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Cobra Update 8-30-12…”Cobra Conferences Around the World”

Posted on 2012/08/30

Cobra has announced in this article that he will be holding conferences at 6 different locations throughout the world, starting with Turin in October, 2012. Some of you may have interest in attending.

For some reason I was particularly drawn to the St. Maarten conference in November. Maybe one reason is that there is a famous airport there (Princess Juliana Airport) where people can stand behind the departing jets, hold on to the fence, and try to ride out the jet blast when planes take off. What a blast!


Cobra Conferences Around the World

As you probably know, there is the second Window of Opportunity for divine intervention that is opening very soon:

For this time window I have received clearance to go public in a limited way in a number of conferences around the world where people will receive more in-depth intel and will be able to ask questions. The locations of those conferences are strategically positioned on planetary vortex points to enhance the planetary Light body grid. The purpose of the conferences is twofold: to strengthen the planetary Light body with vortex activations and to bring some Light and clarity in the minds of dedicated lightworkers. Each of the conferences will be a unique energetic event. You can help making this viral by posting this information on your websites, blogs and facebook.

The official website for the conferences is here:


The first conference will be taking place in Turin, Italy, from October 26th to 28th. This conference will be positioned within the same energy vortex that has triggered the first Renaissance more than 500 years ago. Now the same vortex will start triggering the second Renaissance. On that conference certain developments of Operation Dreamland will be happening that can not yet be disclosed. Link to that conference is here:


The second conference will be in Austin, Texas, from November 9th to 11th. Within this conference we will be having a special activation on November 11th. The link is here:


The third conference will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, from November 16th to 18th. As we were making the initial preparations for this conference, this UFO has appeared in North Carolina:


The link to the North Carolina conference is here:


The fourth conference will be taking place in Laguna Beach from November 23rd to 25th, right in the eye of the Pleiadian vortex. Our conference room will be located only a few hundred yards away from the exact spot where Dr. Fred Bell had physical contact with Semjase, a Pleiadian being of Light. At the conference you will be able to hear the amazing testimony of that contact from Robert Potter, Dr. Fred Bell’s close friend and himself a contactee. After the conference, further developments of Operation Dreamland are scheduled to be announced.

It is interesting to note that just as we were making the final preparation for this conference, the following UFO appeared in Laguna Beach:


It appears that at the conferences we might as well get some attention from our star brothers and sisters of Light.

The link to this conference is here:


The fifth conference will be taking place in St. Maarten from November 30th to December 2nd. Sint Maarten is not only a beautiful tropical island, but also an important energy spot within the Caribbean vortex. The Caribbean vortex is a huge energy portal that connects us with the old Atlantis and accelerates the activation of the new Atlantis, the forthcoming civilization of Light. We are making plans to announce a certain aspect of Operation Phoenix at this conference, but no guarantees yet.

And the link to St. Maarten conference is here:


Finally, we will have the Egypt trip from December 15th to 22nd (main program) or from December 8th to 22nd ( Nile cruise activation together with the main program). This Egypt trip will be the culmination of the Portal 2012. Its highlight will be the main Portal 2012 activation on the solstice day December 21st within the Great Pyramid with exclusive private access for our group. It will be a very special moment and a great chance for a quantum leap that has never happened before. It will be the moment of the end of a certain cycle as we will reach the zero point of Sheliak timewave. Do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime… The link is here:


Victory of the Light is near!


David Wilcock : Update : A round up of what has happened : Also What is to come : Please allow some time for reading ALL : Here is but 25% of it :

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Written by David WilcockTuesday, 28 August 2012 22:23

