Benjamin Fulford : He is late with this weeks Geopolitical news ; is it anything to do with the banksters arrests in Europe this week and the Conrol over BIS to suspend fiat ‘thin air’ money?

Benjamin Fulford is late with his post this week:

This is rather unusual but there are a few indications that all is not going to well for our dying cabal So I really think this is not a scary thing more a little testy waiting game as we prepare for a monster blow from BF. if BF keeps his cards close to his chest then something is in the air. 


And to get more go to the BBC at last here :


Then go here for more of the truth and a non BBC look into the failings of the financial mobsters


Bank for International Settlements instructed to block disbursement of new computer-generated US dollars and Euros 
The G5’s new fake dollars and Euros are not being accepted as legal tender outside the G5 (US, UK, Germany, France and Italy).

These computer-generated “Quantitative Easing” screen-numbers, conjured-up by élite keyboards at the US Fed and the European Central Bank, are being blocked on the instructions of the 147-nation Monaco Colloquium Group led by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

What is being blocked here are escalating US and EU Ponzi money issuances which fall outside the permissions settled within the BIS International Regulatory Framework for Banks (Basel III accords).

Both the US and the EU have been cooking their visible debt books by cross firing debt to each other.

A cross-firing scam is one where a sovereign nation or a major international bank attempts to conceal from auditors and rating agencies the fact that it is insolvent.

The scamming nation or bank does this by setting up multiple debt-distributing (= debt concealing) paper transactions between internal departments and tame external shell companies. From the US point of view, the ECB is a tame external shell company; from the ECB point of view, the US Federal Reserve System is a tame external shell company.

A cross-firing scam is often difficult for auditors and analysts to track due to the sheer number of changing transactions constantly flowing between the various components of the business and its external co-conspirators.

The Monaco Colloquium Group is also refusing to purchase any more G5 bonds or financial products. The Chinese $47 trillion Lien in operation against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board remains in place.

When Western capitalism finally collapses under the weight of its own flesh-eating debt mathematics, and the long-planned democratic régime changes in the G5 nations take place, new gold-backed currencies will come on stream and universal debt forgiveness will be announced.

The attempt by G5 NATO-backed mercenary militias in “The Syrian Civil War” to start a Middle East conflagration which draws in Iran, Israel and Russia will fail.

Designed as a Libyan-style de-stabilisation and media-distraction, Russia, China and Turkey will prevent this fin de siècle NATO war-mongering.


So exactly why is Benjamin Fulford not Posting when there is acres of room to post stuff?

I mean the BIS have been closed to print any more money and there is financial tyranny all over the place , that is a big wowzer.

Also on going The Spanish are going to be added to the bad payers list.

There are more war mongering in Syria while Putin and China put the blockers on it as above statement .

There are many banksters being arrested across Europe and personally I smell a rat, but a good one.

I just wonder if it is all related and that Benjamin Fulford is preparing for a monster post.

Some thing is leading up to disclosure here I can feel it in my chakras and in my bones.

Here is what Rumormill have to say about it all.

Date: Wednesday, 25-Jul-2012 

It is already late Wednesday evening in Japan and Benjamin Fulford’s subscription newsletter has not appeared yet. It usually appears Monday or Tuesday. In the past when he couldn’t post it on time he has posted notice that it would be delayed.

I wonder if this has anything with the beginnings of banker arrests that have been seen in Europe.

Fulford did post something in Japanese yesterday. It was a notice for a future seminar of his in Japan. Here is the almost indecipherable Google translation:

August 11, 2012 – North America – Conference report Benjamin Fulford (Sat) please understand this has been translated from Japanese electronically.

We’ve got plenty to everyone with a “report” North America this year behind the world’s latest information interesting information Benjamin Fulford was put in hand in a three-week overseas news gathering activities. Back latest information on the back of the struggle for supremacy movement flow of current strategies and future world economy, finance and, in the world, behind the United States presidential election, North Korea and China, the EU, such as the latest political information back in Japan.

For the collapse of the forces of darkness, the world is what possible scenarios for how the future? We’ve got the latest information behind the world and Japan.

Following the last time, this time in the event “participatory” speak in response to a request from the attendee 2/3. I hope that everyone want to know, if you come to be resolved neatly. I would like to talk about it were also asked questions in e-mail in advance. Thank you. 

But if you want the final say go here :

This information seems to coincide with Keenan’s message found here:

It all just appears too much too late and some thing is about to give




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