Mass Arrests : Nothing going on? Think again : Banking funny business in the high street: Channelers giving the light : Weird stuff going on globally : UFO’s everywhere : This Update status is Upgraded

The next update will be completed by around 5 pm tonight

For those who wish to follow the update live incrementally go here: it will commence in one hour IE: 12 noon EST 2nd July go here in one hour:

Section A) Firstly in the Caribbean

The first thing now I can report is the banks here are giving money out of cash machines but five cases never got their money

Bastian says “the lid did not open but the rollers turned his cash”,

He basically never got his money and the bank  said “they see the the LID HAD OPENED and PAID THE CASH and have nothing to do with this”.

How can that be?

Make sure you are in the video and they can see you and all that happens when withdrawing cash.

5 cases I have heard on Island have occurred this week

All this is on a par with what is happening in Spain Italy were they actually told their customers they can not get access to their  money for one month and the RBS in UK, issues where no one can access any money at all.

In another incident yesterday  a Light worker here, who wishes anonymous says, She has an savings account that has removed all her savings by way of new bank charges and lloyd’s  refuses to close her account down, so that they can still charge her,  and put her in Debt.

She is writing to tell Lloyd’s that she has closed her account and they are not to charge her anymore, These charges are the banks making and not hers and the decision to close her account is hers and not the banks.

Section A2 )Weather  man made

We see HAARP skies Live right now, the normal Blue is Milky and even Silver looking

and this morning I saw AMISR working over head in streak like demonic strands of high level clouds that seem to be guiding against the weather flow, East to west with strong Easterlies 22 knots here, How is that possible?

But it has been the norm since AMISR was switched on in Puerto Rico some months ago.

So what does more weather manipulation mean ? how can it affect the days results on Mass Arrests?

Firstly the skies have been clear of chemtrails here for 2 weeks we think no reports any way I know that this is not evident in other places in the Earth but it is here Plus for 2 days it has been relatively HAARP clear

So this means In Puerto Rico they are on the button again having 2 days holidays  and they are manipulating the weather again.

So I went to check it out on Intellicast.

I even saw my first ever spotted, HAARP ring in the South Caribbean emminating from Martinique.

Jeez the French are now in on the act.

Where is Dutch Sinse when you need him?

What is more outstanding is that they have a new machine generator in Martinique and you can see by this picture that here it is.

Just press  the tiny play button on the bottom right of this graphic to see it in action and work out the center.

This means the Cabal are once again flexing their weather weapon at us and are very much in control.

here is the link

and just in. the 1400 sunspot anomoly has stopped and Goddard issued a severe alert then cancels it.

Great work Suspiciousobservers those who have not subscibed.

I suggest you do, you get one very important email per day.

After a week only, you will understand all of this.

Finally on the Caribbean

No more activity recently of Military doing exercises  in the sea or on land as others report abroad

Section B)  Channeling and Lightworkers

Steve Beckow 2012 scenario

Just squeezed this in after article is completed but here goes

This particular message is being widely cited in support of the notion that a “green light” has been given and the mass arrests will now occur as a result. It therefore has to be counted among the sources that people are drawing on to lend support to the notion that a green light has been given and that the mass arrests will take place on or before July 4. Remember that fact as well

Steve says this about David Wilcock’s comments on Drake:

Channeled sources are not “me too” commentators. That characterization does not fit for me. The beings whom he lauds in other columns as “management” and “Heaven” are far, far more reliable and far more central to the decision-making process than any insider David is in contact with.


Peter Madoff , Bernie’s Bro to face jail time now too , This is good news

Go here for the latest from Steve’s camp

Cobra says this an highlights are from Kauilapele blog here


  • Real Green Light has not been issued yet. When that happens, action will be taken within 24 hours timeframe.
  • …hints from independent sources… action might indeed take place by Fourth of July… they were just hints and I can not completely confirm this.
  • …mass arrests WILL happen. The Cabal must be removed from this planet and that removal will happen within a reasonable timeframe.
  • …interesting developments in occult economy… Resistance Movement has been playing with and testing the computer systems of the Rothschilds banking casino to prepare for the Reset [see “cyber attacks article“]
  • Many members of the Cabal are now seriously considering “silent surrender” when the Event happens.
  • The Event is a worldwide operation.
  • …USA… through the Positive Military… Canada and Australia… a combination of their… Positive Military and Interpol… Europe… through… positive… Interpol and NATO… Asia… a combination of Interpol and White Dragon Society… Latin America… through a certain positive group that has members throughout most of the South / Central America… Situation in Africa is more complex and will receive special assistance.
  • …the Resistance will give support with Operation Omega Phoenix

