Mass Arrests Update 13:45pm 30th June Drake’s Time is out in 5 hrs : David Wilcock Important update and Bloomberg reports and the days assessment of the news roundup

And update and upgrade of this update in now in motion for the next four hours please go to the incremental report to read lead articles as they come in and affect this upgrade

Please go to this article every half hour as it progresses to conclusion 2/3.00 pm today from now


David Wilcock

Just in today David Wilcock Airs on the side of caution for Drakes Sake

Here are some comments from his update today from David Wilcock

I cannot change the fact that my intel does not line up with Drake’s at this point.

The most recent “good intel” that I heard was that it was being done gradually, in stages — and the idea of doing it all at once had essentially been voted out.

We do seem to be in a narrow window — but I highly doubt any arrests will happen until we see some real economic bloodletting first. That is the “window event” that must precede action, in order to garner the greatest public support.

People have to realize there is a problem — a very powerful, overwhelming, outrageous problem — before they will see that “business as usual” only benefits the people who are running the show.

Therefore, I did not rush to make a public statement, because I cannot independently confirm these reports from the insiders I know and trust. I would be happy if it happens, but not surprised if it doesn’t.

I asked Drake if it were possible that he had been lied to, deceived, or otherwise used as a pawn by being told something like this.

He did not rule it out as a possibility. He also said he did not want to dwell on it, because focusing on it as a potential reality could make it more likely to turn out that way.

However, it is also possible that things are not as they seem.

Drake doesn’t want to go down these roads, but I am willing to, because we have been totally “set up” here for a major upset — and I don’t want to see that happen.

Drake was given this information in the morning and told he could not go public with it until his radio show that evening.

That gave him several hours to build up an enormous amount of enthusiasm and excitement before airtime.

If someone were seeking to psychologically manipulate him for maximum effect, this would be a great way to do it.

All it would take is getting in touch with three different people who are in Drake’s normal circle of contacts — and threatening them.

The purpose could then be to utterly destroy the credibility of the whole “mass arrests” concept. 

In one sudden move — with a very rapid expiration date — you crush everyone who has been tracking and supporting this story, and demolish all their hard work.

What he told me was that three different insider sources — each of which have senior military clearance — independently told him that they are about to begin mass arrests of senior Cabal conspirators within days.

The other significant data point was that apparently Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh were given similar information, and told to keep quiet until it starts actually happening.


UFO investigator Dr. Steven Greer and I have had long conversations about the many thousands of “DDT” campaigns that have been waged against those who seek to uncover the truth.

“DDT” stands for “Decoy, Distract and Trash.” The idea is that they put out information that is similar to the truth, but is not the truth. This information is a “decoy” that will “distract” people from the real information.

Then, the “trash” part is that the decoy information is attacked.

Generally the information will include obvious holes that the original investigator did not take time to uncover, in his or her breathless enthusiasm to go public.

Then, if the real information ever comes out, people will not notice the difference, and think it must all now be fake.

In a case like this, if people no longer believe a Mass Arrests scenario is real, they may fail to act when it actually starts happening — thereby giving the enemy a greater advantage.

Whether this is true or not, Drake told me that his insiders said that “every light in the Washington DC offices was on all night” after the alert was issued — and that they are now “scared shitless and don’t know what to do.”

Those of you who have not read the full article on Divine Cosmos go here

So what is mainstream media reporting

So if we were to add these comments which air on the side of cautious optimism and have an element of respect for Drake, should it go belly up

Then add these latest articles to the entire scenario

News from Bloomberg

“It’s like a leaking boat in which we keep bailing it out and we’re very pleased with ourselves that we’d be able to keep bailing it out. The problem is we haven’t fixed the holes yet.” Alan Greenspan

The rest does not make much more sense either

Then add this article about the Chinese have been cleaning their house up,_Says_Magazine.html

“The tidying up is scheduled to take place from June to late August, during which the team will obtain information on Party members’ overseas communications and relations with foreign political circles; their political ideology and their stance on major events concerning the Party; the financial activities of affiliated overseas agencies and organizations; and the Party membership status of immediate family members and relatives” HK article quote

Then add what is going on in Europe and UK

Hundreds of bankers across three continents are embroiled in the interest-rate fixing scandal that has left Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond fighting to save his job.

