Mass Arrests : Final update : Our changing world : The New Golden Age : Divine intervention : Containment of the Cabal

I suppose if we continue to use the mass arrests broadcast then this site will gets lots of hits.

It appears a lot of people on my stats come to the site having posted exactly that on google.

This site does not wish to appeal for glory seekers, nor does it sanction anything to do with doom and gloom.

This site is all about Light workers learning from the light,  with in, and honoring the light outside of our selves.

A sort of Lightworkers for lightworkers site.

So from now on there will be no more posts on Mass arrests just to keep the numbers up.

1000 light workers per day, as opposed to 7000 glory seekers , take your pick?

It is far better that this site is recommended by Kauilapele or Steve Beckow or American Kabuki or Activist post or Mike Adams From Natural News

Even though we do not agree on all sides, we do have one thing in common as Steve Beckow explains in his disappointment.

He explains the  Cabal Containment and our freedom from Monetary en-slavery and corruption, may infact be, many months away


Boy, yesterday was a day I hope never to have to go through again.

Examples of lightworkers behaving badly. Never reassuring. Sitting down to get the full estimate of Matthew’s message with its news that Disclosure may not happen for a while because of the fear that’s been built up on the planet. Managing the fall-out from people’s disappointment over no mass arrests.

I said earlier that I don’t feel myself going down into the depths of despair any more. Yesterday was as big an invitation to do so as I’ve encountered in weeks.

So how am I going to manage this – so much disappointment within me, within us?

I think I do need to say one thing before sourcing this upset. I hear one strain of argument that we humans would have been fine righting the situation on this planet. Allied to that strain is the observation that we freed ourselves from the cabal.

I really don’t think either observation is true.

Here is all of that article from Steve:

He then leans on Divine intervention and We ask “could we go this alone on this planet?

Could our rise be without divine intervention?

Well earthlings cannot fight ET’s and the Cabal is run by ET’s , the bad one ‘s

Ok! you can call them that.

But the good one’s then (I suppose that is us) are not really doing much better,

You only need to read this article to see that we could be swayed at a moments notice to go on either side of the fence.

Either by money and bribery or some new information, as the truth is so hard to find.

This White Hats insider assures us that Drake and Cobra are Pschyops people and they are actually working for the dark.

Here is there explanation of just who this group really  are first:

This is a blog maintained by a former White Hat operative, now with several dozens other defectors known as The Brethern of the White Robe (yeah sounds over dramatic, but we dig on these names). The White Hats have been infiltrated by the Satanic reptilian cabal known as the New World Orderists and Illuminati, comprised of people like the Bush/Clinton Crime Family, the Obama Game Plan, the Rothschild and Rockefeller Banking System, the Federal Reserve, the “Family of 33,” and at least half a dozen of extraterrestrial and ultraterrestrial beings. As information comes in and is verified, this blog’s intent is to reveal certain truths and to debunk any disinfo put out by evil cabalist reptilians that infiltrated the White Hats, or the Illuminati Faction itself.

here is that link

They even describe our new  world, the one we really  want

I cannot even begin to explain the divine beauty of Hope that would do it justice, a terra-formed moon on the other side of the galaxy, far away from other inhabited systems, in direct alignment with the Galaxy’s center so that energy is always there. Hope has two main land masses, Bridliam and Templiam, with only a dozen islands where the defense bases and the planet cloak centers are. Towns instead of cities, homes spread out, schools with no more than 35 choldren in each (adults have their own educational centers); a thickly green planet with only vegetarian animals, no predators (some earth , some Martian, some from Erra and Procyon, like the wonderful three-headed winged giraffe, the singing flowers, and fairy folk in the 7D). Waterfalls, mountains with snow, jungles and forests and deserts without any industry. Free energy, no money, no stress, no banks, no bills, no hunger, no 9 to 5 slavery, simply a transitional safe place to work on the spirit and prepare to ascend without interference of war, fear, and lizard people.

But they do not rate Drake or any one else for that matter.

It is the 4th July and no mass arrests have happened, no Calvary has arrived, no special fireworks are launched to kick back and enjoy; this is the third dateline he gave. Three strikes and you are out.

David Wilcock wrote on his web site:

“So let’s assume that nothing happens between now and the end of July 4th. If this is the case, Drake will have to issue an embarrassing retraction and public apology.” Here you can read the full slating of Drake if you wish:

So what can we make of all this?

Is our sources on the ground really fake?

