Mass Arrests Update 13:45pm 30th June Drake’s Time is out in 5 hrs : David Wilcock Important update and Bloomberg reports and the days assessment of the news roundup

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David Wilcock

Just in today David Wilcock Airs on the side of caution for Drakes Sake

Here are some comments from his update today from David Wilcock

I cannot change the fact that my intel does not line up with Drake’s at this point.

The most recent “good intel” that I heard was that it was being done gradually, in stages — and the idea of doing it all at once had essentially been voted out.

We do seem to be in a narrow window — but I highly doubt any arrests will happen until we see some real economic bloodletting first. That is the “window event” that must precede action, in order to garner the greatest public support.

People have to realize there is a problem — a very powerful, overwhelming, outrageous problem — before they will see that “business as usual” only benefits the people who are running the show.

Therefore, I did not rush to make a public statement, because I cannot independently confirm these reports from the insiders I know and trust. I would be happy if it happens, but not surprised if it doesn’t.

I asked Drake if it were possible that he had been lied to, deceived, or otherwise used as a pawn by being told something like this.

He did not rule it out as a possibility. He also said he did not want to dwell on it, because focusing on it as a potential reality could make it more likely to turn out that way.

However, it is also possible that things are not as they seem.

Drake doesn’t want to go down these roads, but I am willing to, because we have been totally “set up” here for a major upset — and I don’t want to see that happen.

Drake was given this information in the morning and told he could not go public with it until his radio show that evening.

That gave him several hours to build up an enormous amount of enthusiasm and excitement before airtime.

If someone were seeking to psychologically manipulate him for maximum effect, this would be a great way to do it.

All it would take is getting in touch with three different people who are in Drake’s normal circle of contacts — and threatening them.

The purpose could then be to utterly destroy the credibility of the whole “mass arrests” concept. 

In one sudden move — with a very rapid expiration date — you crush everyone who has been tracking and supporting this story, and demolish all their hard work.

What he told me was that three different insider sources — each of which have senior military clearance — independently told him that they are about to begin mass arrests of senior Cabal conspirators within days.

The other significant data point was that apparently Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh were given similar information, and told to keep quiet until it starts actually happening.


UFO investigator Dr. Steven Greer and I have had long conversations about the many thousands of “DDT” campaigns that have been waged against those who seek to uncover the truth.

“DDT” stands for “Decoy, Distract and Trash.” The idea is that they put out information that is similar to the truth, but is not the truth. This information is a “decoy” that will “distract” people from the real information.

Then, the “trash” part is that the decoy information is attacked.

Generally the information will include obvious holes that the original investigator did not take time to uncover, in his or her breathless enthusiasm to go public.

Then, if the real information ever comes out, people will not notice the difference, and think it must all now be fake.

In a case like this, if people no longer believe a Mass Arrests scenario is real, they may fail to act when it actually starts happening — thereby giving the enemy a greater advantage.

Whether this is true or not, Drake told me that his insiders said that “every light in the Washington DC offices was on all night” after the alert was issued — and that they are now “scared shitless and don’t know what to do.”

Those of you who have not read the full article on Divine Cosmos go here

So what is mainstream media reporting

So if we were to add these comments which air on the side of cautious optimism and have an element of respect for Drake, should it go belly up

Then add these latest articles to the entire scenario

News from Bloomberg

“It’s like a leaking boat in which we keep bailing it out and we’re very pleased with ourselves that we’d be able to keep bailing it out. The problem is we haven’t fixed the holes yet.” Alan Greenspan

The rest does not make much more sense either

Then add this article about the Chinese have been cleaning their house up,_Says_Magazine.html

“The tidying up is scheduled to take place from June to late August, during which the team will obtain information on Party members’ overseas communications and relations with foreign political circles; their political ideology and their stance on major events concerning the Party; the financial activities of affiliated overseas agencies and organizations; and the Party membership status of immediate family members and relatives” HK article quote

Then add what is going on in Europe and UK

Hundreds of bankers across three continents are embroiled in the interest-rate fixing scandal that has left Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond fighting to save his job.

