Mass Arrests UPDATE :A great 4th July looming : The Global Financial Toilet is about to flush the earthly mess : FEMA CAMPS instruction to the elite : No towels here: Gold Jewellery put in box on entry : Go to dentist b4 your cell : Enjoy your stay.

This article is now addd to and updated on 4th July here

A) Financial stuff for now

White hats report #43 very important cover up of $15Trillion here

shit this looks like it is all over more here

More here

B) Alien stuff

John Kettler

Go on read it

I dare you

Reptilian’s speak Latin , of course they do

C) Channelled Light worker stuff

Very Important news unfolding here

Steve Beckow 2012scenario has an hour with Archangel Michael and Containment is the new word on the block

Here is a quote ‘

First of all the events which we’ve referred to as the “mass arrests” are underway and started last Monday, June 25, 2012.

Archangel Michael (1) prefers not to refer to them as “mass arrests,” because that wording is not of love, but as “containments” and “removals” so we’ll change our vocabulary starting now.

The containments take several forms. The leading Illuminati are actually being placed in energetic containers that prevent them from doing any harmful actions. They can do benevolent actions, but not anything else. Eventually they’ll be removed, either to a place of trial or else to another placement. read more…


SaLuSa definitely touched his button then

Here are his Highlights and some good points

Which ironically resonate with this site and all who resonate with us

This  was the basis of yesterdays update “Definate “maybe it has already started”

Go here for more :

According to this SaLuSa, we “are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place”. In other words, “Here we go.” Or maybe I should say, “Here we already have been going even though it’s under the cover of storms and declared states of ‘emergency.’” Hey, we are emerging, so indeed it is a “state of emergency.” What better state to emerge under.

In David Wilcock’s update today, he said, “Emergencies were declared in Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, the District of Columbia and Virginia.” All I will say about that is, well, where are most of the cabal operations in the U.S.? How about D.C., Virginia (around the D.C.), West Virginia (U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller, anyone?), and even Ohio (yes, they have Cleveland, and Cincinnati, and Toledo… but, well, I haven’t got a clue if Ohio has anything related to the cabal).

I say, “Bring it all on!” I’m ready to enjoy these fireworks.


  • The really exciting times have arrived as you are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place.
  • There is no way that the actions can be ignored much longer, and our allies are looking for sources that are keen to cover what is happening.
  • There will soon come a point when the news can no longer be hidden or ignored… we expect President Obama to address the world, to re-assure people that the actions are positive and in everyone’s interests to restore world peace.
  • We of the Galactic Federation of Light will for a time continue to work in the background, but look for the first opportunity to introduce disclosure.
  • In leaps and bounds you will quickly find yourselves being elevated to the next stage in your upliftment.
  • …you will be gifted with technology that allows for almost instantaneous travel. All are based on the use of free energy which is clean and non-polluting.
  • Your dreams will come true and the most wonderful changes will come with freedom being returned to you. You have become so used to being controlled in virtually everything you do that you have forgotten what it is like to be free.
  • You have been tested and tried for millennia of time… You have proved that you can exist in an advanced civilization… You have raised your vibrational levels and it will ensure that you are ready to ascend.
  • Let go of your earthly attachments and instead be in readiness to expand your consciousness to take in what will be a new way of life.
  • On Earth few really understand the potential powers they have, and do not realize that they are responsible for the way their civilization has evolved.
  • However, you have found your way out of it and many are now able to take the opportunity to ascend.

This report means business

For the full SaluSa report see it on KP’s blog here

D) GOLD a special report from Brett Sutherland

Lightworkersxm had a open discussion today with Dave Stewart, Brett Sutherland and Sylvain Dutil, who is with the Ashtar Command

The reason to hold this discussion was to assert a manner in which we can approach 3-6000 viewers and ask them to look in a different way about, What You actually think Gold is?

Here is Brett Sutherland of Lightworkersxm Contributory Article on “It’s All About Gold”

This is the  secret and everything we do form here in, goes back to GOLD

This is our reason for existence and we have been Genetically engineered to be gold Miners

The cabal use this as our enslavement and always have done.

Just bear this in mind when sifting through David Wilcock’s vast pool of knowledge in Financial tyranny

He has got pages upon pages about gold movements of=ver the ages and why

David Wilcock Financial Tyranny article Long read

Not many of us  know that gold is a cosumable, fixes DNA and cures disease and is known in the bible as the ‘Bread of life’

Today we lock it up in vaults and caves and miss the quality of life, as this is suppressed from us by our ruling elite.