Saul says this:

Behind the scenes an enormous amount of progress has been made, while the western mainstream media continue to focus on the economic troubles, the political shenanigans, and the unusual weather that many areas are experiencing. So you are getting a sense that something is up, but you want more – preferably dramatic evidence that the necessary and essential changes for your awakening are happening. Rest assured, they most certainly are, and the physical evidence is beginning to show.

Section C)  Street activity, Military

New article just In Russian Fleet doing Joint exercises in Pearl Harbour

Here they are arriving:

Yeah this has to be added to Russian troops in Denver airport exercises and Chinese troop activity in and around  Syria

Plus that previous action seen in mexico faciltiy

IE: Mexico border base with Chinese seen in Mexican uniforms with 10000 armoured personnel carriers and more

Japanese troops in US also

Plus how many cities in US reporting Military tanks and personnel in the streets like St Louis

massive train movements to San Diego linking upto Fema Jails reported on this site in comments Thanks Wolfpack

Please send links to any of these stories as they come in please

Please date back Obummer allows Interpol on US soil to carry out it’s own investigation back in December 2011

Shall we just say all of  this section is  ‘Weird’ to say the least.

Section D) Other anomaly, globally

Here is a list of things happened this last week

at the time of  the report on Mass Arrests earlier and posts since Drake’s green light #1 article

1) Rio G20 was a failure for NWO they were told we are not giving it any more money and Hitlery.

She left red faced and empty handed.

Putin never even gave it his presence.

2) Hacking of the Rothschild’s casino banking world globally and the others in the States

3) Iceland boots out Rothschild’s thugs and arrests in London of Rothschild’s Casino thugs,

related to ripping Iceland off, plus the 2 jail sentences of top, Iceland CEO banking zionist’s

4) Japan 200,000 on the streets after more Nuke plants switch back on

to see the full article see here

5) All major US bank cartel conducting exercises, indicating their fore knowledge of closure of the big 5 banks of US

6) Neil Keenan law suites and Leins on the Central banks and Federal Reserve and BIS to go ten times bigger, Imminent

7) Drones now being used in US on own people

8) Egypt Morsi Is a sign of more Cabal in action and it is all to do with banking Religion and Military see article here

Section E) Anything weird going on?

1) The Baltic USO Craft is alive and breathing below the sea

2) Gold where has it gone ? Philippines Germany Taiwan China Venezuela 9/11

Ultimately Lightworkersxm have good grounding to know that what ever happens on this Earth

We were all put here to use gold.

Consume it and find it for the Pyramids.


We do believe it is part of our make up

Believe it or not, everything leads back to gold.

and the Illuminati know this and they DO NOT KNOW, OR THINK WE KNOW THIS YET

Just follow the bible ( old Testament only) and books like Lawrence Gardner’s “The Secret of the sacred lost Ark” referring to White Powder gold ( The bread of Life) and The Arc of the Covenant ( compelling reading) and here is a quote from Lawrence

” why should a planet have and use, so much gold, enslaving people to get it, ( workers) lock it up in caves and vaults and never use it, when it is the most important life, disease and DNA curing substance on the planet, Both in nano form and white powder gold form, This is documented throughout history fables and tables and this information is well supressed” today.

It was always called the

‘Fountain of Youth’ and the Bread of life

Look it up ‘shaman an’  and mfkzt’s pronounced mufcutz this is a wowzer

Today here is a new article on Gold

On Germany and US Fed, and where did the Gold go?

3) Phil Schneider and David Adair and more whistle blowers come clean about what is going on below ground in Black op’s

please use the search button and scroll down articles to get to these articles if you have not seen them before

or go here and scroll down for some vid’s


Well find them yourself or have a good look in cities all over the world.

This site admits defeat here

We cannot keep up with them there are too many.