As pressure intensified on Britain’s highest paid banking boss to quit, MPs heard a string of other financial institutions across the world were under investigation.

At least 20 banks are believed to be under suspicion, with growing demands for a criminal investigation.

Other weird oddities

Then add  Chinese troops in Mexico base in disguised Mexican uniforms in a base 2-3 mile squared near the border

Plus the Russian & Chinese troop movements in the Syrian area and The US troops sniffing out the Gold in the Philippines without success

Now Egypt gets another Tyrant leader from the cabal just today who will ensure military rule there

Not to mention Turkey and Syria NATO bombing campaign and propaganda continues on the BBC with lies and old unrelated material

Just Friday, Obama declaring an Executive Order here

On June 25, President Barack Obama issued a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to the President of the Senate stating that under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, he was declaring aNational Emergency due to actions incurred with Russia, and the Russian Federation. The submitted letter provides a declaration to Congress of the President signing Executive Order (E.O.) 13159, and its immediate implementation.

Under this National Emergency and Executive Order, the United States is seizing assets and property owned or managed by the Russian Federation relating to nuclear items and programs tied to Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU).

continue at

You can clearly see that the Cabal are very active very scared and are doing all they can and are failing

Back to Drake

So is Drake correct? Is the Green light really granted and the 2nd green light will be given go tomorrow morning?

Lightworkersxm call it Definitely Maybe Not , it is close but not that close

That does not distract from all of our meditation and best wishes to Drake for being open to us in the face of such diversity and suspicion, in which he has elected selflessly to work.

Can this change in such a short time?

Yes Eric Holder and Timothy Geitner jailed on Mainstream TV and The Financial collapse of the Euro will change this

That is the reality and only then, can we spill the huge container full of worms

As Benjamin Fulford says last week”

The cornered cabalists are threatening, yet again, to start WW3, this time in Syria, but they know they will all be hunted down and killed if they seriously try to carry out their plan to murder 5 billion people. They have only one choice, and that is to appear in front of a truth and reconciliation committee and ask for forgiveness.

There are no deadlines being given because you cannot give a deadline to a dying monster, you just have to wait for nature to take its course.




MASS ARRESTS & Financial Collapse: Updated 17.00hrs EST Friday 29th June : 4 out of 8 sources now say it’s ON : NEXT UPDATE Sat 8:00 AM EST

This article is now updated here


In this Update : 8 sources listed : Kauilapele’s Link : David Icke slams our way of thinking and Chuckles at Drake and Ashtar Command ; making sense out of the confusion of mixed posts and controversy : Mass Arrest’s Update and conclusion

Mass Arrests  and Financial Collapse update and sources listed on 1700hrs Friday evening EST 29th June

7000 Hits to day  and yesterday Special thanks to Kauilapele, KP rules

1) Main News Source David Icke  Info Wars and Exopolitic’s with  Alfred Webre No real news from these sources see David Icke article in links below where he slags off Drake and Ashtar Command personally I find this in the bracket of ‘Strange slant on reporting’ and very unlike David Icke’s norm, As if he has been set up to do it.

2) Steve Beckow & David Schmidt  & Kauilapele & 2012 Scenario: Zen Gardener : Zen Haven : John Kettler: Some have articles on Mass Arrests and generally are up beat about Mass Arrests and Imminent Financial Collapse with good articles on Both sites on both subjects all but the the latter 3.

3) Military insiders The Drake :  Give’s green Light for Go #1 from the Penatagon ; There are 2 green lights and #2 has not been given and are on 72 hours notice from evening before yesterday 27th June 20:30pm which would indicate ‘Time out’ to be within 30 hours form this post 5.00pm

4) Benjamin Fulford & David Wilcock :  Last weeks Article from BF suggests imminent NWO failure and a financial bustNo comments until Monday expected : No more interim comments on BF typepad site. No Updates from DW

5) Galactic Channeler’s : SaLuSa:  SanJAska :  Andromeda Council : The Galactic Federation of Light & Spiritual group:  Ashtar Command Ben Arion and Crew : Most comment positively on imminent mass arrests and the implimentation of the new financial system based on N>E>S>A>R>A. All Channelers on Kauilapele and 2012 scenario have proven galactic contact with Lightworkersxm Frequency tester this weekend They all got 899hz on our reading test which is very encouraging. This means outer contact for the betterment of people on Earth