This beautiful, inspiring reading reminds us that there is only Identity — and makes some intriguing suggestions about what may occur at the end of this year.
by David Wilcock
[PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you not re-post this on other websites, except for small excerpts and a link back to the original.
We are using the Fair Use clause on these images. If you see your art in here and would like credit, or to have it removed, please let us know — we will happily put your name and a website link under the image or take it out if desired. Thanks!]
The last 20 years have been quite the incredible ride — to say the least — and it all seems to be coming to a focal-point now.
In less than a month I will be celebrating my 20-year anniversary of sobriety. I have been completely free of mind-altering drugs and / or alcohol since September 21, 1992.
I began writing my dreams down every morning, starting the very next day — and have continued this daily practice ever since.
About six months later in 1993, I got heavily into UFO research — after a friend of mine reported that his physics professor worked for NASA in the 1970s, and in the higher echelons it was considered “common knowledge” that UFOs and extraterrestrial humans, who look like us, are very real.
It took three and a half more years before I saw how these two elements — the dreamwork and the UFO/metaphysics research — coincided.
The dream guidance has systematically transformed my entire life — into something I honestly could never have even imagined back when I started. It has also given me a profound view of the future we can now attain.
Once you understand how to read the language, dream guidance is profoundly useful — as it is a personal message from your Higher Self.
I shared everything significant I know about deciphering the dream language in the Access Your Higher Self video series.
After four years of dreamwork, and an intensive study of the protocols of remote viewing, I was able to telepathically receive words that appeared to originate from the Higher Self — a highly advanced aspect of my own being — starting on November 10, 1996.
The initial sessions were highly encrypted. It did not read like normal speech at all. Many of the results can be found in the Readings section of this website.
What you’re about to read, in the second half of this piece, is a reading I was able to pull in on December 1st, 2011.
This is a very difficult process to do well — and I am extremely careful about maintaining the highest possible security around this type of work.
I have not had enough freedom from stress and pressure to pull one in since last December, though I am finally getting clear enough that it might be possible to get new data soon.
I only even transcribed this reading a few weeks ago — and found out that it was quite current, and obviously written for the time we’re in now.
Recently, I found out from one of my top insiders — who worked extensively in the most classified remote-viewing programs — that the modern protocols were specifically designed to stop remote viewers from receiving ET / angelic contacts.
This was apparently a “persistent problem” in the early days of remote viewing.
Extensive research was done to find ways to train people to receive only visual and tactile information about a specific location — and train them out of being able to receive complete words and sentences from non-physical beings.
Without ever knowing this, I immediately saw how the protocols could be modified for verbal “downloads” when I first came across them in 1996 — since the core principles are fairly straightforward, and simply require practice.
I shared everything I know about how to do this in the Access Your Higher Self video series — and it definitely works if you can get your mind quiet enough to listen.
I quickly discovered, as cassette tapes piled up on my desk and I got behind by up to a month at a time in transcribing them, that the Source had seemingly unlimited abilities to see into the future.
You couldn’t bid and contract it to perform tricks, whenever and however you wanted — but almost every time I sat down to transcribe, the tape would start describing precisely what I had been doing or seeing — right before I sat down.
It happened so often that it started to become ridiculous — but it never ceased to dazzle me when it occurred.
In one case it even used a specific line I had just heard from a guy in Woodstock, two hours earlier, as the punchline to a joke in the reading.
He had referred to different forms of religion as “software” we could use to access higher consciousness.
I then came home, started transcribing, and one of the first things the reading said, along with other specific details of where I had just been, was “We are installing new software.”
It was a friendly, spiritually aware voice — guiding me, with incredibly precise knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses, about how I could reach my greatest potential as a soul.
This contact was a direct result of intensively studying the Law of One material — a series of four books (now five, with the deleted material included) that were generated predominantly in 1981, by L/L Research.
My recently-released bestseller The Source Field Investigations is a rigorous proof-of-concept that the vast scientific model in the Law of One material is correct — with 1,039 different academic references to make the case.
Most of the references are web-linked and clickable in the Ebook version, forming a vast treasure-trove of material.
Thirty years of research — and nine feet worth of Internet articles that I printed out and bound into books, from 1999 to 2004 alone — went into the creation of Source Field.
Though the intuitive material was quite useful in its own right, I knew that many people would say it was “not scientific” and therefore attack it as garbage — so I felt it was important to back up everything I was reading with solid research.
Our website features three free, full-length books that are crammed with this sort of scientific information, and serve as the precursors to The Source Field Investigations — particularly the third volume, Divine Cosmos.
I do believe this scientific knowledge has been actively suppressed — though I only briefly touched upon this concept in the Source Field book.
I’ve loaded up this article with links to a variety of different things I wrote on the Divine Cosmos website, exploring various areas of this incredibly vast subject — which I have been actively tracking online since 1998.
Once the Source Field science becomes openly acknowledged and applied, we will have anti-gravity, teleportation, free energy, time travel, energetic healing technologies and much, much more — everything we need to start a true Golden Age of peace and prosperity.
In addition, we now have a remarkable insight into the hidden knowledge of ancient civilizations — including the workings of a 25,000-year cycle that is apparently driving human evolution on an energetic level.
The cycle culminates at the end of this year — 2012 — making this investigation very current, and of extreme significance to our present circumstances.
I believe that both the defeat of financial tyranny and the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth are coming to a head as we reach the end of this year.
The signs are growing increasingly apparent on both fronts. One of my pending articles is a massive collection of Disclosure articles that have appeared in mass media in the last six months or so.
This is the first time I’ve ever announced all these different versions publicly — even though some of them have been out for a few months now.
Most of these versions have popped up in just the last month, and in the last two weeks the publisher sent me sample copies of everything — which makes it all seem a lot more real now.
A Korean version is now in development as well, and there may be other languages I have forgotten to include. Anyone wishing to publish in a language not yet listed here can contact my literary agent, Amy Hughes.