As pressure intensified on Britain’s highest paid banking boss to quit, MPs heard a string of other financial institutions across the world were under investigation.

At least 20 banks are believed to be under suspicion, with growing demands for a criminal investigation.

Other weird oddities

Then add  Chinese troops in Mexico base in disguised Mexican uniforms in a base 2-3 mile squared near the border

Plus the Russian & Chinese troop movements in the Syrian area and The US troops sniffing out the Gold in the Philippines without success

Now Egypt gets another Tyrant leader from the cabal just today who will ensure military rule there

Not to mention Turkey and Syria NATO bombing campaign and propaganda continues on the BBC with lies and old unrelated material

Just Friday, Obama declaring an Executive Order here

On June 25, President Barack Obama issued a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to the President of the Senate stating that under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, he was declaring aNational Emergency due to actions incurred with Russia, and the Russian Federation. The submitted letter provides a declaration to Congress of the President signing Executive Order (E.O.) 13159, and its immediate implementation.

Under this National Emergency and Executive Order, the United States is seizing assets and property owned or managed by the Russian Federation relating to nuclear items and programs tied to Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU).

continue at

You can clearly see that the Cabal are very active very scared and are doing all they can and are failing

Back to Drake

So is Drake correct? Is the Green light really granted and the 2nd green light will be given go tomorrow morning?

Lightworkersxm call it Definitely Maybe Not , it is close but not that close

That does not distract from all of our meditation and best wishes to Drake for being open to us in the face of such diversity and suspicion, in which he has elected selflessly to work.

Can this change in such a short time?

Yes Eric Holder and Timothy Geitner jailed on Mainstream TV and The Financial collapse of the Euro will change this

That is the reality and only then, can we spill the huge container full of worms

As Benjamin Fulford says last week”

The cornered cabalists are threatening, yet again, to start WW3, this time in Syria, but they know they will all be hunted down and killed if they seriously try to carry out their plan to murder 5 billion people. They have only one choice, and that is to appear in front of a truth and reconciliation committee and ask for forgiveness.

There are no deadlines being given because you cannot give a deadline to a dying monster, you just have to wait for nature to take its course.




12 comments on “Mass Arrests Update 13:45pm 30th June Drake’s Time is out in 5 hrs : David Wilcock Important update and Bloomberg reports and the days assessment of the news roundup

  1. Thanks Dave for the update. I was hoping for something more – I remember Drake did say that something would happen within the week (not really just 72 hours) on his show. I could be wrong. I could just be recalling from hope. The shackles of this reality are so heavy and when that hope fades they just get heavier and heavier. (Sigh)

    • Hi Jed well yes your right , I think he was looking for the second red light which would have another time delay on it,if I were to speak as our group feeling instead of my own thoughts ,,then we all think here that it is actually going on as we speak, and for my view , rather the same as yours, to be honest , but I will go back to yesterdays post and reiterate ,,finance collapse first ,,wasn’t it interesting DW says the same thing ,,great minds think alike. So the last statement on this post makes it not so negative, just let us see some one on mainstream media that shocks, then we can turn wheels.So I am hopeful that in 2 weeks some change may surface, Thanks for your open views and support and involvement Namaste Dave

    • I kind of agree with you guys. I have listened to the broadcast of last Wednesday several times trying to figure out where people have come up with timing factors like 72 hours, and “by the 4th of July” etc. He did not say anything about this. Instead he came to us with stuff like, “Sit back and enjoy the fireworks,” and then passed it off as information. Very sorry to say, we can’t be satisfied with that.

      Think a moment- what did that mean? Do you realize how many different ways that could be interpreted? What does it mean, that mass arrests are going to start on the fourth of July- what? This is the kind of thing I’m talking about; this is the kind of thing that makes me wonder what he meant by what he just said and since I can’t be certain, I can’t pass it on to other people I know either.

      David Wilcock has made some valid points that he should consider in a very serious way because we are done with disinformation, mind-control psi-ops and being lied to.

      Drake, we don’t listen to you because we want to be entertained. We don’t need a funny guy. If so, we’d be watching Leno. We need information right now because right now we understand our lives depend on it. Please stop trying to amuse us; this is too serious and we’re not in the mood.

