Mike Philbin : Occupy Bildeberg ; this is going viral: NWO is now exposed : lets make this viral

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 – New World Order goes mainstream

when RUSSIA TODAY goes into intimate financial detail about The Bilderberg Club and The New World Order, you know this is the start of something very exciting.

and here’s another hymn from the Revelation sheet, this time from Mark Dice. But mainstream media won’t do shit, they’re IN THE POCKET. They’re PAID to do as they’re told. They can’t bite the hand that feeds.

Corporate infiltration of THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA happened in the 1900s when thirty or so major American newspapers were bought out, ensuring only the Jeckyl Island message would be the one they broadcast to the sleeping masses, the mesmerised sheople, your fathers and your mothers, your grannies and your grampies.


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