Since then, I have painstakingly divided the Source Field book into 29 television episodes — any one of which would be incredible to see in its final form.
I have already appeared in seven different episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel, in Season Two — of which there were only 10 in total for that year — and served as an uncredited co-producer and information provider.
If I am remembering this correctly, the only three episodes I did not appear in were the first two of the season — because I got in too late — and “Aliens and the Third Reich.”
We have now attached one of the industry’s best TV production companies, an Academy Award-nominated actor to co-star in the show with me, and three or four potential investment sources that could fund the whole thing — if they pan out.
No investments have materialized just yet, so all of this work has been totally pro-bono, financed by the income from this site — but we are tantalizingly close.
The episodes will be free for everyone to watch once we go into production, and hopefully it will only take a few months to get results once we have our financing in place.
I very much look forward to developing this show, as I believe this material will have a substantial impact on public awareness.
Directly after Source Field came out, and hit the New York Times best-seller list for three weeks, peaking at #16 in late September, I got heavily involved in pursuing an entirely different type of investigation.
With the same rigor I used to write the Source Field book, I combined everything I knew about insider politics, cover-ups and conspiracies — and released it as a free, full-length book on this website entitled Financial Tyranny.
I felt it was critically important that I release the Financial Tyranny material in full, free of charge — as it is information everyone vitally needs to know to help free our planet.
Many new pieces of information came into my awareness during the writing of Financial Tyranny — from direct, firsthand interaction with several different insiders and whistleblowers.
Financial Tyranny exposes the greatest financial cover-up in recorded history — namely the systematic confiscation of the world’s gold and treasure by the Federal Reserve banking families in the 1920s and 30s.
This is a deadly investigation — and is considered to be far more classified than the UFO subject. For that same reason, hardly anything about it had ever leaked into the public domain until I wrote Financial Tyranny.
I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed the Financial Tyranny investigation that much, on some levels — as it has led to the losses of good people as well as death threats.
David and Mackie Hutzler died of gunshot wounds and their home was burned down, less than a week after helping me with this research — on Benjamin Fulford’s request. I received a very substantial death threat shortly thereafter.
A good friend of mine then died on Easter Sunday, literally right around the corner from my house. His family was quite concerned, and insisted that all details remain strictly confidential.
Shortly thereafter, two different people presented seemingly authentic California drivers’ licenses with my name on it and their picture, and posed as me — one in Las Vegas and another more recently in San Francisco.
I only found out about the second one when the Gallup Poll contacted me and asked me to “rate my customer service experience at the bank branch in San Francisco.”
Both of these men attempted to empty my bank account, after providing all my account numbers and security information correctly. The only thing either of them were missing was the PIN for my debit card.
The damage from this problem is ongoing.
We are still trying to get our credit card payment gateway back up and running on this website after three weeks of downtime, due to a mysterious problem with our merchant service provider at the end of last month.
Paypal still works as a viable alternative for now, thankfully. Once we can figure out what blocked our credit system, it will again be up and running. Thankfully it has always been secure while it is operational, thanks to our use of Authorize.net.
The lack of security in my own personal banking was so appalling that I have since had to completely change over to a new, more local provider.
In fact, due to the pending flare-ups from the LIBOR scandal, you may well want to put the bulk of your assets into a smaller, regional bank — rather than one of the biggies named in the raft of lawsuits.
I do believe that everyone will get their money back, but it is possible that your assets might end up in stasis for a while as things get sorted out.
And now, one of Benjamin Fulford’s most important insiders, Dr. Michael Meiring, who used the alias Dr. Michael Van de Meer, also died under suspicious circumstances last week.
I was advised not to contact Van de Meer by my own insiders, as it wasn’t clear whether he would be entirely truthful with me if I were to speak to him — and he was entangled with the Rothschilds.
I was quite surprised to see that Fulford’s obituary revealed many specific details about Van de Meer that I had independently heard from my whistleblower who was poisoned in June.
I had never shared these details with anyone — but in the circles we’re talking about, there really aren’t that many top people, and Van de Meer was an old-timer.
Many people have wondered why I have spent so much of my time and energy on the Divine Intervention / Financial Tyranny / Mass Arrests story since The Source Field Investigations came out.
Let me just say that the dream guidance has been extremely consistent about the importance of pursuing these investigations.
We seem to be heading into a highly significant watermark for our personal and collective spiritual evolution — a defining moment, if you will.
By Law of One standards, I do believe that it will be much harder to make sudden, massive leaps in your level of spiritual growth after the end of this year than it is now.
This is due to the fact that it will have become much easier for people to see and accept the truth by then — and the fastest progress is made when you have to take that “leap of faith” and wield a single, flickering candle in the darkness.
For this same reason, it is vitally important that we make a big push for mass arrests, the defeating of financial tyranny, and Disclosure — before the end of this year, and the energetic effects that will apparently result.
The intuitive guidance has clearly told me that this chain of events will create massive leaps of positive spiritual growth in humanity, prior to the end of this year, if it works out.
According to the Law of One series, we are going to see a “quantum leap” in the number of “fourth-density photons” that are appearing in and around the Earth as this 25,000-year cycle draws to a close in December.
You can read more about this, including the original quotes, in Law of One and 2012: The Facts!, here on DivineCosmos.com.
I also HIGHLY recommend you read 1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age, as this is a whole book’s worth of great free information — revealing the precursor contacts that led up to the Law of One series. This is now very current.
I also covered the 1950s ETs, as well as a lot of the best scientific material, in Coast Transcript: Human ETs, 2012 and Galactic Change, posted on February 5, 2009.
Also inspiring — but not focused on the 2012 / Graduation subject — is Authentic ET Contact Book from 1955, posted on July 12, 2008.
Let me be clear: I am NOT doom-and-gloom about this. I think those fearful ideas are grossly distorted, and have very little to do with what this is really about.
One classic article I wrote examining the Internet / channeling / “fear porn” phenomenon — before I coined that phrase — is It Only Takes Five Minutes to Predict the End of the World, from March 19, 2007.
