Mass Arrest’s and Cabal Containment Article #2 : Compilation of recent Events : Look how easy it is to forget very important life changing events

Section #2 Compilation of all events recent past and new.

If we use the ‘dismiss’ word in terms of Drake and his Green Light Hoax or as David Wilcock kindly called it.

“possibly set up to sound the Air” This does not indicate that  we hold Drake in contempt ,

However it does mean that we should follow Benjamin Fulford’s words on the Green light scenario,

and what those wise shoulders have learnt about pre-dating events as follows:

My sources tell me Drake is connected to the military and is allowed to say things within limits. However, the White Dragon Society has never put out deadlines. Many people have given me dates that come and go without the predicted events happening so I have stopped publishing any such announcements. 
However, it is very obvious from watching world news that the cabal is falling apart. Take a few examples: the Libor scandal, the Rico lawsuit filed against George Soros and Donald Trump, the Fast and Furious investigation against Eric Holder, the sudden stop to the C02 “global warming,” campaign, the promise by the BRICS 150 nation alliance to offer $500 billion for the poorest people in the world and for the environment, etc. etc. 
The fall of the Soviet Union and the communist bloc in Europe seemed to take forever when it was happening but in retrospect it was really quick. The collapse of the cabal is a mathematical certainty and it is going on every day and becoming more and more obvious to all. 
The important thing is to ignore their fear mongering and make sure they do not trick us into World War 3.

END :Benjamin Fulford July 2012 in answer to guest question on the Green Light from Drake.

So a climb down from Drake and now let’s just get on with the real stuff.

The Cabal continue to wreak havoc globally with mindless repeated attempts to start WW3

Weather control and manipulation is on going and record breaking off the books in every department, if it is fire, tornado, flooding, drought, or what ever, this is the self destruction button of the United States in full and in over drive.

Police state tactics and Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius and Monsanto.

The Cabal are equally footprinting the masses with their agendas which makes listening to Alex Jones and others, Doom and Gloom merchants just now, maybe they will have some footage of the sacrifices taking place this weekend at Bohemian Grove.

here is a good article on Occupy Bohemian Grove :

Depressingly so, Infowars and others really do report the worst news and they do report it as it is , but it will not be long before your blood boils whilst listening to it all.

So that is about all we need to cover the dark side’s antics for now and all the bird and fish deaths Fukushima and countless other black ops in Nuclear plants around the mainland USA.

On a high note I cannot count the ammount of countries who are banning fining and closing down Monsanto operations for disease on crops globally in India Brazil Argentina Paraguay France and Bulgaria are just some of the court cases we have been following.

Further good news is the farmers are now winning and banning in certain states against the crop failures and Monsanto manipulation of seed investments and Round up side effects in and around the USA.

Than main uprising and awakening.

The main good news in general is that there is a rise in events this year that offer more positive outcome to world events and our new futures.

Namely some of the law suites against the bankster families fraud, so here is a list of what,

We have been able to find over the past 6 months.

Rather disappointingly Michael Tellinger Had his classic law suite refused against the Standard Bank of South Africa amongst other top Bankster which only serves to ‘up the anti’ on representation and rentry and his resolve over this ‘bad to the core’ system globally.

This is not over: please go to his site and sign up here :

Neil Keenan & Neil Scott, on the other hand have also retracted their claim and Multi Trillion dollar law suite to bring the house of cards tumbling down. However with further resolve , they intend to present his new law suite action some 10 times greater than the original due to resurfacing information and actions of the Cabal. Incidentally, we have not received confirmation of this re-entry as of yet!

Lord Blackheath on the other hand has also being silenced in his attempt to expose the 15 trillion dollar fraud with the RBS and Federal reserve and J P Morgan Bank. Does this mean that this investigation is all over ?

This may all appears Doom and gloom but a closer look at it reveals some thing brewing far greater than all of these cases put together and will force all these cases to be conjoined as the LIBOR scandle has got lot of people literally shaking in their boots.

If you look at the issues that LIBOR presents it is a can of worms far greater than any biological warfare, this is a clear message to the most dumbed down sheep that the existing system is crumbling and that this is not to continue.

It simply implicates the system at the very top of the Pyramid, in it’s entirety and that means the BIG 3, Washington DC , The Vatican and The Corporation of London, these illegally arranged fortune temples of personal law is being exposed to the most naive and that nazi-ism is as alive today as it has been in WW2 it is just that the Nazi Royal families have been put in place many years ago  and they are in full control today and nobody appears to even notice this global take over.

That is basically our entire corrupt world of crime, violance, mafia run drug running, war mongering, Corporate media, Brainwashing moguls, and cloning of the Royal Tavistok Institute known as the 3 R’s and their pre-organised Nazi faction .

Rothschild’s Rockefellers and Royalty ( Globally) and it does not stop there, it is Jewish Nazi’s in the box.

Even Prince Harry created a scandal dressing in Nazi uniform on one of his mad moments at a public party.

It’s blatancy is now creating awakening on a spontaneity level and so exponentially, as the sheeple ask , who is really the slave here.

The wierd extravagance at the Olympic games is testimony to system abuse and Zionistic satanism to the core.

This is the calm before the storm, reflecting in this is all the red faces exposed on a daily basis, and we do expect much more.

Tony Blair was challenged in a Bullshit conference of modern politics by a guy who literally confronts him and says we know what you are doing and you are about to be victim of a citizens arrest for all of your crimes.

This resonated with us, as we felt Tony Blair gave the biggest sign yet, he was unable to hide on his face that he knows, his time is running out and he IS a Wanted man.