5) Obama’s watch: It does not get any weirder than this : here is a quote today from Edward F Berger

On Obama’s watch, tens of thousands of children are losing their shot at the American Dream, as comprehensive, interdisciplinary, curriculum-based, fact-based schools are destroyed, and partial, fact-adverse and limited curricula schools are put in place. Obama inherited this Bush-era nightmare, but his administration has not stopped it. It will take the complete focus of his leadership to repair the damage already done. If he does not reestablish a cohesive educational system, the dreams of a twisted few will guide the corporate powers and America will lose its promise.

Full new article here

6) Weird weather breaking all the records globally .

So they zap you with a storm or tornado and turn off your power.

Then they zap you with the hot stuff and fry you alive.

Sorien explains better on Zen Haven

Section F)  Conclusion and Status Update 

on Drake and Channelers claims of Green light #’s 1 & 2

 Section A) On land all around us we are experiencing change,

Banks and weather and many other things

WE should all report what we see

This is a massive footprint of what is to come.

Section B) Any one missing this link of what we have been fed by our channelers misses the point.

We would be definitive not so knowledgeable with out them bringing the light to us.

They bring us spiritual feelings of light and hope everyday and they are on the pulse.

What we should digest is ,  that they are our providers of Light  in a very awkward and crazy world,

They offer us a calming effect and a vision that otherwise,  would not have found in our selves otherwise,

and they provide great news too, if you read between the lines.

It becomes plain when you allow them into your vast pool of knowledge data base

Those out here who do not allow them selves articles of the light, remain enjoying the BBC and CNN for news sources , enough said.

Section C&D There is undoubted global street activity Military wise and one could fear it ,

but channellers report that this is part of the beginning of the new begiining

I cannot argue, except add that:  some of it will be dark op’s;

But they are getting smaller as they lose their grip on us here

Section E) Weirdness is all around us but it is not as visible to all of us and this is where the MSM let’s us down

We need all we can do on the internet to expose this on a daily basis as we all wise up.

Aliens are very much a part of our life and have been influencing us here, on this planet, for Millions of years,

Graham Hancock is best placed to let you know more on this site:

put his name in the search box there must be 6  documentaries with him

or go here and scroll down to find him

Final comments:

As Edyth comments we have been nearly 72 hours now since Drake said Green light starts #1

If any of you think nothing is going on around the globe regarding Mass Arrests through out Earth

Please think again

It is happening and for this purpose lightworkersxm upgrade the alert to a new

‘Definite ‘maybe it has already started’

A few tricklet stories of illuminati being held come filtering in.

The Finance Industry, black ops and Cabal Knee Jerk articles appear to be  the biggest clues.

Thousands of Earthquakes in Hierro in the Canary Islands etc

They do not register as worthy of reporting at this stage,

as we need big proof, as this  ( Mass Arrests ) is no doubt a global monster exercise.

This is the  Greatest thing ever, To occur on earth to be more precise.

All time estimates, are out the window

It is just blatantly obvious that something big globally  is ongoing

Keep your eyes and ears and souls open

Find someone to report, in what you see and pass it on

Next update tomorrow evening




11 comments on “Mass Arrests : Nothing going on? Think again : Banking funny business in the high street: Channelers giving the light : Weird stuff going on globally : UFO’s everywhere : This Update status is Upgraded

  1. Shortly after this announcement of the supposed ‘green light’ the weather has been pretty crazy here in South East Asia, (Philippines) too. Heavy rains causing flash floods (not lasting too long) in the metro Manila area and few minor power outages here and there caused by sudden lightning strike, but then (strangely) shortly followed by sunshine and hot weather. I reckon there’s a battle going on for the weather control in this region.

    • Jed I watch for the weather in the Philippines all the time and I know the HAARP sea based monster is now very near the Philippines and was the result of the depopulation program last year to make all those Typhoons you had there.
      I have friendly families in San Pablo City and in Boracay
      I am getting 110 hits per day from Philippines please spread the word that we are looking out for you there
      And it is my chosen destination to wake people up there as a Lightworker once the cabal comes down
      It is too american dominated there
      Just look at how to set up a company there it is copied text form US constitution of law and governance
      They have corrupted the entire island, weather, finance system and law system and so has the Vatican
      The Vatican policy is to keep people poor in the Philippines The US policy is to recruit the poor people to the US navy
      as they have no choice but to join due to suffocation
      The global illuminati Policy is to depopulate the poor there
      So you are getting hit from all sides there