Fourth-density photons apparently cause “thoughts to become things” — and there were previous jumps in 1936, correlating with the rise of Nazi Germany — the exposure of negativity on a vast scale — and 1972, with the Watergate scandal.
It is interesting to note that the big year for the confiscation of the world’s gold and treasure in the Financial Tyranny investigation was 1934 — just before this shift-point described in the Law of One.
Not all thoughts that become things are positive — but these events have all helped pave the way for a mass awakening that will help us move into a vastly more peaceful and harmonious world.
The Law of One series also said that cancer cases began increasing after 1936, because people’s own thoughts were now creating physical reactions much more than before.
This led to the growth of tumors in the case of anger and stress, and tyrannical governments on a mass level.
Both 1936 and 1972 represented clear energetic increases — but what we’re heading into at the end of this year is apaprently much, much greater than either of those events.
I finally have deciphered the mechanism of how this is happening — and have been presenting it at my conferences since I was in Australia. I am also working it into my new book, The Synchronicity Key, which I am still finishing up.
This may all sound like nonsense — but not once you’ve read The Source Field Investigations to scientifically support the concepts you can watch on my film-length YouTube videos.
The Articles section on this website is also a hand-picked collection of some of the most interesting stuff from the earlier years.
I specifically recommend “Law of One and 2012: The Facts!” for a comprehensive analysis of most of the relevant Law of One quotes on the fourth-density shift — including the ones I referred to above.
I also recommend “Hyperdimensional Nebulae: Cubes in Space and the 2012 Case” for a brief taste of some of the science that was much more fully realized in The Source Field Investigations — and, to a lesser degree, in Divine Cosmos on this site.
If you are interested in learning more about the truth of the UFO phenomenon, I also released a free, full-length book just exploring that subject, on December 12, 2009 — entitled Disclosure Endgame.
Additional, highly relevant material can be found in the richly-illustrated 2012 Politics series from September 2008: Part I: Grand OverviewPart II: Crop Circle PropheciesPart III: Economic RevolutionPart IV: Crop Circle History, and Part V: NWO Defeated?.
I also discussed the 2012 Politics series in two radio shows you can listen to here: Part I and Part II.
Without any knowledge of the Mayan Calendar end-date at L/L Research, the Law of One source independently targeted the time window of 2011-2013 for what they often called “Graduation”.
This is described as a systematic transformation of life on Earth into far greater unity than we have today — quite literally a new plane of existence the source called “fourth density”, or “green ray.”
This has very little to do with physics — and everything to do with personal growth and spiritual evolution.
The basic, underlying concept is that the Universe is a single, vast lifeform, which is a loving consciousness — and we are all living in amnesia of our true identity.
We are only at the first level of what it means to be human. Once we fully transition into fourth-density — which may take between 100 and 700 years to be absolutely complete — we apparently will have made a radical evolution into something more akin to a light being.
Yes, it sounds crazy, particularly to the uninitiated — but the more research I have done, the more compelling the investigation becomes.
You can see how much my writing has progressed since I wrote up a few relevant Law of One quotes in A New Earth?, from April 25, 2007.
I offered intuitive readings professionally from 1998 to 2005, to help people re-access their true identity, for a total of exactly 500 clients — and only ever had two cases of unsatisfied customers during that entire time.
Some clients received highly specific and detailed insights into things I could not have known consciously. All of them, except for the two I mentioned, were very satisfied — and it was quite common for people to burst into tears.
I stopped doing the work in 2005 because too many people were asking for readings, and I could only do a maximum of 12 clients a month without burning out.
At 150 dollars a client, and often doing well under 12 a month, I made just enough to get by with a car and a small apartment.
The initial announcement was made on October 21, 2004, and it took me an entire year to work through the rest of the waiting list after that.
I lived with Carla and Jim, the surviving members of the Law of One group, from January 2003 to October 2004 — and continued to live by and support Avalon, their farm property, and its volunteers — from October 2004 to February 2006.
I then moved to Los Angeles to begin work on CONVERGENCE: The Movie — a filmic adaptation of the scientific principles of the Law of One series.
Jim Hart, the main screenwriter for the movie CONTACT, came on board in February 2009, after seeing my original video The 2012 Enigma, which cited two of his movies — and he soon began a complete overhaul of our script.
2012 Enigma had just attracted a lot of attention by becoming the #1 most-viewed video on Google as of December 1, 2008.
A major production company requested a comprehensive rewrite of our CONVERGENCE script late last fall — and we have since raised enough new capital to pay for the rewrite, which is now in progress.
I’m very excited about this project, as we have one of the industry’s greatest writers creating a film that could be as iconic as CONTACT was. Jim’s connections also led directly to the development of the Source Field television series.
And now, without further ado, we will get to the reading I pulled in on December 1, 2011. Just hours after I did this reading, I received my first email contact from the multi-nation alliance that was working to defeat Financial Tyranny.
This, therefore, came in at a very significant point. The Financial Tyranny investigation caused me a great deal of stress — making it quite difficult to get a good connection.
Now that I’m on the home stretch with the book, have finished my TV episode outlines and got the Convergence rewrite financed and underway, I feel like I can finally relax — so perhaps we will have more where this came from.
Everything you are about to read, from this point forward, was spoken while I was in a very deep trance, almost completely unaware of any of the words that were being said, in the early morning hours of December 1, 2011.
I followed all the security protocols of making sure that only the highest and purest forms of love and light imaginable were called in, and getting my conscious mind completely out of the way.
All the headings were added in after the fact — and our comments section moderator and senior Divine Cosmos staff member put in all the visual images that are associated with the words. I hope you enjoy it!
by the Source — with David Wilcock
I had a meeting with some of my associates, and we decided we needed to tell you a few things.
It always comes about, in those times when men’s souls are tried, that those who alleviate concerns on a planetary level are roasted by others for their thoughts and beliefs.
Think not to the immediate problems, but realize that thoughtfulness appeals to those who have obviously done the work on themselves – and have not needed to feel any sense of pain or remorse over their missions of service across many lifetimes.
All that we ask is for a focused determination on the goals at hand. For this will alleviate those concerns one may have about the nature of existence more quickly than anything else we can offer.
Please Go here for the reat of this enthralling view on what is about to happen with all of David’s Experiences Shared with us all

