Mass Arrests and Containment : Article #3 PLUS URGENT UPDATE : Links to the release of Free Energy : if you want free energy then Containment has to have happened


The Queen owns Denver Airport. True or false?

She also owns all the Energy Companies like ARCO which owns HAARP and BP  with the other Nazi Queen Beatrix and Queen Sofia.

True or false ? I really do hope you are doing your own research.

I just wonder if  that space ship they moved underground in Denver last week, was sent here to take these buggers off our planet???

HAARP appears to have been used of late,  to store a massive Annunaki Space ship underground, as in this quote posted on Project Camalot yesterday:

* Colorado Fire. I had to press a bit with an old friend I had mentioned earlier who worked for N*A and had only two tiers clearance remaining above him when he retired. That’s twenty four levels above the President! A little scary.

* Denver: Can be seen with the naked eye, discerning observers note there is a Plasma energy system in the sky emanating from the direction of DIA.

* This is a field generation system that powers the Intercontinental Underground Transit System (IUTS) that connects South America, Europe, Asia and several other Continents, which all converge under DIA. As I understand it, the facility is the size of a small city.

* This is how it was explained to me. They needed to move some extremely large pieces of equipment (Several miles in Diameter) into the DIA area , (ships, and other large items) and theDimensional Window for that transfer was in the middle of the day. As you are aware the larger material remains visible for several minutes after a dimensional transfer (Ships & such). Since the transfer window time could not be changed, a distraction was needed to get everyone in the state looking west. Obviously it worked quite well, not to mention enough smoke to cover several states. No Satellite Pictures.

* After the tenth fire broke out in Southern Colorado and the last of the large equipment had been brought in near DIA, suddenly, or within two days, the fires became over 40% contained. Then, out of nowhere, a four day rain storm flooded the entire state. HAARP was mentioned.

* He also stated. Quote “They’re running out of time and you will see more Bold moves like this more often” UN-Quote.


The full article here

More here :

and as most people know that the Colorado fires where less than natural, just as  this came in:

….one of the [individuals identity hidden to protect them] said he was suppose to go to Colorado Springs for a gathering with colleagues when he got a call from them saying not to come they were being evacuated.  He went on to state that these two colleagues were hiking around the area when they witnessed two men with rifles and a propane tank in which they proceeded to fire at.  Of course it caused a huge explosion and that’s what started the fire.

The Free Energy link to Mass Arrests:

So if we are to access Free energy then may I suggest that we get rid of those Power Companies and Black ops and the people in charge of them.

(No wonder none of us have any real equity to speak of, if they have spent it all on tunnels for the Annunaki since Roswell).

So our quest for real technology will never surface just yet as it merely will be used as a defense excuse and not be released to the general slave public whilst these wicked rulers and oligarchs are in office.

These weapons are defenseless against Alien Technology, They only have one purpose and that is to suit the age old Global Depopulation program which is now in full swing.

I can show you how defenseless USA Military is by just showing you one half hour film where the Chinese would wipe the US military off the planet in just 2 weeks


The UFO’s go around our planet with total impunity and not one of our defense mechanisms can stop them.

So we are now defenseless ,, yippee great news , we do not need another F16 or drone,  tank or nukes.

Obamacare unveiled

I just heard that Obamacare is all about this :

RFID chips to be installed under the skin in EVERYONE by March 23rd 2013 and have direct links to our bank accounts.

Link here :

So here you have an Industry full of corruption, enslavery and death of the populous, as an official Agenda, wanting to chip me and linking to my bank account?

No thanks “: Over their  dead body.

Timothy Geitner the Clone?

So with reports suggesting that Timothy Geitner has been arrested again today and probably his clone is on TV to confuse us all tomorrow I suggest you triple check your news these days.

Just like Mass Arrests : Green light from Drake , If only Drake called David Wilcock and John Kettler first or even emailed Cobra

He would never have gone on air to report that the Green light is on, So we can all learn from this.

Just get an insight to the size of this operation IE: Mass Arrests &  Cabal Containment.

When you assess the members of the Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome and name every member one by one.

Then add the entire governments of Europe and Americas and then add all the Nazi’s, Mafia’s and Yakuza’s and divide by approximatley 50%

Then dump 50% of the Peado-Vatican Bankster Mobsters and Royal Society ‘little finger Merchants &  Hangers on.

