Frequency Machine Tester: Request to the Ashtar Command Crew : This is the smoking gun to the Cabal

We Lightworkers have access to Frequency Testers and use them in most profound manners

Details of which will be  with held unless tremendous interest is shown by readers

Seriously This is the ‘smoking gun’ on the Cabal

Basically we can conduct the following searches and it is beyond the lie

Consciousness test for love and evil My personal love consciousness ring was 13 foot wide form my body for Love and 13 inches for evil

Obama Bush Blair Ratzinger Cheney The Queen all tested positive for evil tendancies and the frequancies went crazy on all people

All food tested on French side of Island and Dutch side of this Island

Most dutch food had round up and other evil in it like Bread eggs and cheese etc

The Dutch side get food from US the French side food is from Guadalupe and France and was less harmed

We can test the air for Aluminium Barium and Strontium with respect to Chemtrails

We can read low frequency vibes from HAARP

The mass genocidal weather weapon

And we can even test also High Frequency vibes showing our weather is total Man- made

We can test water Colloidal silver and distilled water is the purest from our water from tap

here is tempered with with Fluoride and other ingredients

So here is the thing

If our frequency tester is this thorough we can then test it for lies

IE 4 glasses of water in an empty room and one person goes in and sings love vibes to the glass

and we test it and call the glass and find the person who sung ‘love’ to the glass of water

We all know love has spectacular geometric vibes and hate has erratic uncategorized vibes

Any other suggestions for testing please post and

we will give you the results

We  need this to go viral

First test results will go on our website tonight after the evenings round of lie detection testing

Please show level of interest


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7 comments on “Frequency Machine Tester: Request to the Ashtar Command Crew : This is the smoking gun to the Cabal

    • Trish
      it is not about having the machine we can buy hundreds of different types for exppensive or cheap
      They even throw them away in some cases not knowing how to use them.
      Here is my point
      I am going to go through numerous exoperiments over the next few days and show them on you=tube
      We will discuss how to use 3 different types of frequency testers so that people like you can then know what to go and buy and how to use it for real
      IE in a court of law
      So bear with this posting stay in touch or hook up a link with me so that you get all my updated posts and news on this and other subjects
      Thanks for tuning in hehe

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