St Kitts and NEVIS : we welcome Ian Duberry new spokesman for that part of the Caribbean : We look forward to ascending with all of your people there

Dear Ian Duberry

We met the other day and Richard Paver and I are delighted to have you and your people on board here at Lightworkersxm.

This extends our reach to Trinidad, Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent, and now St Kitts and Nevis which just adds to our scope of works and reach to people here in Sint Maarten/ St Martin and Anguilla.

Please ask your people to go carefully through the website and feel free to use the search button.

There is over 100 resonant and relative documentaries on this site.

Please feel free to ask any questions no matter how insignificant you may think of them.

Here on this site, are superb articles from people unfamiliar to you like Benjamin Fulford David Wilcock David Icke and Drake,

These people reflect the real news of today.

We also have information from our Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command, SaLuSa and Cobra many other channelled light workers.

We have other people to call on like Natural News and good natural health remedies by Mike Adams.

So as we welcome you here please could you take a look at 2 recommended films.

#1 Thrive the Full Movie .

#2 The Day before Disclosure.

You can find them by scrolling down on this special article on the Royal Families of Europe.

So this will help you see why we are run by evil and the dark side of life for Gold Oil and Drugs.

This is why we need to change this.

We are definitely and never have been alone on this planet , far from it.

Please go through all the other clips on this great article and you will soon be at the level of the cavalry and we are taking our planet back from all evil.

Remember a classic statement by David Icke when asked ‘k then , when is the Cavalry coming mate’ His response ” well the Cavalry is already here mate and guess what? it is not going down to your level, You will have to rise to the level of our Cavalry”

We Lightworkersxm wish you to be with us for the ride.

Also check out The benefits of health with Colloidal Silver and see if you can get some made with the machine I gave you.

go here for an explanation:

See the benefits of it opening up your spiritual gland, suppressed by our modern society, they have a reason for this,

They want you all to be stupefied and we are not wearing that, like you, we are waking up from our deep dumb sleep.

You can now, with that small machine, make as much nano silver water as you like.

It is the best natural antibiotic going.

Lightworkersxm Welcome St Kitts and Nevis People

Please save this site as it updates every day or most days sometimes 5 articles new every time you go into it

here is the site link to save




2 comments on “St Kitts and NEVIS : we welcome Ian Duberry new spokesman for that part of the Caribbean : We look forward to ascending with all of your people there

  1. hi im ivan liburd captin of the intermezzo along with ian duberry ,ian introduce me to this site as soon as he got back from sxm and i emediately went an search for it ,i find it to be very useful and also educating aswell

    • Ivan You are most welcome
      i am in the process of making Colloidal Gold water makers after our success with Colloidal Silver
      So please floow our intuitional videaos and go search the benefits to health with our natural remedies
      Our site is updated daily with postings of real news and all news that is hidden form us on our evil TV sets
      please stick around and comment as much as you like ask questions
      You are very welcome here
      We get over 2000 hits per day and all people here are very helpful
      600 from Sint Maarten and others from Barbados St Vincent and Jamaica, Dom Rep and other places too
      So we welcome Ian and you from St Kitts and Nevis
      P_lease pass this info around and check some of our movie documantaries
      Thanks again Hope to speak to you soon
      Dave and the real gang

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