6) Radio broadcasts: Cosmic Vision News : Coast to coast radio :  Conscious media network ( CMN) :  RT:  Global Research TV etc and many more  All positive reports from Geoffrey West : Tolec : No reports of Arrests of yet

7) Alternative Media : ‘Before it’s News’:  RumorMillNews : Godlikeproductions : Pakalert press : Activist Post American Kabuki: Before it’s news’ Did have mass arrest articles but they have been mysteriously removed, There are good articles on the impending financial collapse, Some minor Illuminati Arrests mentioned as isolated cases more banking defections and more arrests in UK and Iceland mentioned , many hacking stories of Military and banking systems world wide

8) Lightworkersxm and All Light Workers in the Caribbean from St Martin/Sint Maarten to Barbados : Reports

We find Inconclusive proof  that mass arrest are just hours away currently, however there lends  more mileage that the greatest pre-ordered Financial collapse looks more certain and extremely close.  Lightworkersxm advocates that Financial Collapse will occur first then Mass Arrests will move in haste following. The reason is simple

The ability to move money electronically  (as in 2008  billions moved in just 7 seconds) The collapse will be possible if wind got out of mass arrests occurring . So there must be a protocol of financial failure where by people in power cannot move vast sums of electronic cash  at will, Bear in Mind, This has already occurred by Timithy Geitner moving $7B to a relative unknown Sheikh just yesterday. However our group of lightworkers here are all hopeful with fingers crossed for imminent change as any one else is , In actual time reality and what we all know now about the dark side, We expect it to happen. We cannot honour the green light yet until more of our sources present more positive notion that this can be possibly in place.

Our Frequency tester will be called on tomorrow to test if mass arrests will happen and we will conduct many tests to find out where and how many and (what if it is true ) is it all about? We will be reporting our findings during tomorrow’s Update’s here

For those of you who do not undrstand how Frequency testers work with light workers then go here:

So our our conclusion is best summed up by our term ‘A Definate Maybe’ status remains.



Article links :


Please go here for latest update on Mass Arrests and Financial Collapse

I will be making an announcement within 72 hours of this notice dated 28th June 3:03pm

The clock is ticking now as the green light has been issued from 5 out  of 8 of my sources

Once all 8 sources issue the green light

I will then post all relative items and dedicate this page to all related material

Please contribute if you know something I have not reached yet

Namaste and good luck



For now here are some sources






6) Awaiting news from Info Wars team and David Icke

7) Awaiting direct email instruction to post from Cobra from 2012Portal and Instruction from The Andromeda Council and the Galactic Federation

8) Awaiting comments for or to the contrary from Benjamin Fulford or David Wilcock or Alfred L Webre

And here is Cobra and maybe you may understand my reluctance to go full on post ‘Green Light’

I await an email from Cobra any time tonight to make viral

And when you read this you will see why

Updated 8.15pm Thursday it is all unfolding around us ALL banks are going down

More satanic Child abuse and genocide by Vatican and Crown Templar Queenie and Ratzinger now has no country that has not got hundreds of court cases against them for Child abuse and much much more

I bet you have not got the guts to read this

So this is for file purposes for many links and good books film clips quotes and court cases all against the wrotten evil satanists that are our rulers

If you do not think they have got to go then that is up to you

hardly any country is void from there human ritual sacrifices

More importantly there is no country that HAS NOT GOT Court cases against the Queens of Europe and Ratzinger and all ex presidents of the USA

Good reading


Check your Facebook in personal details :THEY changed it yesterday : All your mails will go to them : Change it back and remove Facebook addy

Status update! Facebook has changed YOUR email address… without telling 900million users

If you haven’t looked closely at your Facebook contact information in a while, then it may come as a surprise.

The social network with 900 million profiles, has taken it upon itself to change users’ email addresses and replace it with one that ends in ‘@facebook .com’.