Benjamin Fulford David Wilcock Drake Neil Keenan Kevin Annett

Well that is a matter of your own personal opinion.

2 days ago we reported here that Benjamin Fulford said 18 months ago the “WWIII is what they want and that is exactly what we will not give them”

That conviction, is ringing in our ears today, as you look at how hard they are trying to get Syria to be the smoking gun for WW3.

It is pathetic to see how they are going about it and Hitlery says “China and Russia will Pay for going against them”

What the Cloned matted hair peice Hitlery never mentioned is clear for all to see.

Her hair is a mess and is a perfect reflection of her lies “we have been sussed out and China and Russia know what our humanitarian scam agenda is” is what she did not say.

So if Mass Arrests are going to be in September or October which to me, sounds more realistic and we on this site, are pulling the plug on the Mass Arrests word then what can we make of current affairs?

Cabal Containment and Divine intervention and when?

Well I suppose  will have to quote SaLuSa from 12 months ago:

” First you will see the implosion of the financial system, this will pave the way for the bringing down of the Cabal and all of those within the organization that has en-slaved the planet throughout the ages”

So you cannot blame any one from thinking that the financial collapse is just about to fall and activate total global meltdown.

So instead of concentrating on Mass Arrests we should pay more energy into the trigger that has been perfectly placed on the table for us by all of our channelers.

Here is what Henry Mackow has to conclude in his article today here


The whole system is involved. All the major banks, BoE and the British Government are already implicated. But undoubtedly the FED, the ECB and and a number of Governments were at least aware of what was going on.

The Banking System is One and involves all these players, including the press and the academic world. By shifting blame amongst each other they distract us from this simple truth. If they are all to blame, none are to blame.

So is this the biggest scandal ever? 

Finance itself is the scandal. That $200k mortgage that we are paying $300k in interest over in thirty years was printed the minute we took out the loan. 

The $450 billion the taxpayer is sweating to cough up each year to service the National Debt while the Government could easily print some interest free credit or even debt-free money is another example.

This is just the umpteenth banking scandal, but people simply cannot yet get their head around the fact that bankers are insane vampires per definition. That the banking system is one cartel ruling the entire planet and owned by a small group of centuries old families known as the Money Power or Illuminati.

That we should be getting our money out of the system now, lock up all these disturbed maniacs and print some interest free cash.

Perhaps this particular little scandal will help them understand. But I’m not holding my breath.

LIBOR should read LIBORR  London Inter-bank offered ROTHSCHILD Rate

There are no convictions from 2008 crash,

Infact All those people are still in office today.

No mass arrests then and none now.

So Henry is dead spot on correct!

The definition of Insane is doing a very bad thing over and over again.

And they are running the show and en-slaving every one on the planet.

They keep doing it over and over again.

They have to go because it is a proven fact that our ruling elite are Insane.

John Lennon got it right in 1980 and his comments cost him his life.

Mass Arrest’s will not happen.

Cabal Containment is more than likely happening right now after the real and full blown financial crash and Stephen Cook  is correct too here:

To say that voters are not doing their bit is a way of telling us we are ‘dumbed down’ – and yet, every day, more and more of us are waking up. Look to situations recently in Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland… even the UK! Meanwhile, corporate power is actually dwindling. Politicians ARE being called to heel. Containment is underway. Yes, change IS in the air! The ‘new’ democracy awaits; one that IS truly democratic. Not long now…

Full article here  with a link to the article in The Guardian,

I think he missed out the word Meritocracy.

So Containment it is then, Sorry about all that mass arrests thing.

Cabal  Containment is ongoing, It is ALL over Main Stream Media.

If you want disclosure then now is the time to switch on the BBC, but we apologize in advance.

The Syria stuff is a right load of Corporate Propaganda Bollox.

But that will also soon be replaced by more Disclosure, the more the noose tightens on the BBC’s cheque delivery man,

And The Royal Charter and The Bank of England.

Every day we are closer to the financial collapse, which is far more important than the mass arrests.

As the financial noose does actually tighten, the corporations get paralyzed.

So does mainstream media

And it is happening in plain sight ( plus, plate load after plate load of Bullshit sandwiches to keep you confused).




6 comments on “Mass Arrests : Final update : Our changing world : The New Golden Age : Divine intervention : Containment of the Cabal

  1. I completely agree I always said u won’t see real change until after a crash, after we hit rock bottom. That’s when people will fully wake up and ask for answers.

  2. This site has just lost credibility in my eyes for sighting that known disinfo agent “Former White Hat”. SMH

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