Benjamin Fulford latest Full post 28th August : More information and Shocks for Japan Mass media now waking up about what has really been going on there

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – The Story Of The

Kidnapped 13 – Year Old Princess : Returns to Japan amid

global outcry– 28 August 2012

Posted on August 28, 2012 | 

Here is Kauilapele highlights for those of you who have to grab and run with this story and he has done a great job on this:


  • The old colonialist regime is Asia is falling apart fast and hysterical efforts to fan “territorial disputes,” will not save it.
  • The North Koreans are saying they are representatives of the old imperial Japanese regime that was pushing for a greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere during World War 2.
  • The Chinese for their part, are also preparing for a “paradigm shift,” in power…
  • During the Vietnam war the North Koreans sent special forces to Vietnam to fight against the West… The survivors… said they were in Vietnam fighting on behalf of the Greater East Asian Co-prosperity sphere.
  • North Koreans began kidnapping Japanese to recruit as agents… Police cooperating with the North Koreans in the kidnapping of Japanese citizens.
  • After the cold-war ended, a US defector to North Korea… said he wanted to surrender and be granted immunity in exchange for revealing the North Korean spy network in Japan… This marked the beginning of the anti-North Korean kidnapping hysteria in Japan
  • The head of the Aozora bank… was killed… in order to prevent him from objecting to his bank’s funds being used for this purpose.
  • …the US Nazi authorities, terrified of losing their secret North Korean control grid in Japan, offered the North Koreans a regular supply of high quality forged… US dollar bills as well as an Asian amphetamines monopoly in exchange for a promise they would continue acting as the “bad guys.”
  • …the Kim Jong-un regime is tired of being the Asian boogey man for Nazis and other Western fascist groups. That is why they have begun revealing many of their secrets…
  • Now, [Yokota Megumi] has gone to meet her parents in Japan and reveal her true situation. This is being widely reported on the internet in Japan but [not] the fascist control[led media] grid…
  • The remnants of the Nazi puppet regime in Japan are terrified of the world at large learning about their criminal activities…
  • In a further sign of hysteria, the Nazis recently took a bunch… from Hong Kong…[to] a secret US missile base on the disputed Senkakau (Diaoyu) islands to raise a Chinese flag…. these… were all bribed to visit the Islands
  • This show… is really just a sign of moral bankruptcy by the Nazi regime that seized power in the US… nothing more than signs of desperation and moral bankruptcy on the part of the old regime.
  • The new Chinese government to be headed by Xi Jinping has already begun preparations for big changes in Asia this fall.
  • …the White Dragon Society has proposed to the… non-aligned movement allies that the time has come to make a decisive move.
  • One recommendation… these nations… buy up all existing US dollars… replace them with a new “world dollar or yuan.” After a certain period, all of the members of the 150-nation anti-imperialist alliance would then refuse to accept old dollars issued by the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate.
  • The regime changes due this autumn in the US, China and Japan will provide a wonderful opportunity to deal a decisive blow to the genocidal Nazi cabal.

Here is the full post by Ben:

The old colonialist regime is Asia is falling apart fast and hysterical efforts to fan “territorial disputes,” will not save it. This can be seen in a flood of new revelations coming from the new regime in North Korea as well as in signals being put out by the new government scheduled to take power in China in November.
The latest revelation from North Korea is the stuff of fairy tales. Yokota Megumi, the 13-year old girl spirited away from Japan in 1977 is a member of the Japanese imperial family, according to multiple Japanese, North Korean and Chinese sources. She was taken to be married to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in order to give the Kim dynasty imperial legitimacy. Her son, new North Korean leader Kim Jon-un, is now suggesting Yokota be given the title of “Empress Dowager.”
The North Koreans are saying they are representatives of the old imperial Japanese regime that was pushing for a greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere during World War 2.

The Chinese for their part, are also preparing for a “paradigm shift,” in power that will be preceded by a major purge of banks and industrial conglomerates linked to the old regime.

First, let us look at the latest North Korean revelations as revealed by multiple sources including a retired senior North Korean yakuza boss in Japan.

The story goes back, as we have previously written, to the end of World War 2 when remnants of the Japanese imperial army in China set up the nation of North Korea.

After the war, they resumed their contacts with their Nazi allies who had now set up the Odessa underground.
The Nazis, operating through the CIA, allied themselves with remnants of the former Japanese military regime in North Korea to set up a secret “anti-communist” control grid in Japan after the war.

The Nazis, for their part, were still trying to establish their 1000 year New World Order 4th Reich while their Asian allies were still fighting to set up the Asian co-prosperity sphere: same bed, same enemies, different dreams.

During the Vietnam war the North Koreans sent special forces to Vietnam to fight against the West. When any of these troops were captured most of them committed suicide by using cyanide capsules but some survived, according to a Japanese agent who questioned them. The survivors, under questioning, said they were in Vietnam fighting on behalf of the Greater East Asian Co-prosperity sphere.

It was also during this time the North Koreans began kidnapping Japanese to recruit as agents, according to the North Korean yakuza boss and multiple other sources. Japanese author Mishima Yukio was at this time shown a video of the Ishikawa Prefecture (the closest part of Japan to North Korea) Police cooperating with the North Koreans in the kidnapping of Japanese citizens.

An enraged Mishima showed the video to then Chief Cabinet Secretary Horii Shigeru and Ishihara Shintaro (now governor of Tokyo). Horii took no action and Ishihara said “I will pretend I did not see that video,” according to the sources. Disgust at this reaction was one of the reasons for Mishima’s public suicide by Hara Kiri at the Japan self-Defense Force headquarters.

After the cold-war ended, a US defector to North Korea by the name of Charles Jenkins contacted US authorities and said he wanted to surrender and be granted immunity in exchange for revealing the North Korean spy network in Japan.

This marked the beginning of the anti-North Korean kidnapping hysteria in Japan that culminated in a trip by then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to North Korea to repatriate some kidnapping victims. Koizumi brought with him a 1.4 trillion yen bribe as a gift to North Korea at the time to pay for the return of the kidnappees.

The head of the Aozora bank, Tadashi Honma, (here is a link to a censored version of a story I had on Forbes about some of this:

was killed in a murder made to look like a suicide in order to prevent him from objecting to his bank’s funds being used for this purpose. He was forced to write a will at gun point and was then injected with sleeping drugs before being strangled to death, according to a senior member of the gang that carried out the hit.

