Vatican banksters: Do what they want and dispose of who they want and this allows for very special form of Corruption


It seems to be too big of a challenge for most people to understand that the Vatican, the City of London and Washington DC are like little countries or states unto themselves. They have their own laws. (That is why the President’s executive orders only pertains to residents of DC and those within the federal government.) These three entities are the controlling arms of the global cabal. The Vatican is the religious arm; the City of London is the financial arm; and DC is the military arm. All three are completely controlled by the globalists with sole designs of controlling all countries and all people. Up to now, they have been making giant strides toward their New World Order.


It’s a church! No, it’s a state! Stop! You’re both right!

Why We are Still in the Middle Ages: The Vatican Inquisition Strikes Back

By Kevin D. Annett

complete article on RumorMillNews here


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