Then gather all transhumanship scientists and scientologists and pschyologist who are in mind control.

Then most high level sports people and FIFA and the Entire Olympic Sports Committee

Add the Tavistock Cloning Royal Empire and all Special ops clone facilities like MK Ultra and throw them all in to one giant desert and see what you have got.

You can get a sort of measure how big Mass Arrests needs to be, to be conclusive, to release all that (good to go) ‘Back worked Alien Technology’ Food and Clothing Replicators, PCD’s ( Personal Communication Devices) and Teleporting devices and give us a life worth living.

All this and but wait… The financial collapse has not happened just yet, You literally have to also add all those banksters, bankster hangers on’s and Stock exchange cash perverts  to the list of detainees,

After all The whole New Golden Age is all down to the financial collapse. Then the top of the Pyramid can really  come off and all the super dooper big wiggs can be rounded up and annual season ticket holders to the Bohemian Grove  or the inner House of Windsor blood bath, satanic chapel members, can be boxed up and re-issued as more permanent tickets to the Fema camps.

So I never said it was goinna be easzee peaszee, japaneaszee.

It is just the magnitude of the entire global change that has to be rounded up and contemplated in a sobering manner.

Leviathan springs to mind.

Any way be prepared for more London Olympic Fear spreading and weird stuff on MSM and do not fall for the Syrian WW3 nonsense, coz that is what they want from you, ( I feel an insult coming on ) couch potato heads ( I thought Phil the Greek called us useless eaters).

BS will be ever more frequent as the mass arrests continue in utter secrecy.

Rest assured it is ongoing.

URGENT UPDATE LATEST 15th July Project Camalot and insider intel .

UPDATE: 7/15/1 

Since your post of my discussion with my Retired N*A contact, I have had several requests to explain the reasons and structure of the transfer. I don’t feel this is necessary considering the series of events that have transpired since this incident, however I did ask for a more detailed explanation of how and why they are doing this. 

* As Follows: The necessity for the equipment to be transferred within our atmosphere is a defensive move by the Elite. It places an incredibly powerful device into the center of our Continent for intimidation and control. This has recently taken place on all 7 Continents. 

* To move a technical device of this magnitude from the Asteroid Belt (where it has been kept in a suspended state) to a location within an atmosphere of a planet (living space or being) is moving mass from space (dark energy) through a system of energetic transfers to a life generating system. The frequency change takes much more time than moving a ship from one point in space (outside an atmosphere) to another. Earth to the Pleiades system for example. Gravitational acceleration is required when the ship or object is transferred from one point in space to another. In actuality the space, or point in space, is extended, or pulled to the object and once acquired, is released, thus creating a spiderweb, or slingshot effect, transferring the ship or object to it destination instantaneously. This is one of many techniques of dimensional travel.  

* To complete a transfer of a technical object from outside an atmosphere to within an atmosphere is very different, not only technically, but dimensionally. A doorway is required of the magnitude not to disintegrate it’s material (already in an suspended state) to an atmospheric condition, or life generating system. In essence, the object to be transferred must be in a suspended state, thus to retain all memory systems held suspended within a fluid state. This includes all life forms and technical liquid memory systems. 

* The Jump room Technology used between Mars and Earth is a system of separating an established energy system (which is actually never separate) to a different location thus creating a tunnel or Einstein Rosen bridge. So when you walk in one door and out the other, your there! This is within a atmospheric life generating system to another atmospheric life generating system. 

* However Jump room tech does not apply when moving a large technical object from the Kuiper Belt (dark energy or space) to a specific location within our atmosphere (pressurized life generating system). A dimensional doorway is needed and thus acquired (dimension-ally copied). Let’s say for example, surrounding DIA area, (or wherever the location may be) it is then woven or materialized (projected) in front of the object to be transferred. (I know this is a bit staggering for the mind) The ship or object is then slowly moved through the gateway to it’s new location. The reason for it’s visibility for a short period is the systems to be transferred cannot engage its holographic systems until the transfer is complete and it systems brought back on-line. In essence, the ship or object is briefly visible. Thus the need for a major distraction west of the Denver International Airport during transfer.

for the complete article go here:




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