Mass Arrests latest: 4th July : David Icke’s Alien nature continues ; Attacks David Wilcock : The only Fireworks so far are in Alternative media : MSM are disclosing better on mass arrests : Weird weather False claims called : Arrests ongoing

This update 14.44am EST

So here we are 4th July 2012

Paul Craig Roberts says
Activist Post

Hot Air Day is upon us. On July 4 hot air will spew forth all over the country as dignitaries deliver homilies to our “freedom and democracy” and praise “our brave troops” who are protecting our freedom by “killing them over there before they come over here.”

Not a single one of these speeches will contain one word of truth. No speaker will lament the death of the US Constitution or urge his audience to action to restore the only document that protects their liberty.

And he is quite right read all here

A) Weird Weather Globally

2 times 5.2 earthquakes 30 miles deep 15 miles north east of here 5 30 pm Large shaking reported and many people run to the streets for security No damage reported but heavy shaking experienced for one minute by all of us.

Here is today’s 2 minutes solar news  from Suspiciousobservers

Information from Cobra That We disagree with about HAARP the weather man-made and

The Fires in US are suspicious, why the singed trees? and powder dust demolished houses?,  surrounded by intact green tree structures?

This is today’s UFO video

I have no doubt that GFL will claim this drone look alike is their craft seen here in the fires in Waldo forest

have a look at the length of the video 1.11

Thank John Kettler for posting this, he predicts no change soon incidentally.

All of this, clearly makes no sense , unless they were cabal houses ( legs and fingers crossed )

This may not the work of CME’s as Cobra seems to point out here

Cobra says

Our Sun is a multidimensional stargate that transmits the energies from the Galactic Central Sun towards our planet. Positive ET races direct and regulate these energies in a way that is most beneficial to our planet and humanity. These energies assist in removal of non-physical Archons and heal quantum anomaly that is surrounding our planet. They also bring to the surface everything that was hidden and will soon expose all actions of the Cabal in a way that will be very evident to everyone and the dark ones will have nowhere to hide.
So the events of the last few days are not a result of HAARP or artificial weather modification as many would like to believe. The Cabal is not that powerful anymore.
Back to Lightworkersxm and The weather in general
HAARP and it’s Sister AMISR is prevalent in our wierd weather here in the Caribbean over the past 48 hrs and it has a fingerprint like no other , and We are no dummies here,
We can read it by eyes and also our frequency tester , just like it can find drugs and bones in the Earth.
HAARP & AMISR has resonate frequencies that can be picked up by frequency generators just like Raymond Rife did all those years ago
Remember weather does not have perfect geometric circles and straight lines and squares to it, it should be natural
If us, the ordinary Joe Soap public, can identify new HAARP satelites at airports and 2 GIANT SEA BASED HAARP RIG PLATFORM STATIONS to the mile.
As seen here by dutchsinse, We do this simply by radar and literally find the two of them.

Then what we are seeing on our daily radar is not the normal weather, it is something far more sinister and serious. his famous quote( behind every cloud there is a silver iodide lining)

