Mass Arrests : What is really going on? Are they happening or Will they Happen Or not? : Full report here

Here is a full report about the The Great Expectation of all time

Mass Arrests of the global Elite ( Cabal, illuminati, luciferian worshippers, Satanic Freemasons

1) White Hats Report #40

Dr Michael Herzog and Sir Joseph Birch Arrested by German police

here is the details

This will almost certainly lead to the arrest of Jeb Bush Mitt Romney Bush Senior and Tony Blair and chief of Vatican and J P Morgan

As these are disclosing illicit corruption in the western governments at top level

2) Lord Blackheath exposes $15Trillion in House of Lords

Ramifications HSBC. RBS. Citi Bank. Credit Suisse. Federal Reserve. J P Morgan, all implicated but no arrests because the perpetrators are all covered by the National Securities Act

Here is the video

However the money all $15 Trillion of it is still missing and the story is on going

Please read White Hats Report #41

Plus Davos The Financial Forums of World banksters exposed in $16 trillion or more going missing stolen from Italy The owner of these gold bonds  is from Indonesia Soekarno in the Neil Keenen Law suite on Financial Tyranny on David Wilcocks

Divine Cosmos Site here

3) British Arrestees and the phone tapping scandal

The Murdoch Family court case was revealing and produced arrests 60 in all and some high level police commissioners plus many top journalists and politicians

The latest being Rebecca Brooks and her Husband Charlie the Racehorse trainer plus 2 other s (policemen ) and 3 more ex News of the  world staff

4) 12 Branches of the Federal Reserve Liens and on ALL G7 Central Banks

All G7 Central banks have now also being in receipt of liens

Even Curacao here in the Caribbean has a lien on it which affects Nederlands Antilles

BIS ( Bank of International Settlements) and All other Central Banks Have liens place on their doorstep

No Arrests associated with these liens as of yet ( however it does lead to Bankster defections and arrests see next point)

5) Bankster Resignations Arrests and defections

American Kabuki have reported this to 611 total count as from the beginning of May

That complete list is Here

If you scour the list you will see the list contains a wealth of top people in major named banks which are household names in our sports and on our high streets globally and no country is missed from the list either

But we also know there is more than the current list

6) Vatican Butler/Bankster Exposed in Corruption is Arrested just yesterday 25th May

This is not the only scandal to rock the royal religious robbers of the 21st century

They are also wanted for crimes against humanity and sex scandals and children theft and killings in Ireland Belgium Holland Canada Spain and Italy

7) Whistleblowers turned spokesmen

Benjamin Fulford Nigel Farage Lord Blackheath Laura Eisenhower The Grand daughter  and illuminati Clone of the late President Eisenhower all speaking out with many many more

Here is Laura Eisenhower with the Man Alfred L Webre who found George Bush and Tony Blair Guilty of war crimes talking about Laura’s Experiences with the Cloning and time travel and the Illuminati

Plus more whistleblowers exposing the banks they work for and explaining about commonplace banking corruption and how they cannot abide their methods of corporate stealing from clients as in JP Morgan’s Greg Smith and Andrew McGuire

8) Todays new heroes

Here is the Benjamin Fulford & Nigel Farage blurb at the 10000 imminent arrests

This is what it is all about

If it wasn’t for people like these we would all be in the dark

9) Convictions in the International War Crimes Tribunal

HRH Queen of England

Ratzinger the Pope

Bush Blair Cheney Rumsfeld to mention a few

all found here in the side posts

10) Aliens ( not Liens ) and backworked corporate technology for ill gotten war gain and profit not for the people

If you donot see that these people who enslave us are not going to be arrested then you can kiss my little sweet spot


If they make anything of any value they use it on weaponry and war for profit

Rothschilds Rockefellers Royalty Dutch British Spanish Swedish German Are all in this together and must be toppled

This is what they are up to today in space form the last space X launch

So as soon as we start these arrests and it looks likely the wheels are in motion already then we can listen to DRAKE

on Freedom Reigns radio here and pass on his information on how to best be prepared for the take down of the evil rulers as at the moment this site has little activity except some banter leading to the mass arrests

But it is meaningless as predictions made are not bearing any fruit at all

11) The New Golden Age as in the Mayan Calender and the message in the great Pyramids of Gisa

Then we can literally go into the next dimension and into the Golden Age as David Wilcock Brilliantly explains here

In one of his most special documentary’s

2012 Enigma Prophecies of a golden age 

12) Every thing we are taught is wrong

Nassim Haramein explains that his science lesson never went well when he was 9 years old and he saw the lies then

as in his great documentary on science here

13)  The Mass Arrests

It has begun already, but not going to my liking

Still Bullshit BBC CNN and mainstream media war mongering and strange distracting stories not worthy of news

Not enough big names arrested for me but here is some more

But I know Timothy Geitner Bill Gates George Bush SNR and Silviano Burlusconi have been temporarily detained for Questioning last month So the process is a large information gathering discipline

The difficulty being dark ones are still very much in control just now , until WE TAKE THEM DOWN

The good news is that Sarkozy is now exempt from Cover and diplomatic immunity now so he may just be next in the cage with Burlusconi where he belongs

14) Cosmic awakening and the masses downloading the light

Any way here is the latest yesterday from the Andromeda Coucil and their representative Tolec and what is really going on and what to expect and who is our true cosmic heritage.

15) What we can do?

Join a channeling group or pass a film on we need people to awaken and it is our duty to do this

No matter how crazy you may think people think of you

I have joined the Ashtar Command Crew and it resonates with me

This does not mean it is for you

What ever you feel is right ,,,,, is right

This is your New Golden Age your 4th and 5th Density shift

Where evil has no place

That is why the Mass Arrests are happening and continue to do so until we can open the box of reality

Here is THRIVE Please pass it on it is in 10 languages now




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