So “It is all about gold” where ever we go from here

We may even look back in time and say “remember we use to revere gold, so much’

Quite Possibly in the future

Here is the link for Laurence Gardners site

‘All about white powder GOLD’

Section F) Old Stuff we have forgotten about from passed 12 months up to day

No links You should already know this by now ( on request can be provided)

1) 2 Alien bases and Military underground bases  DUMB’s taken out by special unearthly force 22nd 23rd Aug 2011 DENVER AIRPORT & Virginia All within 24 hrs of each other and with massive sonic boomed earthquakes felt across US and Canada

2) Alien Bases destroyed in South China Sea and Aden Sea of Socotra October 2011

3) Vatican issue letter from ITCCZ Ireland get you act clean by 12th Sept 2012 or we close you down church by church in Eire, April 2012 (Article on this site- use search button)

4) Canada To create landmark court case against the Vatican Ratzinger and the and Lizzie British Royal family and The Government and financial corporations regarding cover up of mass genocide of thousands of indigenous Mowhawk children used in ritual sacrifices and torture in premises under the control of the above mentioned Feb to May 2012

5) memorable court case of late June 2012 of 9/11 in Canada re visited and all engineers and architects petition and stand up in trial to open new case for  public. undenighable proof of cover up by the high an all mighty in US

6) American kabuki reported 611 Bankster defections in April may 2012 that number has massively risen and is unprecedented in financial circles. many arrests are included in these and they continue as we speak

7) Hundreds of chinese hirarchy under arrests under new scheme of house cleaning just June 2102 hard to confirm how many Assistance needed: awaiting Benjamin Fulford post today

8) Bush Blair Cheney Rumsfeld and other implicated and FOUND GUILTY of War Crimes in Afganistan and Iraq over the perfect lie WMD by the international war crimes tribunal

For this one we will send link

or just spend 6 weeks at Alfred Lambremont Webre site here on all our weird news

G) Final Summary and Conclusion


As I speak I see HAARP zapping from yet another new station in NASSAU here,

Press tiny play button bot right to see zapper lines emminating from NASSAU Airport they must now have HAARP fascility

So I do not need a summary

You must be closed minded if you cannot see that something is going on and it is all about to change so

For our conclusion for today’s status is:

Definitely in the process of containment as “It’s All about Gold”

Next update is when necassary

We all have lots of back reading to do and More research on Gold





5 comments on “Mass Arrests UPDATE :A great 4th July looming : The Global Financial Toilet is about to flush the earthly mess : FEMA CAMPS instruction to the elite : No towels here: Gold Jewellery put in box on entry : Go to dentist b4 your cell : Enjoy your stay.

  1. anyone following this?

    Shadowy legislative group faces tax complaint:

    “A prominent tax attorney has accused an organization of state lawmakers and corporations officials with improperly claiming nonprofit status, alleging the group’s role is to benefit businesses, the Republican Party, and legislators and not the public.”


    • Marcus Owen Appears to be one of many IRS whistleblowers Nearly every one who leaves that office has a new future in whistle blowing as it is more beneficial and keps them very active
      Interesting to see him going further now
      Good job

  2. I just read BF’s update and I am ticked. WHY does he say that “Drake has called for drastic military action?” Had Drake been doing the calling, this would have been done back in April. DRAKE DOES NOT CALL! Drake reports what his sources tell him. Even BF now is making it sound like this is something Drake has control over! They need to be careful in talking like that, because people get the idea that that’s true!

    • Ethyl cannot agree more, he does appear off the ball or some kind of misinterpretation ,Drake to me always says think before you shoot and know what an enemy is, plus this is only in self defense if at all necessary at all , then this leads me to believe some one is controlling alternative media as Rense Jones and Icke all do not cover Drake in fact Icke Rubbishes drake by spending lots of energy on finding duck pictures which is alien nature for David Icke. So this leads me to another thing BF says today which should be posted in Black but is slipped in to the message here it is “However, it may be that less forgiving and more impatient forces will make changes on the ground before these negotiations conclude.” That is a mamouth statement disguised in a cleverly performed and controlled message that says overall that some thing is on the edge of the cliff and is falling our way.
      So how much is alternative secular grouped alternative media controlled? and who is pulling their strings and for whose benefit?

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