Just answer me this one simple question
How is it that a novices like us can see and identify  New previously unidentified HAARP stations by our own radar alone, in Martinque, NASSAU and Dom Republic as these were clearly not there last year?
So may I, for the record totally dismiss any claims by the Galactic Federation and Cobra and that The Cabal  continue  using HAARP as they used to
The Puerto Rico, Arrecibo. AMISR plant is in Full Swing here and it is for all to see and they are growing not declining in the mass depopulation programming.
So until we see the skies clearly change and no more milky silver Iodide skies and rippling clouds and mad shapes , ANY JARGON to the contrary has to be refuted as bad reporting and support building for their cause to which here, at least, WILL NOT BE ASSOCIATED
Remember also, we have been lied to, all our lives and our BS detectors are now on full alert.
Stick your words where facts lay, GF and switch that damn machine off in Puerto Rico
Here are the Atlantic Hurricanes Frequency Test results and subsequent forecast for 2012 by Lightworkersxm
And just to show you that average citizens here mean business and we are prepared to put our cocks on the block
Hurricane predictions for 2012 from Freeky our Frequency Tester
Bare in mind Hurricanes are pre-named
This is the only reason we can do this test.
1)  Hurricane Gordon, Cat 2/3 North Caribbean, Miami (July August)
2) Hurricane Joyce, Cat 2/3 South Carolina’s, Bermuda ( August/ Sept )
3)  Hurricane Leslie, Cat 4 Central Caribbean, Cayman, Cuba, Yucatan. August/ September
4)  Hurricane Michael, Cat 5 South Carolina’s New York October 2012 Sept October
Bare in mind also Tropical Storm Debby had just started when we conducted this test and was estimated by ALL Main weather channels to go Hurricane along gulf coast New Orleans in 24 hrs 26th June
Our Frequency tester did not pick Debby up as a Hurricane, not at anytime.
Any one wanting the pdf of all Tropical Storm guestimates from our frequency test results?
Please put email and request in comments box.
B) Now to recent other information 12.15am updated
Benjamin Fulford’s post here in full
Important points:
Firstly a number of you have pointed out here and Ashtar Command that BF makes a point of saying he would kill the Cabal as in this quote”
Here is a message to Reverend Moon, Kim Jong-un, Lee Myung-bak, Yasuhiro Nakasone, George Bush Senior, Baron Fritz Thysen, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, Pope Ratzinger and other senior Nazis: “if this writer dies of any cause whatsoever without leaving a handwritten will you and your entire extended families will be hunted down and killed.”
I agree, this is a bit disappointing and emotion appears to run high here from Ben
I might remind readers and fellow light workers, We have not had any new tech needle jammed in our wrists, intended to kill us
So I remain calmer than Ben just now , his choice of force in his script is unfortunate, that is all.
He does also mention about a Drake speech and his ‘Call to Military action’ and I find Ben is on the wrong end of the stick here just as a Drake hoax hit the air waves, and obvious Hoax it was.
Lastly but more important is this :
Disguised in the report is this “
The White Dragon Society, for its part, is negotiating with cabalists for a peaceful transition and expects these negotiations to drag on through the summer. However, it may be that less forgiving and more impatient forces will make changes on the ground before these negotiations conclude.
I have highlighted the special part but Ben did not, but this is very interesting and is a clear sign he knows of something in the air
Thanks once again Benjamin  Fulford, we know how difficult it is to keep up with the deception and make a true report, despite all the life changing distractions you face, lucky you are so street wise.
Other light workers news
Also great to hear the  Neil Keenan shot was a hoax , he is hot property just now
A Quote from David Wilcock gets to the issue  :
A fake Facebook page from someone claiming to be Drake said that Neil Keenan had been attacked, ostensibly from the same bio-weapon that hit our insider — and had died from it. I just got done speaking with Neil on Skype for over a half hour, and can assure you he is alive and well. Others have pointed out that his lawsuit was withdrawn. This is true — but it has only been done so as to defeat a strong attack mounted against it, and re-file it with much more damning information.This lawsuit does form the legal grounds for mass arrests. Literally, the liens we posted on this website against the Federal Reserve and its cohorts serve as legally valid arrest warrants against the Cabal.
On the Obama is clean as a whistle subject on Kauilapele blog here with David Wilcock.
Forgive us for taking an opposite side to this
Eric Holder and Timothy Geitner and a few other obama Cronies in fast and Furious
Do not allow us to support any suggection of Light in Obama
He is  cloned from Birth in too deep over his head, for our reckoning,
but as readers please feel free to get the update from David Wilcock from Kauilapele blog here.
This is a taster of what is to come and it is very interesting to say the least, but we do not need any clone in charge of us
Icke also linked to an article I once wrote in 2009, entitled “The Power Elite Do Not Control Obama.”I did hear from trusted insiders that Obama had no idea what he had gotten himself into — until the day all the presidents met before his inauguration.This was when all the threats were issued — and he was told what the President of the United States really was — little more than a paid shill for the Federal Reserve.
Please decide for your self your true inner thoughts on Obama they will all differ greatly from house to house.
But we expect more headlines on this to surface very soon especially from Sherrif Arpaio and soon too we hear.
Bill Brockbrader covers more abour mass arrests here and generally put the onous on ourselves
Great to see you back Bill
and his quote ” with Geoff West interview on Comic Vision News yesterday

Certainly I can say with the Occupy movement, though there were a lot of arrests during that time, not everybody was prepared to give up some moments of freedom to gain their complete freedom and exercise the changes. And I believe the term “freedom isn’t free” is what we’re kind of looking at right now.

And what I’m hoping to get people to understand is that the mass arrests do need to happen, one way or another. Either the mass arrest — either the military and the government law enforcement agencies uphold their oath and take charge of this situation as they promised to do when they started their employment, or the citizens of the country are going to take it in their hands, and they’re going to force the issue.