The changeover happened today, with each individual’s personal email account being hidden in place of the one Facebook thinks you should use.

It means that anyone who searches for you on Facebook and wanted to send an email will now only be able to see – unless you manually revert.

This means the email will come via Facebook messages instead of another account.

Technology blogs lit up after outraged users noticed the change had occurred.

‘Don’t do this again,’ wrote Gizmodo while declared it ‘presumptuous’.

Facebook claimed the change is to protect users’ privacy and security by not displaying a personal email address but the site’s more generic one.

Read more:

Benjamin Fulford : Latest Weekly news and Views 25th June 2012 : It is increasing impossible for the Cabal to cover over their loss

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – It Has Become Impossible For The Cabal To Hide The Truth; They Are Being Defeated – 25 June 2012

Last week the cabal controlled media in the West tried to pretend the Rio summit was a failure even though $513 billion was pledged by 100 nations to fight poverty and environmental destruction. It was a cabal failure because $513 billion that, in the past, would have been handed over to the rich by the poor is instead being given by middle income countries to the poorest countries. This is undeniable proof the international boycott of the war-mongering, mass murdering leaders of the United States and many European countries is intensifying. The cabalists are trying to pass the pain on to their own slave people and this is why there is a “financial crisis” in the West.

The cornered cabalists are threatening, yet again, to start WW3, this time in Syria, but they know they will all be hunted down and killed if they seriously try to carry out their plan to murder 5 billion people. They have only one choice, and that is to appear in front of a truth and reconciliation committee and ask for forgiveness.

There are no deadlines being given because you cannot give a deadline to a dying monster, you just have to wait for nature to take its course.

In fact the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other cabal families are even now negotiating with the White Dragon Society for a win-win solution to the ongoing stand-off. These negotiations have reached many agreements in principle.

Essentially, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers want to continue to be plutocrats carrying out massive investment projects even as they understand the days of secret, centralized control by a family run cabal must end. The question is whether the military and agency types are feeling generous enough to allow them amnesty in exchange for appearing before a truth and reconciliation committee.

In any case, there will be a meeting between a Rockefeller representative and a White Dragon representative in Asia this week that may clarify things somewhat.

There is a lot of talk of arrests this week, notably from “Drake,” however, our direct sources cannot confirm this. As David Icke pointed out, this writer has in the past quoted sources claiming deadlines that came and went with nothing happening. That is why we no longer quote specific deadlines.

The White Dragon Society itself has never put out a specific deadline. It merely tries to drain the financial swamp until all the swamp creatures are flushed out. However, since it is hard to know exactly how many creatures there are or how deep the swamp is, it would be a mistake to come up with specific dates. If some sort of mass action was planned, we would certainly not give the bad guys any advance warning.

However, we do have some interesting new disclosures to make. A Chinese communist government source revealed some interesting secret history that is useful as background information to the current “financial crisis.”

The information was corroborated by a CIA source.

The story is that when President Nixon formally recognized the Chinese communist government in the early 1970’s he gave them some of the gold that the Chinese Nationalist government had evacuated to the US in the 1930’s. In exchange, he asked the Chinese to help the US avenge their humiliation in Vietnam. The Chinese communists agreed and kept their promise by invading Vietnam in 1979. When they did that, the Soviet Union sent a large tank army into the desert region of China. Deng Xiaoping then ordered that army destroyed with a hydrogen bomb. After that, the Chinese withdrew from Vietnam to prevent the situation from escalating out of control.

This explains the sudden warming between China and the US in the 1970’s. It also explains the difference of opinion between the Nationalist government in Taiwan and the mainland Chinese government over the rights to some of the historical gold.

However, both sides agree, as do 150 nations, that the historical treasures of the world should be used to back a new financial system that will strive to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Even the British Royal family and the British Commonwealth are on board now.

The remaining cabal controlled countries, mainly Western Europe and the US, however, are still fighting tooth and nail to prevent this from happening.