In any case, the US Nazi authorities, terrified of losing their secret North Korean control grid in Japan, offered the North Koreans a regular supply of high quality forged “super K” (and similar) US dollar bills as well as an Asian amphetamines monopoly in exchange for a promise they would continue acting as the “bad guys.” They also provided them with nuclear weapons and missile technology as a part of the package, according to multiple sources.

However, the Kim Jong-un regime is tired of being the Asian boogey man for Nazis and other Western fascist groups. That is why they have begun revealing many of their secrets such as the true story of Yokota Megumi.

Yokota has been reluctant to reveal herself in the past because the fact was she preferred the life of Empress of North Korea to the dull middle class life that would have awaited her in Japan. Now, however, she has gone to meet her parents in Japan and reveal her true situation. This is being widely reported on the internet in Japan but the fascist control grid on the newspapers and TV is still keeping these new revelations under wraps. This information embargo will be broken soon.

The remnants of the Nazi puppet regime in Japan are terrified of the world at large learning about their criminal activities, including the Sarin subway gas poisoning attacks and the March 11, 2011 Nuclear and Tsunami mass murder.

For that reason two of the major North Korean agencies in Japan, the Sokka Gakkai Buddhist Sect and the North Korean Citizens Association of Japan are being actively blackmailed by Nazi puppet police agents.
In specific, they are being threatened with prosecution over a 15 billion yen slush fund of money taken from fraudulent welfare receipts and managed at 5% a year interest on their behalf by Mizuho Bank, according to the yakuza boss and other sources.

In a further sign of hysteria, the Nazis recently took a bunch of dupes and agents from Hong Kong and had them land near a secret US missile base on the disputed Senkakau (Diaoyu) islands to raise a Chinese flag. According to Chinese government sources these agents were all bribed to visit the Islands and were surprised they had been allowed to land there. It is difficult to imagine unarmed Chinese agents arriving on a fishing boat to be allowed to land near a secretive US missile base without US permission. Later of course, Japanese dupes were brought to the Islands as “retaliation.”

This show aimed at provoking jingoist sentiment in the region is really just a sign of moral bankruptcy by the Nazi regime that seized power in the US.

Another agent, the puppet president Lee Myung-bak of South Korea also cooperated in the latest foolishness by provoking nationalist sentiment over another small batch of disputed rocks lying in between Japan and South Korea.

Of course, all of these maneuvers are being interpreted as nothing more than signs of desperation and moral bankruptcy on the part of the old regime.

The new Chinese government to be headed by Xi Jinping has already begun preparations for big changes in Asia this fall. The recent slowdown in the Chinese economy, for example, is linked to a purge against banks and industrial enterprises that “got too independent” from the Chinese government during the last regime.
There is also a major anti-corruption campaign being prepared for the arrival of the new regime. One example is the masses of empty greenhouses set up near Beijing for the sole purpose of collecting government subsidies, the Chinese source says.

In any case, the White Dragon Society has proposed to the Asians and their BRICs and non-aligned movement allies that the time has come to make a decisive move. One recommendation has been for these nations to offer to buy up all existing US dollars (except those linked to derivatives and other fraud) and replace them with a new “world dollar or yuan.” After a certain period, all of the members of the 150-nation anti-imperialist alliance would then refuse to accept old dollars issued by the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate.

In Japan as well a decisive move against the old regime will be made but we cannot divulge any of the details at this time.

The regime changes due this autumn in the US, China and Japan will provide a wonderful opportunity to deal a decisive blow to the genocidal Nazi cabal.

The people of the world are tired of thugs and criminals provoking wars and mayhem and spreading lies aimed at causing trouble and discord amongst peoples. The time has come to demand that these thugs cease their anti-social behavior and rejoin civilization. We want world peace followed by a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and create an ideal planet. After this, the research money spent on war and mass murder will be dedicated to health, improved life, increases in bio-diversity and peaceful expansion into the universe.

http://www.benjaminfulford.net link to original article

Weekly Spiritual Update on Planet GAIA : #1 26th Aug 2012 :

Updated as from comments by President USM 12noon Sunday 26th

LightworkerSXM : For the first time I have thought it now necessary to start demonstrating Spiritual feelings that all of my colleagues feel and share, I also invite all of Lightworkers SXM to volunteer to be apart as Contributing Writers to this article Please,

This is to all of you. All links to this article can be found below the article as suggested in the prose in {}

As {Kauilapele} likes to do, he passes over his thoughts about how energies from Hawaii resonate with him So I feel it is time that we do that here and share with the world our spiritual energies and awareness from the Central Caribbean, an area of integral forces.

As the President of The Sint Maarten University said to us at a pre-festival meeting this week goes something like this and shows us what to expect when we all part take in next weeks 3 day festival as in this reference:

So for this purpose and as our The President of USM referred to two main principles: love for self or love for others. She said she believed that this world will become a happy world if we all start to work from the principle love for others or love for all.

So as our group gets even greater in size as more people align with resonance, this web site will be compiling spiritual updates on a Sunday by Sunday basis with a little help from my friends IE: YOU.

As you can see this is Week 1, There will be no count down to anything , as it purely reflects in our awakening and our experiences and those around us who are awakening, making working with the light all the more manageable by the day.

The main purpose for this weekly report is because I and all of my colleagues and many of your comments suggest that some thing major is occurring right now and for the good of all humanity. The other reasons are because a lot of comments from newcomers, Old awaken friends and fellow Lightworkers all suggest to me that now is the time that we can actually focus on all that comes from the light side of Gaia, demonstrating to us that many of you would like to hear all of our views and energies from here in the Caribbean.

We have awakened our Little Island and we are participating in a great awake and aware conference /festival this week which has been organised by Sint Maarten University and to see many other hundreds of self awoken souls which  has ‘pricked my ears’ as an indicator that more and more of you would like to be in tune with lightness more than the blatantly obvious darkness surrounding us today.