More here

C) Financial Implosion of the Rothschild’s and Corporation of London
This is covered by the  BBC  Royal Corporate Propaganda station too,  or shall I say MSM
with the usual confusion thrown in to dumb us down

The City of London Banking Cabal Implodes

Things are moving so fast in the UK now I don’t think even I can keep up with it. I found this interesting web site at The Guardian that is updating the news in realtime so rather than re-write all this coming out, I’m just going to direct you to this amazing URL directly:

Barclays blames ‘senior Whitehall figures’ for Libor scandal
as Bob Diamond resigns – live feed

• 2008 email implicates Bank of England and Labour government in Libor manipulation
• Barclays briefs media on CEO’s departure – 3.25pm onwards
• COO Jerry Del Missier also resigns – full details
• Sir Mervyn King implicated…..
• Will Diamond now ‘declare war’ on Bank of England?
• Boris Johnson still values Diamond
• Barclays statement here

Note: The Bank of England is Rothschild . It is, like the Federal Reserve (co-owned by blood-line families along with the Rothschilds) , anything but Government owned, despite its official sounding name.  All central banks are Rothschild owned but 2 (I believe Russia and China).  The BIS is also a Rothschild enterprise.
More here at AmericanKabuki
D) So Then, any MASS ARRESTS?
Ok don’t get too excited but yes it is a start
And it is on Main Stream Media
Any way Nikolas Sarkozy is in Canada on much deserved holidays and not arrested just now ( writer patience needed )
He needs so much rest after his false flag disaster in Toulouse
But the Law suites keep getting posted
here from Kevin Annett But this time with lots of alternative media airing
Jolly good job if you ask us
Lets get the Committee of 300 on the chopping block

Dear friends,

Please tune in Wednesday July 4 at 1pm Eastern Standard Time in Canada, 6 pm GMT in Europe, for a livestream broadcast of our press conference regarding the commencing of our historic criminal conspiracy lawsuit against the Crown of England, Canada and its churches, and the Vatican.

The live streaming can be watched at and photo’s are at

Please post this and spread the word, thanks! More is coming!

Kevin Annett


the full article here This is going to be big but not as big as Neil Keenan’s New Law suites ( watch this space)

But before we go there

David Wilcock in Surprise attack by David ICKE

Who is pulling the ICKE Strings?

Here he goes again?

David Wilcock points out

If sir David disagrees with this whole “green light for mass arrests” thing, then fine, say so and respectfully explain why. Icke used to take the high-road with some class, but not so much now.
Him and Rense suddenly appear much more alike than I would have previously liked to have admitted.

Whether or not I claim to have performed psychic readings — as Icke himself once claimed to have done — has nothing to do with this investigation.

It therefore surprised me that Icke used the exact same strategy as the ugliest Cabal counter-intelligence guys — linking to a video called “David Wilcock Channels Ra.”

So please be on your best guard for disinformation and backstabbing , just follow your nose on this weird stuff

There’s tons of it

Stay focussed on actual trickle arrests that is the beginning of the beginning for the beginning of The New Golden Age

Status this report 4th July

Mass Arrests are in motion, albeit very trickle fed.




8 comments on “Mass Arrests latest: 4th July : David Icke’s Alien nature continues ; Attacks David Wilcock : The only Fireworks so far are in Alternative media : MSM are disclosing better on mass arrests : Weird weather False claims called : Arrests ongoing

  1. Thank you David,I’ve noticed lately that people who used to be working together are back stabbibg each other. Thats probubley some thing that is being controled by the dark. Thats an old trick to get everybody attacking each other to confuse people. Everybody,” don’t take anything personal,right now “.It’s suppose to cause trouble, just know that the other person has thier own problems,we don’t have to take them on.Send them light an let it go. Love and Light honestangel Happy 4th! Everybody.

    • Honest angel ( same as on ashtar?) Thanks for your kind thoughtful light comments in awkward times. You have good reasoning that may lead others in to control thought . You are most welcome here Namaste Dave

      • Thank you for your kind words. I have a new blogg on wordpress,called How evolved are we? Talking about mass arrests.My address is ” http:/ ” If you like it,would you put it on your site, It would help all of us. With love sharen My e-mail in case you want to talk to e is

      • Honest Angel
        Thanks for your response and i feel your energy guiding this site which is so encouraging.
        This week end a few lightworkers and i intend to sread our word but look to put in a box all the information of what is really going on behind the scenes i would like to hear you being a contributor to this ,,I do not know how it will play out , but i can tell you , that when we have collective imput , thought and consciousness the articles tend to egt good response and good repercussions in a positive manner , i just hope you are around ,,you have my direct contact now i posted it earlier Speak soon Mwahh and love and light to you

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