Mass Arrests : Round up of all recent posts : small update : and Conclusion : And some good vid clips and a great Resonate Documentary for you for tonight

Being in the Caribbean we are used to hurricanes so we are prepared at a moments notice for any major event, So with Drake’s comments I suppose he added 100 rolls of toilet paper to my emergency list for unified delirium in overt darkness and squalor should we need it.

Those of you who diss Benjamin Fulford may need to see this , as this was my resulting wake up call 18 months ago.

It says a lot.

If there is any one who thinks that a man who has found himself accidentally, on the world  stage as a spokesman to tell us all “the world is in fact, not flat”, who clearly said 18 months ago that “the cabal want to create World War 3 and that’s all they want and we are not going to give in to them nor allow that to happen”

Now just look at this for one moment.

Who, out of all of us, has got the balls to say that and say it with impetus and such assertiveness , when most of us are still in our consciousness pajamas? Any one?

Let alone have it ring so true some 18 months later.

The above video is tantamount to my full and uncompromising wake up.

Not only did it wake me up, it formed the very foundation for how we sit today in awareness.

What is to come and preparedness for the major arrest event which will turn into the major financial upheaval, will be the building blocks for the roads, tunnels, bridges and gateways to global disclosure and it will be on main stream media TV, rest assured.

If you go back to the original post and transcript from David Wilcock and Drake on the 3 hour radio recording then again the same thing happens and you will certainly purchase more toilet paper.

But beyond my sarcasm Both David Wilcock and Drake say things like Fulford did years ago that hold a certain value, which is growing and not decreasing in value for our future.

I often listen to it, just to capture the feelings again that we must have all felt when first listening to it and it does provide hope in buzz form.

But if anyone is looking for a buzz then go no further than this 5 minute clip from Biologist Paul Hawken, I have had countless people raise a tear of hope for this beautiful clip.

Hope ? So much hope .

this clip resonates with great effect today even if it is 2 years or more old.

Mainly girls do the crying but I did swallow something when revisiting this.

However if any one of you is looking for a video or 2 to show others, what is really going on then I recommend both  above.

So with all this resonating stuff and all this hope around, is there even a little hope from today’s news ?

Well yes there is ! and will it resonate in 12 months time ?

1) Steve Beckow  sneaked in this comment today”

I wish I could share all that I’m hearing but much of it is confidential. All of it is good, however. It will be shared as soon as it’s safe to release and it is not safe to do so at the moment.  But on the basis of it I can make the following remarks, which I feel are necessary to be said and hopefully will prove reassuring to us.

more here

and Drake sneaked in this in his show last night.

* Canadian Executive Order released today was an Agenda 21 holdover.
* Some of Sarkozy’s people were arrested today in France.
* Donald Trump and George Soros have multiple RICO charges against them now.
   Russia has put out a terrorist charge against George Soros.
   Soros is a main conduit for the Bushes.
* A bunch of financial people have disappeared.
*  Few days ago a truck wrecked in Utah.  It was carrying signs that said “Bank Closed” 
    and “martial Law” and paperwork that indicates it is to be used in October.
* The military says that things are taking place but not necessarily mass arrests.
   They are arresting key persons first, then maybe the mass arrests.
* Congressmen will be arrested after higher key people are arrested.
* There are two levels of new technology: 
  1.  Technology withheld by the government and corporations.    
  2. Technology held by ET’s.
* The financial Green Light has not been given yet.
* All of this will be culminated before the elections. 
* Washington DC was HAARPed in his opinion by the good guys.  
* published a story today titled “Medical Care – a war crime”.
* Colorado fires and storm on Washington caused by the Cabal to create 
   homelessness and strain the services to create chaos and riots.
* The military is not waiting for the Euro collapse before they move.
* “The bankers in Switzerland are visibly in panic and are afraid to leave the country in 
    fear of arrests abroad.”

So more of what I am picking up with out the MSM.

Oh but CBS talking UFO and Aliens exist.

Well I find that insulting to our intelligence and not worthy of posting on here to be open and honest.

So in the mainstream media is more of the same crap Barclays Libor and WW3 but done in the pretext of Assad and Syria.

But in the light that the cabal are near in a Coma and all that I have printed on all the previous posts I would just like to see Holder Geitner Sarkozy Soros Bush n Blair in cuffs and on TV Then I can clearly see The Committee of 300 in chains.

As at the moment to see Royalty in chains where they really belong instead of in full golden bloom on their own BBC channels.

That looks so far fetched and farther than any dreams I have.

So as it is for now we live in hope that is  ongoing and await the first tumbling card at the top.

Then the avalanche.

We have now no doubt it is soon .

Status Report : Ongoing slowly but surely!

Now as news is slow and you are obviously pondering what to look for when there is now news, please check this out even if you have already. You cannot watch this enough unless you are a natural health scientist.

This will keep you well busy, even if you have seen it before.

David Wilcock 2102 Enigma


Enjoy the resonate movie





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