The current weather in the Caribbean { SuspiciousObsevers} this last week has many displays of frantic man-manipulation, strange clouds and skies almost silver looking which {Sylphs } is a clear indication that the weather manipulation is frantic to show strength and flex muscles on us here from Arrecibo in Puerto Rico just 200 miles to our west, This viewed  in a spiritual light demonstrates a failing and an obvious panic on behalf of the dark ones which does no more than to strengthen our resolve, however I cannot remember that last time we saw the green flash in a sunset here, that particular pleasure  has since been long removed from us.

What is more, it also now has become equally blatantly obvious that the Cabal are on a sort of exponential fall, a fall that has an abrupt end and this appears to be nearer the day as every day passes. This is felt by people in the streets now, I have countless people who come up to me and say, “Their plan is to kill 90% of us you know” Thanks to Jack and Debby for that just yesterday and they came aver to me and  not vice versa, and I commented “yes I do know and you now  know too which is more important, you see we are waking up”.

The more spiritual we allow of ourselves by are own recognition of who we really are often prompts us to see that we do not go to heaven nor do we follow a god, however on those lines, Our new recognition allows us to absorb the fact that we only need to look in the mirror to find our god{David Wilcock } and that we are going further into the future than any heaven we are taught about.

There is something in the air and it is big and it is felt by us here in this Tiny Caribbean Island and what is more that feeling is recognized by the latest bulletin from {Gaia Portal} below, which suggests why we would be feeling the very way we can do, and are doing right now.

This is further explained by {Stephen Cook} too below

The final point and event here is that Cobra has agreed to come and hold his conference here in Sint Maarten and I for one and many others have expressed over joy about the fact that we have Cobra over here in November for the Portal2012 Conference, The list of Project details found  at the top of this page in a separate tab or here : https://lightworkersxm.wordpress.com/portal-2012-conference-sxm/ is our testimony to our collective efforts here that have resulted in our energies being felt far and wide and demonstrate to all of here that we are not alone and we are being listened to and we wre entering the New Golden Age and we are, in our lifetimes at the threshold of being a part of something that is so superb that it is almost not coherent when put into words.

We are the New Golden Age and the Cavalry is here already, We need to rise to the level of the cavalry as they are not coming down to our level. (Quote David Icke 2006)

{Gaia’s Portals} are now opening up and we are going to be ready for the big shift.

So I end this weeks Caribbean  Spiritual energy Update with my favorite Gaia meditation which  is still {Drunvalo Melchizidek} guided meditation, a ten minute guide to seek your internal chakras and your external merkabas.

Signing off for now.


Written by Dave Stewart

Here is that 30 minute clip from David Wilcock on 2012 Enigma:

SuspiciousObservers Galactic and Planetary weather report:

GAIA Portal

New post on GaiaPortal

Ascension Platform Established…

by ÉirePort

Three platforms have been connected and reconfigured to enable the complete Ascension Platform for Gaia. These platforms are 1) Inner Earth awakening, 2) sufficiently stable 3D-4D Earth platform, 3) Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity.

Although some question the necessity of 1), this awakening to their Higher Call was essential to the finalization of the Ascension Platform for Gaia.

Stable 3D-4D platform, namely, planet 3D structure, undermined for millennia, has been sufficiently stabilized for the next steps to the final Ascension Platform.

Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity is now complete. Sufficient individual awakened beings now present upon Gaia 3D surface to proceed with final steps.

These steps are to be unveiled in precise order, in precise timing with each of the Light Working Community which has been called to participate. They know who they are.

They will succeed. As Gaia has decreed.

Here is the clip from Stephen Cook on 2102 scenario


Cobra latest and his secret mission reports and updates can be found here:


Kauilapele and energies form Hawaii can be found here;


Sylphs  and weather manipulation can be found here on Scott Stephens meteorologist site with many good descriptions of man made weather here :


Guided meditation by Drunvalo Melchizidek:

The Pineal Gland : The Biggest Cover Up in History : All you need to know about it: Know how to reactivate it and look after

The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.

The Secret : What they don’t want you to KNOW!

Every human being’s Pineal Gland or the Third Eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric, occult methods, enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing.

The link in the video can be found HERE or HERE

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosWith more advance practice and ancient methods it is also possible to control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world. Yes, it is bizarre, but the United States, former Soviet Union governments and various shadow organization have been doing this type of research for ages and have succeed far beyond our imagination.

Pineal Gland is represented in Catholicism in Rome; they depict the pineal as a pine cone in art. The ancient societies like the Egyptians and the Romans knew the benefits and exemplified this in their vast symbologies with a symbol of an eye.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPineal Gland reference is also in back of the U.S. dollar bill with what is called the ‘all seeing eye’, which is a reference to the ability of an individual (or group of individuals) to use this gland and go to the other side (spiritual world) and possibly control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world by knowing what they are thinking at all times in our physical world.

Various research being conducted so far confirms that there are certain periods in the night, between the hours of one and four in the morning where chemicals are released in the brain that bring about feelings of connectedness to one’s higher source.

The Conspiracy : How they are Killing your Pineal Gland

In the late 90s, a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke carries out the first study the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland. She determined that the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain, was a target for fluoride. The pineal gland simply absorbed more fluoride than any other physical matter in the body, even bones.

Pineal gland is like a magnet to sodium fluoride. This calcifies the gland and makes it no longer effective in balancing the entire hormonal processes through the body.