Last week this writer, at the request of the White Dragon Society and the Red and Blue went to visit Father William Currie, Dean emeritus of the Jesuit Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. This writer first met Father Currie more than 30 years ago when he studied at Sophia. Father Currie is a long term colleague of Jesuit “Black Pope” Adolfo Nicholas. Father Currie was asked to get Vatican help to release 7000 trillion yen that are sitting frozen in the accounts of the Bank of Japan.

He was told that Catholic charities could distribute those funds in proportion to the amount of Catholics in the world. That would have meant 10 million yen each (about $120,000) for every Catholic man, woman and child on earth.

He was also told and shown documents proving that 2 billion Asians had a belief system compatible with Christianity and were offering an alliance with the Catholic Church to fight poverty and end environmental destruction.

He refused point blank to even pass on the evidence or request to his colleagues. This made it very clear to this writer that the Catholic Church top hierarchy is more interested in creating a centrally controlled global fascist empire than it is in helping the poor and preserving the environment.

In fact, if you think about it, the Catholic Church, spiritual and temporal heirs to the Roman Empire, murdered Jesus Christ. They then publicly displayed, in effigy, his tortured and murdered body as a warning to other slaves. The last thing the Catholic Church wants is for the Messiah to return because the first thing Christ would do if he returned would be to denounce and then forgive his murderers.

Father Currie was then told that Adolfo Nicholas would become Peter the Roman, the last pope. Even if Catholic hierarchy tries to weasel out of their destiny by appointing someone else, whoever they appoint will be the last pope.

This does not mean that the Christian faith and God that exists in the hearts of most Catholics will end. It merely means that the Satanic gangsters at the top of the church hierarchy, who were never Christian even from the founding days of Christianity, will finally face the wrath of the true creator.

Nor does this mean the White Dragon Society is advocating the destruction of Rome and all its historical treasures as is mentioned in the prophecy of Peter the Roman. It merely means that if the gangsters holding up inside the Vatican (especially the Vatican bank) do not give up, events will escalate inevitably towards their doom.

In a related development, the recently arrested fugitives from the Aum Shinrikyo cult that was responsible for releasing deadly Sarin gas into the Tokyo subway system have fingered Kim Jong Il as the mastermind behind that attack. The trail from Kim Jong Il leads to the Satanic P2 lodge that controls the Vatican.
The wife of Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa is also giving testimony that points towards the P2 as being the ultimate source of the order to set off a nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan on March 11, 2011.

A recent attempt to poison this writer with a heart attack inducing drug has been detected. The Satanists need to understand the days when they could murder, bribe and lie their way out of trouble have ended. Humanity as a whole will now be motivated by friendship and love, not by terror. link to original article

Lightworkersxm Update : Frequency tester report : Colloidal Silver and Gold Update; Cures latest : Free Energy Machine making latest : Aquaponics Latest and update

Here is the update for Light WorkerSXM for the first half of the year 2012

Website stats
Since the opening in December 2011
The site is getting 5000 hits everyday  and that is rising exponentially
 with total hits standing at 45,000 from 170 countries now which is wonderful and growing
Thanks for all your support
I could now think of advertising if the adverts were like minded and requested to do so
Sint Maarten/St Martin is the 5th busiest country viewing the material
Amazing spike in readers from Germany Japan and St Lucia St Vincent Barbados and Trinidad of all places
This is probably due to Karl Muller & Mark Brackenbury in Barbados thanks Karl & Brakkers keep it going
So we all contribute in some way in waking people up
Long may this continue

