Brett Sutherland Article : “It,s All About Gold” : Good Article and lots you may not know and very useful links if you would like to start researching GOLD and what it is all about.

“Its All About the GOLD”.
Contributing writer
Brett Sutherland
“It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of Gold and Silver.”
                                                                                                                – Mahatma Gandhi 
Ancient History
 Gold mining has been around for 3-400,000 yrs.
Humans in their Homo Sapiens form from Wikipedia;
Modern Humans (Homo sapiens sapiens,[3][4] [5], the only living species in the genus Homo), originated in Africa, Reaching anatomical modernity about 200,000 years ago. And full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago.
Here is an article that will offer clarity on Ancient History and gold mining
 This basically makes gold mining older than us, Bells ringing, anyone? Ayh what? This means that it must have been pretty hard for an early Homo sapiens to understand that gold was even something,  let alone know how and where to mine it.
Zacharia Sitchin
Scholar Zacharia Sitchen translated Sumerian script (oldest known script of mankind-6000 yrs old)
and relayed many stories about the gold extraction and use, told by the Sumerians,  over decades of investigative research.
If he was to be correct, then this would mean that we are actually here to mine gold for the ‘gods ‘(toil of the Gods).
That’s pretty heavy for many to handle, without some background research.
The Element GOLD and it’s forms
 Yellow gold can be purified. Its not as pure as you think!
In its purified state it transmutes to a white powder of extremely fine nature. Known as an ‘ORME’ or Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Element, the properties of which are astounding. Going through history we find gold has been used in a powder form,
by a select group of individuals we could call loosely ‘the elite’, whose manufacture and use of white powder gold has been kept a well guarded secret for thousands of years.
The Art of Alchemy
This became the art of alchemy to produce the ‘philosophers stone’ and the knowledge of which I believe helped mold humanity by the controlling forces, also the ones holding this ‘sacred knowledge’.
Sir Lawrence Gardner “Lost Secrets of the Sacred lost Ark” 
 Sir Laurence Gardner wrote a fantastic book ‘Lost Secrets of the Sacred arc’, Its about the manufacture and use in medicine and science etc, through history to the rediscovery within the last few decades. This is truly amazing stuff and blew my mind as it helped put all my rag tag previous research into perspective.
It’s All about Gold
I always had a feeling that it was all about the gold but now I realise it was for the wrong reasons.
 Gold (as well as the other ‘Platinum group’ metals) have the most fantastic healing and scientific value.
We are talking about healing ourselves through the injestion of the white powder gold, which also was used to feed the ‘Ka’ energy body or aura that we all possess. When fed, it becomes switched on with various wonderful effects on our consciousness and hence our spirituality. Remember this was fed to the Pharaoh’s and High priests of ancient times to help them commune with god or other realms. Its also well tied in to the use of the ‘Arc of the Covenant’, info for you to find out and well interesting.
 To the current international scenario I read about every day…
Modern Day Gold
 I have watched with amazement the unfolding story of the ‘borrowed’ thousands of tons of gold from Asia to back the US dollar from 1934. The story blew out via some bonds being exposed in the Neil Keenen lawsuit covered by few who really put their necks out to make it viral. Succeeded, but to date, I have only heard talk about our common yellow gold. If the Elite have been after our gold all along then what have they done with it? we’ve been mining it for 3-400,000yrs. Where is it? Have they eaten it? Have they sent it off planet?(not too hard of a stretch of  imagination, if you do your research) Where and how?
The Modern  Financial status
 What I am so wanting to know is the deeper reason for the financial crises, the fight for gold etc. Its all about the gold and always has been. Sure they want us on our knees but, what about the gold they are taking from us via the trade in paper dollars. Are they storing it to send off planet at the right time? Not many folk out there to be able to explain this well.
 If we are shifting to a new spiritual age as prophesized by the ancients all over the globe, then maybe this gold thing is going to become an old paradigm of ours, that where it USED to have importance in our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice to not mine mother Gaia anymore?
Heath benefits of Gold
  But for now its health benefits are well needed by many, lets get people talking about this. Put it in the atmosphere or your mouth its good for so many things, lets use it as a product rather than a symbol of the ancients control over the total history of humanity (Gold chain anybody?) God only knows how to do all this.
 So for now I await on some wisdom to come from someone out there, hopefully like David Wilcock, hint hint, but really sick of waiting.(otherwise known as loving patience)
 We are still being kept in the dark, I’m a lightworker, End darkness
 Peace and Love, Brett
Press home for latest geo-political news on mass arrest
This contributory article links to part of the bigger picture article on this site where gold appears to be the missing cog in the motion of the wheel of the great scheme of Mass Arrests and Financial toilet flushing of the elite today
Please fit this article into the post here and see the modern connection globally
Laurence Gardner Web site
Zacharia Sitchin web site
David Wilcock Financial Tyranny : Revealing the biggest financial cover up of all time LONG READ

11 comments on “Brett Sutherland Article : “It,s All About Gold” : Good Article and lots you may not know and very useful links if you would like to start researching GOLD and what it is all about.

  1. Also known as the Philosophers stone, it has now the property of stone where it cannot simply be returned to a yellow gold state.

  2. From what I understand, and correct me if I’m wrong, there are people living on earth today who are hundreds of years old because they have access to white powder gold or philosopher’s stone.

    • having discussed this with Brett .
      We think sun flares are linked to frequency and energy vibration we all absorb and regenerate inner source fields as David Wilcock covers largely in The Source Field Investigations
      Namste Dave

  3. Great Article Brett!-thanks for the links and as you say,it’s about educating ourselves and then spreading the knowledge and wisdom…the truth is just on the horizon so the ‘patience of love’
    is the the current card to play!

  4. Great post Brett. I often wondered why humanity is so obsessed with gold. It’s too soft to make a useful tool. Mono-atomic gold explains a lot. It’s no wonder the ‘secret’ of how to make it is closely guarded. I’m sure the elite would silence any accidental discovery.

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