Various Researches every since have proved Sodium Fluoride goes to the most important gland in the brain? It’s the only thing that attacks the most important center of our gland in the brain. It’s prevalent in foods, beverages and in our bath and drinking water. Sodium Fluoride is put in 90% of the United States water supply. Water filters you buy in supermarkets do not take the fluoride out. Only reverse osmosis or water distillation. The cheapest way is to buy a water distiller.

Sodium Fluoride is in our water supply, food, pepsi, coke, to dumb down the masses, literally!. The fluoride was introduced into the water by the Nazis and the Russians in their concentration camps to make the camp population docile and do not question authority.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I believe that if you take away the seat of the soul, this disconnects our oneness with our god and power of our source our spirituality and turn us into a mundane slave of secret societies, shadow organizations and the control freak corporate world.

I would like to end my article with this quote..

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”– :Buddha 

And you can get more here on Rise Earth :


and how to clean it up :


Cobra : Portal 2012 : Black Nobility Families names :Palavicini Orsini Massimo Borghese Aldobrandini Colonna Pacelli Ortalani Luzzatti Odescalchi are all above the Queen and the Pope : And not to be confused with White Nobility Families

This post Corrected Thanks to comments from Joan and J.A.Mackaby 26th Aug 2012

Posted by Cobra last week on http://2012portal.blogspot.com/

A look into who really is in charge plus a link to more news and a previous article from this site that covers more detail and the who who and how, they are our rulers:

First here is Cobra’s short article,

White Nobility

I have received instructions to reveal some occult information to the public.
This is the first among several blog posts that will reveal to the general public some positive groups that have never been revealed yet and have worked towards the liberation of the planet, some of them for millennia.
The first of those groups is the White Nobility. During human history, not all aristocratic families have associated themselves with the Cabal. Many have resisted passively, some even actively. Noblesse oblige was not an empty phrase for them but an actual imperative to help the less fortunate remainder of humanity. The most famous among White Nobility families are the Medicis that helped to bring about the Renaissance which laid the foundation of our modern world.
Common ground for all those noble families is the occult tradition that goes back a few millennia into the mystery schools of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. Mysteries of the Goddess are their greatest secret and their main occult weapon against the Cabal. Many of White Nobility families have a strong connection with Mary Magdalene and the Grail mysteries and are connected with positive Templar groups. 
Black Nobility families that are associated with the Jesuits are allergic to the Goddess energy. They would like to wipe it out from the surface of the planet and have tried to do so many times. Members of families such as Pallavicini, Orsini, Massimo, Borghese, Aldobrandini, Colonna, Pacelli, Odescalchi,  Ortolani  and Luzzatti are receiving their orders directly from the Archons and are at the core of conspiracy against the Goddess. They are waging an occult war against the White Nobility families that are trying to spread the Light and support feminine qualities such as compassion, receptivity, creativity, love…
Rothschilds are nobility wannabes (their lineage goes less than two and a half centuries back and they come from Bauer family which is German for farmer) and do not understand completely the occult war that is going on in the highest circles as they are left out of the information loop. They are too immersed into the physical matter as well. Meanwhile, Rockefellers are plain commoners and do not have the slightest idea about what is really going on.
Most of the White Nobility families are now located in Italy and serve as a counterforce against the Black Nobility. They have lost most of their wealth in the last two centuries, but their positive occult tradition is still very much alive. Their names must not yet be disclosed to the general public, they work tirelessly in the background for the benefit of humanity. They are not associated directly with the Savoy family as some people think. Some of them are involved with creation of the new and fair financial system that will replace the current one very soon, another group is focused on revealing occult knowledge of the ages. I have received instructions from the Resistance to involve White Nobility in Operation Dreamland that is part of the Plan for the planetary liberation. Those among them who are interested in becoming part of this can contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com . Victory of the Light!
This goes cap in hand with our previous article explaining in more detail about the power of these families.
To learn more about our Black and white nobility read The Hidden Empire here:

Chemtrails and HAARP : The Main Conference : Great contacts and films here : Weather is now a Program by Scott Stephens

“Chemtrails Through The Eyes Of A Television Weatherman” Scott Stevens

Posted: August 24, 2012 | Author:  |nning of the Lecture, which stretches to about 15 minutes or so, Scott Stevens has some microphone problems. Please do not let this deter you from watching the whole lecture, as there is some very important information that everyone should be made aware of. Pass this on to your family and friends. This is Global!

Published on Aug 20, 2012 by 

Scott Stevens is an award winning television weatherman who, a decade ago, began investigating the claims of Lt. Col Tom Bearden that North America was being subjected to full time weather modification.

During the course of that personal investigation he was the first on-air television weatherman to discover, through time-lapse photography, the primary reason for the now global chemtrail phenomena.

During Scott’s two decade television career he worked in Topeka Kansas, Omaha Nebraska, Tulsa Oklahoma, Albany New York and Pocatello Idaho.



This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educationalor personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Dr Steven Greer : SIRIUS :Sends us all a message : Working Frantically on The Full Movie : Please be aware of Steven’s message to us all :

A message from Dr. Greer

Many have asked about the Sirius movie in light of the tragic killing of Amardeep Kaleka’s father at the Sikh Temple. We all want you to know that are moving forward with a full production schedule this month and have just returned from Mt. Shasta CA where substantial footage of Contact was obtained by the Senior CE-5 team.

Next week our senior team will be filmed here in VA and new Disclosure witnesses filmed in Washington DC and environs.

We will be in LA September 16 for a presentation that I will be making at the Broad Street Theater which will be a comprehensive presentation on Disclosure, Contact and New Energy that will be filmed. This presentation will be the thread that pulls the Sirius movie together. You are ALL invited to attend!

And we are making plans now to visit the possible EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Being).

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/a-message-from-steve-greer-8-23-12#ixzz24TUJMw3D