Frequency tester update

Next meeting tentatively arranged for this week Wednesday hopefully
we will set about to try to prove Named Hurricanes can be predicted as they are already named
Freeky will explain to us how this is done and already has listed Gordon Joyce and Leslie and one more to be confirmed as Hurricanes for this season he even goes so far as to list them where land fall will be
The results of this test will be placed after our meeting
We will also set about doing more work on propaganda media material
We will also look into channelling where we will see if we can expose good and bad or any deception
For those unfamiliar many people on Earth claim they have access to Galactic chat and they feed form this by Telepathy
They then pass this information on as Channellers SaLuSa and Ashtar Command are just 2 of these
We will try to expand on TV and check out if actual names of programs actually give off energy
 So please post your ideas and expect more big shocks
Ashtar Command Crew members have asked for Frequency Generator machine details
so I will post some sites to go to in the next Results Review report  later in the week
Colloidal machines
Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Water Making machines made by myself and Brett  in use by people here is now standing at 75 and rising
Colloidal Gold
 It looks dead cert that I will have a colloidal GOLD machine for you maybe even for Wednesday meeting ( ?)
Elaine kindly donated 2 gold rings to the cause How about that
As we speak Brett is getting one ring purified and rolled to suit our machines and it looks that we may all be able to have our own colloidal Gold Water Maker for you to test for water for quality and reality with your dowser next meeting
Free energy devices
Ian has also promised faithfully (whilst we were on a binge haha) to complete the Bedini Wheel Free Energy machine this and next week I will try to meet him tomorrow to “get the wheel in motion” So to speak
 If he does we may give him a Colloidal gold water maker ( bait)
 he assures us all he has all but one tiny item to get the technical side going and we have built the wheel already
So he has no problem assembling it for tests for power any time soon
I have not spoken to Andy about the Fresh air free energy device yet maybe he can contact us
But Colin in Liverpool states he has achieved 21.2 volts and get more
 I cannot confirm the validity of his claim yet as it is only word of mouth
 I have not seen any pics or video of this device or know what the device it is
 he claims to have made but maybe he will respond to this posting
Andy may need to contact him by email above orangespacehopper and discuss his problems
Did Herbie ever look in to Tom Beardens  The Motionless Electro-Magnetic Generator?
We have built 3 operational Aquaponics Set ups on Island thus far producing memorable results
I have done all project management on a Free Energy run Aquaponics systems and can confirm have everything in place to go ahead making the fibre glass plugs to make the fibre glass boxes which all fit together for ease of transportation and seek funding to go ahead with it
I have sourced, in kit form, the motor and solar system that goes with the kit so all is needed is a base and plumbing that is all bought off shelf
In Addition and included in the package will be  a back up pump system should the original fail
Funding Aquaponics
I have 2 serious inquiries to get this going
The government here dutch side Peter Mazereeaw wants us to build and run a system for the Zoo
He is prepared to fund the start of one system which may pay for the Glass fibre plugs for the boxes and one set of glass fibre boxes
Elaine will be the Environmental production specialist which will help in design implementing and the facility management of running the system productively so we plan to meet soon and get that going
The second is most interesting
I am in receipt of an inquiry from A Large Hotel in Anguilla who is asking us to produce a total self sustaining Aquaponics system for their Hotel
They want to feed their guests with all the Fish & Langoustines and other vegetables, fruits, & food  spices etc that Elaine will recommend
They will need a large aquaponics system and they have alocated $300,000 for the cause
As you can imagine Elaine and I are delighted to be included in the chance to win this contract and I am hopeful of a meeting in the next month
I am delighted to report that Jerome who came to our last meeting who has Ciliac’s disease for 12 months ( wrotten tummy bowels etc)
Drank Colloidal Silver at our last meeting and reports as follows
2 hours after the meeting he had tummy rumbles
an hour later he miraculously claims that his tummy  swelling had disappeared plain and simple
The way to finally prove if this is correct is for him to continue using colloidal silver
for at least 10 more days then go to the doctors for a test we will update Jerome’s comments as and when we see him
If this is correct then Colloidal silver has about 5 people on this tiny Caribbean Island claiming positive results in Mouth Absess ear infection, nail growth now Celiacs desease many people do say their dreams are clearer
Plus it reactivated Maryleens moms liver after the hospital said she had 2 days to live
and they could do no more for her
So this is good news
Don’t forget it cleans the Pineal Gland and helps with meditation and raising our spiritual awareness
Dreaming in un-decidedly clearer is the most claimed by most or our  users
We should expect good news from the colloidal gold machines
So watch this space
Please can any one get me a copy of the Raymond Rife Film Zerotozero
That’s the update from light workers SXM
Lets all keep this energy going
Remember sending this site out is your duty in being lightworkers
waking up people is our mission
Make this viral
Hope to meet up soon