Colloidal Gold Water maker : Lightworkersxm have made 85 Colloidal Silver Water makers for people on this tiny island : Here is the video of our Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Silver Water

Our devices are simply a Cell phone charger and 2 small pices of 99.9999% Silver connected to the wires and dangled in Water of any kind 5volts output with .555 millamps and should take juts 2 minutes for colloidal powder to be visible and drop in glass off positve silver electrode.

Whilst using our 85 homemade of our easy to make devices in stopping and curing the following:

Tooth abscess and pain ( drink water and bite on raw ginger) amazing results.

Celiac’s Disease and wheat allergy’s.

Staphylococcus  or Staphs desease, Boils etc.

Ear, Eye and sinuses plus nasal issues.

Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Clearer dreams and Pineal Gland, spiritual gland cleansing.

Infected sores and blisters and skin rashes and warts.

any one wishing for professional research and none biased Corporate Cabalistic views onthe subject then go to Natural News here

Colloidal Gold we are in the process of making and of yet have not been successful in colloiding our gold but wish to show you this video from Kephranet on Youtube.

Any one looking for impartiality on Colloidal Gold benefits then go here too :





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