosure, and that that does not mean that Disclosure itself will happen immediately, many people will still undoubtedly hear that as if Disclosure has been predicted for August 4th, which it has not.

Sierra has said that the galactics have a plan, (4) but they do not share plans like these so as to prevent Illuminati-caused tragedies like the Denver shootings to throw off the galactics’ carefully-orchestrated arrangements.


(1) Matthew Ward:  “[Queen Elizabeth] is a rare exception insofar as being in the public eye. However, she is portrayed as a ceremonial figurehead who serves England’s enjoyment of the pomp and romance of royal traditions, whereas she actually is among the most powerful of the Illuminati due to the Crown’s vast holdings.” (Matthew’s Message, May 23, 2006.)

Sierra Neblina said on Stephen Cook’s The Light Agenda: “The Queen is in the middle of this heavy conversation and negotiations with the galactics and angelics about some timelines that she’s supposed to be meeting and is failing to do so. …  She has set up a lot of agreements that have to do with financial institutions … that’s so far-reaching that we could spend the entire time talking about. … For the Queen [what she was criticized at a recent galactic meeting for] information that she is supposed to get released that has to do with Disclosure and her part in the financial end of things and her family’s involvement  with several aspects of organizations that have been behind the scenes controlling a lot of things in the world – not only in her nation but also in the world.”  (Sierra Neblina quoted in The Light Agenda, Aug. 1, 2012, at

So much of the same really Another day seeing the Evil monarch lying to save face paying the TV to make them look good, with eveil spores casting across the nations of her rule.

Queenie has one problem though, a lot of us know who she really is now and soon very soon now, Occupy Buckingham Palace and Windsor may not be a dream any longer , it may just happen.


ANY THING WITH THE WORD ROYAL ATTACHED TO IT = Depopulation Program and Agenda 21 and Imminent controlled slavery of the masses,

Just look at the Royal zion Olympics as a great example , Macdonald’s is the Main sponsor????

Do you honestly think all those swimmers and divers and games participants are sucking their way through a big mac before they perform?

All the other sponsors incidentally, are up in court for the LIBOR financial swindling of the masses.

YES slavery of the masses, Go look at mainstream Olympic news now and look closely at every single sponsor.

NONE OF THEM REPRESENT THE HEALTH OF MANKIND, THEY ARE ALL PART OF ENSLAVERY AND CORPORATE WARFARE and should never ever be associated with the Olympics. This is Blind ‘in your face’ Mainstream Bollocks.

Never mind all the Royal mind control Military rule and zionistic rituals going on in the footprint of all of the games.

The Olympics should only take place when ever single nation on the planet is fit enough and healthy enough to put a team up for every single event, Period.

But just before you go read this on Letting dates go by : and do not get sucked into pre-arranged dates from an ex IRS inspector who got into the deep end of the Cabal un-expectantly:

Tracking down intel lead me to a place of having my life threatened and after deep reflection, I realized I had to step back and leave the scene.  I was sad to bow out of a world that had become such a tight knit communityfor my husband and me.  There were so many competent and extraordinarily gifted people I worked with, many who had come from prestigious positions of wealth and education, others fiercely patriotic and determined to expose the truth.  I learned much and am often in awe of how much I grew through that period of my life.

But now I am seeing the exact same tactic being used within the spiritual community as what was used with most of us back in the days of “the prosperity programs.”   In those days, we were incessantly presented with dates when the packages would arrive, not really caring if we ourselves had “shares” in these programs since we had been told many would receive the mother lode, and would of course assist their friends.  But, what we also saw was the painful unfolding of events where people were losing marriages, homes, cars, jobs, and even their health because they kept waiting for the packages to arrive.

I won’t go into all the details of how this process sucked all of us in, but what I can say is this channeling that has gotten so much negative attention is being used by the Cabal.  Do not think for one minute that they are not monitoring us, what we exchange, and how we are reacting to it.  This is normal life in this 3D matrix.  We don’t have to be paranoid.  It has always been that way for the last several decades.  Now that we are aware of it however, we just need to see what the true agenda is.  Unfortunately, I can say that their agenda is not full of light, warmth, support, and understanding.  Their agenda is to disperse doubt within our community when this projected date does not occur and really support discouragement and all that goes with a “let-down.”  Even dismantling people’s ability to dream…

So what I am asking all of you today is do not get sucked into ANY DATE or TIME!  This is finite, and most of you know it is not the way Spirit works (versus the infinite).  Ultimately, dates are avoided by Our Guidance and that is because WE WILL CHOOSE THE DATES on a higher level, BASED ON OUR OWN PROGRESS, OUR OWN READINESS, AND OUR OWN ACCEPTANCE TO MOVE this party along.  They are here to support our transition, not to do it for us.  They have specific guidelines in which to construct their next move.

When I tap in, I am constantly receiving that these major events will happen according to the vibrational state and people on the planet.  After all, we called out for them to assist us.  We are calling the shots on how to break the news to the world, on how to educate our people that we have been living like mushrooms, oblivious to the true goings-on within our governments and institutions that we chose to lay our trust in.

So please, please, please do not get sucked into any date!  Let it unfold.  If it happens great, but often times too much focused energy on something like this will typically propel it into another direction since there are so many of our own needs, wants, agendas, and perceptions attached to it.  Take it from one who has already been through this personally in a different way; just let it go!

Sending you all a massive blast of love and happiness in this new golden matrix!

Alexandra Meadors

ciHOM, FE Specialist, Intuitive

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Keep in hope and love,




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