      • Your points are good and valid, But I think if you comprehend he is like Benjamin Fulford and is a spokesman ,he really has strings pulled for him , we all ahave humour and use it when we can no matter how severe the situation ,but i like the fact that David Wilcock did counter Drakes sources in a way not to disgrace someone who is merely trying to do good for us Even if it is a little red neckish in my view Thanks for your comments and support, Namaste

  2. Is it POSSIBLE that Drake’s sources knew that something deadly was being manipulated with the weather, and they couldn’t for some reason warn anyone about it, so instead they told Drake GREEN LIGHT, knowing that people would stock up with food, water, etc, which they could need with all the outages from the weather? I know two people who have been without electrics for 2 days now, and who knows how much longer. Had it not been for Drake’s GL, they wouldn’t have been stocked up for this. Just a thought, on why his sources may have ”lied” to him. Just seems strange the green light would have come during this bizarre weather system. And speaking of which, are ya’ll noticing the very strange things going on with some of the weather radars? Be sure to look at all of them closely, and notice if there are strange places (ones I’ve seen are triangular in shape) that have either no rain while places around them do, or places that have strange shaped (again triangles) of different colors of rain (such as light green triangles within dark green triangles). All of this makes me HIGHLY suspicious of the weather at this time. Please always keep your eyes open and observe these things.

    If this does not turn out to be a real green light, I am of the opinion that some of Drake’s sources aren’t the best. For some reason, I feel he is being sincere, but could very well have been manipulated and/or lied to. I believe he’s doing his personal best.

    I also think Bill Brockbrader might not have the best sources in the world. But I think his sincerity is impeccable. My thanks to these people for trying, and for giving us hope. Even if we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try again. And a special thanks to David Wilcock’s message, where he helps encourage us to do just that.

    • OMG, Ethyl, I have noticed the exact same things!!! I even took screen captures of them near me on Friday afternoon (June 29)!!! The triangle was north of South Bend, Indiana (where the extreme radiation happened the first week of the month), then it had moved towards Indy within a 5 minute time frame. The next morning, I noticed it was north of Cleveland, OH!!!

  3. Drake has another 24 hours. The GREEN LIGHT was given Wednesday night, and was a 24 hour early warning. 24 hours later (Thursday night) the 72 hours started, which would end Sunday night. This is how I have it figured. If I’m wrong, please explain to me how? Thanks!

    • maybe your correct Ethyl I will check one of my previous posts and see
      Thanks for that correction if your are right then tomorrows post maybe very interesting as i did leave some stuff out to go back peddling on this post after David Wilcock’s comments
      As i have said to others who pass messages like you, I actually have the feelings in my bones and in the stars in my head and soul
      I actually think it is happening right now as we speak ,but not in the way Drake maybe reporting it
      Namaste Dave

  4. Dave, I wanted to thank you for posting all of this together here like you have. I have been wondering where to go to find out if anything is happening, and this is the first place I’ve found that really seemed to have everything we need all together!

    I have been listening almost all the time since Drake started his readio shows, and he always talked about the 24 hour warning, and then a period of about 3 days after that. I DO remember during this last show he was talking about what a great 4th of July it would be, so he seemed to me to be thinking it would probably last longer than the three days he had spoken of before. I know these things could change, even right in the middle of things, there could be changes that we wouldn’t be privy to; I’m totally okay with that

    I do agree with what someone said above about Drake’s shows. We are NOT listening to be entertained. I think maybe with a three hour time slot to fill all the time, he really felt like he needed to be entertaining. Also, when people ask questions, lots of times they’re hung up on little issues that were only applicable to a very small area or one or two persons. This whole thing is about the big picture; the little things have to sort themselves out later. It drags things down into the mud and keeps all the important things about the big issues from being talked about. I think it would be better if he just did a show on the big issues and framework of things, and didn’t take questions. But if he had a place where people could email things to him to see if he was aware of; such as, tanks going down the streets of ST Louis and Massachusetts (I shudder just writing this) it would be great! That way, if there are things he doesn’t know about that he should, there is an avenue for him to research it without it dragging the show down. But I really think 3 hours is more time than he needs. What I would LOVE to see is a half hour update daily.

