Mass Arrests of 1700 Puerto Rico Police ON CNN at 1:11pm on 11th July 2012 : That is one in 10 of the entire force : Cleansing the Police force from the ‘Auld Gang’

Now lets not get too excited here, This was on CNN 11th July last weekend and I looked for the article and it has been removed.

It cannot be found anywhere on CNN site.

So tell us what you make of this as you now know it has been sheltered from further screening on MSM.

I suppose you could say that you have to clean your house up if you want to really clean your house up from the inside out first.

So this looks like a good start in Puerto Rico.

Shame the plug has been pulled on this but it does look like it has really happened.




8 comments on “Mass Arrests of 1700 Puerto Rico Police ON CNN at 1:11pm on 11th July 2012 : That is one in 10 of the entire force : Cleansing the Police force from the ‘Auld Gang’

  1. I did some online searching for this story, and here is a link to the wikileaks forum that explains that these arrests took place between 2005 and 2010. So although this news release may be new to us, it is certainly not a recent turn of events.

    The news is good to hear, but as you say, I’m definitely not getting all excited over this one.

  2. Ditto. Go to the video on YouTube’s site, and there will be a link to the original NY Times article. The 1709 arrests took place over a seventy month period.

    Unfortunately, this is not the confirmation that many of us are looking for.

  3. Alot of things we are just now reading on all web sites are from years ago to now.This movement has been moving for along time.We were all doing it even if there wasn’t a conscience plan. The more light in the world the more can be seen and delt with.This is very good information.No matter when it happened. All time is now anyway. People weren’t able to get peoples interest untill the last couple of years. Love and Light to all. Honestangel2012

      • First of all the main thing is your intent.Then you need to contact The Ashtar Command and request to come aboard,And ask that you remember what you did and learned while you are there.All you have to do to contact them is speak it mentally or outloud. You can join The Ashtar command on thier website. I would sugest that you do.It shows your intent to be involved with them. Love and Light to all Honestangel2012

      • The first thing is have the intent.Then ask for permission from the Galactics to board thier ships.They want to know if you want to be there.Then ask your guides to help you remember what you do while your there,but somtimes you won’t remember, if what you did was confidential.You should always ask your guides to make sure you are always with those of the light. Have a good flight. Light and Love to all Honestangel

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