MASS ARRESTS & Financial Collapse: Updated 17.00hrs EST Friday 29th June : 4 out of 8 sources now say it’s ON : NEXT UPDATE Sat 8:00 AM EST

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In this Update : 8 sources listed : Kauilapele’s Link : David Icke slams our way of thinking and Chuckles at Drake and Ashtar Command ; making sense out of the confusion of mixed posts and controversy : Mass Arrest’s Update and conclusion

Mass Arrests  and Financial Collapse update and sources listed on 1700hrs Friday evening EST 29th June

7000 Hits to day  and yesterday Special thanks to Kauilapele, KP rules

1) Main News Source David Icke  Info Wars and Exopolitic’s with  Alfred Webre No real news from these sources see David Icke article in links below where he slags off Drake and Ashtar Command personally I find this in the bracket of ‘Strange slant on reporting’ and very unlike David Icke’s norm, As if he has been set up to do it.

2) Steve Beckow & David Schmidt  & Kauilapele & 2012 Scenario: Zen Gardener : Zen Haven : John Kettler: Some have articles on Mass Arrests and generally are up beat about Mass Arrests and Imminent Financial Collapse with good articles on Both sites on both subjects all but the the latter 3.

3) Military insiders The Drake :  Give’s green Light for Go #1 from the Penatagon ; There are 2 green lights and #2 has not been given and are on 72 hours notice from evening before yesterday 27th June 20:30pm which would indicate ‘Time out’ to be within 30 hours form this post 5.00pm

4) Benjamin Fulford & David Wilcock :  Last weeks Article from BF suggests imminent NWO failure and a financial bustNo comments until Monday expected : No more interim comments on BF typepad site. No Updates from DW

5) Galactic Channeler’s : SaLuSa:  SanJAska :  Andromeda Council : The Galactic Federation of Light & Spiritual group:  Ashtar Command Ben Arion and Crew : Most comment positively on imminent mass arrests and the implimentation of the new financial system based on N>E>S>A>R>A. All Channelers on Kauilapele and 2012 scenario have proven galactic contact with Lightworkersxm Frequency tester this weekend They all got 899hz on our reading test which is very encouraging. This means outer contact for the betterment of people on Earth

6) Radio broadcasts: Cosmic Vision News : Coast to coast radio :  Conscious media network ( CMN) :  RT:  Global Research TV etc and many more  All positive reports from Geoffrey West : Tolec : No reports of Arrests of yet

7) Alternative Media : ‘Before it’s News’:  RumorMillNews : Godlikeproductions : Pakalert press : Activist Post American Kabuki: Before it’s news’ Did have mass arrest articles but they have been mysteriously removed, There are good articles on the impending financial collapse, Some minor Illuminati Arrests mentioned as isolated cases more banking defections and more arrests in UK and Iceland mentioned , many hacking stories of Military and banking systems world wide

8) Lightworkersxm and All Light Workers in the Caribbean from St Martin/Sint Maarten to Barbados : Reports

We find Inconclusive proof  that mass arrest are just hours away currently, however there lends  more mileage that the greatest pre-ordered Financial collapse looks more certain and extremely close.  Lightworkersxm advocates that Financial Collapse will occur first then Mass Arrests will move in haste following. The reason is simple

The ability to move money electronically  (as in 2008  billions moved in just 7 seconds) The collapse will be possible if wind got out of mass arrests occurring . So there must be a protocol of financial failure where by people in power cannot move vast sums of electronic cash  at will, Bear in Mind, This has already occurred by Timithy Geitner moving $7B to a relative unknown Sheikh just yesterday. However our group of lightworkers here are all hopeful with fingers crossed for imminent change as any one else is , In actual time reality and what we all know now about the dark side, We expect it to happen. We cannot honour the green light yet until more of our sources present more positive notion that this can be possibly in place.

Our Frequency tester will be called on tomorrow to test if mass arrests will happen and we will conduct many tests to find out where and how many and (what if it is true ) is it all about? We will be reporting our findings during tomorrow’s Update’s here

For those of you who do not undrstand how Frequency testers work with light workers then go here:

So our our conclusion is best summed up by our term ‘A Definate Maybe’ status remains.



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9 comments on “MASS ARRESTS & Financial Collapse: Updated 17.00hrs EST Friday 29th June : 4 out of 8 sources now say it’s ON : NEXT UPDATE Sat 8:00 AM EST

  1. My Thoughts in brief:
    Drake may be giving his 72hr advance heads up. David Icke and Kerry Cassidy will be out of a job is this happens, because their talking circuit will be obsolete. they have a vested interest in bagging this stuff, but the truth is they should have embraced a lot of stuff ages ago. Ben Fulford represents the Green light 2 part. NESARA is being implemented from the ground up rather than top down as was meant to happen. Ditto disclosure. If everybody waited for proof, nothing would happen.

  2. I have no interest in David Icke and Kerry Cassidy, I stopped listening to them ages ago and see them stopping and not helping in the Movement

    • Others tell me like wise
      i will be updateing soon basing the news with the new Wilcock report and crossing it with what chnages are obvious on main stream media and alternative media to draw a better conclusion as to the verification of the green light truth
      Have you any articles that may be related?

  3. This is the longest 72 hours of my life. I hope Drake and his sources will come through. I’m tired of living in this kind of negative reality. I voted for a peaceful resolution and transition into a new domain of living and freedom. I honestly forgive the Cabal. I really could care less about their surrender and the financial collapse, etc. We are all connected at the spirit level anyway and I don’t care what anyone thinks negatively of them I actually believe the work the Cabal did actually helped the evolution of our souls on earth. Imagine they provided the opportunity for many of us lightworkers to choose love in our deepest sufferings.. Anyway, I wish to hear more about the release of information, hidden teachings and technology that could change our lives and heal the earth. There’s more work to be done and I just want to get that started.

  4. I am just curious. Since the President no longer goes to Congress for anything and he uses the Unites Nations now (obviously he is trying to do away with Congress jobs just like he did the american people) and Congress no longer represents the american people, just what was congress promised? The right to exist and live or were they threatened?

  5. No matter how many CEOs resign or retire, the corporations and their destructive actions continue. Resign and Retire (NOT EQUAL) Arrest

    I will believe it when these events happen: All nuclear bombs are dismantled. All military forces are disbanded. Fed and central banks, IRS, Monsanto all shut down. Free energy technologies suppression ends. Alternative healing schemes are legalized. Food, water and air are no longer poisoned.

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