  2. Dave:

    It is like the Philippines has been at the mercy of plots the Dark Cabal ever since, right? It’s so blatant here. You practically see the controlling families prancing around celebrating their victimization of the population everyday. Our ‘elected’ leader here I believe was perpetuated into power perhaps through the timely death of his mother and was propped up into fame by his father’s assassination. His family controls a large stake in the media. They’re known to have massacred farmers in some land dispute. He outed the Chief Justice who voted against the families land reform policy. Most People think he is a hero.

    its so sad that the people here have such a strong desire to work and participate to continually perpetuate their systems of victimization. I’ve witnessed so much destructive patterns into the psyche of the people here. All the smart people leave and go abroad to send money back home – tearing up families. It’s illegal here to get divorced. The law has a loophole where a man can kill his wife if he catches her in the act of cheating or she can be thrown in jail. Abortion is illegal. So many women here are pregnant at 16-19 and then ditched by the guy. Forced to work as sex workers to keep their head up and taught its better to get easy money to dupe a guy. This nation is such a haven for the Vatican’s perversions.

    But Good to know There is hope and others are here swimming in this stream of consciousness. It’s good to know this. A famous artist famous here called bamboo (Francisco Mañalac) sings a song called “tatsulok” in Tagalog it means “Pyramid” or “Triangle”. The chorus goes: “habang may tatsulok, at sila ay nasa tuktok, hindi matatapos itong gulo” translated: As long as there is a pyramid and as long as they are on top, the chaos shall never end. Deep. I hope this is the time they at the top are removed. Good to know people here are pinging. They’re hoping. I moved here in 2008 hoping I could bring some positive spirituality. I find myself swimming against the a ranging ocean current. I hope me and the other 100+ here can huddle together soon.

    Some positive news in the Philippines:

    “The Philippines and the US are to start on Monday week-long joint naval exercises in Mindanao with Manila saying these have nothing to do with the country’s territorial standoff with China over the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea” Source:

    ” A Quezon City court has denied the motion for reconsideration (MR) by one of the prime suspects in the “Maguindanao Massacre’’ asking for the removal of the testimony of one of their co-accused from the record.”

    ““Instead of buying condoms, the government must use the funds to provide worthy programs for the employment of the parents of these working children,” said CBCP president Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma in an interview with the Catholic Church-run Radio Veritas.”

    • Jed
      Great report thanks
      Sorry you are finding it difficult there I can only guess what you are finding and the caves you seek for solace in what you do
      You are a true lightworker
      I hope I can offer you help one day to break this mess
      I do know all rules in Phils
      and your comments are as i find them, so correct
      good to hear your comments on troop movements I may use it next update
      keep it up
      If i see my hit chart grow in the Philippines, it will be down to you
      good on yer matey

  3. P.S. Cobra has just e-mailed me. I asked him about forgiveness for the Dark Cabal and if its good to start proclaiming forgiveness for them as it would be my hope they might be more willing to surrender and a peaceful transition would occur.

    He writes:

    “The Cabal had its chance of surrender and lost it. Now they have to be removed so they can not do any harm, then we can forgive them”

  4. thanks so much for this update. Since Drake had to evacuate his home due to extreme weather, Jean at 2012 whats the real truth seems to be having a breakdown and poor John MacHaffie suffered a heart attack, it seems definitely that something is up and it is so good to have you keeping up with all the bizarreness happening today. I am so glad that i found this website!!

  5. Does anyone know if Drake will do a ”make up” show? And also, does anyone know if Bill Brockbrader will be doing his radio show tomorrow night, since he finally got out? Will be interesting to hear his take on all this.

    • Thanks Ethyl will look int that for today’s report ,I will cover all lost or forgotten stuff today, like news for some months ago ,,that we all forget ,,this will get a better understanding that something is already going on
      So maybe it HAS already started who knows

  6. This article appeared on the Chicago Tribune website:

    Big banks craft “living wills” in case they fail

    June 27, 2012

    • Thanks DB
      I will post this today with other forgotten recent news to show that something really is going on and has been in the mix for quite some time now ,for the positive of course
      Thanks for your support and interest and knowledge

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