    And maybe someone setting up some websites to deal with the smaller problems. People just seem to think he’s going to know exactly how everything will play out in the end down to the smallest detail. I don’t think that is helping at all

    I would, however, love to see some real action on Monsanto et al, chemtrails, HAARP, TSA and the Constitution. To me, these are the big issues. (Of course the banks and banksters are just in a class by themselves!) But issues like ”there’s this guy in my town and he’s crooked as all get out, and what should I do about him” just make me cringe, when they take airtime away from the big issues!

    Additionally, I don’t know why Drake needs a ”company” and don’t really understand the need for a Lady Dragon and a Minuteman. Unless it’s just filler material for three hours of airtime! It almost seems like the whole Drake movement as it started has totally changed to something very different. It has occurred to me that Drake’s sources may not find him the same valuable tool now, that they did before all this Drake and Company and radio shows got started. I don’t know, of course, but the whole feel of it is different to me now.

    What he’s said has changed a lot too. For the purge, we went from 2 days to 3 days to a week, to 2-3 weeks, to 2-3 months, to grow your own food! (this was for your time without electrics). We went from wonderful technology and replicators, to ”well, they have replicators, but they don’t taste like what they’re supposed to.” So they became a bust. We also went from all the money being taken away from cabal people and given to everyone else in the world, and being reimbursed for what they had taken from us over the years, to hearing that the very poor people will get something so that they won’t be poor and homeless anymore (with no mention of me getting back what I had been bilked out of that I had been looking forward to). He DID say that we would be getting a lot more out of our paychecks (due to IRS closing down, I believe). But totally gone was his message of our getting back what had been stolen from us over the years. We also went from being told to sit back and watch what they do (our job was to help avert panic), to being told we were to get off the couch and do all kinds of things that he hadn’t mentioned in the first place.

    Dave, I’m sorry to go on and on like this, but I have really been looking for a place to say these things for a while, and this is the first place that seems like a good place to do it, to me. Again, thank you for checking all these things and putting them together, so that I have a good place to look things up!

    (I just have to add that I was very disappointed in David Icke’s attitude. If you don’t believe it, just say so. There’s no need to be snide to people who are trying to make things better.)

    • Ethyl
      Nice to share your thoughts Couple of things before my next update, your are right about Drake when he takes qustions it goes all over the place ,,No structure in the presentation , so he would learn from your comments again also on timelines, even you and i can appreciate the tremendous length of time this monsterous opperation must be taking in logistics and again structure , plus the nervousness of letting the cat out the bag, So when you reinforce things like those observations to me ,,it helps for me to structure and get my next post out like a building jigsaw when i then cross summarize what Drake and all the others and confusion from David Icke with a few more ,,then when you add the banking scenario and defections and all the panic the cabal are doing plus the nervous desperate attempts to create ww3 It appears obvious to me and many people around me and on my site, that Drake is more right than he thinks he is ,, the only thing Drake will get wrong all the time wil be the timeline, this mass arrests is happening but the mass arrests part of the whole picture Has not made it self obvious to us on the ground nor are the MSM prepared to cover anything about it yet,, but as one of the challeners say ,This is a mere matter of time ,,the bubble will burst ,it has gone too far to go in reverse now, Watch this space namaste Dave

  5. I just found this website and love it because the comments are intelligent and people just trying to figure things. not flouting invective at the messengers doing the best with the resources they have been given. IMO this weekend is key for financial reasons because EU is crashing and Neil Keenan is refilng the law suit with new information 10 times more damaging to the Cabal. I have a feeling that Monday will be an important day. BTW, there were 2 power outages at the hotel where i work thurs friday and yesterday a note on my front door at home said there would be a power outage on July 3rd at 9am until noon. Curious!

    • Iainski1
      Thanks for your comments and your deduction of this site is true . We are here for me you our group and anyone else who wants to simple y point to things on the ground and things that are obvious. with out being too OTT we then collectively announce facts > currently we are trying to get to the bottom of the question ” is green light #2 about to be granted and lots point to negative but lots also point to it’s possibility, thanks for comments about power outages ,,The things on the ground are footprints of the giant and tell us a story if more people are observant, kepp us all posted here
      I will update this afternoon based on what you (collectively) and i see with our group here in Sunny Caribbean

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