Check your Facebook in personal details :THEY changed it yesterday : All your mails will go to them : Change it back and remove Facebook addy

Status update! Facebook has changed YOUR email address… without telling 900million users

If you haven’t looked closely at your Facebook contact information in a while, then it may come as a surprise.

The social network with 900 million profiles, has taken it upon itself to change users’ email addresses and replace it with one that ends in ‘@facebook .com’.

The changeover happened today, with each individual’s personal email account being hidden in place of the one Facebook thinks you should use.

It means that anyone who searches for you on Facebook and wanted to send an email will now only be able to see – unless you manually revert.

This means the email will come via Facebook messages instead of another account.

Technology blogs lit up after outraged users noticed the change had occurred.

‘Don’t do this again,’ wrote Gizmodo while declared it ‘presumptuous’.

Facebook claimed the change is to protect users’ privacy and security by not displaying a personal email address but the site’s more generic one.

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9 comments on “Check your Facebook in personal details :THEY changed it yesterday : All your mails will go to them : Change it back and remove Facebook addy

  1. I honestly don’t see what the big deal is about. We bitch at Facebook for not being private enough and then we bitch at them for being too private. I mean come on, make up your minds.

    • Melissa They have intrusive technology that read your retina and bank accounts at google and facebook ,,now they change your email with out telling you is not right full and square
      It is called full manipulation of the mass es feeding information to the cabal ,,so yes mind made up these actions are nothing short of devious
      Namaste Dave

      • Stop being crazy-pants people. I don’t really care what they want to list my damn e-mail as, seeing how, I just don’t care. I also have my account listed as friends only, and I’m one of those rare folks out there that actually only adds people I like, or atleast find interesting. But if I wasn’t a person that only added sane friends and had a friends only account, I would want to know that my actual e-mail wasn’t being placed right out there publicly so that every jerk trying to spam me had access to it.

        I actually think its a considerate thing. I don’t know about you guys, or if people just didn’t pay attention to the notifications on their Facebook page, but I got atleast 10 of them telling me that Facebook was giving me an e-mail address. This isn’t something they pulled out of their asses just now.

        I mean, do you guys realize that they didn’t take your real e-mail addresses away? You still have access to your g-mail, etc. You actually just got an extra e-mail address in a way. I mean you always had it, but now it makes it even easier for friends to contact you and message you when you tell them to add you on facebook.

        Do people understand that? No one stole your e-mail addresses and you can still make them show up on your page if you want to. If it really bothers you that much. Its a free site, that you join at your own free will. If you don’t like it, go be crazy elsewhere.

      • what is more important is that they have changed our email on facebook that is all, they should contacxt us if they change our personal details ,, they did not ,,then when we look at it they did it so that they can archive our information we pass on ,,that is censorship ,,control ,,we do not need controlling we are free people or should be
        I hope this explains

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  3. Melissa, you SERIOUSLY got 10 notifications they were changing the email address? Because I didn’t get ONE! They DID pull it out of their asses for me! when they sent you notifications, did they give you a choice of whether you wanted it or not? Had I gotten a notification and a choice, I wouldn’t have a problem with this at all. And if you want the facebook email account, then fine, you’re happy! I don’t think that gives you the right to get all snippy with people who actually want control of their profiles and addresses though.

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