The Vatican Crimes 

Keeping up with the news from the Vatican is not easy but this site appears to be the best at exposing all the crimes from the Vatican leaders in over 26 countries here :

I must warn you that what this site uncovers is not easy on the eye, please be warned in advance of what you may be exposed to.

It is all torture and murder and satanic rituals of children and child trafficking of the highest and most disgraceful order.

And we have not even got to the Royal Families of Europe yet.

The embarrassment of the Carabinieri raiding the Vatican just last week speaks volumes of power loss the establishment is succumbing to and there is much more to come form the Vatican over the coming weeks or days.

However Kevin Annett has gone one stage further and has now filed law suits for the ITCCS against the Royal Family and The Vatican and the Canadian Government for deliberate cover up of the mass genocidal and torture of children which was a routine in 1956 and beyond, in all state churches, schools and Hospitals

The bone count for these child rituals associated with Royalty and Vatican owned dwellings in Canada alone is probably in the 6 figures bracket and is impossible to gauge with any degree of accuracy.

We here at Lightworkersxm have offered Rev Kevin Annett our services in Frequency test bone recovery where ever he sees fit

We await his direct comments and wish him well with his court case. More here :

Further more the Irish  ( through the ITCCS) have issued more law suites and threaten the closure of Satanic child molesting Priesthood and the Physical closure of all Irish Catholic churches , should the Vatican not show signs of cleaning the house up by September 21st this year.

Bank Hacking

There has been reports of high level Hacking in banking institutions and many banks have been closed to clients as money has been stolen here on 5th July.

Plus  Soros and Trump in the dock

MONEY LAUNDERING and BANKRUPTCY FRAUD CONSPIRACY EXPOSED INVOLVING GEORGE SOROS’S INVISIBLE INTEREST IN CONSECO FINANCE and THE GM BUILDING NEW YORK, NY – Law Offices of David H. Relkin, Esq. on behalf of Leslie Dick Worldwide Ltd. has filed a Federal RICO Complaint in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Case No. 08-CV-7900) against George Soros, Deutsche Bank, Vornado Realty Trust, Fortress Investment Group, Donald J. Trump & 12 other RICO conspirators for $4.2 Billion in damages. The Complaint and Compendium may be accessed as PDF documents on the web site of the Law Offices of David H. Relkin at: or on PACER.

more here :

Add  Scientology Child abuse and it’s sick satanic abuse as a routine.

Add also 9/11 truth movement who rubbishes the original report to the ‘enth degree.

and the abuse fettered by Transhumanship and the bank closures and none payment of clients in Spain Italy Greece and Scotland’s RBS.

Unreported mass demonstrations in Mexico and many other parts of the world as in  Isreal and Egypt.

Mainstream media are disclosing slowly but it is not enough quite clearly as they cover for their Agendas.

UFO’s are very commonplace these days

and Mainstream media do not go near it.

It is blatently obvious that US military and Royal Military units and Corporate war machine  in Britain have no real military that can stop UFO’s

UFO’s can go with impunity any where they want to and at any time.

This is the main grand fear theory of the Cabal, how can they claim all the military funding, which is useless in the face of greater technology that laughs in at the very  best of our inventions.

So disclosure remains low and mainstream media is still not reporting the news that  we wish to hear.

The more you hear Austerity the more backward everything really is.

Abundance programs and prosperity packages are for the people and is the future and are very near to being of the making.

Austerity is Cabalistic by design and nothing more.

Finance must collapse first Then the mass arrest and containment will take place

Positive changes:

The Rio G20 failure by the Cabal to leave empty handed and the release of 500 billion of funding for the poorest in the globe is a clear sign of change 2 weeks ago.

Also the German and French raids on Swiss banks in addition to  the Swiss banksters refusal to take holidays for fear of arrest at border controls.

Also Nikolas Sarkozy abode being searched for fraud plus,

Timothy Geitner and Eric Holder who are getting closed in on, is more to look forward to this crumbling Cabal, over the next few weeks.

There are good rumors of Condi Rice and a few more being convicted of war crimes and fraud plus the Bush and Clinton cartel being investigated for stealing from charities in Haiti.

Plus Gates Bill and Malinda’s whose agenda makes them the most global number 1 contributors to global genocide must be arrested

It all clearly has not yet happened.

It does not mean it will continue like this for too much longer.

It is a mathematical and logistical fact that the bubble will burst, given all we see around us, being clearly exposed.

Balloons are meant to be blown up but only to a certain limit and when over inflation kicks in, that bubble must burst.

We are just on the last breaths of air for this to happen and happen it WILL!

Benjamin Fulford is correct, so no timings can be given, it is just a matter of that timing.



5 comments on “Mass Arrest’s and Cabal Containment Article #2 : Compilation of recent Events : Look how easy it is to forget very important life changing events

  1. Dave, nice compilation. I’ve been reading all of this as it came out, but seeing it in one place packs an even bigger wallop. No matter what you do or do not believe, at a gut-level you just can’t deny that something bizarre is going on.

    Snatching cabbalistic funds is one way to improve the situation (i.e., hurting them). The other way to level the playing field is to empower the disempowered (i.e., helping us). Releasing technology that allows everyone to provide necessities for themselves and their neighbors would set noses free from grindstones.

    If we could give ourselves food, medicine and shelter, then we could give them the finger. The whole thing would crumble overnight with very little heartburn. How about dropping boatloads of beneficial tech from cloaked ships? Don’t forget to include the instructions.

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