Mass Arrests : 6th July : some more stuff for you to chew on : And some one nameless claiming Drake and Cobra are pschyops guys and not on our side : so brush him under the carpet

First here is the weather forecast from the sun from Suspicious Observers 2 minute news

Quite a chunck of stuff still going on
Pick the bones out of these Vatican get police check < Queen lizzie up for more charges > Argentina dictators nicked for running off with kids and most surprisingly many banksters jailed globally for being crooks, i had no idea they were crooked... enjoy Dave
Romanian Leader Impeached - Mexico demands recount - ACTA killed in Euro Parliament - Ex-France Telecom chief Lombard probed over suicides - Blackout looming: Thousands to lose Internet access as FBI shuts down servers - Former IMF chief Rodrigo Rato faces court probe -
chief-rodrigo-rato-faces-court-probe/177473/on Fraud trial for Rodrigo Rato over Bankia collapse -
Rodrigo-Rato-over-Bankia-collapse.html Spanish royal family embroiled in corruption scandal -
family-embroiled-in-corruption-scandal.html Major banks say they are ready to go under - Swiss bankers drop holiday plans on fear of arrest -
into-the-us-dollar-for-independence-day/ U.S. Banks Greatly Benefiting Off Colombian Cocaine Trade -
banks_n_1646684.html?1341336738 Colombia To Legalize Marijuana And Cocaine - GlaxoSmithKline Forced to Pay $3 Billion Over Faking Research, Bribing Doctors - Lawsuit Filed Against Convicted Felon George Soros & Donald Trump -
donald-trump-colluded-in-multi-billion-money-launderingbankruptcy-fraud-scheme/ French police raid home of former president Nicolas Sarkozy - A Former Wall Street Trader May Have Swallowed A Deadly Pill In Court Before 
Dying Minutes Later -
Irish Politicians Demand Their Finance Minister Be Arrested For Attending 
2012 Criminal Bilderberg Meeting - Disgraced British Banker Says U.S. Regulators Complicit in Massive Price-Fixing 
Scandal -
banker-says-u-s-regulators-complicit-in-massive-price-fixing-scandal Detective Probes Obama SSN Mystery Đ Files Suit In Ohio -
Fukushima nuclear disaster was 'man-made' says damning new report -
man-says-damning-new-report.html#ixzz1zmmqgWBy Italian Financial Police Searches the Vatican It 's the
 first time in history -
police-searches-vatican-it-s-first-time-history-almost-touch Bob Diamond says banks across the world were fixing interest rates in the run-up 
to the financial crisis -
world-were-fixing-interest-rates-in-the-runup-to-the-financial-crisis-7912148.html HOMELAND SECURITY-FUNDED STUDY LISTS PEOPLE ÔREVERENT OF INDIVIDUAL LIBERTYŐ 
reverent-of-individual-liberty-as-extreme-right-wing-terrorists/ NHP Troopers Sue Department Over K-9 Program -
over-k-9-program Three central banks take action in sign of alarm - 
idUSBRE8640RN20120705 Soros Propaganda Supporting UN Global Gun Control Hits Mainstream -
UN_Global_Gun_Control_Hits_Mainstream.html WikiLeaks releases Syria Files, almost 2.5 mln emails to be published - Unprecedented: Class Action Lawsuit against Church, State and Big Pharma given Green Light - Minister of Social Development of Kyrgyzstan will be interrogated by Security Services Countrywide issued hundreds of VIP loans to buy influence, report says - Australia and China Strike Another Nail into the US Dollar for Independence Day -
Third whistle blower confirms ObamaŐs participation in CIA jump room
program of early 1980Ős -
obamas-participation-in-cia-jump-room-program-of-early-1980s.html Big pharma is cut out by India's plan to bring medicine to masses -
pharma-is-cut-out-by-indias-plan-to-bring-medicine-to-masses-7917944.html Benjamin Netanyahu involved in smuggling nuclear triggers - 
2 ex-Argentine dictators convicted in baby thefts - 

Libor Banking Scandal Đ Let the Mass Arrests Begin! - 
Banks' Living Wills - IRS hit with audit for mismanagement and fraud - Oldies but goodies ------------------ Arrests made in Italy after discovery of $6 trillion in fake U.S. bonds - UK queen accused of drug trafficking - 
Tony Blair Branded 'War Criminal' in Court; Pelted With Eggs While Leaving - 
Former Liberian President, 64, will serve his prison time in a British jail -
President-sentenced-50-years.html#ixzz1znsGNEUz Abacus Federal Savings Bank Charged With Mortgage Fraud Worth Hundreds Of Millions -
Then there is this guy ,,very interesting stuff but i cannot corroborate this

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